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March 2003

Did you see SLASH's last night as cohost of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on Friday? It was great, but it would be super to see him every night. For everyone who went to the SLASH's Snakepit show in Pittsburgh where Billy Idol was also on the bill, SLASH wore the same outfit! Maybe this was a signal that he has not forgotten us! We have a picture of him here wearing his blue jeans, black leather chaps, snazzy white lace shirt, black leather vest and top hat. SLASH said he has learned how to be an extrovert on the show. Monday he seemed quiet, but Friday he was chattering away. He and Jimmy exchanged gifts... SLASH got a beautiful basket wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbons. It was full of cigarettes...Jimmy said thanks for giving me lung cancer. SLASH gave Jimmy a top hat just like his but without the silver band. Jimmy said he felt like Frosty the Snowman, but he said SLASH looked cool. SLASH showed him how to pull the brim so that "if I can't see them, they can't see me"...from his more introverted days. They had a funny bit about names. Somehow his son's name came up. SLASH said they are now calling him "Slice". Sen Dog said London was a little slice off SLASH. Next, Jimmy told SLASH that they often get someone on the show like him who is estranged from someone. They haven't seen each other or spoken in years, and they bring them together. Not only did we freeze and stop breathing, but SLASH just froze also. He kept saying (urgently), "Who is it?" "Is it Axl?" An Axl/SLASH reunion on network TV was not what SLASH was expecting. They introduced Axl Rose, but out came a guy from the show dressed in a wig, bandana, kilt and top! SLASH looked so relieved, and then he laughed as "Axl" apologized and hugged him. A great bit, and when you watch it, watch SLASH's face and hands. A good joke on SLASH! And you do see the chasm between him and Axl. After some other couch guests, they ended the show with Camp Freddy! SLASH stood at the bar with Jimmy while they played. They were great on "Ballroom Blitz"! Then they tore through The Clash's "Should I Stay, Should I Go". A great week! It was a depressing Monday knowing that SLASH would not be on, but somewhere in California, in his studio or in his home, we like to think that SLASH is rehearsing or writing music tonight. See you soon, SLASH!

We got some comments from other fans. Izzy writes,
"I must say,Slash co-hosting on the Jimmy Kemmel Live Show was Amazing! I saw and recorded every night except for his Monday night appearance,and it was more electrifying each night! My heart beated faster and faster on Friday's show when Jimmy said that they had a special guest for Slash,and he came out and said,"Is It Axl!?".I kind of thought that it would either be him or a dress-up,which it was.Oh well,what can I say?!Anyway,it was amazing and I loved it.Even their performance was amazing,but I must admit,they need a lead singer and give Cypress Hill a break on 'Paradise City'." Thanks, Izzy...and no, it isn't Stradlin!

Lynn sent in a synopsis of the entire week! Lots of good details here. Thank you, Lynn!

Slash managed to be his talented, witty, charming and, of course, gorgeous self every night. Nothing beat seeing the pride beaming on his mother's face when she was asked if she is proud of her baby. And like all mothers, she conveniently had a childhood picture of Slash in her pocketbook to show off to the world. It was so sweet watching how affectionately he handled Pandora II as he educated Jimmy on some snake trivia. Being a member of the Humane Society of the USA, I was thrilled to hear that the snakes he gave away were given to educational programs. It's so obvious what an animal lover Slash is. It was adorable the way he referred to their dog, Foxy Brown, as his little puppy.

I was happy to see Slash on stage with Duff and Matt again. Duff and Matt are looking wonderful and obviously have not lost any of that magnetic energy on stage. I am waiting for that new CD and subsequent tour. Come on guys! Find that singer! We all got to see Slash's new rose tattoo strategically placed on the inside of his left forearm so that when he plays, the whole world can see his devotion to his wife, Perla.

It appeared that on Friday's show when Jimmy said he had a surprise guest for Slash that Slash was a little apprehensive and was thinking what we were all thinking. "Is it Axl?" he whispered to Jimmy. Unfortunately, it turned out to be another Kimmel practical joke. I was thrilled to see Slash put on his top hat. As always, he looked fantastic. There's just something about Slash in a top hat, white lace shirt, leather vest, jeans and leather chaps! Luscious! What else can you say! I couldn't believe how adorable London's new nickname is...Slice. Nothing like having the coolest Dad in the universe!! Camp Freddy looked and sounded incredible as always. Unfortunately, Slash didn't surprise us by picking up his guitar and joining in. I, personally, was hoping to hear him do Whole Lotta Love, but you can't win 'em all. Now I look forward to seeing him, Duff, Matt, Dave and ? gracing the concert stage here in Philly, PA.

Several people took us up on the offer to ask for tape copies of the shows. Some want the whole set, and some are just looking for that Project performance from Wednesday. If you can help any of these fans out, it would be very cool. Below is the link to the sale/trade page. These requests are all together at the very top. If you can help, get in contact with one or more of these and see what you can arrange. These fans are willing to pay or possibly trade. We used to give a SLASH tape to everyone on SLASH's birthday for a blank and some postage. Share SLASH and get to know another fan.

Sale/Trade List

Several fans (and some whose names we do not recognize) have written in saying they have videos of The Project and Cypress Hill's B-Real and Sen Dog from the Wednesday show. These are just the musical performances, not the whole show. The first song they did was "(Rock) Superstar" followed by "Paradise City". Some sites have the audio as well as the video. We did not have time to check out all of these. We did try a couple with a cable modem and one with a T1 link. We had a LOT of buffering and long download. These are very large files. Some require a special player. Most just require time:
Rui has "Paradise City" on his site (video). You need a special player, but he has a link for you to follow:

Daniel, Sebastian, Jarrett and others sent in this one for the (Rock) Superstar video:

This is from Shannon, who writes, " I am involved in an online group called ATM, which rips/releases music videos on the internet ( We also cap latenite music performances.. such as on the Kimmel show. I ripped/released both songs performed on last night's show, IE Rock Superstar and Paradise City. They are available for download online... IF you use mIRC ( and connect to EFnet, joining #atmvideosdcc. The files will be appearing on servers in that chat room. They are in the NTSC VCD format.

That pretty much wraps up the coverage of SLASH on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Thanks to everyone who contributed! And we'll let the last word on the week go to radio station 94.7 in Chicago:

"It took three nights but SLASH finally got off the couch last night on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live and picked up his guitar. It was worth the wait--with an able assist from Cypress Hill, SLASH cranked out a solid version of the Guns N'Roses hit "Paradise City" that makes us miss Axl even less than we already do." Amen.

News Reported: 03/31/03

SLASH comes to the end of his week as cohost on the Jimmy Kimmel show on ABC. Tonight's episode should be a good one as Camp Freddy will be performing. SLASH is not scheduled to play with them, but on almost every show he has drifted over and played with the studio band. Maybe he'll surprise us and do a few riffs with CF. There will be the usual other crazy guests and skits, and the hour passes so quickly! If you are taping be sure to allow enough time as ABC updates the war information at midnight for half an hour or more. For those wanting tapes here in the US or internationally, send in your name and email address and we'll put in on the sale/trade section.

On Wednesday, SLASH performed with The Project and Cypress Hill's Sen Dog and B-Real on vocals. It was the best band we had heard in years. Rock is back! SLASH has been performing with the 'pit and then did a host of guest appearances, so not only has he not lost his edge...he's sharper than ever! First song was "(Rock)Superstar". Duff's bass was fantastic. SLASH did a really rocking solo, and Matt was just pounding away. All three guys looked wonderful...everyone is slim and trim and full of energy. Both Duff and Matt went without shirts. Cohost SLASH abandoned the black leather jacket and hat. Good thing, because he did a lot of headbanging and turns and jumps. Not a face lift among them! Next song was "Paradise City". Those of us at home missed the ending as the show ran out of time. SLASH says he's sorry that happened...but the studio audience heard the full song. For the record, SLASH came out in a new black leather suit with vest. Beautiful shirt and the belt on the pants was super sparkly. He wore those big engineer boots that he never fastens. This was definitely the highpoint of the week!

Last night, Thursday, we saw SLASH in more casual dress...this is one of his "on tour" outfits. The shirt was that blue denim one with the sleeves ripped out. Always a favorite. When he was introduced, he came out with a giant snake wrapped around his arm. This was Pandora II, a boa constrictor. He had also brought an anaconda for Jimmy to hold, but Jimmy surprised him by really being afraid of snakes. Pandora II did a good job. SLASH explained that he used to have 40 that he had stashed in the bathroom and a guest room. Imagine slipping into the bathroom and seeing those guys! Now most are gone since his son is a baby. He said the big ones are gone, but Pandora II was no tiny snake. Watch out, London! They were joined by an actress from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and then by a mentalist. Jimmy had a colorform made of Ted Koppel where you could change his outfit from soldier to beach bum. It also had a little SLASH outfit with a snake and guitar. SLASH wanted that a lot, and Jimmy gave it to him. There was a rap band on at the end, and that was it for the show. SLASH was just beaming; he's having a great time it seems. Tune in tonight for the last show.

Many, many thanks to our friend John who sent us some pictures of SLASH on one of the shows early in the week. These are wonderful, and we are really grateful for these. Thanks, John!

Jamie wrote in after seeing SLASH on the show. Jamie's a huge GNR fan, mainly SLASH. Jamie saw Wednesday's show with The a word, AWESOME! And SLASH and The Project should know that this album means a lot to us fans, so please keep it together! Jamie loves you guys! Jerome and cousin Keno were at the taping session for the Wednesday show with The Project and Cypress Hill. They were in the fifth row fairly close to SLASH when he was being cohost. At the performance, they were in the back. Jerome says, "The Project rocks!!" The band didn't sign autographs, but Jerome and Keno hung around till everyone left and talked to Adam Day, SLASH's guitar tech. Adam was great, and he's really easy to talk to. He gave them each a guitar pick. For Jerome, being at The Project's first TV appearance was "the baddest shit ever! It was the best day of my life, I should say." One fan wrote in who didn't care for Cypress Hill singing "Paradise City". He didn't much care for this cross genre music. SLASH says they wanted to do something different like that so that it would not seem just like an Axl performance. So instead of singing it straight, there was a hip hop/rap flavor. We thought it was fine as our eyes and ears were pretty much on The Project. Thanks to all of you who wrote in.

Here are a couple of other items we received. Tom wrote in to say that his Dad was listening to Detroit radio station 101.9. They are a NPR affiliate run by Wayne State University. Anyway, Tom's Dad said they mentioned they would be doing a special on SLASH similar to ones they have done on Hendrix and Marley. If anyone hears more about when this will be, please let us know. We'd like to pass this on to SLASH, too. Thanks, Tom!

Looks like all the ex-Gunners are getting out there again. Steven Adler announced some gigs for his band, Suki Jones, coming up in April and May. California fans won't have to travel too far:
4/30 - San Francisco, CA at The Pound
5/1 - Palo Alto, CA at The Edge
5/2 - Sacremento, CA at The Roadhouse
5/3 - Concord, CA at Bourbon Street
More dates coming soon. Check It will be an all cover set with GNR, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy songs and others.

So many fans (especially the ladies) have written in asking how London is doing. His Mom, Perla, says he is doing great. She and SLASH are just crazy about him. Although he is not playing guitar yet, he is getting a second tooth and is crawling. Perla must have the two best looking guys in LA in her house! Thanks, Perla, for that update. Baby London is almost 7 months old.

News Reported: 03/28/03

Seeing SLASH two nights in a row on TV...what a joy for US fans! If you forgot, he is on all this week cohosting the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on ABC. The show is normally on 12:05 to 1:05am, but ABC news is taking about half an hour at midnight to do an update on the war. The Jimmy Kimmel show is on in its entirety after that. Some international fans are very interested in getting videotape copies. Be advised that US tapes are NTSC while many European (but not all) TVs can read an NTSC tape. If you have to have PAL, then that's a whole other ball game. If anyone wants a videotape in NTSC, send your email address here, and we'll post it on the sale/trade section (see above). You can work it out whether you will pay for the tape or send blanks, and of course pay the postage. Please, no gouging! If you wouldn't mind making one, then check the sale/trade page. When your deal is made, let us know so your name is taken down.

If you didn't see the shows this week, you missed a couple of good ones. On Monday, Slash showed up in a terrific looking black leather suit and wearing the hat he wore at the Grammys. He looked super. He seems delighted that he is permitted to smoke. As a fan, it's tough to watch him suffer through smoke-free places. He was introduced very well by Jimmy. Slash did not perform this night. When he came out, he talked about what he's doing. His Mom was in the audience, a very attractive lady in a black dress. Jimmy asked if she was proud of her son, and she said yes with a big smile. He asked if she had brought a picture of SLASH along, and she held up a cute picture of Slash when he was maybe 5. He had the same long hair! She seemed more like the rest of us with TV cameras on...kind of flustered but every inch the proud Mom. Meanwhile SLASH is lounging in his chair, very relaxed. As guests came on, the camera and attention was on them. The last guest was a girl that was a rock-paper-scissors champ. She beat Jimmy AND SLASH!

Tuesday was a little different. SLASH was with the studio band at first. Then he got in his cohost chair, and Jimmy did a bit on censorship. SLASH told a story about what happened with him at an outdoor venue when GNR opened for The Cult. There were signs all over the obscenities. At the end, the cops were coming for him and the Cult singer. SLASH hid in the bus bay till a helicopter whisked them away. He enjoyed telling that one! They had a young kid they'd sent to one of the spring break places in Florida, and he gave a funny report which of course SLASH chimed in on. Pro wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin came out. He talked with SLASH a little but mostly did a pillow fight with Jimmy's cousin. The star of the night was producer Robert Evans, and it was a shame time was short as he had the best stories to tell. He met SLASH through his friendship with Perla. SLASH said he and Perla gave Robert a videotape with SLASH playing the love theme from The Godfather and Perla gathering scenes from Robert's earlier life. He just loved the gift, and he had the song put on his The Kid Stays in the Picture soundtrack. That song with its artist, SLASH, were nominated for a Grammy this year. He said SLASH is the finest guitar player in the world. YES! SLASH looked humble and proud all at the same time. When they brought Robert out, SLASH joined the studio band in playing "The Love Theme from The Godfather", and it was stunning. Tonight's show features SLASH playing with The Project! Cypress Hill's B-Real and Sen Dog are coming in to do the vocals. For most of us, this is the first chance to hear them!

There's been a story going around that SLASH is going to do a reality show based on the selection of the new singer. Were you cringing? VH1 was going to make it. The thought of some hapless singers being ridiculed or voted on by the public just really seemed in poor taste and more like a big grab for publicity than for choosing a bandmember. Well, SLASH recently must have gotten the word on the reality issue, as today he made a very clear statement on what the filming would and would not be. The sites at Blabbermouth, MTV and VH1 all are running the story. SLASH said the idea here is to make a documentary on the backstage things we usually don't see as a new band comes together. He compares it to the Led Zep documentaries. We also thought of the great "Sympathy..." documentary made for/by the Stones as they came up with the song "Sympathy for the Devil". SLASH says that reality shows and documentaries are two different things, and he is absolutely not involved in making a reality show. VH1's role is to take this behind-the-scenes footage (filmed by VH1's people) and show how a band is constructed, how the songwriting is done, the search for a singer and studio sessions. It's the professional side, not the personal side. SLASH says the footage will not include going out to dinner, stopping at the gas station or coming to their homes. The article/interview is long, so we'll send you over to the MTV site. The one there and at VH1 are complete:

NOT A Reality Show

Suki Jones, Steven Adler's new band, made its debut this past weekend with shows in Kingman and Las Vegas. The Vegas show was at the Boulder Station. Keri said both shows went really well. The Vegas show was packed with 1,000 fans! He said the venue was great with good sound and lighting. No pyrotechnics. As for the future, Suki Jones may do a couple of shows in May in the San Francisco area; but these are not confirmed. Keri said to tell his fans that his mailbox is finally working again, and he'll be checking his mail as time permits. Good luck to Keri and Steven!

Fans have been interested in the Sex N Drugs N Rock N Roll DVD that popped up on various video and music sale sites. It is not available yet, but preorders are being taken. Many fans wanted to know what was in it and where did it come from. The last GNR item to come around was Live Era, and this did come with a lot of band discussion. SLASH and company say this DVD is not an authorized GNR DVD. The DVD has been out for some time internationally. The people we have talked to about it say it's not very well made or all that interesting. There is no music on the DVD either. Tape SLASH and The Project tonight and make your own DVD! Probably a lot more interesting.

News Reported: 03/26/03

Tonight's the night! SLASH begins his weeklong cohosting of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on ABC. The show airs from 12:05am to 1:05am ET. Check local listings for times and channels in your area. SLASH is all set to go; in fact the taping for tonight's show starts at 9:05 pm. The show is similar in format to all late night shows with Jimmy and SLASH welcoming and trading laughs with the night's guests. Jimmy Kimmel lists these guests for the week (SLASH as cohost):

Monday, March 24: actor Dave Foley (most recently in this year's Stark Raving Mad) and actor Scott Thompson (most recently in The Red Sneakers). Dave and Scott began their careers together in a comedy troupe called "The Kids in the Hall". In addition, astrologer Larry Pines will appear.

Tuesday, March 25: TV actor David Boreanaz from "Angel", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" spinoff. Pro wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin will pay a visit (remember SLASH has always liked pro wrestling). A third guest is hip hop artist Mr. Cheeks.

Wednesday, March 26: Pat O'Brien makes a guest appearance (no additional information on this guest). This is the night for The Project to make its first big appearance. Cypress Hill's B-Real is doing the vocal honors. SLASH's band: Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum and David Kushner (formerly of Duff's band, Loaded). A must see night!

Thursday, March 27: Rap artists Killer Mike and Big Boi.

Friday, March 28: Another big night with Camp Freddy guesting. Camp Freddy is Dave Navarro, Billy Morrison, Scott Ford, Matt Sorum and Donovan Leitch. We've been told that SLASH will not play with Camp Freddy, but there's always hope.

The publicity notes that all programming is subject to change. With the situation in Iraq, it's hard to know what ABC will put on. Watch and find out!

Suki Jones is Steven Adler's new band, and they made their debut performances on the 23rd and 24th. March 23 was Kingman, Arizona followed the next day by a show in Las Vegas. We're told both shows were sold out! Suki Jones performed an all-cover set with some GNR songs, Aerosmith, Led Zep, Queen and others. Suki Jones is Steve on drums, singer Jizzy Pearl (ex-Ratt, ex Love/Hate), Keri Kelli (ex-SLASH's Snakepit) on guitar, Brent Muscat (ex-Vince Neil, ex-Ratt) on guitar, Robbie Crane (ex-Vince Neil, ex-Ratt) on bass. We're told that Rolling Stone was there covering Steven's comeback. The band got a great reception...way to go, Steven. Suki Jones now has a website at

SLASH managed to answer a couple more questions from fans. The first was sent in by our friend Randy from Texas. Randy asks, "How many rhythm guitar tracks do you record for a typical song?"

SLASH replies, "Randy, I usually use just one."

Next question is from another SLASH fanatic, Rui. Rui is from Portugal, and he asks, "Hi, SLASH! First of all thank you for being around through all these years creating such good music. Please come here to Portugal on your next tour. One thing I noticed is that your guitar tone has changed. You don't use anymore a particular tone that you used in the early 90's (the Illusion albums and guest albums like Alice Cooper's "Hey Stoopid"). What changed in your gear and what made you change your sound?"

SLASH replies, "The only thing in "gear" that changes is the studios and the producers. My personal equipment hasn't changed, but where I record and who does the recording changes."

Thank you, SLASH, Randy and Rui! Good questions!

News Reported: 03/24/03

At left, Snoop Dogg does a week-long co-host.
Finally, we have the real scoop on SLASH co-hosting the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. This source knows all! We're told that SLASH will be on nightly doing the co-hosting duties. He will NOT be performing with Camp Freddy who are guesting next Friday. Instead, SLASH is bringing The Project at least one evening, and he will play with his own band. YES!! A little taste of the new band, and what about a singer? No singer has yet been named, so SLASH has invited a really cool guy to come along. If you know Cypress Hill, you have to know their vocalist, Sennen 7 B-Real! They will do the Cypress Hill song "(Rock) Superstar". They MIGHT also do "Paradise City"...not decided yet. As for other guests, both Robert Evans (producer) and Tyrese have been approached but are not confirmed. We hope to find out the confirmed guests soon. If Evans is on, SLASH can perform "Love Theme from The Godfather" (SLASH's 2003 Grammy nomination). So, this will be a good SLASH week. (Our only worry is the late night news coverage and rehash of the war with Iraq.) Kimmel is on ABC, just after midnight to just after 1am ET, on ABC. Check local listings for times and stations in your area. If you can get to Hollywood, tickets for the taping are FREE! Taping is at 9:05 pm each weeknight. Here's how to get tickets:

At right: Album Cover For Birdland.
Have you seen the promo for the new TV show "Lucky" with John Corbett of "Sex & The City"? They play "Over, Under Sideways, Down" a little. That's SLASH's song on Birdland, the forthcoming Yardbirds album. We have not heard it yet, so we are not sure if it is the original or the SLASH version.

Lisa writes from Italy that she found an interesting Izzy article in the March issue of Total Guitar there. It's about an amplifier owned by Izzy. A musician from another band says the best of his equipment is an amplifier he bought in LA in a shop where they sell musical equipment previously owned by the famous musicians. They can be items used on tour; and this guy said he happened to find Izzy's amplifier! Lisa says she wishes she could walk in and find a SLASH guitar! Or SLASH himself! Thanks, Lisa!

Elin had some more details on that Classic Rock March issue. Elin is from Norway, and she says to check the SLASH article. There's information on The Project and SLASH playing for peace. Matt says that he, Duff and SLASH watched the disastrous new GNR tour, and that Axl's debacle has only made them more determined to succeed. Matt said the new album would be done by the end of the year (last word from SLASH was fall). They are recruiting a new singer as we all know. About playing for peace, SLASH appeared at an LA peace rally with Glenn Hughes, Jackson Browne, Toto's David Paich and Jane's Addiction's Stephen Perkins. The rally was to protest the war with Iraq and drew a crowd of about 10,000.

Phil's current issue of Classic Rock has Axl on the cover and the headline "The End of Guns N'Roses". Phil says this is a really good article, very inclusive. The whole GNR saga is there and focused on how Axl let it fall apart. They have rumors clearly marked. For example, it is a rumor that a therapist is working with all the band members including Axl to try to bring them back together. This same therapist assisted Bon Jovi and Aerosmith in getting back together. (Frankly, we are skeptical of this one). Thanks, Phil!

News Reported: 03/21/03

Last time we told you about Camp Freddy appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show March 28. If you check your local TV Guide, Camp Freddy is listed for March 29 at 12:05. Be advised that is just after midnight on the 28th going into the 29th! SLASH will be there. In fact, we have confirmation that SLASH will co-host the Jimmy Kimmel Live show all week! So go to any and every taping that week or watch late night, and he'll be there. SLASH has moved from performer to couch person (publicists name for guests who come over and talk with the host). This should be great, and it's certainly a new thing for SLASH. Remember, Jimmy Kimmel used to host The Man Show on Comedy Central, so this show can be a little rude and crude. SLASH can tell more bar/women/music stories than anyone we know. 5 days will not exhaust his supply! Can't wait! Camp Freddy guests Friday, and Access Hollywood anchor Pat O'Brien guests Wednesday. Monday through Friday, next week, 12:05am - 1:05 am on ABC. Get those VCRs set up! Heeeerrrrreeee's SLASH! Want free tickets for any/all shows? Go to the Jimmy Kimmel Live site at Tickets!. The show is taped in Hollywood, CA.

Great news on the forthcoming (April 22) Yardbirds album, Birdland! Our promo copy came in, and SLASH is fantastic. The album itself is great rock and roll, and SLASH's track, "Over, Under, Sideways, Down" is really enhanced and brought up to date with his playing. The track begins with the vocals, and SLASH playing the instantly recognizable notes behind that. When the vocalist stops, don't worry! Now it's SLASH's turn, and he plays a solo to the end that contains the rhythm but just wails. It's so good, and we were so proud of him. SLASH just keeps getting better and better. Do yourself a big favor and get this one. Not only is SLASH guesting but on other tracks are Jeff Beck, Brian May, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Johnny Rzeznik, Steve Lukather and Jeff "Skunk" Baxter. is taking preorders on Birdland, so get your copy ordered!

If you like to take part in polls, here's one for you; and we trust you will vote for Guns N'Roses! MTV in its On-Air section is doing a poll on who are the 25 greatest video stars. They want to find out the ultimate trend-blazing, style-forging pioneers of the video age. Which video stars made you sit up and pay close attention? Did the artist reinvent himself on each new video? Were they consistently ground-breaking? Did the artist have an impact on other artists? There are quite a few to chose from, but Guns is right there, and we hope you'll cast your vote for them. They're up against artists like Nirvana, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson and more. Here's where you go to cast your vote:

25 Greatest Video Stars

Vicki sent in another finding of SLASH in a current magazine. In the May 2003 issue of Guitar Player with Ry Cooder on the cover, there's a review of the Ron Wood DVD, Far East Man. About SLASH, the review says, "He [Ronnie] also brings SLASH on stage for much of the proceedings (the be-hatted one digs into a marvelous instrumental version of Guns N'Roses' "Paradise City"... Vicki says that's the only SLASH mention in the review, but the whole review is really good to read. Thanks, Vicki!

Metal Sludge is a crazy, sometimes rude site that almost always gives us a good laugh. Two recent items on their site are informative and worth going over to have a full reading. First, Metal Sludge is sponsoring a summer tour of various bands. They want their tour to be affordable and fun. This summer's Metal Sludge Xtravaganza Tour offers a variety of true rock and roll bands. This year they feature these four bands: Faster Pussycat, Enuff Z'Nuff, Pretty Boy Floyd and (drum roll) Steven Adler's band, Suki Jones! In each city, one special band can play on the show, too! They plan to visit towns all over the US. If you want your town to have the tour there, tell your clubs to book it! Steven's waiting to see you.

If you're interested in rock photography, then Neil Zlozower should be one of your heroes. He's been photographing rock heroes for decades! Have you been to his site and seen the SLASH and other photos? SLASH can't say enough good things about Neil, and he always has a smile remembering Neil's online chat with him. This was many years ago, and Neil held the chat at his place. There were so many of us there to talk to SLASH! SLASH was a little late, walked in and promptly kicked over the computer. We were all in the midst of typing a question, and the whole thing was gone! Luckily, we had a lot of help here, so we found the backup computer and the chat was small and intimate. We got to ask Slash so many questions! It was like sitting in a room with him and just a few other fans. The chat software allowed you to attach things like...smiling or crying softly... to your question. We put...dancing with SLASH. Hey! A cyberdance is better than none. Neil is just a great guy, and Metal Sludge did one of their 20 Questions interviews with him. There's GNR and SLASH content both. Enjoy!

Neil Zlozower Interview

Here's a note from Keri Kelli (ex-Snakepit guitarist). He's heading off to Las Vegas to rehearse with the Suki Jones band (Steven Adler). They play Las Vegas on March 22. The band members are Keri, Steven, Robbie Crane, Brent Muscat and Jizzy Pearl. Rehearsals are at an undisclosed location, but Keri hopes you'll come out to the show at Boulder Station. Be sure to say hello to Steven and Keri, and let us know how Suki Jones is shaping up. Contact the venue for time and tickets.

News Reported: 03/19/03

Billboard's news section reports a possible guest appearance by SLASH that may or may not be torpedoed by a bogus investor. A Peter Tosh tribute album was in the works with contributions by Eric Clapton, Jerry Garcia, Matt, Duff and SLASH and others. The album organizer put up ads seeking investors to help cover the cost of production/distribution. Email came in from a man claiming to be Australian of Aboriginal descent. He promised to fund the whole project. The check came in for even more than was requested, but it was drawn on the account of a Canadian company who never heard of the donor. Now the album has no funding, but of course there is always hope. An Atlanta radio station should be auctioning off some items to help raise the money. If you're puzzled about artist Peter Toth, he was one of Bob Marley's Wailers, came from Jamaica, and eventually became an internationally known reggae star. In 1987, three armed intruders broke into his home in Kingston, shot and killed Peter and musician "Doc" Brown. Tosh's girlfriend and manager, two other musicians, a DJ and his wife were wounded in the attack. Tosh was murdered a week after his best album, No Nuclear War was released and won him a posthumous Grammy. Peter Tosh was just coming into his zenith of world reggae leadership after the death of Bob Marley left that position vacant. A sad blow for reggae. After hearing SLASH play "a little reggae" for GNR, we think he could add a great song from Tosh's repertoire. Let's hope the album gets made. Georgia fans, if you hear more specific information on this fund raising auction, we'd be glad to give it some publicity.

SLASH came out with a vigorous denial that The Project is making a kind of reality show out of choosing its lead vocalist. SLASH sounds a little harried here (maybe Baby London was pulling his hair or strumming the Les Paul). Here's what he had to say to

Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash has denied previously published reports that he and a band featuring his fellow ex-Gunners were filming a reality TV show based on their search for a vocalist.

"No, no. Someone else made that up," Slash said. "Basically, what we're shooting is stuff. It's not... There's no reality concept or anything. We're just doing rehearsal and auditions and we're doing the writing process - everything a band goes through to get it together, and we're documenting it."

This we think is good news. The idea of having embarrassing stunts and votes left us cold. SLASH doesn't need help from anyone but his band and maybe some trusted musicians to select a singer. Finally, Blabbermouth offers this wrapup:

According to Slash, the group - which is completed by bassist Duff McKagan, drummer Matt Sorum and newcomer guitarist Dave Kushner (formerly of McKagan's post-GN'R project LOADED) - is keeping the cameras rolling as the still-unnamed outfit is searching for that elusive singer. Word on the street is that VH1 is interested in making the documentary a series for the channel.

And let's hope it's a little more intelligent than some other music "documentaries". Anyway, the call is still out for applicants who will need a demo tape/cd. Write for more details.

Big news for Camp Freddy fans! Camp Freddy will be making their TV debut this month on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. The date is March 28, and the show is taped in Hollywood, CA. You can attend the taping and see the band live or watch the show on TV at 12:05 am. Both the Camp Freddy site and the Jimmy Kimmel Live show site say there will most likely be some guests joining in. We're hoping for SLASH of course since this is his old stomping grounds and TV cameras don't phase him. Tickets are free for the taping. We hope some of you can make it. The taping is at 6:05pm. For more information on the Kimmel show itself:

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Listed as the studio for the show is:
El Capitan Entertainment Center
6840 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
and further information on ticket requests is at:

Camp Freddy Tickets

Remember, we can't promise SLASH just yet. Hopefully, we will hear news on the guests soon. Tickets are free...what can you lose?

Vicki from West Virginia sent in two GNR/SLASH sightings. Here's what she sent in: "There is an old GN'R picture with the 'Wood Shredding' Guitar World Acoustic No. 59 article. Steven has a cast on his wrist. Duff, Axl, & Izzy are standing, and Slash (with top hat and not much of his face showing) and Steven are sitting on an amp, looks like. I can't tell what T-shirt Slash has on under his black leather jacket; it's dark, and I think I see the word, "Hell". It's a very familiar picture-- you'll recognize it when you see it." The other one Vicki sent us was a transcription and SLASH quotation. She writes, "I found a transcription to GN'R's electric version of "You're Crazy" in the May 2003 GuitarOne (with Godsmack on the cover), and there is an old black-and-white pic of Guns N' Roses with this transcription. The first paragraph reads, 'It's been 16 years sine Guns N' Roses issued their full-length debut, Appetite For Destruction, an album that virtually sparked the beginning of the end of the hair metal/glam movement that dominated much of the '80s music scene. Today, listening to Les Paul-wielding guitarist SLASH at his smoldering finest only serves as a sad reminder that GN'R's original lineup--Axl Rose (vocals), SLASH and Izzy Stradlin (guitars), Duff McKagan (bass), and Steven Adler (drums)-- is ancient history. Or is it? At press time, it was reported that SLASH, Duff McKagan, and long-time GN'R drummer Matt Sorum were holding auditions for a vocalist to front a new "un-named" band. (Izzy was apparently involved in the project's early stages, having a hand in writing upwards of "50 new songs.") VH1 is filming the proceedings for an upcoming documentary.' "

They quote SLASH as saying, "I picked up on passing tones and stuff like that from [Led] Zeppelin songs like 'Out on the Tiles' and 'Black Dog', and 'Walk This Way' from Aerosmith," SLASH admits. "I've always written this way. I just think it sounds good." The article goes on:
"Though GN'R rose to prominence in the same scene that helped spawn shred guitar and the hair metal look and sound, SLASH's signature sound owes more to classic rock and blues. 'I guess I completely missed the whole 'L.A. thing',' SLASH reflects. 'Everybody I listened to was from the old school-- Ted Nugent, Joe Perry, Rick Nielsen, Angus Young, Jeff Beck. When Van Halen came out, it was such a mind-blowing thing-- and everybody decided to go there.' Nevertheless, in his formative years, Slash played guitar for 10-12 hours a day, honing considerable chops-- the ability to unload blazing phrases, largely derived from pentatonic scales. The solo in 'You're Crazy' provides ample proof of the guitarist's diligent work, highlighted by fiery passages -- a barrage of smoldering blues based on the B minor pentatonic scale (B-D-E-F/sharp-A). SLASH burns!"

Sounds like two good magazines to get. Thanks, Vicki!

News Reported: 03/17/03

We were able to buy an expensive advance copy of The Yardbirds forthcoming CD, Birdland. It hasn't come yet, but this is the one with quite a few guests including SLASH who plays "Over, Under, Sidways, Down". The album is to be released April 22. is taking preorders. The album is priced at almost $18. If you do preorder it, please click through this site at and we'll get some small percentage from Amazon so we can pay for the site. It doesn't cost you anything to do this. Thanks.

Here's some more publicity on the other forthcoming album SLASH guests on, Elan's Street Child. This is pretty much the same as what was on her site. Here are some good pictures, though. SLASH is not quoted, but they do talk about his contribution to the album. Elan's album is due out in May on Starlight Records.

Street Child

The latest TV listings for Guns are here from Rock on TV. On March 16, MTV2 presents "Breaking The Law" at 6pm ET. It's shown again on March 22 at midnight ET. This one has a lot of rockers as you can imagine, and one is Axl Rose. Also on MTV2 is "UltraSound" on March 19 at 11am ET. Guns is spotlighted with the Axl/Vince Neil feud. This episode is "Rock and Roll Feuds". Darko's from Germany, and he saw a great show on German MTV that you should be able to catch in the States sometime. It was called "Breakups and Reunions", and the show was taken from VH1. They talked about the Sammy Hagar/David Lee Roth tour, Marilyn Manson and ex-bassist Ramirez. Darko says the great part was when they came to GNR and his interview after the MTV Awards show. Thanks, Darko!

Some news came in on some of SLASH's old bandmates. Brian Tichy who played drums for the Snakepit '95 tour, says he did their last show on March 7 as Ball. He wants to get a new band name and new material to go to present to the labels. He says the labels think it's an old band, and they are looking for new ones, so they are going to pull back and try to come up with fresh new material and a good name. Thanks to everyone who supported Ball. Keri Kelli, second guitarist with the last Snakepit, is joining up with Enuff Z'Nuff and LA Guns on their European tour. Looks like they will be performing in the UK, Italy and Spain. Check the tour schedule on for venues and dates. The tour begins in London on April 7. Thanks, Keri! Brian sent some interesting tour information for Gilby Clarke and Mike Inez (both from Snakepit '95). They'll be joining Ann and Nancy Wilson as part of Heart's touring lineup for the upcoming Alive In America 2003 U.S. tour. These should be very good shows! Thanks, Brian!

If you've always wanted to see SLASH with just your pals in the audience, then maybe you should look into that! The new issue of Rolling Stone says The Rolling Stones asked for and got $7 million dollars for playing a private show. In the same issue, the Stones are listed as the second highest moneymakers (Paul McCartney at #1 is said to be worth a billion!). SLASH is not listed in the Top 50 moneymakers, so we feel sure we could get him cheaper. Just a dream...can't imagine SLASH doing that. Maybe if we cut his travel expenses by meeting on his lawn in LA?

News Reported: 03/14/03

The biggest news story hands down was the Rolling Stone site interview with Josh Todd. Josh was the frontman for the now defunct Buckcherry. He auditioned for The Project, did ten songs with them and performed with Camp Freddy (including SLASH, Matt, Duff) on some shows. Many of you were not half as impressed as Josh seemed to be, but it's SLASH's call. Then the announcement came that Josh was no longer in the running, and Duff said Josh just didn't fit in. That seemed to be the end.

In a fit of sour grapes, Josh did an interview with the Rolling Stone site where he just hammered SLASH. SLASH made the decision that Josh was not what they needed in The Project. That's his right, and he never made a public statement about Josh or any of the others who didn't make it. Josh says he's angry that he wasted a month of his life on this. It was a risk, and he took it. Alienating SLASH may not be the smartest thing he's done, but he's off on his own project now. After reading this, we have to go along with Duff. Thanks to so many who sent this in including Ray, Sam, Rui, Brian, Allen and Joe. In case you missed it, here's where you can read the interview for yourself:

Josh Todd Bucks GNR

Did you get to see the "Imagine" video that was filmed the day of the Peace on the Beach antiwar demonstration in Santa Monica? SLASH played lead guitar and Ed Kowalczyk from LIVE did the vocals. If you had trouble playing it, we've had some help from various people to get it to run in the Windows Media format. This is on the SLASH Videos section. When you get there, scroll down to the first format. Sadly, there is a lot of buffering; but this is the best we could do with it.

SLASH Videos

Craig is from the UK and is both a SLASH and Matt Sorum fan. He has done a LOT of work to send us this article on Matt. It's from Rhythm, a British drum magazine, the April 2002 issue. At this time, Matt is on tour with The Cult. He talks about how he got started and getting into The Cult. Why did he join up with Guns? Matt says that GNR was the biggest band in the world, and it was an honor to be asked to play. He says he bought into the whole GNR attitude and that it was necessary for the kind of music he was playing. Living the high life eventually caught up with everyone. When asked to speak about his GNR experiences, the best one was traveling around the world, playing big concerts with great performers. The worst experience was seeing GNR fall apart over money and ego. There's a funny (and typical) SLASH Christmas story. There are some Axl stories, and a part where Matt comments on the Snakepit '95 album (Gee, Matt, we liked it!). Matt talks about the production company he set up after he left GNR and how he ended up in The Cult again. This is a really long but very interesting article. Thank you, Craig, for sending it.

Matt Sorum talks to Rhythm magazine

After that long article, here's a long list of songs to read. These are from Q, the UK music magazine and web site. They put together a list of "100 Songs That Changed The World". With the first few, they have comments. GNR is in there with #66, "Sweet Child O' Mine". It changed our world... made us aware of the different musical styles the Gunners could do!

100 Songs That Changed The World

News Reported: 03/12/03

Thanks to everyone who sent in that item on SLASH and Camp Freddy. This seems to have been posted everywhere, but it originated on Steven Adler's Official Fan Site. On March 7, according to the Adler Fan Site, Camp Freddy made an appearance at the Whisky Sky Bar in the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa in Las Vegas. You may remember that SLASH was there for the Resort's opening. Green Valley is owned by Rande Gerber and wife Cindy Crawford. The press release then said, "Guests danced till dawn to a special appearance by SLASH from Guns N'Roses.". Steven's Fan Site reported that Steven talked with SLASH who was excited about Steven's project and promised to check out a show. SLASH played a couple of songs, and then Steven was asked to come onstage for an appearance. We don't think Steven played with the band, though, based on information from a couple of fans in the audience. The whole event was not mentioned on the Camp Freddy site. Perhaps there will be photos sometime. Thanks to all of you who sent information: Rui, Brian, Scott, Jim, Sam and many more!

Speaking of friends and old band members, the Izzy Stradlin fans are very excited about the new Izzy Message Board. Their new one has no pop-ups or ads and is online 24/7. Discussion groups are: Izzy, The Project, New & Old GNR, Other Non-GNR Related Artists, Bootleg Trading, Non-Music Talk and more. You need to register first, and the url is Who will be first to post "Where's Izzy?"!

Carlos is from Colombia, and he told us previously that the February 2003 issue of the Japanese magazine Young Guitar had SLASH on the cover. Now Carlos has sent us a picture of the cover, and you can see this is a recent one! SLASH looks really good, but where are those funny old T-shirts? New image!

The April 2003 issue of Guitar Player has an Encore section with an old SLASH interview. This one is from December 1991. There's a nice picture of SLASH onstage in his leather pants with long curly hair over his eyes. He's asked about his tone (warm, fat) which he says is of primary importance to him. He said he tried effects but kept kicking them off the stage because he moves around so much. On his guitar collection, he says he keeps his in storage. When he took the Appetite... guitar on tour, it got beat to hell. This is the handmade, yellow flametop (a '59 Les Paul copy with zebra Seymour Duncan Alnico II pickups built by Peter "Max" Baranet of Max Guitars, Hollywood). SLASH says he is always searching for the perfect Marshall amp. Maybe out of 100, he finds one that has the sound he wants. As for soloing, you have to hear the music in your head and get it to your fingers in a split second. Hear the solo before it happens. When he was coming up, he didn't have the money to afford decent concert seats, so he was never really able to benefit by watching guitarists on stage. He said when he listened, though, he was able to figure out how to go about it. SLASH says when he was learning guitar, he stayed up most of the night learning and playing. He listened a lot to Jeff Beck, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Ted Nugent and Led Zep. He finishes by saying he sold his soul to the guitar; and if he gave it up, he'd have no future. There's a lot more, and guitar players might want to pick this up (Lindsey Buckingham on the cover).

Elin's from Norway, and she found a great SLASH mention in Classic Rock magazine. It says, "Even on a lot of drugs, he always played great guitar". Elin says she is a huge SLASH fan. Let's be glad he's off the drugs... next, cigarettes!

News Reported: 03/10/03

Wednesday's News (March 5) was written and ready March 5. However our cable modem was down for two days. AT&T insisted it was not their problem, but the first non-ice storm day has come along, and the connection is up. The March 5 news is here now, just below today's. We hope someone will find solution to that SLASH video problem! Sorry for the delay!

The Rolling Stone site has a photo section on Guitar Gods. There are about 50 pictures in all. SLASH is on page 1! Here's the picture they have which is a SLASH's Snakepit photo (you can tell from that Troy shirt). He's in good company on that page with Jimi Hendrix right beside him. If you'd like to look at all of these, just go over to They are on the first page. It's 5 O'Clock, time to worship our guitar god!

In case you haven't seen it, there's an interview with Matt and Duff on the Launch page for Guns N'Roses. The interviewer summarizes where The Project is and who's in the new GNR. He then gets Duff and Matt to comment on the situation and on Axl. These two took the same high road as SLASH does. They object to Axl using the Guns N'Roses name. Matt comments that you don't see Paul McCartney using The Beatles as his band name. The interview is located at Interview with Matt and Duff.

Katarina says that if you live in Sweden as she does, you'll know about ZTV. She recently saw a Loaded video on the station. Loaded is Duff's band, and the song they did was "Seattle Head". Katarina says it could be on again, so watch the rocking show "Plektrum" which is one of her favorites. Thanks, Katarina! It would be nice if some station in the US would play this.

For all you Steven Adler fans, here's another update on his new band. The band's name is Suki Jones which is a "tip of the hat to Aerosmith". Suki Jones is in the lyrics of "Back in the Saddle":

                      I'm lookin' for old Suki Jones
                        She crazy horse saloon...
The upcoming tour will be Adler's Appetite. Opening band will be The White Stars who were seen on the Osbournes TV show. Steven's webmaster is also the tour manager for Great White, whose pyrotechnics caused nearly 100 deaths in a Rhode Island club. Bill Long suffered second and third degree burns. There will be a benefit performance in Vegas to raise money for Bill. The first show will be in Vegas in just two weeks, and Jizzy Pearl has now signed on as the band's vocalist. Steven has three endorsements...drums, sticks and drumheads. They list shows on 3/21 in Kingman, AZ at The Alamo and a 3/22 show in Vegas at The Railhead. However, they said the Vegas show was first so it's a little confusing. Call the venue if you are interested in attending.

Here's an interesting book with lots of SLASH and GNR mentions. It's called Bang Your Head: The Rise and Fall of Heavy Metal. It's by David Konow, published in 2002. The book says it's about every heavy metal band and performer. Konow starts out with early metal like Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, how bands like Metallica and Def Leppard made it to heavy rotation on MTV, and hit its peak with Guns N'Roses. Then there is the downward slide. About GNR, an early influence on the band was New York Dolls. In a section about the Rainbow, they talk about how SLASH spent a lot of time there, first sneaking in as a teenager. They tell the funny story again about a Ladies Night where SLASH wanted to get the cheap drinks, went home and dressed in his mother's clothes. The disguise worked, and SLASH got in so he decided to hit on Steven to see if he would recognize him. Steven had already left, and SLASH found himself in the Rainbow in drag. He ran out and cars honked at him which nearly gave him a heart attack. By the time he got to his car, he had ripped off all his clothes except for shorts he was wearing under the dress! Another section is devoted to the LA shows where GNR opened for the Rolling Stones. What should have been great nights for the band turned into misery when Axl threatened to quit if the band did not get off drugs. The second night SLASH had to talk to the audience about drugs. He had nearly stormed off the night before, and now Axl was forcing him to make a public acknowledgement about his drug use. There is a nice bio of SLASH, and the early band. Lots of anecdotes and other information. If you have followed SLASH and GNR for years, not much of this is new to you. The one piece of information that was new to us was that SLASH received $7,000 advance money when GNR signed with Geffen. The GNR part ends with SLASH resigning, Matt being fired and Duff resigning. So it's pretty up to date. and probably many other booksellers have this one. If you go to Amazon to buy, please click through from this as this helps in a small way to keep this site open.

News Reported: 03/07/03

Only read this article if your frustration level is low and your computing ability is high. Brian sent a message that he found a video of SLASH playing "Imagine" at the Peace on the Beach rally in Santa Monica February 15. Ed Kowalczyk, LIVE frontman, was the singer. Roy Manzarek from the Doors was on keyboard, Lili Hayden was singer/violinist, drummer was Ravi Jakhotia and guitarists Stephen Fiske and Ed Munter along with others. SLASH, of course, was lead guitar. So we all really want to see this, right? Brian couldn't get it to work. We worked hours last night and today and finally got it. We hope one of you will find an easier way. It's an avi file; and if you bring it up with Real or Windows Media, it gets an error, but you do get to hear the audio. Contacting the owner, they suggest downloading the most recent codex routines. This also did not work till we downloaded the Pro version AND used their player. For a good bit of the time SLASH wanders off to the right out of camera range! If we had any idea on how to make this work easily for you, we would gladly share. If you find an easy way to do this, let us know. Here is where the video is:

Peace on the Beach..'Imagine'
And here's where you get the free DivX codex:

Carlos is from Columbia, and he's the first to report that the February issue of the Japanese magazine, Young Guitar has SLASH on the cover! We'd like to see that picture if anyone gets a copy.

Tom from Boston checks in with a review of the NYC Camp Freddy show. The trip was worth it, and SLASH stole the show! Everytime SLASH came out, the crowd went crazy! Tom says it's probably the best show he's seen. He was right up front and was the one to start the "Axl Sucks" chant. Tom admits that he was feeling no pain and a lot of the show went right by him. And he did get to talk to SLASH after the show. He said that SLASH seemed annoyed at first, but he did talk to Tom a bit even though Tom was feeling extremely mellow. This is the second time Tom's met SLASH, and SLASH recognized him (how does he do that?!). He told SLASH to consider Linda Perry for the Project singer. Perla was there laughing. The rest of the evening seems vague, but Tom thinks he talked with Billy Duffy, too. We've been promised a look at Tom's pictures of the show. No more drinking till you mail them off! Thanks, Tom!

Scott is from Winnipeg, Canada; and he's answered a question for us: What SLASH items are in the Hard Rock Vault? This is the new memorabilia place that Hard Rock opened; it's like a big rock museum. In the latest issue of Guitar World, 100 Essential Guitar Albums, is the article "Pass The Memorabilia...Hold the Ketchup!" Scott says they talk about the Hard Rock Vault which is located in Orlando, Florida. There are things from all kinds of rockers like Hendrix, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Zakk Wylde and SLASH and Duff! Scott says there's a picture of a mannequin with leather pants, jacket, SLASH's Snakepit T-shirt and a top hat. Oh, who's that? SLASH! Thanks, Scott!

In the UK and Germany, you can see the Jackass special. It's footage from the movie premiere with some celebs around. One of the first to arrive was SLASH! He came out of a black limo looking very relaxed. Some drunk hugged him for about 2 minutes and SLASH said, "You can let go now." Would you have let go? No way! Consider us a permanent attachment! SLASH laughed all through the movie and said it reminded him of his BMX days and his friends who were very similar to the Jackass guys. Thanks to Darko of Germany and Nadina from the UK.

News Reported: 03/05/03

Did you see SLASH on "Trading Spaces"? It was short but very cool! We got to see SLASH in his regular SLASH clothes, and he talked a little and was gone. "Trading Spaces" is on TLC, and two couples work on redesigning and renovating a room for the other couple. Teddy Zigzag and wife Lisa were on the show. Teddy said he invited SLASH over because SLASH watches the show and would have hated to miss being on. As one who has done major renovations in his homes, SLASH is an expert at weaving through the work areas to find the pinball machine. Lynn also saw the show and remarked on how sweet the Andreadis' are. They own three dogs; one is a Great Dane! SLASH showed up on Day 2, and Lynn thought he looked adorable! No more suits, SLASH! Back to jeans and leather jackets, please. Under his leather jacket, he had on a black hoody and under that was a t-shirt. Must have been a cold day there. He's got on black pants and sneakers, his hair is in a ponytail and he has on a black baseball cap (backwards of course). Lynn even noticed the huge hoop earrings and round black sunglasses. He wandered in carrying his Marlboros and chewing gum. Teddy went off with SLASH to check out the talking pinball machine till one of the designers told SLASH to get Teddy back to work. Teddy and Lisa loved their new living room. They were so sweet and nice, you wish you had them next door. Lynn says that when SLASH walks in, it's obvious he is just as sweet. Ahhhhh. Sweet SLASH! Being his neighbor would be great, but it would be best to be a live-in fan. This episode is on again Tuesday, March 4 at 4pm. Thanks to Lynn for all those details!

Just when our memories of Camp Freddy in NYC were fading, Phil sent in a good review of the show. Phil's from NJ, and he said this was the best show he's ever seen! SLASH was amazing, and Phil stood right in front of him and got to see those SLASH guitar techniques. SLASH was the most popular one on the stage. Phil said there was a mad rush as people would shift to wherever SLASH was moving. SLASH tripped, but he recovered and played that song on his knees. A highlight was Moby coming out (SLASH was out already), and the crowd chanted "Axl Sucks!" Phil said SLASH may not have heard it, but Moby did and said, "Axl What?". Phil said they made it clear that the GNR cover band led by Axl doesn't fool anyone, and they want the real GNR back. Josh Todd sang a couple of songs, and Phil said he hopes Josh won't be the lead singer as he is nowhere near as good as Sebastian Bach. Another thing, Phil says Melissa Etheridge does not belong on the same stage with SLASH. She was all over SLASH, and it seemed more annoying than anything else. Another highlight was "It's So Easy" and "Paradise City". SLASH, Duff and Matt were really into the crowd and were really enjoying themselves. Phil says, "Let's get the Project out!!!" For those of us not in LA or NYC, we need The Project on tour! See you there, SLASH! And Phil, thank you for that great review.

Has it been awhile since you've added to your SLASH picture book? He's in two magazines that are out right now. Vicki from West Virginia says to find the April 2003 issue of Spin magazine (Eminem on cover). There's a picture of Duff, Gina and SLASH at Sundance on page 26 in their "Noise Backstage Pass" section. Vicki says it's a good pic. The caption says, "Will someone please give me a job?" Which one is that about? SLASH and Duff are doing The Project...what does Spin want them to do in addition? Maybe the mean Gina! It goes on to say, "Gina Gershon, flanked by Duff McKagan and SLASH, rocks the Prey for Rock & Roll party at the Sundance Film Festival". Jen sent us a scan of this picture of SLASH with Rod Stewart and Ron Wood. The picture is in Star Magazine, the March 11, 2003 issue. Thanks, Jen and Vicki!

Critter told us to check out the "Metal Sludge" interview with former Nitro guitarist Michael Angelo. On their Rate the Guitarist question, Michael gives SLASH a nice mention. He rates SLASH at the top, a 10! Here's what he has to say about the top hatted one:

"Slash = 10 The opening riff to 'Sweet Child O' Mine' is worth the 10. I used to see him handing out fliers on the strip. It was one of the best times to be a band in L.A."

Can you imagine SLASH handing out fliers? Thanks, Critter!

Live in Australia? Barry is from Melbourne, and he wants all of you to know that the Ronnie Wood DVD, Far East Man has been released in Australia. This is the concert DVD from late 2001 where SLASH played with Ronnie and his band. Barry says that SLASH is pretty much in the whole thing. The music is good, and SLASH does quite a few solos for those of us who love his guitar playing! Thanks, Barry!

News Reported: 03/03/03