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SLASH is always busy with a band, doing interviews, guest appearances and on and on. It's hard to keep track of what he's up to but here in the Current Events section we try to keep an eye on him for you. If you have any SLASH sightings to report, email the SLASH page right here. Just click on the SLASH picture below:

Right now Velvet Revolver and SLASH have a lot going on. The calendar of events begins with April 2004. Near the top is a list of months you can click on to see future shows and events. You can see the month at a glance and then click on specific days to find out more about what's happening with SLASH.Check this schedule often for events in your area with SLASH and Velvet Revolver. Click the tour truck below to check the schedule.

Page Updated 5/27/05

As we head into the Memorial Day weekend, we wanted to recognize all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in all the wars. Out of respect for these men and women, we'll keep this page short tonight and just give you some highlights.

The big news is that we now know the title of the forthcoming soundtrack single for the movie "The Fabulous Four". The title will be "Come on Come in". Look for the soundtrack to be released on June 28. The recording was done on May 16 in Lakewood's Lava Room Recordings. Mike Brown was the engineer and praised the track saying Scott was really rippin'. He sang through parts with the megaphone bringing some STP parts to the band. He also said Scott was the professional, and the band was easy to work with. The announcement was made in To read the complete article, check out.

Brad sent this a little late, but SLASH appeared on Thursday on Sirius Satellite radio at 6 pm, Channel 20/Octane! Joel sent us another short note that he was at a show and sat behind the mixer. The seats were ok! He usually likes to stand on the right side on the floor or in the seats on the right so he can watch SLASH. He has plans for the future to see VR on the 13th, 15th and 17th of August. Joel promises to send a donation to keep this site going, always welcome! Thanks, Joel!

See you next Wednesday and enjoy your holiday.

(News Updated 05/27/05)

SLASH always finds time to play for one of his friends special occasions. He was personally invited to play at B.B. King's birthday. B.B. was turning 70. Other blues artists there were Willie Nelson and Larry McCray, one of Michigan's finest blues guitarists. SLASH played in two shows there in honor of B.B. It was a really important time for B.B. because he was very sentimental about turning 70.

Pauric sent in another blues item...some news that might interest SLASH and any blues fan. The 2005 Rory Gallagher Festival will be held on the 2nd - 5th of June in a town called Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland where Rory was born. This is the 10th anniversary of Rory's death. The festival will have Rory's original band, several tribute bands, blues bands and traditional Irish music. For additional information, check: www.goingtomytown. Pauric says he hopes SLASH can come some day. In the mean time, you blues and Rory fans are in for some great music.

Brian sent us some Izzy Stradlin news. Longtime Rick Richards of the George Satellites has revealed to fans that his latest collaboration with Izzy was recorded in Miami at Criteria Studios and is currently in the mixing stage. When asked about a release date for the project, Rick said it should be released one of these days. No further information is available. Also from Brian is information on Steven Adler. Commenting on his band, Adler's Appetite, Steven says that vocalist Jizzy Pearl has parted from the band. The parting is said to be amicable and Steven is now looking for a new singer...perhaps Joe Leste who recently performed with the band in Japan.

Constance from Belfast wrote to tell us that there is a new Velvet Revolver ad on ITV on Ulster TV, Northern Ireland, about the band coming to Belfast for a concert! Get your tickets now for this June 8 show!

Hunter was on his second Velvet Revolver trip this tour, and it was the Tampa show. While he was disappointed that the All Access program was discontinued, he was still pleased with the show except for the fans in the audience. We'll let you read Hunter's review in its entirety..

(News Updated 05/25/05)

Another review of the Pittsburgh, PA show has come in from Ray. He gives us a really detailed report on what it was like to be there from beginning to end. Ray had been to three other shows, and he says the big difference between this one and the ones he saw at other shows were the added production elements including two jumbotron screens lit up with the familiar album cover girl. There was a short promo for A&E's "Evil's Wild Ride" and then Velvet Revolver took the stage. SLASH congratulated the crowd for being the most "rowdy" crowd anywhere. Ray also talked about the musical highlights, and we'll let you check that out yourself. Just click on Ray's Pittsburgh Review .

There was a good interview with SLASH when they were in Tampa for the VR show at the St. Pete Times Forum. They say that "the notorious rock and roll party boy SLASH says the celebration hasn't stopped, but it has slowed down." When asked why, he said he realized being drunk or drugged isn't conducive to getting anything done. You spend a lot of time being sick and fatigued and desperate, and it just became miserable. But the turning point was when wife Perla became pregnant, and he and his wife got a sense of responsibility they had never had before. SLASH says they still party but only when they have a babysitter. Before the kids all that mattered was music but now he has something he cares about which is not him. He contemplates morality so he can teach that to the boys. It's very grounding, he says. Nice! SLASH says that Scott's turning point came with joining the band. The rest of the band had been through the same thing. Dave Kushner found AA 15 years ago and still goes to the meetings regularly. Duff has two young girls and has been drug-free for 13 years. SLASH and Matt are clean, too. They are really proud of their own music for which they won a Grammy.

While Velvet Revolver doesn't play a lot of GNR covers, there are still a lot of fans who like to hear that music and like to play pinball. There's a guy in the UK who has one up for sale. Pictures can be seen at GNR Pinball. He's replacing this one with a brand new one. If interested, contact Phil at with offers.

Who's the rock and roll legend who parted company with Guns N'Roses and then quietly studied finance and is now better prepared for riches he's earning with Velvet Revolver? Duff! There's a good article about Duff in the Yahoo! Finance. Duff was always interested in being able to read and understand his financial statements, so he quietly went back to college to get his degree so he could manage his finances. But Velvet Revolver came up, and he didn't quite finish yet, but he feels he has enough information to check out what his financial manager is doing. Read more at Duff on Finance .

Jeffrey had something happen that everyone wishes would happen to them. He went to the Gilby Clarke show in Cleveland this past week. At the show, SLASH and Duff both played a few songs! Gilby and SLASH played "I Want to be Your Dog" and "Dead Flowers". Gilby and Duff played "It's So Easy" and "Dead Flowers". The three played "Knockin' On Heaven's Door". They all sounded so great! And Jeffrey saw both Dave and Duff at the Cleveland Indians game sitting 3 down from him. Wow! We are envious!

(News Updated 05/23/05)

Updated 5/13/05

SLASH will be featured in the upcoming TV campaign for X Games 11, which will be held August 4-7 in Los Angeles. The Velvet Revolver guitarist will be part of a choir that also includes extreme sports stars like Danny Way and Dave Mirra. ...So, you can expect to see him on TV again soon. SLASH did this one other time in the past with Matt and they wrote and performed an original song. The picture here is from the show where they performed live.

Scott threw a "Pretty in Pink" prom theme party for his wife Mary's 30th birthday Wednesday night. Guests included L.A.'s Anthony Kiedis, Tony Kanal, Steve Jones, Billy Morrison and others. Entertainment was an 80s cover band and films from the 80s.

Matt spoke about Velvet Revolver's upcoming DVD, and yes, it is really coming! The release date is tentatively late this summer, and the band is working on it right now. Matt says they shot a lot down in Houston early on and are cutting it up and mixing in a lot of backstage material. Should be great! The stage and backstage footage gets mixed with cross-country travel material, too. Velvet Revolver from all sides! And Matt says it's a good way to end this tour.

Last time we told you that the band had recorded a song for a movie. The song will be on the soundtrack of the upcoming movie "The Fantastic Four" based on the long-running Marvel comic book. The Fantastic Four follows four astonauts who gain superpowers after being exposed to cosmic radiation. The movie comes out July 8 and stars Jessica Alba as the Invisible Girl, Michael Chiklis as The Thing, Joan Gruffudd as Mr. Fantastic and Chris Evans as the Human Torch. See for Fantastic Four information.

And to end this summer news, here's a hilarious photo of a wooden statue and fountain with our guy.This started out as a wooden Uncle Sam for the 4th of July. Then Paula thought differently. She has a little more detail to add, but this is pretty much complete. Enjoy and share.

(News Updated 05/13/05)

Bad news for those who purchased the All Access VIP passes for the remainder of the tour... that has been cancelled. Hunter said he got the word on that for the Tampa show and we also experienced that at the Pittsburgh show. As a make-up for that, you get some of your money back, decent seats (in Pittsburgh, they were raised seats above the General Admission standing)and the opportunity to meet with one or more of the band members after the show. We don't know which of the band members it was where Hunter was. Disappointing, but this is the way things seem to go...nothing is ever written in stone for gigs. Stay flexible and don't hesitate to ask for more! Hunter had previously gone to the Orlando show, a 2 hour drive, but the drive was well worth it. He was about 5 feet from the stage and yelled to SLASH that he loved him. SLASH gave him a big smile, and Hunter knew SLASH had noticed him. Hunter said those 2 seconds are the highpoint of his life. He promises to let us know how the second show went for him.

Hunter also told us he's put in a pre-order for the SLASH sculpture from KnuckleBonz Inc which we have, too. He also told us that the new issue of Marshall Law has SLASH on the cover, and it mentions that McFarlane Toys is making another SLASH figure, but that was not pictured. There's also a long article about SLASH and how Velvet Revolver came to be. It came free with Guitarist magazine, so look for that one...Zakk Wylde is on the cover. Thanks for all that information, Hunter!

We have a couple of places where you can see some absolutely great pictures of Velvet Revolver and SLASH by himself. Brian sent us the link to some gorgeously clear pictures in Raleigh, NC. Check out Pics from NC . And Norm let us know there are a couple of good shots of SLASH live at the 12th Annual Earthday Birthday in Orlando on May 7. They're at Earthday . The one you see here is abbreviated from a full page JVC ad on page 61 in the latest Rolling Stone. Thanks, Norm, for that one!

Stefan tells us that it's now official that Velvet Revolver will play the big rock festival Roskilde in Denmark! Very cool! The show runs several days beginning June 30, but some of the days are already booked at other venues for VR, so they most likely will not be appearing every day. Stefan says he's going just to see Velvet Revolver since he couldn't gte tickets for the Black Sabbath concert in Europe. Rock on and watch those European schedules so we know exactly when VR will be onstage.

We have a couple of fan reviews to share with you. Scott sent in a report from the May 17 show in Cleveland. Click Scott's Review to read this detailed review. Thanks, Scott! Haris went to the Jones Beach show. It was his first time seeing VR and second time seeing SLASH, and it was heavenly. When VR took the stage, the fans went crazy. Scott was all over the stage and in the audience. Scott talked to the audience and said it was an honor to perform for them. They covered GNR's "It's So Easy" and "Mr. Brownstone". Haris said the climax was "Slither". Sounds like a great show! And we were at the Pittsburgh show, and we'll let you read this one with a click on Pittsburgh Show .

(News Updated 05/20/05)

Vicki sent word from West Virginia that the Guitar Player with the Carlos Santana cover advertises the SLASH limited edition Sculpture as made by KnuckleBonz, Inc. There's a small picture there, and it says the Launch Date is June, 2005. They are now taking pre-orders. They say that SLASH is shown with his sig guitar and top hat and is an officially licensed product, limited to 3,000 and are hand-numbered with a certificate of authenticity. Price is $99 plus shipping/handling. See the large pictures and pre-order at or call 435/615-6992. Vicki says she doesn't have the money right now, but we sure do and one is on order for us! Thanks, Vicki!

Last time we told you that SLASH would appear during the upcoming TV campaing for the X-Games 11 on August 4 - 11. We don't know if this means during the games or promoting the games. If anyone spots him, please let us know.

There was a mention of Velvet Revolver in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette newspaper along with a picture of Scott. It said, "Scott Weiland, right, of Stone Temple Pilots, leads a bunch of guys from Guns N'Roses through an evening of head-banging stadium rock as Velvet Revolver blows the plastic tent-like cover off the Chevy Ampitheatre at Station Square. The show begins at 8 pm. Tickets are $39.50 in advance, $42 at the door (which isn't so much a door as a walkway). Call 412-323-1919." Rock on, Pittsburgh! We've heard there will be no soundcheck there but there may be some band contact.

Last week, Scott taped a performance of a new song on "Last Call With Carson Daly". This was on a day off from the VR tour. Scott debuted a new song, "The Man I Didn't Know" which was a loose-limbed and poignant country rock ballad about his dad, Scott pulled together a band of a pedal steel guitarist and steel drummer, Tim McGraw. He met Tim at the Grammys and they decided to do something together. Tune in Thursday, May 19 to see the performance.

D'Arcy sent a review from the April 28 show in St. Paul, MN. D'Arcy did the VIP ticket plan and got to go to soundcheck and meet the band except Scott. SLASH and he got some pictures taken together. In April 1995, SLASH had handed him a guitar pic, so it was very cool to get another 10 years later. D'Arcy also saw VR in Minneapolis last May. He says he's been playing guitar for 10 years since he thinks the pic was a sign to do that. After soundcheck, SLASH gave him some more time for which D'Arcy is very appreciative. He said it was the best show he has seen so far! Thanks, D'Arcy! And the pictures we're using today are all from him with our thanks.

We also got two reviews from the Scranton, PA show. Mac said this was his second show with the band. There were two opening bands...Modern Day Zero and Hoobastank. Mac liked them and said it was MDZ's first time out with VR. He saw them in Philly and the set list was similar. They did an amazing acoustic version of a Pink Floyd song whose name he can't recall. The venue was outdoors and there were about 5000 people there. There were definitely sound problems again. Dave had to ask someone to turn up his sound and there was no sound at all from Scott at the keyboard. Even though there were sound problems, Mac said it was a perfect performance and they really seemed to be enjoying peforming for the crowd. Sondra also wrote in about the Scranton show, and she says she has been a SLASH fan for about 20 years. She had had tickets for him before but the shows would be cancelled and she thought she would never see SLASH live. She bought the VIP package, too. When she saw him at soundcheck and saw him on the stage, all her dreams were coming true. He talked and joked with the crowd and came down and signed autographs for everyone. He is REAL and cares about his fans. Sondra was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, and it was the hardest thing in her life. She says that SLASH and his music were reasons why she is as strong as she is today. Sondra wants to thank SLASH for getting her through the worst time of her life. Life is good. Now, don't you wish you'd bought that "I Love All Access" package?

(News Updated 05/16/05)

This ebay auction has ended with no bids, but maybe you'd like to see closeups of SLASH's signature guitar, the first sig, that is. This is the beautiful SLASH's Snakepit guitar. You can check out all the features close up in pictures and in the text. Go over soon before they drop it from the auction list. SLASH owned this guitar and produced "Shine" on it according to the owner who says this was #4 in these Gibson Custom Shop guitars. Click here to to see this beauty.

Mandiez sent in these two great pictures of SLASH from the New Zealand show on February 19. They are great, and Mandiez says thanks for a dream come true!

We told you awhile back that Velvet Revolver would appear on the May 19 performance of "Last Call With Carson Daly", but it turns out that this will be a special solo appearance by Scott. He'll be doing a song he recently wrote and produced. Daniel Lanois will join Scott on his pedal steel guitar. The appearance will be taped on May 9 in L.A., a day off for VR on their tour.

Ex-bandmate, Steven Adler, did an interview recently about his new band Adler's Appetite and also some words on GNR. He says they do the old GNR songs, and that is the closest you're going to get in sound to GNR until the five of us get back together. Steven thinks that a lot of bands do get back together, and he says that he still thinks Guns can re-form and be successful again.

SLASH's current bandmate and drummer, Matt Sorum, gave out some news on VR saying that the band has recorded a new song this week for an upcoming major motion picture release that we'll be hearing about soon. Trivia question: which three frontmen has Matt worked with? Answer: Axl Rose, Scott Weiland and Ian Astbury. Matt says they all have the ability to entertain a crowd, each bringing a different passion to a song and each realizing it is a rock show not just a songfest. Matt also said that now they think that the year-end release date of VR's sophomore album is going to slip since they won't get much studio time till September, now that they've added the Ozzfest dates.

The U.S.tour, Electric Wonderland, is going on now, so be sure to get tickets. This week sees the Scranton, Pa and Wantagh, NY shows and then the band has five shows in seven days next week. We expect to be at the Pittsburgh show and hope to see you, too, at the VIP event with soundcheck and a chance to see the band up close. All the shows have the VIP and the regular general admission options. Next week are Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and D.C. If you go, we'd surely like to hear from you on how you liked the show...a short review or a long one. "Miracle224" sent word that "I just saw SLASH performing for the Electric Wonderland show in Atlanta." SLASH was great on the doubleneck, and did great covers of "Mr. Brownstone" and "It's So Easy". "SLASH" was the star of the show as always!!" Thanks for sending that one in.

(News Updated 05/11/05)

Page Updated 05/04/05

A few months back, a crazed fan shot and killed Dimebag Darrel and three others at a live show. The outpouring of grief and shock in the metal and rock worlds brought about a four hour tribute on the Eddie Trunk radio show in New York. SLASH called in from Miami before his show that night to express his thoughts and feelings about what had happened to Dime. Sherry found the interview for us at Eddie Trunk Tribute to Dime. It's four hours of callers and music. SLASH said that Dime was a really genuine guy and they used to go out drinking together. He said the Miami show would be dedicated to Dime. Sherry said the show is really worth listening to and she's right. Go to that web site, then go to the Interview Section which splits the Tribute Show over several pieces. Look for SLASH's name. SLASH talks under Hour 2. Sherry also said there's another older interview with SLASH when he was doing Snakepit. Go to the archive interviews and look for SLASH 7/10/01. This was for the Birch Hill show and is about six minutes long. It's about an hour before he goes on stage and you can feel the excitement!

Benny Vejlby is from Denmark and he has a museum for SLASH/GNR. You can see it at Museum . He's coming into L.A. at the end of this month and would like a brief meeting with SLASH. Let's hope arrangements can be made to get that to happen. When you get to the site, if you speak English, click on NYHEDER - NEWS, and you can see pictures from the SLASH display with the guitar he signed for Benny last summer. Good luck!

We had a chance to read an interview recently with Dave Kushner. Dave doesn't consider himself a rock star, but he loves being in Velvet Revolver where he is building a following and is no longer "that other guy". He does still get excited hearing the VR songs on the radio but is more excited when they walk onstage and are ready to do the gig. The whole autograph thing still feels weird to him when some ebay guy asks for his autograph, but it's not as bad as it is for SLASH! Sounds like Dave still has his feet planted firmly on the ground. And we also saw a brief interview with Matt where he was asked to comment on this coming tour with Ozzfest. He said this will be a heavy tour compared to what they've been doing, but he has no problem with it at all. He says hopefully it will just be gigs where everyone comes out to play their music and have a good time.

Jeff sent in a good review of two shows he saw, Portland and Everett. He wanted to do three but couldn't find anyone to go with! You know, that's what our Fan Address Section is for. Check there for people living near the venue you want to go to and hopefully you can hook up with them. SLASH fans are friendly, and they may be looking for someone to go with, too. At the Portland show, Jeff said they did the All Access VIP deal which was pricey but he felt it was really worth it. They went to the regular show at Everett, and reading what he has to say, we think it would be worth the money to do the VIP since you get to be in soundcheck. Let's let Jeff tell you himself how it went...Jeff's Review.

Did you see the Microsoft ad yet that has the young boy being different musicians...lines are drawn around him? At one point he has on the famous top hat!

(News Updated 05/06/05)
Due to the Mother's Day Holiday and a Race for the Cure commitment, we will not publish till Monday, 5/9/05

Ray sent us word that the Musician's Friend site has a few high-end Gibsons in their Scratch and Dent Department. He says he always trolls that spot, but usually it's lower end stuff or not any guitars there at all. Once, he talked to SLASH's guitar tech, Adam Day, at a show and Adam says that he takes brand new perfect Gibsons and runs sandpaper all over them to "scratch and dent" them up before SLASH plays them! He thought since a lot of the readers here are guitarists, they might like the link and be reminded that that when you purchase from Musician's Friend to go through this site so we get credit for the sale. Thanks, Ray and here is that link: Scratch and Dent.

We got a note that Gilby Clarke, ex-GNR guitarist will be doing some solo gigs in May 2005:
05/06 Club Rain Costa Mesa, CA
05/11 Elbo Bar Dayton, OH
05/12 Crazy Donkey Farmingdale, NY
05/13 Jaxx Springfield, VA
05/16 Pirates Cove Springfield, OH

Constance from Belfast, Northern Ireland let us know that there is a new poster of SLASH in the new Kerrang! magazine. Thanks for telling us, Constance.

Julian went to the Boise, Idaho show, and he never thought he'd meet SLASH. Julian lives in Columbia but is a foreign exchange student in the U.S. He said SLASH was 4 feet in front of him which was the coolest feeling he ever had. The concert was really cool with SLASH's solos the best ever. Julian said he went to take the tickets and that's where he saw SLASH! He wants us to let SLASH know he should give a little of his time to his fans!

Tucker sent in a review of his second show with Velvet Revolver. Last year he saw them at the Wiltern which was his first experience with them. Tucker's second show was at San Diego in the Coors Ampitheatre. Since he's given us this great, complete review, we'll share the whole thing with you at Tucker's Review.

Heidi was at the Denver show, and she says it rocked! She was with a friend and they were right in front of the stage which was way in the back, but they had to leave early to get her friend home. We think you'll want to read this fan review, too! And we thank you, Heidi for going and letting us know how it went for you. It's at Heidi's Review.

(News Updated 05/06/05)