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June 2003

As reported, Duff and Matt were interviewed Friday by Riki Rachtman (of Headbanger's Ball fame) on a California radio station. The guys made the announcement that the band plans to release an EP and a DVD from the El Rey show. So don't buy any hokey bootlegs which we have on good authority are low quality. The EP and video will be sold retail, but the method of sale has yet to be determined. This decision should be made soon. The band has all kinds of labels trailing them, but they have not made up their minds whether to throw in with one of these companies or go it alone but use one of these companies for distribution only. No word as to whether this will be a single package or separate CD from DVD...most likely a package deal. Matt and Duff quoted a release date of October 7. They also reiterated SLASH's statement that there will be some one-offs late this summer, and they added these would be in the LA area. Whether this is because they like to stick close to their big LA fan base or in anticipation of Scott Weiland's rehab sentence was not asked or answered. LA fans, wake up! Time to die! About the t-shirts from the El Rey which remain a rare item, there will be more merchandise on the way, of course. The El Rey t's seem to be a one shot deal. Look for them on ebay! Thanks, Brian and Sam for sending in good summaries.

The SLASH camp is still very interested in which radio stations are playing "Set Me Free". If you're in Detroit, MI, Tom says that he hears it on 101.1 WRIF. Hector hears it on Power 97 in Winnipeg, Canada. He requested it when it first came out, and they said they would get it and they did! Now Hector says you can hear it about 3 times in an 8 hour block so that's good news for the Winnipeg fans. Thanks, made it happen! Jimmy reported that he was listening to the "5 Songs That Definitely Do Not Suck" list on rock station 105.7 St. Louis KPNT The Point. He said he was thrilled to hear that "Set Me Free" was #4! The DJ called Velvet Revolver the new supergroup made up of GNR and STP. He wondered what ever happened to Axl. Right now Axl seems to be declaring his album will be out this fall or Christmas or sometime while the band members are off doing three week tours in other groups. Sounds familiar. Finally, Sam gave us an overall report..."Set Me Free" is moving up the radio charts. Checking the current Radio & Records report, Sam found "Set Me Free" making its debut on the Top 50 chart coming in at #32. 12 radio stations added the song while the number of plays went up by 224 to a total of 318. Keep those requests coming, and let us know when you hear it and the station. Last time someone said they heard it on satellite and digital cable. Rob, if you are out there, what channels were these on? Thanks.

Clement was a disappointed fan at the House of Blues Yardbirds show. Yardbirds management said SLASH was definitely going to be there, but he wasn't. "Musicians lead complicated lives. Therefore, it is always advisable to call ahead." (The New Yorker). Clement said there were a lot of special guests there like Steve Vai, Steve Lukather and Jeff "Skunk" Baxter so the music was great. Clement and friend stood in the VIP area about 5 feet from Paul Stanley. Doc McGhee (signed Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, etc.) was also spotted along with the infamous Ron Jeremy. We're counting on Clement to hit those Velvet Revolver shows.

Vicki recommends you pick up the August 2003 issue of Spin. She says the article is about Jane's Addiction, past and present. There are lots of stories and pictures. There are some funny SLASH comments on the past relations between Jane's Addiction and Guns. We'll let Vicki tell you herself (and thanks, Vicki!):

Jane's Addiction vs. GNR

Jamie's in the UK, and he gets Guitarist magazine. This month's issue (Metallica on the cover) has a Top 10 Guitarist Solo Album. SLASH came in at Number 9 for Ain't Life Grand!! Jamie says there is some Velvet Revolver there, too. They have a big picture of Scott Weiland, and the caption is: "SLASH HAS FOUND A NEW SINGER!" The article has nothing new about the band, but it says that an album will probably be released this winter. Thanks, Jamie! And congratulations to SLASH!

Mykaela and Tom sent us the information from Kerrang!...the one with Korn on the cover. Seems it has some nice pics, but mostly is an enticement to buy the NEXT issue where they promise more information on "VELVET REVOLVER - Inside Scott Weiland's Personal Hell". Myk feels it would be nice if they realized there is more to VR than Scott. Scott probably feels it would be nice if anyone realized there was more to him than his drug problem. We suppose this is where someone says there is no such thing as bad publicity, but it would be nice to see SLASH's name somewhere (however, not with the drug problem!). Myk made a great scan of the single page, so we'll let you have a look at it. You will most likely have to do some scrolling.

Kerrang! Discovers Velvet Revolver

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News Reported: 06/30/03

Previously we told you about the rumor that Velvet Revolver would do an interview with Riki Rachtman on 97.1 KLSX FM in Los Angeles. The show starts at 8pm, Friday, June 27. SLASH's management and Riki now say that SLASH will not be there. Duff will be the one interviewed, and it's possible that Matt will be there as well.

You never know when SLASH will pop up on your radio station...especially if you are in California. SLASH's management as well as Brian let us know that SLASH called in to radio station KSJO in San Diego yesterday. These call-ins are easy for SLASH to do since he doesn't need to leave the studio or home. Once he said he likes to call from the bathroom. No word on his location for this interview. The interview covered the topics of how Velvet Revolver came together as a band, the search for a vocalist which resulted in the choice of Scott Weiland, a little about GNR and how this legendary band name was lost. As he's said before, Velvet Revolver will be looking to do some one-off live shows this summer and go into the studio in the fall. SLASH said he'd like to get an album out this winter although in the past he's said after the first of the year. The band doesn't seem to feel any extraordinary pressure to grind out an album that is less than sensational. Of course, after the album comes out, the band will tour in support of it. SLASH also called Rock 105.3 with basically the same information. We hope some of you heard these call-ins. SLASH is always interesting, optimistic and truthful.

Sammy's in the UK and was looking at the Kerrang! site to see what was coming next issue. He tells us there is a short fragment that says "SLASH and Scott unveil a new supergroup". Sammy is off to Paris; so if any other UK fans find this (Korn on cover), let us know what they have to say!

If you like your reading literate and comprehensive, be advised that there is a 10 page article in The New Yorker (magazine) about Ang Lee and the making of The Hulk. This is the June 30 issue, and there's just a Hulk drawing plus the usual hilarious cartoons. Yes, SLASH is mentioned...last page of the article. The article is titled "Becoming The Hulk" and is one of their Profiles articles. To summarize a little about the SLASH parts, Lee said that he agreed to have "Set Me Free" to appeal to the teen market. It says the song was performed by several former Guns N'Roses members with Suicidal Tendencies Dave Kushner and STP's Scott Weiland. At the end of a long day, he went to the studio to make a courtesy call while the band performed the song. Lee confessed this was his first visit to a rock session. "Eventually, a collection of thin, tatooed, long-haired men of a certain middle age swaggered in. 'So how's it going?' a frizzy-haired rocker with leather pants, sneakers, and what looked like a key chain attached to his nose asked Lee. 'I hope you're gonna get the song out there', he added. 'Gonna sit in with us? Maybe play some cowbells?' Lee smiled and said to me, 'That's Splash', he said. 'SLASH', his assistant said." The band did the song 4 times, and it was noted that Scott tried to be as close to the camera as possible. Lee seemed unfazed. The next day he worked with Elfman on the quiet score. Lee started jumping around, waving his arms and said to Elfman, "You're boring!" That's a small piece of the article, but you get the idea the band made a convert! Way to go, Splash!

"Set Me Free" is gaining strength on radio stations. Keep calling! Rob S. says that another place the song is played is on the music choice channels on digital cable and satellite. Rob's heard it twice a day on the rock channel. Shane reports that Orlando, FL's 101.1 WJRR "is now playing the latest and greatest from our favorite guitarist. Great work again, SLASH!" Damian is in Columbia, and the radio stations there are playing "Set Me Free" and the theaters are showing The Hulk. It looks like the band is getting some international notoriety. Mercedes is in Argentina, and she saw Velvet Revolver on the E! News (live from E! Entertainment). And there were SLASH and Duff talking about the band and the El Rey show and "Set Me Free". It repeats again there tonight at midnight! Thanks, Mercedes!

SLASH still exists as himself, too! Jessica's in France, and she saw Robbie Williams this evening being interviewed and wearing a SLASH t-shirt under his jacket! You'll recall that Robbie did a Camp Freddy show where SLASH did a guest appearance. Robbie did an interview last year where he stated that Slash and the guys came back to his LA home. Says Jessica, "Robbie admires Slash an awful lot I think." We think so, too.

If you'd like to vote on a poll, there's one on MTV. Question: should Axl drop the Guns N'Roses name? This seems like an old issue now; but if you're still grumpy about it, here's where to vote:GNR Name Poll. The results at present are 46% voting Yes, drop the name and 54% voting No, keep the name. The results will be announced on this week's episode of "The Wrap" on Sunday at 7pm on MTV and 9:30pm on MTV2. If this is one of your issues, it's time to vote!

CineMedia Promotions is the company promoting The Hulk. They've promised us 5 Hulk soundtrack CDs for a contest! There won't be any tough Hulk questions to answer. We'll just have a drawing. The contest begins today, Monday, June 16 and will end in three weeks on July 5, midnight your time. Winners will be contacted by email for their mailing address (not published here). CineMedia will pay for the shipping and handling. Take a chance! Send an email message with your email address and name in the body of the the message and the subject HULK CONTEST to:

News Reported: 06/27/03

The music world is buzzing over the new supergroup, Velvet Revolver, and the new hit "Set Me Free". If you saw them at the El Rey, last week, you saw a band that knows how to rock. In fact we asked SLASH if they could play "Money", and he said it didn't rock hard enough for what they had in mind that night. Maybe it will be a B-side someday. One thing you can do to help out is make those calls to your local rock station and ask for "Set Me Free". If a station says they don't have it to play, see if you can get a name and address a copy can be sent to..a specific DJ if you have one that seems pretty with it. Sam let us know we are doing a good job as "Set Me Free" is the Number 1 New & Active Song on the Radio & Records reporting system for the top 200 stations in the country. You might mention that if the DJ is blank about the song! For the week ending June 13, it was added to 20 new radio stations. We expect to see it in the Top 50 for all songs this week! On iTunes, the MAC song download site, "Set Me Free" is Number 2. A lot of people are excited about the band! Aren't you glad you hung in there with SLASH! Joe sent word from Boise, Idaho that the radio station there has been playing "Set Me Free" for 2-3 weeks...mostly by request. Add to the list 105.7 WXCL Peoria, IL. SLASH has a list, and we send off a note everytime you let us know a station is playing it. He thanks all of you for your help.

As you know from Monday's news, we were able to come to the show as a guest of SLASH. The whole show was so overwhelming, we didn't know what to look at! Steve was also there, and he said the band was amazing. He caught Scott's water bottle, and his buddy caught Scott's Gatorade bottle. After the show, they caught up with Adam Day, SLASH's guitar tech, and told Adam how much they loved the show. Unfortunately, Steve did not get a Velvet Revolver t-shirt that were given out free. Maybe next time. We got one which we managed to leave at SLASH's house. They promise to send it along. Really, if you were in SLASH's house, would you be focused on a t-shirt? Not when that little charmer, London is there. We call them chick magnet and baby chick magnet which got a big smile from SLASH.

About that new black flying bich guitar SLASH was using, Joan read that and decided to do some digging at the BC Rich site. After looking in the custom guitar section, she found out the Bich design SLASH has is a copy of a Joe Perry guitar from the mid-seventies. There is not much to read, but you can see some cool pictures at Flying Bich. Thanks, Joan! Just remember SLASH's is black! His red BC Rich is in storage.

If you really want to get excited about the band and "Set Me Free", you have to read some articles. It's so great to be part of the SLASH in crowd, isn't it? Axl is slowly fading from memory...he needs to get going with his album. If you'd like to vote on a poll, there's one on MTV. Question: should Axl drop the Guns N'Roses name? This seems like an old issue now; but if you're still grumpy about it, here's where to vote:GNR Name Poll. Speaking of MTV, they have a great article covering the show at the El Rey. This is a good one to read if you didn't get to the show. They cover all the songs, the moves, the clothes, etc. MTV Reviews VR Show. We know what it feels like to miss a lot of shows, so we have a clip from the evening. It was put together by UK's MTV. There's some footage of the show and some of the press conference. Enjoy!

El Rey Show

In case you haven't read enough, here's a couple more articles! Kimberli sent this one in from Yahoo News: Weiland Interview. And here's one from Sammy that appears on Billboard. That sharp-eyed Kimberli found another on

We don't usually print rumors, but since it is Wednesday, and the event is Friday; we thought maybe we ought to let you know. Keep in mind this is an unconfirmed rumor. The talk is going around that Velvet Revolver will be interviewed by Riki Rachtman on 97.1 KLSX FM in Los Angeles on Friday, the 27th at 8pm. We were unable to confirm with Riki, the radio station, SLASH's management or SLASH. We expect to hear tomorrow and will put a notice at the top of the news if this is off or on.

CineMedia Promotions is the company promoting The Hulk. They've promised us 5 Hulk soundtrack CDs for a contest! There won't be any tough Hulk questions to answer. We'll just have a drawing. The contest begins today, Monday, June 16 and will end in three weeks on July 5, midnight your time. Winners will be contacted by email for their mailing address (not published here). CineMedia will pay for the shipping and handling. Take a chance! Send an email message with your email address and name in the body of the the message and the subject HULK CONTEST to:

News Reported: 06/25/03

SLASH and Perla invited us out to LA last week to see the first Velvet Revolver live show at the El Rey. Some of you must have been among the hundreds there. SLASH got us in for soundcheck and the press conference. SLASH had more amps than we could count, but he didn't arrive right away. Traffic was just terrible. SLASH saw that we got to meet Duff, and we've wanted to meet him for years. Duff is so nice and so handsome! We also met Dave Kurshner who seemed very relaxed. This was also the first time meeting Scott Weiland who seemed tense and serious. But no matter how they were before the show, they put on a dymnamite program. Scott even did some stage diving! SLASH played a blistering guitar...his usual Les Paul and a brand new black BC Rich. He said the red one was in storage. Adam told us that this black one was a custom made guitar for SLASH. It looks like the flying V, but is a flying bich , 10 string. Slash plays it as a 6 string. Very snazzy, SLASH! Velvet Revolver did a great press conference with no questions you haven't heard already. Everyone in the band answered questions giving SLASH a well-deserved rest from that. We ran into Keri Kelli who showed us how to stand on the chairs to see the show! When Velvet Revolver took the stage, they ripped into the Sex Pistol's "Bodies", then took off into "Set Me Free" which had the audience dancing and screaming. Surprisingly, they touched the Stone Temple Pilots' catalog for "Sex Type Thing"! SLASH made this song his own. Finally, a GNR number, "It's So Easy"; and all us old GNR fans sang along with Scott. We've been hearing that VR had a new track ready, and they brought out the chilling "Slither" as the final song. Demands for an encore brought them out shirtless to play Nirvana's "Negative Creep" which sounded more heavy metal than alternative. In the audience were Dave Grohl, Vincent Gallo, Shane West, David Spade, Tony Kanal and Ang Lee. We hope they enjoyed this set as much as we did. The band looks young and fit with muscular arms and chests. Fitness is the key word for the band. Everyone is clean right now according to SLASH, and no one even has a celebratory drink after the show. SLASH says the band has a tight bond, and each member is there for every other one. They are in touch all the time, and are each other's best friends. SLASH also said they still have to go through the 50 written songs (with 10 by Izzy), and they are selecting the ones for the album. Weiland has about 4 sets of lyrics ready, and they rehearse and work on the songs daily. SLASH told us it has been just an exhausting year, but it has all come together and is well worth it. Pictures coming soon.

Aside from the usual tourist places like the Rainbow (which SLASH told us only to visit in the daytime), we did have a chance to visit his home. It's beautiful, but the surprise to us was that it was a real home...not something out of House Beautiful. It is beautiful, but there are baby toys everywhere. London is the sweetest little guy! Both he and his mom were not feeling well, but they were kind enough to have us over anyway. SLASH was dressed in sweat pants and a white top and looked extremely thin. They were all tired from being up with the all young families. London is a real sweetheart. Perla is a very protective and loving mom. SLASH is just like all dads...keeping an eye on his son and playing with him. He even had diaper duty! Thanks to the entire Hudson family for being so kind. And guess who dropped in? Duff! He told me his daughters are 2 and 6, and he often has tea parties with them. Many hugs and kisses to everyone!

Have you seen the July 10 issue of Rolling Stone? Lots of mentions there. There's a nice sized picture of Duff and Scott leaving Scott's drug arraignment. It says that despite Scott's drug woes, SLASH is confident that Velvet Revolver will be able to record their debut album. "Best In Show" is a list of the 20 greatest live acts in the world. GNR comes in at #10 with the best tour listed as 1989 including the 2 nights opening for the Rolling Stones. They rocked! Also, there is a review of the movie The Hulk which got 3 stars (good). The Hulk was the big money maker this past weekend, so it should be around long enought for you to have a look.

Remember Elan and her debut album Street Child? She had a great clip on her website of SLASH playing on the title track. Originally, the site said the album was due out in May. We haven't forgotten this SLASH guest appearance. SLASH's publicist was able to find out for us that Elan's first single, "Midnight", just came out about a week ago. "Street Child", the song SLASH played on is not released yet and no date has been set. Elan says she is releasing her songs on MTV Latino as this is where her roots are. We hope to have good news on the album soon. Those of you in Mexico and South America, keep an eye out for this one!

Wednesday, June 25, the Yardbirds will do a show at the House of Blues on Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, CA. The show starts at 9pm and features "The Yardbirds with Special Guests and The Action Cats". SLASH's management says SLASH will be a special guest! The Yardbirds management tells us that the performing Yardbirds band will be the one that recorded Birdland. SLASH did "Over, Under Sideways, Down" on the album, Birdland. He'll be playing that one that night and maybe more than one. Tickets are standing only and $20 each. So get down there and see SLASH!!

If you're a long time follower of SLASH in his many bands, there are two past bandmates that we have never been able to find...Rod Jackson, singer for Snakepit, and James LoMenzo, bassist for touring Snakepit 95. Keri Kelli tells us that Rod is in California, but he doesn't know what Rod is doing now. Tommy found James! James did an online interview so we were able to find out what he's doing. James started with the guitar first, played some keyboard, French horn and drums. He plays Warwick basses and is currently using a Gibson Les Paul bass. Before playing with David Lee Roth, James was with Zakk Wylde's Pride and Glory, Ozzy and White Lion. Of course, his last band before DDLR was SLASH's Snakepit. James says it is always great to be appreciated, and he thinks fans are wonderful. Now, if we can just track down Rod...

Izzy's new album Like A Dog is to be released later this year. This is not the album with Duff and SLASH. Izzy may not be the promotional type of artist, but he has released 5 albums in 5 years. This time he promises a tour in support of the album. He's also been busy writing 10 songs for the Velvet Revolver group. No one seems to know if Izzy will tour with Velvet Revolver or even just come in for a song or two. Clips from two tracks of Like A Dog are on The two are "Hammerhead" and "Bomb".

Vicki sent us this short writeup from Us magazine, the one with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher on the cover. This is not a nice article at all. Vicki says SLASH and Perla face the "fashion police firing squad". They use a picture from The Italian Job premiere with both smiling and wearing sunglasses and looking happy. Here's what these jerks have to say about our friends:

1. Proud owners of the most clogged drain in Hollywood.
2. I thought only dog owners and their pooches grew to look alike!
3. Why do I think they arrived at this event in a van?
4. Waiting in line at the Kiss auditions.
5. Howard Stern and Kirstie Alley make such a nice couple.

CineMedia Promotions is the company promoting The Hulk. They've promised us 5 Hulk soundtrack CDs for a contest! There won't be any tough Hulk questions to answer. We'll just have a drawing. The contest begins today, Monday, June 16 and will end in three weeks on July 5, midnight your time. Winners will be contacted by email for their mailing address (not published here). CineMedia will pay for the shipping and handling. Take a chance! Send an email message with your email address and name in the body of the the message and the subject HULK CONTEST to:

News Reported: 06/23/03

One of our Mac fans, Jarrod, uses the new Apple iTunes all the time to preview and download music. Jarrod wrote and said that the Velvet Revolver video and "Set Me Free" from The Hulk soundtrack can be watched and downloaded now at the Apple iTunes Music Store. You must have a Mac to do this. Jarrod says the video at iTunes is very high quality. Tils wrote in and let us know that today "Set Me Free" is #9 in download requests and The Hulk soundtrack is #8! That's fantastic! Eric also downloaded it and says it is the best 99 cents he ever spent. SLASH is fantastic! He hopes SLASH will use some of his take to buy Baby London something nice. Absolutely! Thanks, Eric and Tils!If you have the right hardware, go to to preview, purchase and get your downloaded copies. Thanks, Jarrod!

We've been in touch with the promoters of The Hulk. The first thing they sent us to share with you is a picture of the soundtrack album cover. Pretty cool! They are interested in having a contest for all of you where you could win a soundtrack CD! We're just working out the details now, and we'll let you know asap where and how to enter the contest. So, get ready for that.

Immortal Entertainment, the management company for SLASH and the band, bought the and web sites, so one of these should be the official Velvet Revolver site. Nothing is there at present. One SLASH fan bought and has a really good looking site for the band. We'd like to do links to sites like this, so if you have one and would like to exchange links, please let us know. We never do this without permission from you! We also got information of interest to some international fans. Rui has started a Velvet Revolver forum in Portugese. It's for those fans who understand Portugese, and it has all the news and exclusive downloads. This should be a great place to discuss things in your native language and also to meet other fans! is the place to go to chat with Rui and other Portugese-speaking fans!

In other news, you can check out the June 26, 2003 issue of Rolling Stone (Justin and Christina on cover). The article is "Use Your Delusion" and shows up as "The GNR Curse" in the index. The curse seems to be that the people in Guns have a tough time...Weiland gets arrested for drugs, Axl still has produced not album. They ask who will be the first to release an album since Use Your Illusions 11 years ago. (We guess the two Snakepits must not count or would not fit the "curse" thread). They say the "Gunners seem unable to shake their past and equally unable to create any sort of future". We can only think that the author must have written this well before the two new songs come out. Clearly they think that Weiland is such a handicap that no VR album will appear. We think SLASH will dump Weiland before he lets that happen. Anyway, it's a negative article...dragging in how poorly Steven is doing and all that. Some nice pictures; some slanted text. Thanks to Vicki and Allen.

Happily, VH-1 has a program that lets you cheer the original band. This is the 100 Greatest Songs in the Last 25 Years. Guns comes in at #3 with "Sweet Child O' Mine"! #1 is Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", and #2 is "Billie Jean" by MJ. VH-1 says they will tell the story behind each song with interviews of artists. The show is broken into 5 parts beginning with 100-80. This first episode is aired June 16 through 22, so they don't have the date up yet for the Guns segment. Here's the rest of the top 10:

3. Guns N'Roses "Sweet Child O' Mine" 4. Eminem "8 Mile" 5. U2 "One" 6. Run-D.M.C. (with Joe Perry/Steven Tyler) "Walk This Way" 7. Prince "When Doves Cry" 8. Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You" 9. The Police "Every Breath You Take" 10.Madonna "Like A Virgin"

News Reported: 06/11/03

Yesterday, this press release was received:

After much speculation, Immortal Entertainment Management along with SLASH, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, Dave Kushner and Scott Weiland have confirmed their decision to name the band "Velvet Revolver".

Another milestone passed! There's a lot of attention focused on the band now, and you can get in on it. In today's mail is a message from MTV. It says that airtimes for the SLASH/Project/Velvet Revolver story featuring their new song, "Set Me Free", are Monday, June 9 at 9:30pm and 11:30pm ET and Tuesday, June 10 at 5:30am, 9:30am, 3:30pm and 6:30pm. Please note that the story is on MTV2 (not MTV). We don't have this station on our cable, so let us know if you see it and tell us what it was all about. No word on the VH1 documentary yet.

There's a good video on slashonline that we know you'll want to see. It's clippings from a video made when The Hulk director, Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), came to see the band record "Set Me Free". SLASH talks as does Scott Weiland, but mostly we see parts of the movie and the band really into their latest new song. Don't forget that The Hulk will be released June 20! Better rent-a-kid and be there. Here's where you can see this cool clip:

Velvet Revolver and "Set Me Free"

When you get there, there will be a full screen Hulk picture. At the bottom are three choices for the software you want to use for viewing. We had the best luck with Real Media which our system substituted for Quicktime, the second choice.

If you were thinking you'd buy up the domain name velvet-revolver, too late - it's already gone. We visited the unofficial site today and learned that it will be more of a Stone Temple Pilots extension, following the career of Scott Weiland than following the whole band. No comment. However, what Ramon sent us there to see was a truly great and very recent audio interview with SLASH on a Boston radio station. It's over 11 minutes long, and SLASH does a good job explaining how he got the band going and what they are doing right now. He also has a few words about Axl and GNR. None of this is really new if you've been following along, but SLASH puts it all together. It's now on this site, and it is an mp3 file. Worth a listen! Thanks, Ramon and Brian!

Interview on WCBN, Boston

Going back to an item from last week, the one about SLASH and Perla asking for your support for Blackfan Diamond Syndrome...there's more information. Rare diseases have a difficult time getting research funding because so few are its victims. SLASH and Perla have a little friend, Sarah Canout, who has BDS. June 14 is a special day for these kids who run or walk or wheel in the Champions Run for Life Torch Run. About 2000 people are expected at Rainbow Harbor Esplanade in Long Beach, CA to watch about 200 runners carry the torch for 1/8 of a mile beside their celebrities. The new information is that SLASH will be participating in the run! If you're in the area, you're welcome to walk over and cheer SLASH on. See if he can make it with all those cigarettes he's smoked! SLASH and Perla say it would be just great if SLASH's fans sent in donations. Any amount is welcome, but please send a check if possible. Donations are needed to find a cure for Blackfan Diamond Syndrome. Your tax deductible charitible contribution can be sent to:
CMHA/Children's Committee
2801 Atlantic Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90806
and please mark your check with the memo: FRIENDS OF SARAH CANOUT. Thanks from SLASH and Perla.

We always feel a little doubtful about these tribute albums, and there is another coming out for GNR. New Jersey's God Forbid just recorded GNR's "Out Ta Get Me" with producer Chris Pearce. The track will be on the GNR tribute album through Law of Inertia Records featuring these metal/hardcore acts: Dillinger Escape Plan, Unearth, Everytime I Die, Haste, Nora among others. An early fall release is planned. No album title has yet been announced.

News Reported: 06/09/03

SLASH always said that when they announced the singer, they would announce the band name. Last night's announcement: Scott Weiland is the official vocalist for the band. What band? Velvet Revolver? That's what Rolling Stone says on their site. In checking with SLASH's management, they have not officially announced it, and it could change. They think it will be announced Monday. Till then, The Project. What do you think about Velvet Revolver? Revolver is certainly a tip of the (top) hat to Guns. Guns N'Roses was a masculine name (Guns) and feminine (Roses). Here's Velvet (feminine) and Revolver (masculine). Men who like women! Maybe we're analyzing this too deeply. Knowing SLASH, this name has a meaning to it. Perhaps he will explain this one or some brand new one on Monday. The part about the band intending to be in the studio in September 2003 with the new album due out early 2004 sounds right. They plan to tour this summer, but where and when are not yet decided.

A new singer, a new name, a new has to be faced. GNR as we knew it is dead. At least for this year! The albums and videos are still around, though. A few weeks back, there was a terrific Canadian TV show called PowerHour where Duff and SLASH appeared. The two did separate interviews and interspersed were some great GNR videos like "Welcome to the Jungle", "Don't Cry", "Lost in the Garden of Eden". If you missed it, it's now available on the web. Geoff was good enough to let us all know where we can see it. Thanks, Geoff! It's the full one hour show minus the commercials. This is highly recommended...great quality for picture and sound. It's at:

PowerHour with SLASH and Duff

Another url for you is the one for the "Money" clip. The previously posted one no longer works. "Money" is gone from that site. There was a red mini zooming away in the distance. Here is the new one if you haven't gotten it yourself as yet, and many thanks to Brian who found it and sent it in:

Perla and SLASH are asking your help in supporting the Blackfan Diamond Syndrome (BDS) Foundation. BDS is an extremely rare bone marrow disease that prevents production of red blood cells. There are just 317 known cases worldwide. Children with BDS must have frequent transfusions to stay alive and must use a filter pump to rid the body of excess iron from the transfused blood. Rare disease have a difficult time getting research funding because so few are its victims. SLASH and Perla have a little friend, Sarah Canout, who has BDS. June 14 is a special day for these kids who run or walk or wheel in the Champions Run for Life Torch Run. About 2000 people are expected at Rainbow Harbor Esplanade in Long Beach, CA to watch about 200 runners carry the torch for 1/8 of a mile beside their celebrities. Donations are needed to find a cure for Blackfan Diamond Syndrome. Your tax deductible charitible contribution can be sent to:
CMHA/Children's Committee
2801 Atlantic Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90806
and please mark your check with the memo: FRIENDS OF SARAH CANOUT. Thanks from SLASH and Perla.

Brian, Juhis and Nicole found out some good news about Izzy. He's completed his sixth solo album entitled Like A Dog. There are two 30 second clips up at some sights, but why not start at the beginning with the originator at One clip is from "Hammerhead" and one from the track "Bomb". The clips come in .zip format. You can get a copy of Winzip from to unzip them. Unzip them, and the clips will play in Media Player. Here's the url:
No touring dates have been announced as yet.

Brian also sent in this amazing story about Steven Adler. Suki Jones is Steven's band - made up of singer Jizzy Pearl (ex-Love/Hate, Ratt), Keri Kelli (ex-SLASH's Snakepit) on guitar, Faster Pussycat's guitarist Brent Muscat and Ratt's bassist Robbie Crane. Steven has now decided to change the band name again. The new name is now Adler's Appetite. Steven says he made the change because people at the shows told him they had know idea this was his band. Steven adds that while they are playing the Appetite for Destruction material, Adler's Appetite is more appropriate. OK, Steven, but that's it! Recently Steven, Keri and Robbie teamed up with Sebastian Bach to perform GNR's "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Rocket Queen" in Las Vegas. This was a charity show hosted by Meat Loaf to benefit the Lili Claire Life Skills Center. Thanks, Brian!

News Reported: 06/06/03

We interrupt your life to bring you an official announcement from The Project:

Scott Weiland is the official singer for The Project!!!

The official band name has yet to be chosen and announced. But it is Scott for sure as the singer! After hearing the vocals on "Money" and "Set Me Free", it's a great choice.

News Reported: 06/05/03

The Yardbirds contest is over! Thanks to all of you who took the time to enter. The Yardbirds people are taking care of notifying the winners and mailing the prizes. The winners have all been notified by email and asked to send in their mailing addresses so the prizes can get on their way. Thus far, they haven't heard from you winners, so go and check your mail and let them know where you live! The winners are:
First Prize (Birdland CD and autographed biography: Mike Robinson of Maryland
Second Prize Birdland CD: Marilyn Rodriguez of New York
Third Prize Birdland CD: Brian Mulholand of Colorado
If you know any of these people, tell them to check their mail!

There's a lot of excitement today over The Project's soundtrack song for The Hulk. One of our Mac users, Eric, sent in the information that "Set Me Free" will be available as an exclusive download at the iTunes Music Store on the web. Currently, this is a Mac only service that has the major labels backing as a way to download music legally. Eric says he's used the site since startup, and it's great. He's ready to download as soon as it's available at iTunes. The address for itunes is, and you must be a Mac user at this time to do downloads. Thanks, Eric! Eric also sent in the address of an article in the MacObserver which mentions The Project in a really exciting way. Thanks again, Eric! Let us know when "Set Me Free" is available:

iTunes Welcomes "Set Me Free"

Most of us were surprised to hear some radio stations announce that the next song would be "Set Me Free"! Luke lives in Boston and heard the song on the afternoon show on 104.1 WBCN. If you pick them up, give them a call and ask for "Set Me Free" to be played. If you've heard it on other stations, let us know! Of course, once it was on the radio, it was picked up by several people who have put it on sites around the web. Since this song will be available on a soundtrack CD, we're not able to give out these site urls. SLASH frowns on bootlegs. Thanks to Brian, Mark and Adam who sent us the information.

Here's something we can share. This is The Hulk soundtrack press release. It's interesting in general and has lots to say about The Project. SLASH and Scott Weiland have quotes, too. This is a big one! Thanks to Anton from The Netherlands who sent this in.

The Hulk Soundtrack Press Release

This site welcomes SLASH's fans worldwide. We try to make the site accessible to people all over the globe, so we don't have a lot of fancy graphics dancing around, but we do have a lot of information. Not much would happen without the help of SLASH's fans who send in photos and articles and descriptions every day. No one is paid including the webmaster, but we are a voice heard by SLASH and music newsmakers. Thanks to all of you who take time to send things in. You are great! We'd like to tell the Latin America fans that DarkSlash is opening TODAY a new forum for discussions of The Project, Guns N'Roses and hard rock. The forum is called Gunners En Linea (Gunners On Line, in English). The forum will be in your native language, so anyone can drop in and talk if you are up on the Latin American languages. Here's where to go:
Good luck!

News Reported: 06/04/03

Did you see The Italian Job over the weekend? It's a good summer movie full of action with a twisting plot. And at the end, you get to hear "Money"! SLASH and Scott Weiland get the high marks although Matt's drums and Duff's base gave them all the baseline they needed and more. Dave played a good second guitar, and he and SLASH are doing very well together. This is your best chance of hearing "Money" as it was meant to be heard. SLASH's management confirmed this weekend that "Money" will NOT be on the soundtrack of The Italian Job. A soundtrack will be released but will consist of just the movie score. Interestingly, at the show we attended, only one or two people left the theater when the credits started. Whether people were reading all those credits to the end or were enjoying the music, we can't say. Maybe both. Some people have decided to take a little "Money" home with them by taping a clip and posting it on web sites. Brian found this one which he says is a low quality mp3. (Note: the site has taken it down so the link no longer works as far as we know.)


Over the past few months we've gotten a lot of mail from vocalists wanting to apply for The Project's vocalist slot. Just this weekend we asked if we should continue encouraging people to apply. SLASH's publicist says that since no permanent singer has been signed, it's still ok to send in demos. We would advise that you get them in very soon. Send a demo tape/CD (3 tracks are sufficient), a short bio, address (not just email address) and phone number. This should be sent to:

13636 Ventura Blvd. #434
Sherman Oaks, Ca. 91423

The front runner for The Project's vocalist slot was arrested in Burbank, CA last month following a minor traffic violation that led to the discovery of drugs in the car. Scott Weiland, former Stone Temple Pilots singer and the vocalist on The Project's "Money" and "Set Me Free", was arrested on two counts of possession of heroin and cocaine. Today Scott made his arraignment appearance at the Burbank division of the LA Superior Court. He pleaded not guilty and volunteered to attend a rehab program before his next court date which was set for July 11. MTV reports that the rehab program is currently being decided including options such as methadone treatment, 24-hour supervision and martial-arts programs that require mental discipline. The Project members have been trying to help Scott lessen his risk of relapse. Duff McKagan was at court today in support of Scott Weiland. Outside the courtroom, Scott said to reporters, "It went great today". If convicted, Scott faces up to a year in county jail.

In other SLASH news, Ed went to a Def Leppard concert Saturday. Before they hit the stage, they played GNR's "Coma"! Ed said they did this in '93, too, when he was in the audience. If that didn't soothe your GNR hunger, Joe Elliot came onstage wearing a SLASH t-shirt! Not GNR, but SLASH! Ed said it was a very cool show. Thanks, Ed!

George sent us a SLASH sighting from The Netherlands awhile back. SLASH was on a show called "I Love...". It was all about the year 1988 when pop music was about to be smashed to pieces by Guns N'Roses and their rock music. A lot of famous Dutch artists called it the wake-up call, and they rocked. SLASH gave an interview with extra comments about that outrageous time that was all about rock and roll. Thanks, George!

Father's Day is Sunday, June 15. This is SLASH's first Father's Day. London was born August 28, and he's no doubt given his Mom money to get a special gift. We're going to see if we can find a card for a first time father on Father's Day! If you want to do the same, send it to:

5664 Cahuenga Blvd.
Suite 246 
North Hollywood, CA 91601 

News Reported: 06/02/03