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July 2002
(Updated July 31, 2002)

Norm got his hands on one of the first September guitar magazines out now. This is the September 2000 issue of Guitar World, and they have an article on the history of Marshall amplifiers. Toward the end, there is a section with SLASH and Jim Marshall discussing the manufacturing of the SLASH model power amp (see following). Find out how the SLASH sig amp came to be and how SLASH got a new set of amps. Norm scanned in the SLASH part of the article for us, so, thanks, Norm; and here it is:


Clement brought some interesting news on the SLASH Custom Shop (not the Epiphone)signature guitar. On a visit to the Guitar Center on Sunset, Clement saw the PROTOTYPE of the SLASH sig Les Paul in the window! Clement decided to ask for a price on this one: $45,000! Clement says it looks very much like the limited edition ones #1-50 except the Snake logo is in the opposite direction. On the pickup cover, it says "Prototype for SLASH". Bow down to this one! Light candles! It's on the way to Tower Records where you are going August 6 for the instore, right? Clement didn't take it, so it's still there waiting. Fortunately, Clement was able to buy a Custom Shop SLASH sig from MAE Guitars who advertised the guitar on this website exclusively. The new guitar is now with Clement who could not be happier although a little wistful over that prototype. And in case you are keeping track, Clement bought "SL 039". Thanks, Clement, for that great story. And if you are out in the L.A. area, check out that prototype. A pic of this baby would be in order.

Now that you have your sig amp and sig guitar, it's time to do something that's free...listen to the radio. Ed lives in Houston, and his local rock station is ROCK 101. They are having their 30th birthday, so they asked fans to vote for the Top 101 songs. Guns was in there at #11 with "Welcome to the Jungle", #29 with "Sweet Child O' Mine" and #70 with "Paradise City". (The downside for Ed was that "Enter Sandman" was #1 and Nirvana had the #3 song). Ed would also like to know if SLASH and Co. are laughing their butts off since Paul Huge/Tobias got canned by Axl. Well, we can't report on that directly, but if you saw a bright light coming from the West Coast, that's SLASH's big "told you so" smile.

If you're here with us, chances are you always thought Guns moved the earth with Appetite for Destruction. As time goes on and, for some, memories of this blazing, supercharged band never dim. For us, it's another validation of Guns N'Roses as they first blasted onto the music scene. There's never been another like them. LuAnn found an article for us where Appetite for Destruction is declared to be the #1 heavy metal album by Spin in its September issue. And we have the url to the article thanks to LuAnn. If you're feeling down about the fact that some other GNR is touring, remember this band, the original Guns N'Roses. Any of you guitar players and vocalists could practice and play and sing all the songs, but you would never be SLASH, Izzy, Axl, Duff and Steven. Accept no substitutes!

Appetite Is #1!

Speaking of the original band, Izzy Stradlin had the quote on the Rolling Stone newsletter this week. If you are an old GNR fan, you can laugh at this this not typical of the guys? "There's nothing like throwing up out a bus door, going sixty-five miles an hour."...Izzy Stradlin. These guys gave the best quotes around. By the way, "Where's Izzy?"

Here's a solid SLASH fan who wants you to see her SLASH hat. The hat was bought in New York City, but the band was created and attached by its owner, MLady. She plans to be the first female SLASH. SLASHette? Good work on the hat!

Here's another contest about SLASH. The answers are all found on this page somewhere. You don't need help, do you? Our prizes this time are a mixture of '95 promo photos and the current Snakepit music and stickers. Take a chance! The 5 entries with correct answers win. If there are more than 5, we'll draw for the 5 winners. These are ALL TRUE or FALSE. You don't need to send the question...number 1 through 10 and put a T or F on each line. Then send the entry to Please put CONTEST in the subject. The contest ends next Friday, August 2 at midnight your time. Here they are:
1. Road Crew was the pre-GNR band formed by SLASH and Steven Adler.
2. SLASH graduated from junior college.
3. Eric Dover was lead vocalist for Snakepit '95.
4. Blues Ball first played at a festival in Tahiti.
5. Rod Jackson was lead vocalist for the Snakepit '99 band.
6. SLASH recently got married in Maui.
7. David Lee Roth was lead vocalist for Blues Ball.
8. Mel Gibson bought SLASH's old mansion and the Snakepit Studio.
9. SLASH now lives in Venice Beach, CA.
10. SLASH played "Magic Carpet Ride" on The Coneheads soundtrack.

News Reported: 07/31/02

On the Strokes page (, it says that the video for their new single, "Someday", will air on MTV2 today, July 29. The video was shot with Roman Coppola and includes cameo appearances by SLASH, Duff and Matt along with Guided by Voices. Our guys are said to be in a barroom scene (no acting necessary!). The single will be a 4 track released internationally at the end of August. So watch for that video and get ready to push Record! We did go over to the MTV2 site but they did not have it yet under videos to be added, but we don't know how often the site is updated.

Apologies to all who went to the Tower instore for the soundtrack of The Kid Stayed in the Picture on July 26. This was the original date, but the movie release and instore were moved back to August 6. So, you didn't miss it. August 6 at 7pm at Tower Records on Sunset in Hollywood.

Here's something you'll want to check out right away. Guido from The Netherlands sent this to us to share with you:

GUNS N' ROSES, JANE'S ADDICTION, PITCHSHIFTER All-Star Jam Video Posted Online - July 27, 2002

Video footage of PITCHSHIFTER frontman J.S. Clayden jamming on the JIMI HENDRIX classic "Hey Joe" with all-star cast, including former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash, JANE'S ADDICTION/ex-RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS guitarist Dave Navarro, and THE CULT/ex-GUNS N' ROSES drummer Matt Sorum, can be viewed at Billy Morrison's site. Other clips on Billy's site are from the Camp Freddy's private show at club Moomba in Los Angeles on Friday, June 14th, featuring additional appearances by Moby, THE CULT axeman Billy Duffy, and Robbie Williams, among others-can be seen by clicking on the links below:

"Hey, Joe" With SLASH

SLASH is not on these next three although he was there:

"Whole Lotta Love"
"I Wanna Be Your Dog"
"My Generation"

Thanks to Guido and to Billy Morrison for these!

If you'd like to play more videos, here's where you can find the directory:

Billy's Videos
Thanks to Lyndsay for finding this. The "Hey, Joe" video with SLASH is heyjoe2. All movies are Quicktime.

Shari of the Black Velvet Fanzine shared some more Billy Morrison news. Here's Billy's news as posted on his site about the shows you have just seen above:

On Friday 14th June 2002, Billy played as guitarist in a very special rock and roll show, at Moomba in West Hollywood. He organized the event with Scott Ford, and co-ordinated a team of special guests that included Robbie Williams, Slash, Billy Duffy, Moby, Donovan Leitch, Michael Wincott, Danny Saber and Jon Clayden. The band consisted of Billy and Scott, along with Dave Navarro and Matt Sorum. An extension of last months Standard Hotel party, the band played a twelve song set of covers and had guests appear on each track. Moomba, a private club in Hollywood, was overfilled and very hot and sweaty, and the band were onstage for fifty minutes. Songs included Whole Lotta Love, Fat Bottomed Girls, Pretty Vacant and My Generation.

And more, from Billy's diary...on dancing with SLASH:

Click on Diary
Thanks, Billy and Shari!

Here's another contest about SLASH. The answers are all found on this page somewhere. You don't need help, do you? Our prizes this time are a mixture of '95 promo photos and the current Snakepit music and stickers. Take a chance! The 5 entries with correct answers win. If there are more than 5, we'll draw for the 5 winners. These are ALL TRUE or FALSE. You don't need to send the question...number 1 through 10 and put a T or F on each line. Then send the entry to Please put CONTEST in the subject. The contest ends next Friday, August 2 at midnight your time. Here they are:
1. Road Crew was the pre-GNR band formed by SLASH and Steven Adler.
2. SLASH graduated from junior college.
3. Eric Dover was lead vocalist for Snakepit '95.
4. Blues Ball first played at a festival in Tahiti.
5. Rod Jackson was lead vocalist for the Snakepit '99 band.
6. SLASH recently got married in Maui.
7. David Lee Roth was lead vocalist for Blues Ball.
8. Mel Gibson bought SLASH's old mansion and the Snakepit Studio.
9. SLASH now lives in Venice Beach, CA.
10. SLASH played "Magic Carpet Ride" on The Coneheads soundtrack.

News Reported: 07/29/02

If you can get to the Sunset Boulevard area in Hollywood, CA on the evening of August 6, you can see SLASH! No guitar playing; this is an instore at Tower Records for the soundtrack to the movie The Kid Stays in the Picture. SLASH contributed one song to the songtrack, everyone's favorite, Theme from the Godfather. SLASH will autograph these soundtrack other items permitted. Robert Evans, the subject of the movie, as well as author of the autobiography the movie is based on, plus director and producer (!!) will be there with SLASH. Jeff Danna who got the musical credit for the movie will also be available for autographs. The movie opens in a limited engagement in New York and L.A. August 6. If you go to the instore, let us know how that was, review the CD, review the movie...probably most of us will not get a chance to see it. Reviews have come in from the media that have seen it. Rolling Stone liked it, but The Village Voice did not. Here's where you can see these and other reviews. There seems to be no mention of Our Guy and "...The Godfather".

The Kid Stays in the Picture Reviews

Here's another contest about SLASH. The answers are all found on this page somewhere. You don't need help, do you? Our prizes this time are a mixture of '95 promo photos and the current Snakepit music and stickers. Take a chance! The 5 entries with correct answers win. If there are more than 5, we'll draw for the 5 winners. These are ALL TRUE or FALSE. You don't need to send the question...number 1 through 10 and put a T or F on each line. Then send the entry to Please put CONTEST in the subject. The contest ends next Friday, August 2 at midnight your time. Here they are:
1. Road Crew was the pre-GNR band formed by SLASH and Steven Adler.
2. SLASH graduated from junior college.
3. Eric Dover was lead vocalist for Snakepit '95.
4. Blues Ball first played at a festival in Tahiti.
5. Rod Jackson was lead vocalist for the Snakepit '99 band.
6. SLASH recently got married in Maui.
7. David Lee Roth was lead vocalist for Blues Ball.
8. Mel Gibson bought SLASH's old mansion and the Snakepit Studio.
9. SLASH now lives in Venice Beach, CA.
10. SLASH played "Magic Carpet Ride" on The Coneheads soundtrack.

More hat information. If you are looking for a really nice looking tophat, try The hat is pictured here, and it goes for $65. A couple people sent this in and have gotten tophats there, so they are reliable. Thanks! That's all the helpful hints we have right now.

Here's some more SLASH and GNR on TV. On 7/29 at 3pm ET, VH1 will air "100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock". We've heard the GNR moment is the whole St. Louis incident. On 7/30 at 2am ET and 8/1 at 8am ET, MTV will show "Testimony: 20 Years of Rock on MTV". This was made as part of their 20th anniversary celebration. On 7/31 at 8pm ET, VH1 shows an interesting episode of "Behind the Music". This is the "1987" episode. On 8/1 at 11am ET on MTV is "MTV Uncensored". And, finally, on 8/2 at 7pm ET on VH1 is "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock". It will be good to get past the summer reruns.

Here's a Q and A with SLASH. SLASH selected LuAnn's question to be answered. LuAnn asked, "How many cars do you own and are they mostly older model cars?"

SLASH replies, "LuAnn, I own six cars; and, yes, they are mostly older models."

Thanks, SLASH and LuAnn! And by the way, SLASH, we have a beatup '89 Olds we'd like to sell to you! Guns window stickers and Aerosmith bumper sticker included!

News Reported: 07/26/02

(Since yesterday was SLASH's birthday, we are leaving this news item up.) Don't forget! Yesterday was The Man's birthday. 37 and still killer! Here's our traditional Happy Birthday to SLASH. This is SLASH trying to play Happy Birthday at a show, and he just blows it. At the end he says he has never played that %^&* before! Get practicing for your son's first birthday, SLASH! Happy Birthday to our favorite guitarist, and thanks for all the fun you've given us!

SLASH Plays Happy Birthday!

(This is an avi file. We found it worked best with Internet Explorer. We used the RealOne A/V player.) is also celebrating SLASH's birthday with a 10% discount on any music or memorabilia order placed until 00:00 GMT midnight on Tuesday, June 30. During this week you can place as many orders as you want, but your order must contain at least one SLASH, Guns N'Roses or related item. To receive the discount, you must remember to quote this:
** SLASH 10% BIRTHDAY DISCOUNT OFFER ** in the 'notes section' in step 2 of the ordering process at

Another birthday item, SLASH was recognized in the Rolling Stone online newsletter!

How about that tophat like SLASH's you've been wanting to get? So far we have not heard of SLASH ever giving one away. So you have to come up with your own. We asked fans to send in their solution to this hat problem, and here is another solution. Andy says to check out the New York Hat Company on the web or to go over to Rattus has a cool hat (pictured here) that he got from (item: Tall Top Hat, in beaver fur). The picture shows a familiar autograph by the Top Hatted One himself. Rattus says he doesn't like to wear this one because SLASH signed on the sweatband, and the autograph could be ruined from sweat. He says he bought another on ebay for $115, but it's too small for him to wear. Anyone else? Thanks, Rattus and Andy!

Aga is from China, and he sent birthday greetings to SLASH as well as a SLASH sighting...well, a magazine with SLASH sighting. The magazine is called Occident Music, and it has the history of GNR through the resignations and firings. There's also a story about soft love songs from rock bands such as GNR, Aerosmith, Metallica. They chose "Don't Cry" (alternate lyrics). They had a picture of 4 great metal men with SLASH as the third and described as "the snake king". Axl was the second. Thanks, Aga, and we look forward to more reports from you!

While SLASH is enjoying his birthday celebration, things are quiet. We wanted to remind you to take a look at the For Sale list (see link at top of page). If you have something you want to sell, send it in. The store selling the Gibson Custom Shop guitar sold it in record time, and they never had to go to the bother of listing it on ebay. If you sell something let us know, so we can delete it. These are items from other SLASH fans, so check it out. Band and musician wanted ads can be submitted. We carry them as long as you like. And here's yet another plea to use the click through links on the Fund Raising Ad section before going to Amazon, Musician's Friend or ebay. Amazon requires that you come back and click through for each item so it is one click through per order. This is so inconvenient! Please consider at least making your largest purchase through us first. We get the money quarterly, and we haven't made much with this method so far. So, please try to help out and bookmark that section so you go there before zooming off with your cart. Thank you, so much. The money earned is used directly to offset the cost of this site. We pay the entire bill ourselves with no help from SLASH's organization. Many of you have been generous enough to send money to us directly, and it has been very much appreciated. If you can't do that, please use the click throughs! It adds nothing to the cost of your purchase, so please help us out. On a happier note, we are going to have another contest very soon. We'll get you the details on Friday.

You're missing SLASH, and so are we. Michael sent us an audio file of the end of the "Making of Estranged" video. This is where SLASH calls Teddy ZigZag about getting together, but Teddy is sleeping and tells SLASH to go home. SLASH and Duff have nowhere to go. On your birthday, SLASH, we hope you were with all your old friends having a good time at a club somewhere. And we wish for you that when you call someone, they are awake and anxious for you to come over. Why not call a fan? We'd all be willing to come out and help you celebrate!

It's SLASH Calling!

News Reported: 07/24/02

Mel's from Adelaide, Australia; and he was browsing through his dad's old music catalogs when he found this great ad for the NEW SLASH's Snakepit Signature Amp from Marshall. We have a copy to show you, and we think you'll like the handdrawn pictures of SLASH in the ad. The source was an Australian Venue Music Catalog from fall of '96. It's a long ad, but the pictures are very cool. Thanks, Mel!

Old Marshall Ad

On Joost's website he has an attractive and informative description of the Marshall amp. We showed you that section of his site awhile back. Now he has another section with solid information and great pictures and graphics. This section is on the Guild signature doubleneck guitar. Coming soon is a section on the pinball machine. Check this site when you have questions on the specs for some of SLASH's equipment. When you get there, click on the instruments button at top, then just click SLASH's picture. Thanks, Joost!

SLASH Sig Amp and Guild Guitar

SLASH may seem to have disappeared, but you can always catch him on TV. On 7/23 at 4pm ET on VH1 is a repeat of the show "Behind The Music: Metallica". You'll see GNR teamed with Metallica for the big tour together. Also on 7/23 is "Testimony: 20 Years of Rock on MTV" at 6pm ET. The show airs on VH1 which seems a little odd. This show looks at the history of rock on MTV. Finally, on 7/28 at 1pm ET is "MTV 25 Loud". This show is on MTV and a panel there comments and makes fun of the loudest rock videos. The Top 25 videos of all time will be aired (in part).

In the continuing recognition of the 15th anniversary of Appetite for Destruction, there's an article in the online Cleveland Plain Dealer about the album. SLASH is interviewed and tells some stories about the times they had recording it. The article says that the first Guns album has sold over 15 million copies thus far and continues to move about 5,000 per week. So, SLASH can afford the cars, the new house, the can all the other guys. New fans are coming along every day, and older fans replace their worn out or lost CDs with new ones. Great! This is our favorite album of all time, and many of you no doubt feel the same way. Here's the article:
Cleveland Plain Dealer on Appetite...'s Anniversary

There've been a few small SLASH mentions in the magazines this week since Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Billy Bob Thornton. As you know the two had purchased SLASH's old mansion (with the Snakepit studio SLASH put in). Vicki sent us a typical mention from the US Weekly magazine (issue 389/390 - July 29/Aug.5, 2002). The magazine says that neither one of the two has lived in the house they bought from SLASH since the breakup occurred. An aerial photo is included. "The couple bought it in 2000 from SLASH, the Guns N'Roses guitarist." The caption under the picture says that the house was purchased in August 2000 and has been empty since May. This was not a lucky house for romance for SLASH either. He bought the house for then wife Renee, and the couple grew apart and divorced after about 2 1/2 years of marriage. This was also the home where SLASH's equipment (guitars, mics, tape decks and tapes) was stolen from. Let's hope the new house is luckier for him.

Here's another Q and A with SLASH. This question is from Nevin who writes, "What kind of guitar would you recommend to a beginner? Someone who is just trying out the guitar for the first time and doesn't want to spring a few grand on a Les Paul?"

SLASH replies, "Nevin, try picking up a used Les Paul or maybe an old Strat."

Thanks, SLASH and Nevin!

News Reported: 07/22/02

Here's an update on that SLASH instore at Tower Records on Sunset in Hollywood on August 6. Yes, SLASH will be there! SLASH did some work on the soundtrack for the USA film The Kid Stays In The Picture. While the music credit goes to Jeff Danna, SLASH contributed one of the most well received songs he's done, "The Theme from The Godfather". The song has been reworked into a studio setting, and it should be great. If you go to the instore (begins at 7pm), you can only get the movie soundtrack autographed. Robert Evans himself is scheduled to be there along with Jeff Danna and SLASH. Tower will not permit items other than the soundtrack cd to be signed. The album is due out August 6; Amazon lists it for $17. It's on Milan Records. The movie itself has a release date of July 26 although we have seen August 2 mentioned. It is on a limited release now for NYC and L.A. only; of course, great success could lead to wider distribution. This is a documentary based on the autobiography of Robert Evans. Early reviews have been good to very good. If anyone makes it to the instore, let us know! Thanks.

If you go to the instore, you probably want to wear your SLASH tophat! Here's information from another fan who found one on the net. Daniel got his at an internet site called The Village Hat shop. He says it is the exact same hat that SLASH wears, and you can just go there and buy one. He says it is very cool. Daniel also said that the type of hat SLASH wears is called "a 19th century top hat". They also list it as a bell crown topper. Use this to search The Village Hat shop for the one like SLASH's and Daniel's. We went and looked around and wished we had seen that birthday hat earlier for SLASH! Thanks, Daniel!

Sometimes you have to keep asking to get something done. Ray said he has tried for 3 years to get SLASH mentioned on The Musician's Friend web site birthday list. If you got your newsletter, there it is! SLASH shares his birthday with several other musicians including Depeche Mode's Martin Gore, Alison Krauss and Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child. Maybe at least these four can get together and have a birthday jam! Thanks, Ray! Ray also said that the Musician's Friend newsletter noted that it was the 15th anniversary of Appetite for Destruction. On the fourth anniversary, Steven Adler filed suit against his former bandmates claiming that they pressured him into heroin use then fired him when he went into rehab.

Speaking of Steven, you might remember that Steven and his mom were writing Steven's autobiography called No Bed of Roses. GNR bandmates were incensed when they heard Steven's claims. The book seemed to quietly disappear unpublished, but Steven's mom seems to be trying to get it going again by actively seeking publishers. A recent publisher offered a great deal of money for the rights to the book, but the publisher seemed to have little interest in the parts of Steven's life before Guns. They were basically looking for a sensational book about the band and each bandmember. Steven, who DID have a life before Guns and could see where this was headed, wisely said no. His mother is said to continuing the search for a publisher. One vignette from the book that was noted on several music sites was that SLASH and Steven dabbled in male prostitution to make money. When asked, SLASH said maybe Steven did, he didn't know about that, but he (SLASH) did not. Steven and SLASH have made peace over the years, and it's doubtful anything like that would appear in any published version. SLASH?? No way!

For a brief time, Buckcherry's Josh Todd was seen as a major candidate for the singer in the Matt-Duff-SLASH band that is slowly being put together. Duff announced that Josh would not be in the band. Recent music sites have stated that Josh has left Buckcherry to pursue other musical projects and possibly some acting. This doesn't mean he is going in the ex-Gunner band as Duff said he wasn't a good fit for them. Still no word on Izzy coming in on rhythm. As far as we know, Gilby Clarke is not on the list.

Carlos was watching the E! Entertainment Channel show, "Hollywood: The True Story: Tommy Lee - Life and Pain". One of the musicians interviewed was Matt Sorum who talks about his relationship with Tommy Lee. At the end of the show, there were some cool Matt personal photos shown. There was one of Matt and Tommy with a big hug. Carlos said he had never seen this one before probably because it was from Matt's personal gallery. Carlos recorded the whole thing including that exclusive photo. Thanks, Carlos! (E! reruns these shows constantly so check your local listings).

News Reported: 07/19/02

Guess whose birthday is coming up next Tuesday, July 23? Hint: he was born in 1965 and set the hard rock guitar world on fire before he turned 21. SLASH! There's just enough time to get a birthday card or note in the mail. No need to send a gift; but if you do, don't send opened containers of food or drink (security reasons). Here's the address to use:

                             5664 Cahuenga Blvd.
                                  Suite 246 
                          North Hollywood, CA 91601
Get up Tuesday morning, face Los Angeles and yell... Happy Birthday, SLASH!

Last week we asked for information on getting a SLASH top hat. You can't just go to a store and buy it because his are custom made, but some fans have done a great job on their own. First we have Andy pictured at right in his tophat. Here's what he told us:
"Last year, a buddy and I did Axl/SLASH for Halloween at college and took the Costumes of the Year awards...Chris is Axl and I, Andy, am one point, we walked into a Sorority house and girls actually mistook us for the Gunners...Just goes to show what beer does to the college girl... Anyway, the most difficult part of the costume was indeed the hat...I ordered my hat from the New York Hat Company, which, if I recall correctly in an interview I read somewhere, was where Slash ordered his... I found the conchos in this little shack/antique shop on the side of a dirt road in the middle of nowhere in Connecticut (don't ask what I was doing there)..."

Andy is right about the New York Hat Company. During an interview in 95, SLASH found he forgot his tophat at home. So of course, he had to have one right away. Someone was launched to NYC (he was in New Jersey) to get one and called to see if $60 was ok. Fine, and they got it. Of course it did not have the silver conchas on it, but it was a cool hat anyway. We'll give you another reply soon. Thanks, Andy, for the tip on the hat company.

Vicki bought a very interesting magazine on ebay. It's Chatter and is dated October 1995 with Tawny Kitaen on the cover. There's a two page article on Ash Hudson, SLASH's brother. One page is a picture, and the other is the text. At the time this picture was taken, he had dreadlocks. Ash's skin appears to be darker than SLASH's, and the article says he is 7 years younger. So, he is about 30 now. Vicki transcribed the article for us. It's titled "Ash Hudson Gifted, Young & Black". The caption of the picture on the Contents page says "Ash - More Than The Brother of SLASH":

Interview With Ash Hudson

Ash's Conart site is extremely well done and the layout and graphics are wonderful as you might expect:

You'll recall way back when GNR was a superband that one of the reasons SLASH walked out was that Axl hired on his own an replacement for Gilby Clarke. His name was Paul Huge a school friend of Axl's from Indiana who had little band or stage experience. SLASH as lead guitarist thought he should have some say in who was hired for rhythm guitar since he has to play with him. As far as he could tell, Paul Huge was an amateur and the SLASH music Axl replaced with Huge's on "Sympathy for the Vampire" were, according to Slash, uninspired. SLASH has always said that Paul Huge broke up the band. After SLASH quit, Matt was fired and Duff quit...thus ending GNR as we knew it. So Paul Huge has remained part of Axl's new band and shows a startling lack of stage presence and musical experience. But Axl has seen the light....Paul Huge is OUT! Whether you call him Paul Tobias or Huge, he's out. The next try at getting it right is this man (and this nugget is from the new GNR camp):
"...Richard Fortus, who was in Psychadelic Furs. Most recently, he toured with Enrique Iglesias, and is a complete professional (with a lot of studio work), an excellent player, and was recommended by Tommy Stinson". Get out your scorecard...delete Huge/Tobias and pencil in Fortus. Welcome to the jungle, Richard Fortus.

News Reported: 07/17/02

Late last week an item was posted to a Yahoo GNR group. It said that SLASH would be appearing at Tower Records on Sunset in L.A. for a special instore autograph session. The CD to be signed was named as the soundtrack from the film The Kid Stays in the Picture, an autobiography of Robert Evans. The date given was August 6. After extensive checking we can't find anyone in the movie business who knows about SLASH doing anything with the soundtrack. Critic Scott Mantzs who has seen and reviewed the picture (due out August 6) says the music is credited to Jeff Danna...the new part...and the rest of the soundtrack is filled with older music. So if SLASH did do something on this one, it wasn't putting together the entire soundtrack. We know at one time the people making Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II were very interested in SLASH doing the soundtrack, but so far we haven't heard anything on that. Maybe someone in Hollywood could give Tower Records a call and see who they have scheduled for August 6. We don't think it's SLASH, and next time we hear from him, we can check that out. Thanks to Rob in New York for sending that to us.

Michelle sent a mention from the New York Post on Saturday. They reported that Spin magazine printed that information about SLASH, Duff and Matt forming a new group and that they were talking to Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd as a possible singer. We know now that Josh is out of the running. They also reported that Duff's swimsuit model wife Susan Holmes is suing Playboy for unauthorized use of some steamy nudes in its Dutch edition. Didn't Duff's wife Linda pose for pictures that eventually found their way into some men's magazines? Just earning a little extra money for Duff's tuition!

We heard from one of our favorite people in Snakepit, Matt Laug! He's been very busy. Recently he was in Sweden with Johnny G and Teddy ZigZag working with that Blonde From Fargo band. Matt said it was a lot of fun. Right now Matt is in Amsterdam with the band Venice, and he will be back in L.A. in July. So, those of you in Amsterdam, try to get out and see Matt. Our favorite Snakepit drummer has recorded records with Five for Fighting, Shawn Colvin, Pat Benatar, Venice and a band making its record debut. Matt said to tell everyone he said hi, and he'll be looking for you at one of the shows. Thanks, Matt!

About the "100 Most Shocking Events in Rock and Roll", someone wanted to know what the GNR contribution was. Dave says the only event he can remember for Guns was when Axl dove off the stage in St.Louis after a guy with a camera thus starting the infamous St.Louis riot. We would have thought it might be Savannah performing oral sex on SLASH at a bar in New York. But then, SLASH says that is just a rumor...

Jamie sent some more UK correspondence. The Guitarist Magazine there did a survey over one year on the greatest rock bands ever. GNR was fourth behind Queen (3), AC/DC (2) and Led Zeppelin (1). GNR beat out such big bands as Aerosmith (5), Cream (12) and the Jimi Hendrix Experience (14). The magazine said that Guns was famous because of Axl's voice and SLASH's solos. Thanks, Jamie! Mel from Adelaide, Australia reports that Triple M, a popular radio station there, had its Top 500 songs of all time. Only 3 GNR songs made the Adelaide list. "November Rain" came in at 238; "Sweet Child O' Mine" at 216 and "Patience" at 66. Thanks, Mel!

If you are a music memorabilia collector, this is a show that is really worthwhile. On Saturday and Sunday, August 3 and 4, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum and Goldmine magazine present the Third Annual National Record Show at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. The National Record Show provides dealers and collectors with an opportunity to display, appraise, buy and sell rock and roll memorabilia from all eras. Price: FREE 10:00am - 5:30pm

News Reported: 07/15/02

If you're near a newsstand this weekend, look for the September issue of Metal Edge. Pages 40-41 have some coverage of the Randy Castillo Tribute show on April 29 at the Key Club. (It used to be that Guns was in every issue of Metal Edge!) Thanks to Vicki in West Virginia we have this one for you. Metal Edge says that "the highlight in the celebration of Castillo came from Sorum and his fellow Guns N'Roses bandmates SLASH and Duff McKagen, who joined Buck Cherry guitarist Todd Nelson and frontman Josh Todd, careening through Guns regulars 'It's So Easy', 'God Save the Queen', 'Nice Boys' and the Buck Cherry-GNR anthem 'Lit Up'." Steven Tyler and Sen Dog also came in for a mention. Finally, "Few in attendance--including Randy's sister,...had any doubt that Randy Castillo was up there onstage with them." Three SLASH pics are on page 41 including a good one with SLASH and Steven Tyler. Some of the information is a little screwed up here, but you get the idea. Thanks, Vicki!

For those seeking a Gibson Custom Shop SLASH signature guitar (red with Snakepit accents), we got mail from MAE Guitars in Asia (Hong Kong and Tokyo) that they have one for sale. They are offering it here first before they take it to ebay. They say it is used but is in excellent condition. We have it on the For Sale/Trade section, too. Serious inquiries only to: Read more about them at Jeroen tells us that on the website there's a copy of SLASH's Crossroads Doubleneck for sale. It says "Play Like SLASH For Less". The guitar is not an original, but Jeroen says it is an accurate copy for a lot less money than the original. Scroll to muziekinstrumenten, then scroll to electrische gitaren and refine your search for guild. Thanks!

About the rumor that SLASH, Duff and Matt are forming a new band with possible help from Izzy, we told you all that SLASH had said last time... he likes to play with these guys. They work on new and old material; and if something comes of it, great; but no one is really focused completely on this. We checked this out with Duff's webmaster, Lori. Duff says he won't deny that Matt, SLASH and himself have been rehearsing together. They are trying to get a singer to work with as it did not work out with Josh Todd of Buckcherry. The ex-Gunners have absolutely no plans right now; but they are having fun together, and what they are doing feels right. Duff says that if they could find the right singer and if something happens with this group, then they will go for it. But it is not in the plans! They are not expecting anything from it other than to work as musicians with friends they like to play with. For those who saw the cancellation of some of Duff's European Loaded shows as a sign he is staying home to work with this band, Duff says that is wrong. For financial reasons, they will not be doing those shows. However, Loaded will be doing European shows at the end of August/early September. They will play Spain at the end of July. That's what SLASH and Duff have to say, and it comes down to a way for them to do some work along with Matt and enjoy it and see what they can make of it. It is not anyone's driving least not yet!

SLASH's site put up a video of SLASH playing with Chic at the Hollywood Bowl a couple of weeks ago. SLASH does a great solo, but we hope you will find a time to listen and watch when the network is not so busy. Continual buffering made this one difficult to appreciate. In our own SLASH Videos section (off Fan Menu at, we have SLASH doing the same number with Chic in Japan. At that show, SLASH really moved around and did all the SLASH moves. His entry down a long ramp was great! Despite suffering an injury in rehearsal from snapping his guitar neck, SLASH roared! Compare them and see what you think.

Next Saturday night, July 20, on MTV is the repeat of a great episode called "Headbangers Ball Uncensored". Aside from the funny GNR appearance, there are segments with Blind Melon, Alice In Chains, Ozzy, STP and so on. The show airs at 9pm ET. If anyone caught the recent repeat of the "100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock", we'd like to know what GNR incidents were featured and what number. If the GNR shocking moments were over 75 items, just tell us the first few!

Comedy Central had that commercial on again for The Underground Comedy Movie. Izzy from Tennessee was watching, so he went to the movie's web site to get more information. If you didn't know, SLASH is not in the entire movie; but in one segment he plays a drunken judge for a bag lady beauty contest. You can buy the movie for $25.90 VHS and $30.90 DVD. Order the movie by mailing payment and a letter specifying title and format. Here's the address:
Square One Entertainment
5521 Schaffer Avenue
Chino, CA 91719
Izzy says he has only seen that commercial once a week, and it's at 3am. Go to bed, Izzy! And thanks for the information!

News Reported: 07/12/02

Do you read the "Miss Truth" column on the CDNOW site? It's a gossipy column with some grains of truth. "Miss Truth" has a recent article about the resurrection of Guns without the Rose. Here's what she had to say:

"It seems the "Cherry Roses" or "Buck N'Guns" show in April featuring Guns N' Roses alumni Slash, Duff McKagan, and Matt Sorum and Buckcherry's Josh Todd and Keith Nelson got the wheels-a-turnin' for the former Gunsmen.

Word has it that Slash, Duff, and Matt have been rehearsing -- and are trying quite hard to get former GNR guitarist Izzy Stradlin back in the mix -- with the hopes of possibly touring together. However, we hear that Buckcherry singer Josh Todd won't be the frontman and the three are looking for a singer.

The likeliness of Slash, Duff, and Matt getting their shit together on this one, though, is probably as likely as GNR's Chinese Democracy ever seeing the light of day."

Despite the cattiness of the last paragraph, it certainly an interesting thought. SLASH says he usually jams with Duff when Duff is in L.A., and Matt is at home right now. Where's Izzy?...that's a question we can't answer! One idea SLASH has always had is the possibility of getting the Gunners together again, but Axl refused to consider this so far, and now they may be a little more serious. What this means to The Cult or Loaded, we don't know. As always, SLASH feels this is working but may turn out to be just for fun. Or, it goes somewhere and turns into a real project. Depending on your reunion feelings, you can hope for a real band to develop or that these are practice sessions. If they do go out, even doing mostly old GNR songs, the singer is critical. We personally thought Buckcherry's Josh was better than average but would fail to compare well with Axl. And let's face it, you have to be at least as good; or they might as well do instrumentals. We'd like to hear Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 do a few with them...not that he is available! Well, something to mull over when you're sitting on the porch with your stoli and cranberry juice.

Brian sent word that the Michael Jackson Anniversary Tribute special will be re-run on VH1 this Saturday, July 13 at 7pm. VH1 is billing this as "the director's cut", and it is a 3 hour show instead of the 2 hours that was on network TV. Brian does not have any details on what it will include. There was a lot of extra footage, so it probably will be the 2 hour show plus. SLASH did say that some of the moves and things he did during the songs were cut, so hopefully we will see more of him. According to Brian, SLASH is not listed as a special guest, but both songs he played on were listed as "hits" that will be performed. That was "Black or White" and "Beat It". Let's hope for some backstage footage with SLASH, too. Thanks, Brian!

Joe Perry's beloved 1958 Les Paul that he sold in the seventies when he went broke from his drug habit was also coveted by SLASH. Norm sent us the url in the Guitar World site where you can read a short article about how the guitar went from Joe to SLASH to Joe again. How would you like it if YOUR guitar hero quit speaking to you? Pretty sad.

Joe Perry's and SLASH's Guitar

Gerard found a great article and audio for us. It's on the Experience Music Project (EMP) site. They put up special musical events and uncommon objects...such as, well, such as SLASH's top hat which you see here. The paragraph about SLASH being a musician of music is right under the hat. The audio button is to the right. SLASH talks about how he came to wear a tophat, how he created it and how it fits into his life now. We hope you enjoy this! Thank you, Gerard.

SLASH and His Hat

If SLASH can make a great hat, you can, too, right? We get requests all the time for information on where SLASH gets his hat. You just heard where he got the first one. SLASH sometimes says he still has the same hat; but he also has several others, of course. SLASH no longer makes his own hats; they are custom made for him. At one time we discussed the making of a SLASH hat here. We neglected to write down where the hats and silver conchas bands came from (or whatever you used). If you could send those along to, we would be pleased to print that information again. If you would like to send a picture of your hat or you in your hat, we'll print that, too. Thanks!

Brian has been reading a lot this summer! He tells us that in the latest Rolling Stone (Ozzy on cover), there is a small mention of SLASH. The magazine covers very briefly the jam with SLASH, Duff, Matt, Robbie Williams, Moby, Dave Navarro and whoever else ceased the moment to jump in and play. Their picture is Moby and Robbie but no SLASH. Boo! We agree that the little headline was the best:

Moby + SLASH = One Decent Head of Hair

News Reported: 07/10/02

It's not too early to start making your Christmas list, and we have something that belongs in the #1 spot! SLASH is a special guest player on a Christmas album! Say what! Guitarist Steve Lukather (Toto) has just finished a Christmas album called SANTAmental, and he has all kinds of special guests including SLASH, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Edgar Winter, Lenny Castro and "Sammy" (not sure who this is...Sammy Hagar?). Luke says, "I think people are really gonna love this record. It has something for everyone. Great playing and arrangements, and there is humour as well. I am very proud of it especially since it only took 6 days to do!" Elliot Scheiner is mixing the record at his Eyeball Studios. SANTAmental has a tentative release date of September or October. We'd all like to spend Christmas with SLASH, and here's the way to do it. We haven't seen much publicity on this yet, but Mario in Italy wrote that it has been mentioned on Italian MTV.

Ray was reading magazines at the bookstore when he came across one with a list of the 50 Best Hard Rock Bands of All Time. GNR came in first based on Appetite for Destruction. If you'd like to check out the list, Ray says the article is in the August issue of Maxim Blender. SLASH is interviewed along with some other rock stars. Ray's favorite part was when they said grunge didn't kill all the 80's hair bands...Guns N'Roses did! Guns changed the face of music, and it was never the same again. Thanks, Ray!

Joost found a UK magazine called Powerplay. The June 2002 issue (#34) has a Gilby Clarke interview where SLASH gets some mentions. Joost typed the interview, and it is on his web site. When you get to his site, click the news section. Thanks, Joost!

At the end of June, Eric went to a baseball game and saw the Chicago White Sox battle back from an 8 run deficit to beat the hated Chicago Cubs. This was great, but Eric's favorite part of the game was the highlight montage set to the tune of "Civil War". "Civil War"...2 teams in the same town... get it? GNR is everywhere.

Lori has Duff's Loaded site, and she is trying to get them some European publicity and get them in the play rotation on Videomusic (Italian MTV) and on the radio. They will get booked into Italy for a few appearances and a show this year. If you're in Italy and a big Duff fan, get in touch with Lori to see how you can help. Contact her at: Lori's Email.

Here's another Q and A with SLASH. This one is from Lance who writes, "You seem to put a lot of speedy solos into most of your songs, obviously if you can do it, it can make a solo that much more fun. How come you have never had a song with any fret tapping in it?"

SLASH replies, "Lance, I never got into fret tapping. That always sounded like 'Eddie Van Halen' or 'Randy Rhoads' to me."

Thanks, Lance and SLASH!

News Reported: 07/08/02

Did you tune in to ABC's Nightline Wednesday to see SLASH? He was to appear with Ray Charles and some kids from the Sir Charles Blues Lab to publicize the organization. Sadly, SLASH was not on. However, there was a good description of the Blues Lab mission. Either SLASH did not show for the taping at the last minute or his part is on the cutting room floor. Although we didn't see SLASH, we did get a better idea of what the organization is all about. We can see why this is a group that SLASH is devoting some time to working with.

On July 8, SLASH and the Gunners appear in another TV summer rerun. This is VH1's "100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock & Roll". Is this station obsessed with lists or what? The show appears at 1:00pm ET, and features interviews, photos, performance footage to describe shocking moments in rock histories. Seems like GNR could take the whole hour!

In The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today, there was a short article by a local musician on the death of the hair bands. This discussion has been going for awhile in the paper. This musician said he liked the hair bands, but the first time he saw Guns N'Roses, he said...that's it for the hair bands. What killed them was GNR with their look of homeless and not so nice bums. The music was killer, but the look is what swept away the hair bands. He called GNR a brilliant band that appeared like a rocket and then disappeared, but they changed the appearance and type of rock music. No hair band could ever get up again without feeling ridiculous. Sounds like our boys!

Kirsti writes from Sweden that Johnny G was on Swedish Channel 1 at the end of June. Johnny has joined up with a Swedish band called Blonde from Fargo. Swedish actor Peter Stormare fronts the band, and they appeared on one of Sweden's popular TV shows. Kirsti says that she also spotted Matt Laug on drums and Teddy Andreadis on keyboard. You might be wondering what Johnny is doing so far from L.A.; Johnny is Swedish! If you want to keep track of Johnny Blackout and his work with Blonde from Fargo, here is their website:

Blonde from Fargo

SLASH doesn't make any announcements on his one-off appearances with other bands, so most of the time we have history rather than news unless one of you Californians gets wind of a show beforehand. Guess no one out there is a big disco fanatic because on June 29, SLASH appeared with Chic at the Hollywood Bowl. The occasion was K-BIG 104's celebration of the Saturday Night Fever 25th Anniversary - Disco Fever. While the band and audience came in spoofy disco finery, SLASH showed in black leather, white shirt and top hat. No, he didn't play "You Should Be Dancin'"; our reports say he played "Le Freak" with Nile Rodgers and Chic. The floor didn't light up, but the ladies eyes did. SLASH and that killer smile again! Here's some pics of SLASH. Lookin' really good!

SLASH's site has three videos up from the Loaded show. If you'd like to hear them, just go over to the welcome screen, and you'll see links to them. They require Windows Media. The videos are full length songs so prepare for loading lengths and buffering if you have a slower connection. We were not as thrilled with this as some initial reports were. We thought the vocalist tried hard but was not the best voice...we'd rather get out the albums and listen to the originals. Still, it is an opportunity to see and hear SLASH who makes you feel like the nearly 10 years since a GNR performance are maybe 10 months.

A quick announcement from Brian Tichy and his band, Ball. They were to be scheduling a hiatus, but a last minute gig has been scheduled. They will play July 8 at the Viper Room at 9pm in L.A. Brian adds a note thanking everyone who has come to any of the Ball shows in the past. He really appreciates your presence, and he hopes to see you at the Viper Room. He adds, "Now go listen to Zeppelin"! Thanks, Brian!

News Reported: 07/05/02

If you're where you can receive US television tonight, you can see SLASH! SLASH will appear on tape on ABC's Nightline. The show airs at 11:30pm ET. SLASH and Ray Charles will appear in a segment publicizing the Sir Charles Blues Lab in L.A. Young blues players from disadvantaged backgrounds get together at the Lab and learn to really play the blues. Some of these young musicians are scheduled to appear with SLASH and Ray Charles. National Public Radio will also air segments about the organization on their program "American Blues". No date on the NPR show yet, but tonight is the big TV appearance! This is a wonderful program, and SLASH has really given some time and support to them as have other artists like Brian May. Tonight is Ray, SLASH and the kids. Check them out!

Looking back at a SLASH performance at Club Vodka last week, we heard from Josh who not only saw the show but was in it! Josh is a member of a super GNR tribute band called RocketQueen, and they were on the bill with Loaded. RocketQueen did a soundcheck the day before, and there were a lot of problems with the sound system. Josh's daytime job is doing live sound, so he volunteered to help the Club get it together. By Wednesday, the sound was in good shape, but the Club decided to bring in a whole new sound system the next day. Josh went down to run the monitors for Loaded's soundcheck; and he saw Duff, Matt and SLASH with the whole band run through "Whole Lotta Rosie", "It's So Easy" and "Paradise City". Josh talked some with Matt and a lot with SLASH's guitar tech, Adam Day. Josh said the show was cool, and it was great to see the ex-Gunners together again on stage. Check out RocketQueen's website at RocketQueen's Site. In case you are wondering, our Josh is SLASH in RocketQueen. We asked him if it seemed odd that SLASH was there while he was being SLASH! After awhile, you wonder which person you are! Josh says it's no problem for him, and he went to the right house at the end of the evening. If you get there, and there's a very pregnant woman and snakes and cats, that's a clue Josh is spending too much time as SLASH! Thanks, Josh for that excellent report.

MTV had a somewhat puzzling report on their News Section today. They were talking about how the Strokes video "Someday" from their album Is This It will feature both past and present members of these two bands that will appear in the video: GNR and Guided by Voices. MTV calls them two of rock's greatest G's. They say what we knew..Duff, Matt and SLASH will be in the video, and they say the guys will appear in a bar scene. Not much of a stretch for those three! But which current members of GNR? None are listed so hopefully this will come to light in print as we would not know any of them by sight except the red-haired guy and the guy with the bucket on his head. So keep an eye out for future reports from the Strokes on what else is planned. Our guys came in, did their thing and that was it. The video was shot a few weeks ago in L.A. by director Roman Coppola. Another scene the ex-GNR gang was not in was one with a "Family Feud"-like set. Let's hope this video gets some airtime and that the bar scene is long.

Brian sent word that the latest Guitarist (UK magazine) with Noel Gallagher on the cover has some interesting SLASH mentions. It is the magazine's 18th birthday, and they reran past interviews. Brian says there is a short SLASH interview from July 1992. They discuss some of SLASH's guitars and how SLASH brought the Les Paul back to the rock scene. SLASH responded in his nice, humble way that the Les Paul never went away, etc. A recent picture is in the magazine...Josh could tell it was recent as the cat is on SLASH's tummy. Thanks, Josh!

Awhile ago, we mentioned here that some people were getting together a SLASH tribute album. Rui and Tiago from Portugal came up with the idea, and we publicized it here when they felt they wanted more of an outpouring of music for SLASH. We agreed to send the finished product off to SLASH. And Michelle, a really wonderful artist, did the artwork. The tribute is called Ain't Slash Grand and came to two CDs with 30 songs from artists and bands around the world. We are so pleased to have been a part of this and to give so many talented people a chance to play for their hero. The package was mailed off to him on Monday, and we asked him to send his feedback directly to Rui and Tiago as they did most of the work. Michele has the project on her website. Why not have a look at it and see which songs were used, which bands and artists are represented? Thanks to everyone who contributed. Special thanks to Michelle for making it look so good. And special recognition for Rui and Tiago who thought this up and kept it on track. Amazing, guys!

SLASH Tribute Album

To everyone in the U.S. celebrating our Independence Day holiday tomorrow,

Happy 4th of July !!

We'll be back July 5. SLASH probably has a bag of firecrackers, a box of sparklers, and a crate of those weird snakes!
Happy 4th, SLASH !!

News Reported: 07/03/02

Once again, the California fans lucked out. Duff's Loaded band was doing their last show before heading to Europe. The show was held at the brand new Club Vodka in Hollywood on Thursday, June 27. Mayuko was there; and he reports that at the end of the show, out came SLASH and Matt Sorum! Loaded's guitarist switched to rhythm, and our SLASH played lead, of course. Keith from Buckcherry was around before the show and was supposed to be involved, but he took off. Starrgun opened; and their singer did the vocals for "Whole Lotta Rosie", "It's So Easy" and "Paradise City". Mayuko said that SLASH was not looking as slim as he usually does. Some men with pregnant wives tend to gain a lot of weight! We'll get SLASH on tour, and he'll look his normal wiry self in no time. Thanks, Lori for the confirmation. Thanks to Mayuko for all the information and for these two pictures from the show!

Mark this one down as one of Slash's shorter appearances onstage. On Friday, June 29, SLASH popped up at the Pink show at the Wiltern Theater. Here's what we read about it:

"And then SLASH (that's right, the Guns N'Roses guy), made a cameo, playfully tearing into the opening riffs of 'Sweet Child O' Mine' before disappearing backstage. Unfortunately he didn't stick around to play the whole thing. 'Damn', Pink giggled. 'I wonder who'll show up next if we play something sexy'.

The writer says these little golden moments were what set Pink apart from what one has come to expect at a typical pop show. We'll go along with that! SLASH is everywhere...adding a little spice to the Pink show. She's a sexy beauty, isn't she? She and SLASH should do more together.

Pink and SLASH? Here's another we had to get confirmation on. Tommy and Stephanie saw this on the Lycos and Launch pages:

The next video by New York buzz band the Strokes will feature appearances by former Guns N'Roses members SLASH, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum. The clip, for the song "Someday", is being directed by Roman Coppola, son of famed film director Francis Ford Coppola. However, the concept of the video and the roles in it for the famed rockers are not being revealed at this time (this from a Strokes spokesperson). Indie-rock heroes Guided by Voices will also appear, but rumored appearances by members of Def Leppard and former Marilyn Manson bassist Twiggy were not confirmed. No release date has been announced. "Someday" is the next single off the Strokes' RCA Records debut, Is This It.

The Strokes have been called the Second Coming of Velvet Underground. They hail from New York, and their sound is quite different. They play extremely fast, like punk rockers do, and they are obsessed with rhythm so the band sounds like funk or soul rather than rock. The band members have a thing for open mouthed kissing each other, and we'll be interested to see if the three Gunners are targets! Rolling Stone rated their new album with 5 stars. A definite interesting challenge for SLASH, and it will be great to see him again in a video. Thanks very much to Tommy and Stephanie.

For all the Izzy fans out there who may have ordered the new album On Down the Road from Japan, Shindo sent us a bulletin from there that the album release date has been postponed to August 21. This is the album featuring Duff but not SLASH. No word on when the album will be available on the web. Thanks, Shindo!

Just one TV item from Rock on TV for GNR. This is another rerun of "100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock & Roll". It will be shown on July 2 at 4pm ET on VH1. The show combines interviews, photos and film of performances to tell the story of these controversial moments.

News Reported: 07/01/02