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SLASH is always busy with a band, doing interviews, guest appearances and on and on. It's hard to keep track of what he's up to but here in the Current Events section we try to keep an eye on him for you. If you have any SLASH sightings to report, email the SLASH page right here. Just click on the SLASH picture below:

The SLASH News is published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Right now Velvet Revolver and SLASH have a lot going on. The calendar of events begins with April 2004. Near the top is a list of months you can click on to see future shows and events. You can see the month at a glance and then click on specific days to find out more about what's happening with SLASH.Check this schedule often for events in your area with SLASH and Velvet Revolver. Click the tour truck below to check the schedule.

Today we had a chance to talk to SLASH who was in New Jersey and getting ready to move on to Pennsylvania for the Rolling Rock Town Fair show tomorrow. He sounded just great wishing there was a show tonight, too. The band is really hot and tight and anxious to perform. We talked a little about tomorrow's show to which we are going. We'll have a chance to see SLASH before the band goes on in this festival, and we noted that the festival starts at 10:30 am with Velvet Revolver going on at 7:30 pm as headliners and playing about an hour. We'll be sure to be out there with the other fans to give a complete report. We also talked about SLASH's newest son, Cash. He said Cash is two months old now and is just a terrific baby. He still mostly just eats and sleeps and is very quiet. London seems to be accepting his new brother well, and Perla is back on her feet after the delivery. The family will travel to Europe to SLASH when VR goes on tour there. SLASH said this was one time he enjoyed having a month of downtime so he could spend time with his boys. We told him we have enjoyed seeing him go from a wild guy to a family man. He laughed and said those boys mean the world to him.

We can all be proud of Velvet Revolver. RCA issued a press release announcing that Contraband has gone platinum; that is, a million copies of the album were sold. That's a million from June 8! "Slither" has held the #1 rock spot for four weeks straight. How does it feel to back a winner?! There's more hear from RCA especially their pride in the redesigned web site, and we're happy to be linked to/from them. And note that at the end, it says that soon the fall tour will be announced. Here's where you can read the entire RCA release: RCA Press Release.

Vicki sent us a bunch of SLASH/VR/GNR mentions. Circus has a headline on the cover and a small picture of the color poster of SLASH inside. It's a four page article titled "SLASH Tells It Like It Is". There are band individual pictures there, too. In the August Spin, they have a small picture of SLASH, Duff and Scott. The caption says "No Photos" and was taken at a VR party in NYC. There's also an article called "Two Times Dope" about two-part songs, and GNR gets a mention for "Rocket Queen". Axl is rated #7 for the 50 Greatest Frontmen of All time, and in a sidebar, SLASH gets a mention in The Sidemen Cometh...Let's Hear It For The Other Guy. They say that the frontman stands in front because they are the singer, but often the coolest guy stands on the side. The two shining examples they mention are Pete Townshend of The Who and Keith Richards of the Stones. SLASH played a similar role in GNR much like his two iconic precursors, Led Zep's Jimmy Page and Aerosmith's Joe Perry. The last line in this mini-article is ...Sometimes the last shall be first. Thanks very much, Vicki.

We're going to wrap this up due to the early time we have to leave tomorrow. We're told cars line up at the festival at 5:30 am and we have about an hour's drive, too. Not much of a sacrifice to see Velvet Revolver!

News Updated July 30, 2004

"Fall To Pieces", the second single off Velvet Revolver's Contraband, is starting to get airplay. Brian let us know that he heard it for the first time on 102.7 WEBN in Cincinnati,and it's very cool. He also heard it on a satellite radio station, and he says he thinks the song will be huge. So listen up! To get even more exposure for the song, the band did a video for it. Josh says he went to the video shoot! It was taped at the Surf Club venue on the Santa Monica Pier. He says he hung out mostly backstage with the crew and no one even noticed him although he was just feet from the band and their friends and wives. Scott was sporting red hair in a brown outfit, Duff wore a white vest with white heeled boots. SLASH wore his new grafitti leather jacket in one scene, but he also wore a red computer college logo-ed t-shirt and leather jeans. In a scene where the band walks to the gig, he was holding his guitar and case. The case looks old and cool. Josh was there on the second day of the shoot, so they got more pics of concert goers and party people. So there were some bizarre people around. Josh said the video seems to be about Scott's relationship with his wife Mary who was there and her role was to watch as Scott sang to her. The band seemed in good spirits although he didn't get a chance to talk to any of them. Thanks, Josh!

As we said last time, we don't have any way to get you a backstage pass, and we suggested that you pay attention to the rock radio and TV stations in case they have contests for meet and greets. Well, here's one! Kerrang! is having a contest where you can enter to win a meeting with the band. They bill the contest as "Go to the Kerrang! Awards With Velvet Revolver". They say that SLASH and company are inviting one lucky Kerrang! radio listener and a friend to see the band in Munich and meet the band! The winners will be flown back to London to attend the Kerrang! Awards. To find out how to enter and win, tune into Give It Away on Kerrang! 105.2FM between 9 am and 5 pm. To read this over yourself, go to

With Velvet Revolver set to hit Europe very soon, the press coverage is starting to heat up. Don't forget to send in any mentions you find. Brian found a list of SLASH quotes that appeared in Guardian Unlimited. It's not certain if this is an interview or just someone gathering things that have been around awhile. It's called "This Much I Know", and it lists things that SLASH knows. If you wanted to know more about the offstage persona of SLASH, this is an interesting report. For example, SLASH says he's not superstitious. He's very nervous before he goes onstage. His motto is No Regrets. Girls that look at him and like him are trouble or looking for trouble. He says he's pretty mild mannered so he's always ended up with girls who were a handful. Speaking of which, he drops the bomb that his wife used to be a madam...a rumor that has circulated L.A. for years. Read it for yourself at This Much I Know.

News Updated July 28, 2004

Velvet Revolver is working on their video for the second single "Fall to Pieces" which is scheduled to be released to radio next month. Also, it will be on sale from HMV Japan early in the month if you want to get an early copy. The guys are also rehearsing for that gig on Saturday at the Rolling Rock Town Fair in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Then, they are off to Europe for that leg of the international tour. Now's a good time to mention that we have no way to help you get backstage passes or to attend band meet and greets. We have no word of anything being set up. Best thing is to stay alert to your local rock TV and radio stations and see if they are setting things up with the band. If you want to try and see the band on your own, you should get to the venue early and look for the tour bus. The band has to get off/on sometime and sometimes they will stop for fans. After the show, wait for them by the bus or stage door and you might get lucky. They don't have a lot of time here as you can see by looking at the schedule. Some gigs are the next day. Sometimes they have promotional photo shoots or interviews they are committed to, but if they can, they will stop and sign some autographs. Whether or not you meet them, you'll still get a great show. And we would love to hear what it was like! Send reviews to Thanks!

We have a review of Velvet Revolver that we received, "The Rise of Velvet Revolver", that appeared in The Blue Chip Review. Author Stephen Fritsch has some great things to say about the band. It's a good summary especially for those who weren't keeping track of how this smashing band got together and is making such rocking music. Highly recommended. You can find it at The Rise of Velvet Revolver.

If you're following Scott Weiland's legal hassles, his next probation status report hearing is scheduled for this Thursday, July 30. It's anticipated that his new probation status will be made to run concurrently with his present one. Let's get that out of the way because the band has to be in Latrobe, PA for the show the next day! Since this is a festival with room for thousands of fans, you can still get in. However, the three UK Carling shows are SOLD OUT. It's time to hit the scalpers! If you have any information on the show(s) in your area, let us know!

On August 26, Velvet Revolver leaves Germany in midstream to go back to the UK for the Kerrang! 2004 Awards. We're not sure of the format of this award show...if there are performances or just the distribution of the awards. Anyone know about that? In any event, you can help VR win an award! Go to the Kerrang! site and register first of all, then you can vote in some categories that are suitable for the guys. You don't have to fill in all the categories, but you can fill in all you want best single, best live performance, etc. If you have never registered, go to Vote for Velvet Revolver. Let's have them see a lot of fan support!

News Updated July 26, 2004

Right now Velvet Revolver and SLASH have a lot going on. The calendar of events begins with April 2004. Near the top is a list of months you can click on to see future shows and events. You can see the month at a glance and then click on specific days to find out more about what's happening with SLASH.Check this schedule often for events in your area with SLASH and Velvet Revolver. Click the tour truck below to check the schedule.

In accounting news tonight, Contraband took a deep breath and sold an additional 5%, over 67,000 copies. This pushed the album up to the #8 slot on the Hits Daily Double list, up from #13 last week. We expect there will be more as the band begins the European swing. You can see them on Jay Leno tonight and on Uranium (Fuse network) on 7/22 at 8pm and 7/23 at 3 am. All times are Eastern. Rock on, guys!

At week's end, fans were wondering how Scott's most recent court sentence would affect the tour. Scott's reps say that Scott has paid the van driver for the damage done in the accident. His attorney says that Scott had no illegal drugs in his system but was simply taking medication prescribed by his doctor. Scott does have a three year probation.

We mentioned this once before without the picture. FMxRb sent us the picture. This came from the 200th episode of South Park. Note SLASH in the background playing his guitar and wearing a peace t-shirt. Thanks! As part of this, he will complete his six month program that runs concurrently with his other sentences of two group therapy meetings and two personal therapy sessions per month. He has already begun this. The judge congratulated Scott for complying with the program. Scott says this ordeal is behind him now. We all hope for that.

This is a little more from the Q issue where SLASH answered fans' questions. When asked why he named his son London, he said if Perla were asked, she would say that London was conceived there. He told a story about Brooklyn Beckham with similar naming. He said Brooklyn has his son's name tattooed on his back just like he does. Someone wanted to know if SLASH still considered himself British. He said if asked, he says he is British. He says he likes tea, he likes pubs and he likes the genteel way the English carry themselves. One fan said that they had heard that SLASH likes cookery show and asked if he were a good cook. He said he wasn't but he liked the shows as background noise. You don't have to follow the plot. Finally, they asked if it seemed strange that Axl would have SLASH's face tattooed on his arm for his whole life? SLASH said he hadn't thought about it, but he had his bands on his body (GNR and Snakepit), and that he would be getting a Velvet Revolver tattoo soon. It's just something you do.

News Reported: 07/16/04

Norm sent us a really cool link. There are some Velvet Revolver (and SLASH) pictures in photographer Ross Halfins' diary on his website. Very cool thumbnails which blow up to big and wonderful photos. Some are black and white, some are color. Some are from the Hard Rock and other venues. Have a look - there are so many! They are at Ross Halfin. Many thanks, Norm!

Everyone's been discussing the sentence Scott received at the recent DUI hearing. He is to undergo scheduled and random drug testing and to attend three Narcotics Anonymous meetings each week for three years. The next leg of the tour is outside the U.S. beginning August 31 with Glasgow. How this will all fit together--band management has not announced. In the VH1 article covering this sentence, they reported that band management said it would affect the tour. We're waiting to hear how, but go on and buy your tickets!

Lesley in Manchester sent a note that Ticketmaster has now released UK tickets to box offices for sale on the High Streets. Let's hope they sell out NOW! Don't be left out. We are always hearing from the UK that they want to see SLASH, so now he's coming. Go out and buy that album and single and tickets! Treat yourself to a summer special. We have a fan here who made a mistake buying tickets. He accidentally clicked on Glasgow instead of London. He also got the London but would really like to sell the Glasgow to a SLASH fan for the amount he paid for them. Sounds like a good deal. Contact Osprey at He has 4 general admission (standing) tickets.

Last time we were happy to find another SLASH item for his discography, but it turns out the guitarist in the Nelly video is none other than half of the Toxic Twins, Mr. Joe Perry! SLASH said it was cool that he was mistaken for Joe as Joe is a big hero and friend of his. Thanks for that correction from about 10 people!

Just a reminder that Velvet Revolver will appear on Jay Leno's show this Friday, July 16 at 11:30 pm ET. We remember when SLASH appeared on the show with Brian May. Were there other Jay Leno appearances for him? And another event coming up soon is the appearance at the Rolling Rock Town Fair in Latrobe, PA. This is a festival-type event in its fifth year. VR joins Staind, Disturbed, The Crystal Method, Hoobastank, Sevendust, Finch, Finger Eleven, Three Days Grace and more. Tickets are on sale now and are $49 each for a day of peace and love (and moshing and beer, no doubt). Get your ticket at any Ticketmaster outlet,, or by calling 1-877-9Latrobe. On-site parking for the show is available for $5 in advance. Parking is at some distance but shuttle buses run frequently. If you go, read the rules and regulations at

News Reported: 07/14/04

Vicki found a copy of Metal Edge magazine at a local grocery store. There's a big color photo of Velvet Revolver, the picture you see on most of their promo posters although Scott is not kicking out toward the camera. SLASH's t-shirt says The F*ck-Ups. Also from Vicki, the July/August issue of Hit Parader has a cover story "Heavy Metal Hall of Fame", and GNR are one of the Charter Members. Guns has a two page article there with an old group shot of the band. That Howard Stern show on the radio with Velvet Revolver was the one on the E! channel on TV originally. SLASH told Howard that he'd gotten divorced since the time he was on last and was now married to a real woman. Thanks, Vicki!

If you were going all out to win that trip to NYC that the Miller Brewing Company is offering, forget it if you live in California. For "legal restrictions", the contest is not open to California residents. Sorry for not checking that fine print for you, but Bob caught it for us.

The new Blender has a two page article about "Sweet Child O' Mine", and VR is 93 of the magazine's 100, according to Allen. There's a one page article with with a two page picture. We caught CNN's clip where they talk about children being adopted by same sex couples, and the intro music is "Sweet Child O' Mine"!

The dates for seeing "Behind the Music: Guns N'Roses" on VH1 this month are coming to an end. So try to catch it soon. Cheeseman7742 tells us that SLASH was interviewed, and they showed a lot of film about SLASH and the others. They told how SLASH died of an overdose and came back to life like Nikki Sixx did. Steven Adler, Gilby Clarke and Matt Sorum were all interviewed. Steven's speech is impaired from the strokes he suffered. SLASH says that one thing he hated most about Axl was when Axl announced he would break up the band if certain people didn't stop dancing with Mr. Brownstone. A really interesting program!

Benny had a discography finding for us. SLASH played on the soundtrack for the movie "Training Day" (with Denzel Washington). SLASH played with Nelly, and the track he appeared on was called "#1". Brenny said there was a video of that track also. Has anyone seen the video? Thanks to Brenny for finding that one and we'll get that added to SLASH's guest appearances on his discography.

Alex from Paris sent in two VR magazine references. First is the May-June issue of Rock Hard with a three page interview with SLASH and Duff and three great band pics. The second is the July-August issue of Guitar Part with SLASH on the cover and a four page interview with SLASH and Duff, four pictures and eleven pages of tabs. Alex says that Contraband sold strongly when it first came out, but it has slowed down a little. VR will play at Le Bataclan on September 7. The venue is small at 1500 seats. More than 500 sold the first day and it may be sold out. Alex has his tickets of course!

News Reported: 07/12/04

Tickets for the European leg of the tour are on sale now in the UK. We had word from Daniel that all shows are being sold through UK TicketMaster and the Carling web site. Daniel was able to get Glasgow tickets 6 hours after the sale began. We don't know if they are sold out yet or not and how the other two are going. They won't last long, though. We don't have any word at all about Meet and Greets. If there are radio stations having contests there, and a prize is to meet the band, that is definitely the best way to meet them. We saw one in Chicago where each winner got a vinyl album and had a chance to meet and get autographs from the band as well as getting preferred seating. If you don't have this, there is not much guarantee we can give you about meeting the band. Being outside early helps as you might catch them going in and out of soundcheck. Outside after the show is also good, but be prepared to stay awhile.

There's one major piece of news that might have a big effect on the tour. We hope not, but band management has yet to comment on this. Yesterday Scott Weiland was sentenced for the DUI he was arrested for about 8 months ago. The sentence was three years of probation during which he will receive treatment for his drug problem. Weiland pleaded no contest to the charge earlier this week. Under the terms of this probation, he is required to enroll in a six month drug treatment program and attend three Narcotics Anonymous meetings per week for the next three years. He will also be subject to submit to regular drug testing as well as periodic testing at police discretion, with or without probable cause. Scott is forbidden to be in the possession of or under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. Reading this, we wonder how this will affect the band's tour and how their schedule can be made to accommodate all these conditions, particularly the three NA meetings per week. The next probation status hearing will be July 30 where it's likely that his current six month probation will be allowed to run concurrently with the new one. In our opinion, this seems like a particularly brutal probation, and we hope that band management can work out some terms that will satisfy the Los Angeles attorney and keep the tour intact.

One appearance we can count on: Velvet Revolver will be on the Jay Leno show on Friday, July 16. The show airs on NBC at 11:30 pm EST. No word yet on how many or which song(s) they'll do.

How would you like to win a trip to New York City to see a concert showcasing Velvet Revolver, Lenny Kravitz, James Brown, Cheap Trick, The Darkness and more? Miller Brewing Company is putting together this "Rock Through Time" event for September 17-18 at the NYC Roseland Ballroom. No tickets will be sold to the general public as most of the tickets will be held by contest winners. Miller expects to give away 1,000 tickets in addition to a sweepstakes for a trip to NYC to see the show. The show will conclude Miller's celebration of rock and roll's 50th anniversary. To enter, all you have to do is go to the Miller Brewing Site, register and enter. You can enter once a day! Best of luck.

Josh has a SLASH mention for us. It's from one of the Seymour Duncan newsletters he receives from time to time as an SD dealer. Josh thought we'd like to see this mention from their Artist Update section, and he's right! Thanks, Josh. Here's the link... SLASH Mention.

Vicki got the September issue of Guitar World with Ozzfest 2004 cover. SLASH has a two page article called "Blood on the Tracks - Great Albums Song by Song" section, entitled "Fist in a Velvet Glove.../SLASH's Track by Track Guide to Velvet Revolver's Contraband, plus his two cents on GNR's Greatest Hits" and there is nearly a full page color picture of SLASH. Vicki says SLASH takes each song on the new album and comments on them. He also commented on the GNR Greatest Hits album. He said that Geffen sent him a list and that was that. SLASH says he thinks it's a good pick of basic GNR material, and as long as they don't remix it, it's fine with him. He said he would like to have more control over his music because there's still shit going on with GNR that's totally out of control. In Velvet Revolver, things are more unanimous and done free and easy compared to the crazy tight reins that Axl has going on. SLASH said...what he's doing isn't's a long story... there's a lot going on with that one.

One thing going on is that Axl filed in court for a preliminary injunction to suppress the release of recordings from an early version of the band Hollywood Rose. The motion was denied. Deadline Music released the 15 track album called The Roots of Guns N'Roses on June 22. These are recordings made in '84 by Axl and Izzy as well as two other musicians, three years before Appetite for Destruction. There are 5 original tracks with 10 remixes from TraciiGuns, Gilby Clarke and Fred Coury. Rose sued Cleopatra Records with whom Deadline is affiliated with for trademark infringement, improper use of his name and likeness and unfair competition. He argued that the release of the material would interfere with promotion of the recent GNR Greatest Hits album which he also attempted and failed to block in court. All this fighting over the past...we're glad SLASH is spending most of his time moving ahead!

News Reported: 07/09/04

Velvet Revolver keeps building momentum. Their debut album Contraband went gold (sold over half a million copies) in one month! How many did you buy? If you bought one of each color, a vinyl, a UK copy with the extra live track, the Japanese with the obi... well, that gives you about 6 right there! Even if you bought just one, it's appreciated and the guys want to thank all of you for your support at the shows and with the album sales.

The second single off the album is "Fall To Pieces" according to SLASH, and he says they are now shooting the video in Los Angeles. It's still thrilling to hear "Slither", so they are making a good move releasing the next single. This one is more of a ballad, and it does show the band's range. One of our favorites!

Scott Weiland was back in court where he entered a plea of no contest on that DUI charge he's been facing. Sentencing is set for tomorrow, July 8, in a Los Angeles courthouse. Scott got a better mention in the July issue of Classic Rock Magazine. Elin tells us that they named the 100 Greatest Frontmen of all time, and Scott came in at #29. Pretty good! Axl came in at #7, and the #1 slot was filled by Bon Scott, the late great frontman of AC/DC. Elin says that in that same issue there's an article about Duff where he says amazing things like..."in the early afternoon my wife and I like to plan out when we're going to f*ck." That's what happens when you have two active and curious little girls! Thanks Elin...who's from Norway, by the way.

We've been inundated with questions as to when European tickets go on sale. UK tickets go on sale tomorrow, July 8 at 2 pm UK time. This sale is for tickets bought through You'll need to be a member so visit that site early and get signed up. It's free. The shows they will be ticketing are the August 31 show at Carling Academy in Glasgow, Scotland, the September 1 show at Carling Apollo Manchester, England, and the September 2 show at the Carling Apollo Hammersmith in London, England. Tickets for the shows are priced at 17.50 pounds each plus a booking fee. These are available to registered members, so get over there and become a member. Flash wrote and said that the VR ticket sales in Finland sold out in 5 minutes. When that happened, they moved to a larger venue, an ice hockey arena (Helsingin Jaahalli), and more tickets are to go on sale in Finland Monday, July 12. Flash says that is where GNR played last time they were there, except the show was cancelled when Axl lost his voice. Good luck on getting tickets this time, Flash!

As you know, Howard Stern was tossed off many radio stations when his program was judged to be obscene by the FCC. Ray reports that in the Pittsburgh area, B94 is owned by a different company, so they've picked up Howard and he'll be on in the mornings there now. The morning show cast was fired, and they have switched to classic rock. Lots of changes there! It's a big deal when a station changes its format...let alone welcomes Howard Stern. Ray said that to usher in these changes, with great fanfare, they chose as their inaugural song, "Sweet Child O' Mine"! Of course! Thanks, Ray...

Did you see SLASH on the premier showing of VH1's Behind The Music? KX wrote and expressed our feelings too: "As somebody who's been a SLASH fan and met him a couple of times, I'd like to say how good it was to see him clear-eyed and well-spoken on the show over the past weekend. He made me proud." Agreed. and you can catch that show again throughout the month. In fact it's on this evening at 9! Check VH1 and local listings for more showings.

Finally, here's something to look forward to for the midwestern collectors. On Saturday, July 31 and Sunday, August 1, some top music dealers will exhibit their wares at the National Record Show at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. The public will have access to a wide range of music collectables including thousands of records, CDs, posters, imports and unique musical memorabilia from all eras. The show is FREE and open to the public on Saturday 10 am to 9 pm and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm. This show is one of the largest in the country, and some portion of the proceeds benefits the Rock Hall of Fame.

News Reported: 07/07/04