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September 2002
(Updated September 30, 2002)

Sunday night, everyone's home early; it's a school night or work night and "The Sopranos" are on. Our guy SLASH was NOT home. He was at The Highlands at Hollywood and Highland on the fourth floor of the Kodak Theater Complex getting his picture taken! The event was the magazine Movieline's Hollywood Style Hall of Fame. And you've never seen SLASH look like this before! No funny but obscene t-shirt, no raggedy jeans, no Converse tennis shoes. Look at the suit on this guy! And what about that hanky? WHOA! SLASH - new image? The pictures are of SLASH alone and with Robert Evans. We're not quite sure what to say or think, but the Robert Parker image is cool, and we look forward to seeing him looking so stunningly handsome in his suave threads on tour. At least put them on for the meet and greets after the shows! SLASH, we hardly knew you! No word on when the article will appear or which celebrities will be in it, but this handsome dude should be on the cover.

Remember The Strokes video of their song "Someday" with guest appearance by SLASH, Duff and Matt? Well, the video is coming out tomorrow, October 1 on DVD. The Strokes's site has a couple of sentences announcing the DVD. If you order it (CDNOW, for one, has it), it says: "Strokes: Is This It (Bonus DVD) (Special Limited) (CD). We're not sure exactly what is coming...2 things or one of those enhanced CDs, but when we get our copy, we will let you know. There are 2 other videos here. There is an import version that has 4, but the "Someday" video is on the cheaper one, too. Order totaled about $22.

And speaking of videos, we have added some new ones to the SLASH Video section which is reached by going to's Fan Menu and clicking on SLASH Videos! The first one is SLASH playing "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Jaguar Tribute to Style. SLASH definitely plays a verse of "Taps" before the final bars. This is, no doubt, a tribute to those lost in the 9/11 tragedy just over a year ago. It seemed to us that SLASH put a different spin on this version. He played this on the movie soundtrack for Panther, and it was a very uncluttered, clean version. He played it at a basketball game, and it seemed once again to be fairly pristine. The closer this version gets to the end, the more SLASH adds in his own riffs and repeats lines. Interesting. Inserting "Taps" was just a masterstroke. Our only comment was that this audience may have been stylish but were extremely boorish for talking and laughing during The National Anthem. Three other videos added were those from Club Vodka with Matt and Duff. There is another from the Randy Castillo Tribute at the Key Club. This is "Mama Kin" with Steven Tyler making a surprise appearance. The video focuses mainly on SLASH and Steven. Rightly so. All these videos are in Windows Media format.

Photos and TV. Well, not SLASH so much as the old GNR. Court TV is rerunning "The Secret History of Rock 'N' Roll, a look at unlawful behavior, court battles and prison terms in the rock world. The two GNR problems were Axl's arrest for inciting a riot and Izzy's for urinating in an ashtray on an airplane. Public Enemy #1: Izzy Stradlin! This show is not just about GNR but many other bands and artists. See it on 10/2 at 8pm ET, 10/3 at 12am ET, 10/6 at 11pm ET and 10/7 at 3am ET.

Nadine from Germany sent in some comments on that German interview mentioned last week. This was with Niels Ruf. Nadine says the old lady is not his grandmother. Nadine thought the interview was terrible, but SLASH did it very professionally and gave it his best. She says Ruf was nasty, and his questions were terrible. Nadine reports that a few weeks later Niels was fired by the TV station because he was always nasty and unfriendly to his guests. The questions are just fake questions and not serious, but SLASH did a great job kidding, too. Other guests have gotten up and walked out. Nadine says she is ashamed that the interview was done in her country. SLASH doesn't seem to let the media bait him very often. Thanks, Nadine.

The Fender newsletter has an item about the Guild Guitars. SLASH designed the Guild Crossroads doubleneck with acoustic and electric guitars all in one (remember Godzilla?). Fender bought Guild and has completed the move of the Guild manufacturing operation to Fender's state-of-the-art facility in Corona, CA. They say that guitar players and industry press agree that the Guilds produced there are some of the finest instruments this historic company ever produced. A quick check of their website reveals that the Crossroads doubleneck is still being offered by the Custom Shop; so if you are interested in a significant stage guitar, you can still get one. Dealers are listed at the site.

News Reported: 09/30/02

With September nearly gone, we decided to check into the release of SANTAmental, the Christmas album by Steve Lukather with SLASH guesting. The September date has been postponed according to Lukather, and the album will not see the light of day till Christmas 2003. He says there was a distribution foulup which would have meant the album would be released in January. No one's really too interested in buying a Christmas album THAT far in advance, so he's holding it. Right now Lukather says next October will be the release. Musicians on the album include Steve and son Trevor, SLASH, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Edgar Winter, Lenny Castro among others. SANTAmental was to be the first album released on the new Bop City label which bills itself as an artist-friendly jazz label. Bop City says SANTAmental was their first project and calls it a jazz Christmas album. The recording studio was decorated with red tinsel, lighted Santas and snowmen, and candy canes to get the artists in the proper spirit. They say the arrangements are awesome, and it is mostly instrumental. Eddie Van Halen plays a version of "Joy to the World" that sounds like "Hot for Teacher"! The album also includes a never before released version of "Jingle Bells" with the late Sammy Davis Jr. on vocals and Lukather on guitar. No word yet on SLASH's track. SLASH prefers that Steve do all the announcements on this album, and Steve says the full track list is coming soon.

Vince sent in some additional information on that 100th Edition Collectors Special Edition of Total Guitar. This was the poll where SLASH came in #4 in the list of 100. Vince pointed out the list was really longer as 440 guitarists were nominated! They say that the ex-Gunner provoked many comments from readers. Without commenting on his guitar skills, one fan said, "SLASH put up with Axl for longer than any other guitarist. He deserves to win for that." SLASH is pretty cool and calm and tends to walk away from a lot of minor aggravations. Another reader said that "SLASH isn't perfect in every area, but he rates highly in the following: feeling, speed, originality, technique, sales, attitude, popularity, willingness to play with anyone, willingness to play most styles. Plus he brought back the Les Paul - and has his own signature amp." That about covers it! Paul Phillips of Puddle of Mudd had SLASH at #2 on his list of the top 5 saying, "I'm a huge fan of SLASH. His melodies make every solo memorable. He can shred with the best of them, but every solo he does, you can hum. I went to see him in L.A. with Snakepit, but I was there to watch him play, not check out his new material particularly. My favorite record of all time is Appetite for Destruction, no doubt about it." Coming in at #3 was Eric Clapton, #2 was Jimmy Page and #1 was Hendrix. Thanks, Vini!

SLASH got the lead paragraph mention in the L.A. Times article about the Jaguar Tribute to Style. Here's what the staff writer had to say, "SLASH, former guitarist with Guns N'Roses, stood on the rooftop of the Louis Vuitton shop in Beverly Hills on Monday night and let loose with a rocking rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner". He then tossed his pick to a well-heeled and well-dressed crowd of 1,200 whose members forked over $1,000 per ticket to the fifth annual 'Jaguar's Tribute to Style on Rodeo Drive' fund-raiser." Probably the first time there wasn't a fistfight over the pick...some stiletto heel jabs, maybe. The evening raised $750,000 to support five L.A. inner-city arts groups.

Last month there was a chance to vote on the 100 greatest records of all time at the site. Mail-in votes were taken also. "Use Your Illusion I and II" were taken together and ranked at #46. Rolling Stone lists "Bad Apples" as the essential track. The albums peaked at positions 1 and 2 with sales to date of 7 million each. The big Guns album, Appetite for Destruction came in at #7. The magazine calls "Welcome to the Jungle" the essential track and gives album sales of 15 million to date. Coming in ahead of Appetite... were at #6, Abbey Road by The Beatles, #5 was The White Album by The Beatles, #4 was The Joshua Tree by U2, #3 was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles, #2 was Nevermind by Nirvana, and #1 was Revolver by The Beatles. Of those ahead of it, only The White Album has sold more copies (19 million) than Appetite for Destruction. If you didn't like those results, you can have another chance. Q magazine, a UK publication, is running the same reader poll. List your top 10 of all time, and they will arrive at a list of 100. A reason needs to be given for each choice. The magazine has the form in the October 2002 issue or you can vote online at International votes are permitted, and the poll ends November 2.

If you're looking for some more SLASH videos, Aga found a Chinese site that has quite a few. There's "The Godfather" (from the Tokyo show), "Black or White" and others. There are a flock of midi files, too. This would be especially good if you live closer to the Far East. The site is in Chinese, but titles are in English. Thanks, Aga. Aga also tells us that in China there is some mention of GNR in a magazine called X-ROCK. An article on the greatest bands in history listed Guns at #43 with a picture of the band live...SLASH playing guitar while Axl is dancing. In another section called "My CDs", one fan chose "Don't Cry" in UYI II as a favorite. He said that "nowadays with so much trouble, GNR will always stay as a beautiful memory". Thanks, Aga, but #43??

Speaking of international magazines, Angelica says that in a French magazine it says Duff, SLASH and Izzy are working together. Where's Matt?? They report that 18 songs are ready to be recorded, and they have had feelers from many record producers. However, they have to find a singer before they can do this. From all that SLASH and Duff have said privately and publicly, Izzy is not working with them, Matt is. Izzy did jam with them and perhaps he helped with songwriting, but he is not on record as being part of the band.

News Reported: 09/27/02

At $1000 a ticket, we didn't expect many fan reports on SLASH's national anthem performance at the Jaguar Tribute to Style charity event last night. The Entertainment Industry Foundation covered it very well, though. 1200 guests attended making a nice sized audience for SLASH. The guests are described as leaders from the entertainment, fashion and automotive industries. Some celebrities attending were Rosanna Arquette, Jackie Collins, Macy Gray, Suzanne Pleshette, Tom Poston, John Ritter, Tori Spelling, Patrick Swayze and Paul Stanley. SLASH and wife Perla were both in attendance as you can see from the picture at right. A 2003 Jaguar was auctioned off which raised $90,000 alone for the educational programs. The evening's entertainment is the SLASH part, and you can see him playing in the picture above left. Here's what they said:

"A performance under the stars by the renowned New York-based dance group, Complexions finished the evening. ...Complexions is changing the face and pace of dance in America...The talented performers joining Complexions included famed guitarist SLASH with a stunning rendition of The Star Spangled Banner from the rooftop of the Louis Vuitton boutique..." The picture caption says, "Guitarist SLASH performs The Star Spangled Banner from the rooftop of famed Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive as New York dance group Complexions performs under his projected image." SLASH was far from the Cat Club and Troubador last night. A man for all venues. If you would like to read the entire evening's review, it may be found at:

Jaguar's Tribute to Syle

Joe says the E! channel is advertising that Guns N'Roses guitarist SLASH will be "rocking the place" next Monday, 6:00pm ET. Checking the TV Guide site, the show is called Celebrity Fashion on Rodeo Drive which is indeed the event described above. This is a half hour show and will debut Monday, September 30 at 6 ET, then repeat in October on these dates at these times (ET): 10/1 at 8am, 10/2 at 1pm, 10/5 at 7:30am. The show will also be shown on the Style channel on 10/5 at 9pm, 10/6 at 12am, 10:30am and 3:30pm. Get those VCRs ready!

Also on TV are a flock of reruns for the GNR gang. For the new GNR, there is a rerun of the MTV Video Awards on 9/26 at 7pm ET. On the same night you can see MTV's list of #40-21 of the 100 Sexiest Artists. One of these is Axl Rose. That same show is on 9/27 at 11am and 9pm ET. To see more of SLASH, watch MTV2's Headbanger's Ball Uncensored on 9/28 at 2am ET and MTV2's MTV 25 Loud on 9/28 at 3am ET.

Johnny K said that a Philly radio station, 93.3 WMMR, was advertising that they would announce some GNR important news today. This turned out to be advertising all over the country! If you were waiting for a reunion announcement, stop waiting. The announcement was on the forthcoming tour for the new GNR. If interested in schedule, tickets, etc., visit the new GNR's website at where all will be revealed.

Awhile back, we mentioned a Live Like A Suicide album for sale on ebay which turned out to be GNR Lies. Now we have the real one. JT wrote to say that he has an original vinyl copy of Live Like A Suicide that is in excellent condition. He wants to sell it privately. If you are interested, make JT an offer at We will also list this on the For Sale section.

Currently the DVD Far East Men, a live Ronnie Wood concert featuring SLASH, is only for sale for DVD players that can play the European format or multiregion players. This means your US player cannot play the DVD unless you have a multiregion. How would you like to meet Ronnie Wood? There's a special exhibition of his artwork coming up at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a members-only preview and reception on October 13 from 6:30 to 8:30pm. Ronnie will be at the Museum for a private meet and greet prior to the showing of his artwork; some of which is being shown in the US for the same time. As you may know, Ronnie did a SLASH picture; and we have the #1 print that he gave to SLASH and eventually came to us. It is signed by SLASH and Ronnie. For additional information on joining the Hall of Fame and the meet and greet with Ronnie, visit the Hall of Fame's web site at: Rock Hall of Fame. We will definitely be there. Anyone else?

One last update on the Fan Weekend. General registration is $99 for the weekend. If you are in SLASH's fan club through Fan Source, you can attend the private reception afterward. It is $25 to cover the cost of the hotel meeting room and some food. Local attendees and anyone else are not required to stay at the Doubletree. You can go home, crash at a friend's place, etc. It is past the date to register; but if you are wild to go, you can contact Fan Source and see if they can squeeze you in.

News Reported: 09/25/02

This message just came in, so it's a bit late for anyone to take advantage of unless you live very close to Beverly Hills, CA. SLASH will play "The Star Spangled Banner" at the Jaguar Tribute to Style show to be held on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA. He will play on top of the Louis Vuitton Building there. Jaguar Tribute to Style is in its fifth year, and the theme this year is Art & Performance. There is a designer art exhibition, dinner, live auction and a performance combining dance with special performers. The ticket cost is $1000 per person, and the event begins at 6:30 event. Jaguar Tribute to Style benefits The California State Summer School for the Arts, The Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Entertainment Industry Foundation's National Arts Education Initiative. We're proud of SLASH for donating his time and talent to these worthy causes. There's an unconfirmed report that E! Entertainment Channel will have a special program on this event.

Robert John, the GNR official photographer, is selling some great pictures of the old band and its members. An article on KNAC's site gives you some background information. There you will find a link to the photos. There are individual pictures of Axl, SLASH, Duff, Steven, Matt and Izzy. And there are some good ones of the whole group. The starting price is $250 for the smallest, unsigned photograph. The largest signed photo is $400. These can be ordered at the site. The first link below is to the KNAC article, and the second is a direct link to the photo sale site:

KNAC Article on Robert John Photos
Robert John Photo Sale Site

Since several people have sent us the London baby picture, we are going to have it right here. London Emilio Hudson! Isn't he a darling? Do you think he looks like his Daddy? And here's a second pic of baby Lennon Roxie, son of Ryan and Victoria Roxie. Lennon is snoozing quietly dreaming of guitars, no doubt. The next generation is here!

A new DVD is coming out on October 14 in Europe called Far East Men. If features 12 tracks recorded live in London, November 2001 with special guests SLASH and Andrea Corr. Backstage footage, interviews and gallery are included. Remember how they fired the crowd with "Paradise City"? That's on here, too. No word on a US DVD release as yet. If anyone gets this would you please contact, so that the catalog information can be put on his videography? Thanks!

A Brazilian fan would like some help from the SLASH guitar experts. Samuel is very anxious to know the model of this Les Paul that you see here. He has looked at web sites and can't find the information. Here, SLASH is on the Use Your Illusion Tour in Japan. If you know for sure what model this is, please send it to, and we'll pass it on to Samuel. Thanks!

VH1's Rock Clock remembers that on this day in 1991, Izzy Stradlin left Guns N'Roses. According to Izzy, the final straw was Axl's drawing up a new contract for Izzy that reduced his salary because he did not run around enough onstage. This was the start of the famous "Where's Izzy?" signs!

News Reported: 09/23/02

About that Fan Appreciation Weekend in October, the deadline for reservations is today, September 20, so keep that in mind. Also, there is an additional charge for the private meeting with your celeb, in our case SLASH. It should be made clear that it is not just one on one with SLASH. The general meeting is all celebs/all fans mixed together. At some point they have a separate meeting place where all the SLASH fans who have paid the additional fee can meet and talk with SLASH. No performance by SLASH, but a chance for a meet and greet. Thus far we still have that lone fan who might go from this community. Anyone else?

In checking out VH1's site, there is a new program for the fall season that covers the 100 Sexiest Artists, 20 artists at a time per show. There is a list...sadly, SLASH is not there. Axl is there, though. What are these people looking at? Maybe you need plastic surgery and hair extensions and to gain a lot of weight, SLASH! On the other hand, you're number 1 with us. Number 1 with VH1 is Madonna.

Burman found a great German site for us that has an interview with SLASH by "Neils and his Granny". If you live in Germany, maybe you know these two? The interview is from awhile back, in fact, December 2000, but it is 30 minutes with SLASH! Realplayer is the format. Get your Stoli and cranberry juice, light up a Gitanes and enjoy a half hour with The Man.

SLASH Interview
Thanks, Burman!

What's on TV for SLASH? That pathetic MTV show, "Ultra Sound", the "No Hit Wonders" episode. SLASH's Snakepit is mentioned along with Duff, Izzy, Jeniffer Love Hewitt, Chris Weber, Scott Weiland and more. This will be presented for your aggravation on 9/24 at 2pm ET. Keep the Stoli coming. And what week would be complete without yet another rerun of the MTV Music Video Awards with GNR as entertainment. If you missed it or couldn't believe it, here are Axl and his merry men once again. 9/26 at 7pm ET.

For all those who are Axl Rose fans as well as SLASH fans, please skip this. J.L. sent this in. Background: Conan O'Brien is a SLASH fan, and SLASH has been on his show several times. After the MTV Award show, Conan said, "After the Guns N'Roses performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, the band will promptly change their name to Fatty McGoo and the Guys Who Aren't SLASH." Big laugh then and now. J.L. suggests you can make up your own name...he's all for Ego Maniac and 3 Guitarists Not as Good as SLASH. Well, we all need a good laugh now and then. And any complaints about Axl-bashing...we'll have to remind you of the name he called SLASH at Leeds...f*ckhead??? Fatty McGoo seems mild.

Who's this little guy? No, it's not London Hudson! This is little Lennon Roxie, son of Ryan Roxie. Ryan was the guitarist on the Ain't Life Grand SLASH's Snakepit album and toured with the band during the prealbum tour. A handsome guitarist with a very sweet and handsome baby. Congratulations, Ryan! And welcome to the world, Lennon!

Here's a good question for SLASH sent in by Norm. Norm asks, "SLASH, are you a member of the Musicians Union and Screen Actors Guild? If someone such as myself were to do tracks on an established performer's record, would it be beneficial to join the Musicians Union? Thanks and Best Wishes."

SLASH replies, "Norm, yes, I am a member of both the Musicians Union and SAG. And yes, it is beneficial to be in the union."

Thanks, SLASH and Norm!

News Reported: 09/20/02

Adam found this new (to us) site on the web which you might want to check on once in awhile. It's called Camp Freddy, and its webmaster is Billy Morrison. Billy says that Camp Freddy is not a band, but a diverse group of musicians who like to get together and rock. They have been surprised by their success having only played two gigs, the last one at Moomba where SLASH appeared. There are videos with SLASH, some pictures, bios on the core members and so on. On the page labeled "What the f*ck is going on?", at the very end, there is a note from Billy, "Oh by the way, happy Halloween". Adam thinks this is a big clue as to where SLASH and Dave Navarro will be playing Halloween night. How to get tickets if indeed SLASH is playing has not been announced. For the show at Moomba, Billy called up friends and packed the place. In the meantime, check out the Camp Freddy site for yourself at:

Camp Freddy
Thanks, Adam!

Thinking about SLASH's new band with Matt and Duff, we got the Rolling Stone online newsletter today, and it still has that reference to Dave Pusher as the other guitarist. We suggested it might be a nickname or Rolling Stone misheard SLASH. Lori from the Loaded site offered the suggestion that it might be Dave Kushner from Loaded. Dave is a rockguitarist and has been in Wasted Youth, Danzig, Infectious Grooves,Zilch, Dave Navarro's Band, Sugartooth among others before he joinedup with Loaded. And still no singer has been selected, but demo tapes are pouring in.

If you are a member of SLASH's fan club, you should already know about the Fan Appreciation Weekend. This is something FanSource, the company that runs fan clubs, puts together each year. They bring together many of their celebrities and invite fans to come out to meet them, get autographs, etc. FanSource confirms SLASH as being there. The weekend will be October 11, 12 and 13 at the Doubletree Hotel in Pasadena, CA. SLASH is the only musician scheduled (they have two they represent at this time), but other celebrities include Richard Benjamin, Lesley-Anne Down, Morgan Fairchild, Kathleen Gray, Pauleen Prentiss and more. Admission is $99. There are separate private receptions for each celebrity and his/her fans. SLASH will not be performing, but he will talk to fans and each person should have time to chat a little with SLASH. The private reception with SLASH is limited to 40 fans. If you are not a member of the fan club and are interested in signing up, here is where you do it:

SLASH Fan Club Membership Information
And if you need the complete information on the Fan Appreciation Weekend, here's a direct address for that:
FanSource Fan Appreciation Weekend
They are expecting 100 fans total for all celebrities for the weekend. It would be cool if all came for SLASH. So far we have heard from just one person who "might" come. Anyone else? If you let us know, we can keep a list of those definitely coming and make it available so you can find each other. Send that to - Fan Weekend Send your name, email address, state/country, and we'll keep it updated and send it out so you can find each other at the hotel.

One of the GNR tribute bands we like best is Mr. Brownstone. You can find out more about them by going to the Fan Menu on the opening page of and clicking Fan Music. They will be in New York this coming Saturday, the 21st, at Tribeca Blues. Show starts at 10pm sharp. We assume Tribeca Blues at 16 Warren Street is in Tribeca! Stop in at Robert DeNiro's restaurant and have a drink after the show. And say a special hello from us to Gerard Egan, the SLASH of this tribute band. Another show of interest in the New York area is at The Downtown in Farmingdale, Long Island. Gilby is playing there on Thursday, October 17. Lesley West is also on the bill that night. Thanks to Chris for keeping us up to date on Gilby.

For those looking for special GNR and SLASH items, we have a couple of leads for you. If your dream has been to own the rare Live Like A Suicide EP from GNR, it has come up on the English ebay. The only bid now is 5 pounds. One just sold there for 146 pounds. If you are interested, it is item 907468803. Be sure to ask the seller the condition (see description). If you are not from the UK, you are out of luck. He will sell only within the UK. Clint says that in the latest Musicians Friend catalog, they offer for sale an Epiphone SLASH signature guitar. It is on sale now for $450. If you have the catalog, it is on the back page. If not, for more information go to They are one of our click through advertisers, so if you decide to buy, please go to their site through ours at Thanks!

As you know, SLASH supports the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as the disaster relief funds for the September 11 tragedies. Up front we should say that SLASH will NOT be at this event although he supports the causes represented there. The Hall of Fame is presenting Rock to the Rescue at 4pm at the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio on October 20. Proceeds benefit the Port Authority Police World Trade Disaster Survivors Fund as well as the HOF's Educational Fund. This is quite a gathering of artists: Bad Company, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon and Styx. The All-Star Rescue Band will include artists from Grand Funk Railroad, The Rascals, Sheryl Crow, John Tesh, Edgar Winter and more. Tickets through Ticketmaster are on sale now at $27.50 and $55. Try to get out there!

News Reported: 09/18/02

The big news tonight is the interview SLASH did at the San Diego Street Scene, and he talked about the new band! This is the one with Matt and Duff, and it's still nameless at this time "('If I had a name, I'd tell you', SLASH says." SLASH named his other guitarist as Dave Pusher. Either that's a nickname (like Johnny Blackout), the interviewer got it wrong (like giving the new baby the name Glendon instead of London) or this guy is a total unknown. Has anyone ever heard of this guitarist? Maybe it's Dave Navarro? They're still looking for a singer for this "baddest f*cking, be-all, end-all rock & roll band". SLASH says there are no rock and roll singers out there now except for guys who've been around a long time. What SLASH is looking for is a singer like Billy Idol when he goes ballistic. SLASH had lots of praise for Billy. Is that a feeler to Billy or the fans or just an illustration of what he wants? We saw Billy here with Snakepit opening, and Billy could get the crowd going, but his voice was not as powerful as it once was for a full set. The audience excitement over the old Idol standbys did get that adrenalin going, and he "went ballistic" many times. SLASH also says the group will do an album, and it should be released in 2003. When it's done and released, they will tour. SLASH also talked about being a new dad. SLASH says the baby is 10 days old, but he has "a cool personality"! Of course! Now if he could just sing... SLASH said he had called home six times since he'd been away, and he'd be heading home right after the gig to see his boy. Thanks to Janet, Ray and Lyndsay for the information. For the complete Rolling Stone Online article, check their site at:

SLASH Talks About the New Band

Another Rolling Stone Online article made it clear why Matt Sorum is available for the new band. Matt is the drummer for The Cult, but now lead singer Ian Astbury is taking over the frontman position for The Doors vacated years ago by the death of icon Jim Morrison. The band will not be a cover band and will develop its own music. Ian joins original members and new members to bring back The Doors. Light My Fire! Astbury says "The Cult is on ice right now," which makes the Doors his central commitment. This frees up Matt to make a similar commitment to the new SLASH project. It does seem to mean the end of The Cult at least for the time being.

Babies are in the News lately, and here's a playmate for little London. Ryan Roxie, guitarist on the Ain't Life Grand album and pre-album tour, is the proud father of baby boy Lennon. Lennon was born on September 5, weighed in at 6 lbs 11 oz (compared to London's sturdy 9 lbs 4 oz) and measured 20 1/2 inches. Lennon has big blue eyes also in contrast with London's dark brown, nearly black eyes. The more we see of London's eyes, the more they remind us of SLASH...wise beyond their years. Welcome, little Lennon!

Matt sent a note from the UK that he was watching a program called "The Essentials" on BBC2 at 10pm. It was a program on Michael Jackson, and SLASH made a few appearances talking about MJ and his videos. Thanks, Matt!

Rui was watching MTV News where they reported that SLASH and Dave Navarro would team up for a Halloween gig at an undisclosed location. What Rui finds strange is that one of Axl's dreams was to have Dave Navarro join GNR and play with SLASH after UYIs. And then, Dave played on "Oh My God", one of the new GNR songs. As SLASH says, "It's a very small community of musicians we have here".

On the menu page, SLASH's Calendar and the SLASH Answers Your Questions sections are finally up to date. Let's take a new question for SLASH. This one is from Nick, and it's something we've wondered about, too. Nick asks, "SLASH, I just started playing guitar about 2 years ago. Your guitar playing amazes me. What I find even more astonishing is how you play while running around on stage and while holding your guitar way up in the air in front of you. Is this something that came naturally to you when you first hit the stage or through practice and experience playing live shows?"

SLASH replies, "Playing while running around, etc. comes from energy and enthusiasm while playing in front of an audience. It does come pretty naturally.

Thanks, SLASH and Nick! If you have a question for SLASH, send it to The subject should be ASK SLASH or something similar. Questions on SLASH's career and professional experience are mainly what we are looking for. Personal questions will not be forwarded to him. Thanks!

News Reported: 09/16/02

At the last moment, the Viper Room cancelled the show on 9/11/02, so you did not miss a SLASH performance. The Memorial Candlelight Vigil did take place on Sunset, but "due to the high terror alert, tonight's benefit show with Loaded and Ball has unfortunately been postponed. This show will be rescheduled for a date in the near future. Please check back with us for the announcement. Everyone is still welcome to attend the candlelight vigil". Other clubs in the Hollywood area were closed as well. Fortunately, no incidents were reported anywhere in the U.S. Arrests were made in the Pittsburgh area when 8 men were discovered with many false IDs and computers linked to flight schools in the U.S. Let's be careful out there.

Today we were delighted to receive an internet address where we could go and look at little London Hudson. SLASH and Perla made this available, and for that we thank them very much. Little London looks like his Mom although his eyes looked to us exactly like SLASH's. He is a handsome little guy with straight black hair, and he looked very sweet and cuddly. Some say he gets that from his Daddy! Right now, the picture will not be released. First, it could not be copied! However, we printed out one just to post here at our home desk. When the parents want to make the picture public, they will do so; and we will respect their wishes in this. He's adorable, and we hope all can see him soon. Perhaps they will put a video on their site. Thank you again to SLASH and Perla. It was a joy to see little London. On this same topic, thanks to those of you who sent in your names to be included with the congratulations card to SLASH and Perla. We decided that a gift from all of us was in order, so we bought two baby CDs and 5 board books. These are from all of us. We will be working on all the names over this weekend, so there is still time to send in your name and country (state would be nice if from the U.S.). SLASH likes to see where you all are from. Send to and make the subject NEW BABY.

There are a couple of rumours going around. We were unable to confirm any of these, but they seem plausible, so we'll let you ponder these till we get the facts. Luis says that he read at that SLASH and Dave Navarro are going to form a supergroup to play a show, but the date, venue, and other band members have not been named. We can definitely see SLASH and Dave playing together again although probably not for the SLASH/Duff/Matt supergroup. Dave has so many projects of his own going on, it would be a big commitment for him. Now this next rumour may tie to that one. Brian read that SLASH and Dave Navarro will hook up again for a Halloween show. It will be another all star gig. Although we checked many, many club schedules, we didn't find anything for Halloween yet except for HOB. They have a listing but it includes 3 bands already. Hopefully, you L.A. people will spot this within the next few weeks. Michael is in France, and he read that the singer Shooter Jennings is the new singer of the SLASH/Duff/Matt project. Well, Shooter did sing with the guys in June at Club Vodka with Shooter's band, Stargunn, also onstage. There was no hint that this was Shooter's audition, so we'll have to wait for more information on this one.

A search through KaZaA led Adam to find this great, old performance of "Used to Love Her". This is a live version that Guns N'Roses played on the Fox Late Night Show in 1988! Adam thinks this is the best live version he has ever heard. He was not able to send us the video due to its size, but he did send us an mp3 that you can listen to right here. If you'd like to see that video, go over to KaZaA and look for it! Adam says it's great. For now, here is the mp3:

Used to Love Her - 1988
Thanks, Adam!

Michael sent a picture of SLASH with Living Colour's Cory Glover at the San Diego Street Scene. We found a small group of these, too. Check out SLASH in his star shirt. And we know he is!

News Reported: 09/13/02

SLASH's latest released guest appearance is on the Ray Charles album, Ray Charles Sings for America. The album itself is a compilation by Rhino of both patriotic and other comforting songs Ray has done over the years. The album was timed to release just before the September 11 anniversary and contains tracks like "America the Beautiful" (beautiful version), "Imagine" (quite different than the John Lennon version), "Ol' Man River" and so on for a total of 20 tracks. The final track is "God Bless America Again", a new recording for the album with SLASH and Billy Preston. SLASH is credited with guitar and dobro. Irvin "Magic" Kramer plays acoustic guitar with Gregg Lease on pedal steel guitar. This is SLASH as we've not heard him before. The track is distinctly country music with a touch of gospel. No wonder when the songwriters are country legend Bobby Bare and Southern Gospel man Boyce Hawkins. SLASH's solo is appropriate for the song, but it's very strange to hear him play in country style. If you aren't into this genre, this SLASH guest appearance will be disappointing. It does show his versatility and ability to make music that will fit in anywhere. We'll try to get some portion of this up on this page for you soon. The album is available at all the usual record sites on the net.

Did you make it to the San Diego Street Scene? SLASH did and was part of the Jimi Hendrix Tribute. Jason and fiancee were there Saturday night, and Jason reports that SLASH was one of the last artists to perform. Cory Glover of Living Colour and SLASH played "Stone Free". Jason was disappointed with the lineup in that he doesn't think much of Glover as a front man, and SLASH's contribution was mainly on rhythm guitar. Kenny Wayne Shepard, Eric Gales and pedal-steel sensation Robert Randolph blew the doors off their contributions according to Jason. And he said the audience didn't seem to care whether SLASH was there or not or else were expecting more from him. Jason says that he felt SLASH did a great job covering "Stone Free" whipping through a short solo and looking like the ultimate rock star with his cigarette, huge hair and Les Paul. Jason says if SLASH had been with more of a real band, he would have come across better. Sadly, most people were disappointed in SLASH; but they didn't look like SLASH fans to Jason. Jason's disappointment was that SLASH came and went so quickly. He got his fiancee to sit through a two hour blue's fest hoping to see more of SLASH. But there was just that two minutes of "Stone Free", and no more SLASH (perhaps he had to hurry home for the 2am baby feeding!). Jason was forced to sit through two hours of Melissa Ethridge after the Hendrix Tribute was over as a penance to his fiancee. Being a SLASH fan is often hard work! SLASH does seem to be doing this run onstage, do a number and disappear. And the ones where he is onstage a long time, like the Moomba gig, the public can't get in. Disappointing. Let's hope he hurried home to work on the album so we get a full show of SLASH.

Here's a third review; this one is on the MTV show "No Hit Wonders". Our friend Sam sent this in. He says the show focused on artists from all kinds of backgrounds and how they failed to break into the music biz. They showed Eddie Murphy's "My Girl Wants to Party All The Time" and Jennifer Love Hewitt's musical ventures. When they got to Guns N'Roses, host Ian Robinson said that GNR was an amazing band together, but it was a chemistry within the band that brought them success. Without each other, nothing seems to work. They mentioned Duff's Believe In Me, Izzy's albums (the most recent of which they said sold less than 100 copies in the U.S.) and SLASH's Snakepit. About SLASH's band, they said that something seemed to be lost in SLASH's playing when he left GNR, and it just doesn't work the way it should. No mention of Axl. Personally, we felt SLASH did very well with Snakepit. His additional years of playing showed very well. The guitar work was not so raw and was suited to the Snakepit songs. If Duff, Matt and SLASH get together, will that be the core of a band that can make a huge hit album? And even if it doesn't, if we enjoy it, it's still a hit with us...if not with MTV.

Another review! This time we hear from Nicole who just got the new Izzy CD, On Down The Road. She says Izzy does not disappoint! It's an excellent rock CD. The only bad news is that SLASH is not on this one, but Nicole says it is still worth buying. Let's push those sales way past 100! You can get it from CDJapan at They have an excellent Customer Service Department, and you can usually get a CD from them in about a week and a half if you use express shipping. Sam also let us know that you can get the album at CDNOW at a cost of $36 (import from Japan). There are ten tracks on the album. In other Izzy news, you can now send Izzy fan mail. The address to use is, and Stephanie Brownstein will see that he gets it. Stephanie is the contact person for Izzy. She told Nicole that "right now there are no plans that she was aware of to release the material he recorded with Slash, but that does not mean they will never be released at all." Thanks, Nicole!

About the show on September 11 at the Viper Room, SLASH is still not listed as performing. An update is that Ball, Brian Tichy's band, will be on hand as well as Loaded, Duff McKagan's band. With two old bandmates fronting their new bands, it would be a great time for SLASH and Matt to show up. However, they have not signed for any performance. Tickets are not available in advance, but the show starts at 8:30 after the candlelight vigil on Sunset Boulevard. If you go to the Viper and/or the vigil, let us know all about it. Thanks.

This Wednesday, September 11, is the anniversary of the terrorist attack on the USA one year ago. The World Trade Center towers were hit and collapsed burying thousands in the rubble. The Pentagon in Washington D.C. was also struck, and there were hundreds of dead and injured. The final terrorist attempt was thwarted by the passengers, and the plane was flown into the ground in Shanksville, PA. Due to the immense tragedy and sorrow of our nation, there will be many memorial services across the US. As we plan to attend several in our area, the SLASH page will not be published. Please continue to send in any SLASH mentions in the interim. Our heartfelt sympathy to those who lost family and friends. 20% of Americans know someone killed or injured in the disaster. Thank you for your understanding, and we will resume publication on September 13. God Bless America.

News Reported: 09/09/02

SLASH recently did a guest performance with Ray Charles for his new album, and the album is out as of September 3. The title is Ray Charles Sings for America, and it's excellent timing considering the many forthcoming memorials in the USA on September 11. If you buy it on Amazon, please go to and click on Amazon. This provides some money for keeping this site online. At Amazon, they are ready to ship in 24 hours. The album cost is $14.99. Here is the track list. SLASH is on the last track, "God Bless America Again", which is described as a previously unreleased track with Billy Preston and SLASH. The track list is:

1. America the Beautiful
2. Imagine (featuring The Harlem Gospel Singers)
3. Let It Be
4. New York's My Home
5. Over the Rainbow
6. That Lucky Old Sun
7. Ol' Man River
8. Carry Me Back to Old Virginny
9. Take Me Home, Country Roads
10. Ray Reflects on America
11. My God and I
12. Lift Every Voice and Sing
13. There'll Be No Peace Without All Men as One
14. Light Out of Darkness
15. Heaven Help Us All
16. Abraham, Martin and John
17. Hey Mister
18. Sail Away
19. The Danger Zone
20. God Bless America Again
      (previously unreleased, with Billy Preston and Slash)

The San Diego Street Scene festival begins tonight. They expect 110,000 visitors! There are 90 bands scheduled on the 9 stages this weekend. SLASH will appear on Saturday night in the Jimi Hendrix tribute. The Band of Gypsys will anchor the tribute and be joined by SLASH, Dave Navarro, Mick Taylor, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Ace Frehely, Vernon Reid, Stephen Stills and others. This is the band SLASH will play in. There is not a separate SLASH/Dave Navarro/Mick Taylor band. They will be on the Ford Stage from 8:45 to 10:15pm. Tickets are $40, $70, $85 in advance depending on the number of days you want to attend. Jason lives in San Diego and says he will be right down front to see SLASH. Although he's lived there for eight years, Jason has never felt the call to get to Street Scene. And SLASH won't let you down! Jason plans to wear his Snakepit t-shirt so SLASH will know whose fan he is. We'll be looking forward to his report and yours, too, if you attend!

The latest news we have on the 9/11/02 show at the Viper Room in Hollywood is that only Duff's Loaded will perform. SLASH and Matt will not be there... at least that is what the Viper says at this time. You never know when they will slip in for a song or two. The Viper no longer lists them on its schedule, though.

Duff's Loaded web site is having a contest! The prize is this really cool Loaded clock. It's a 10" clock in a black plastic case, made in the USA and requires 1 AA battery (not included). Picture this on your bedroom or dorm wall! The contest is one where there is a rectangle of letters. You circle all the hidden words. Complete rules and directions are found at Loaded Contest, and click on CONTEST in the menu across the top. You have till the end of the month to get your entry in.

A note from a disgruntled fan about fan mail may be of interest to you. The instructions on this site will be changed to reflect the policy of Fan Source which runs the fan mail operation for SLASH. The fan sent a self-addressed, stamped envelope, a note and a blank sheet of paper. He wanted SLASH to write something...his name at least...and sign the paper. What he got back was a postcard picture of SLASH with a printed autograph. Since this seemed like a legitimate request, we checked into it. Fan Source tells us that if you sent a photo or poster, etc. to be signed, with the return postage and envelope, then SLASH is still personally signing these. Fan Source says they do not have their clients autograph index cards, blank pieces of paper, etc. This is why our fan received the postcard with the printed autograph. This is what fans now receive if they write and request an autographed photo...a postcard picture of SLASH with a preprinted autograph. Clear? If not, we will be getting the instructions on the site ("Writing To SLASH") changed this weekend. You can always write to the webmaster for clarification at We apologize to you, but we didn't have these policies until this evening. The key here is send your own photo! A magazine photo with a real SLASH autograph is more meaningful, we think. Don't forget that return postage and envelope!

In news of SLASH friends and former bandmates, Eric Dover is on tour now with Alice Cooper. Tommy says that Eric is playing guitar and doing backing vocals. The tour is a long one: US, Europe and Russia through the end of the year. So watch for Eric! Tommy got this information from Buck Johnson, Eric's bandmate in Burly Clyde. Thanks, Tommy!

News Reported: 09/06/02

Only two more days till the San Diego Street Scene! If you can get there, this is a great music festival with lots of name bands and artists. The 2002 lineup includes Stone Temple Pilots, Live, Social Distortion, De La Soul and more. SLASH will be there on Saturday, September7 to join in the Jimi Hendrix Tribute. The Hendrix Tribute is scheduled to go on from 8:45 - 10:15pm. From 4pm to midnight, the show is 21 and over. There is a very interesting article in The Pawtucket Times we received from Jan in the UK. Here is the article in its entirety. Check the last sentence:

Taylor, Slash & Navarro Form Supergroup

Sep 03, 2002 (WENN via COMTEX) -- Former ROLLING STONE MICK TAYLOR has formed a supergroup with fellow guitarists SLASH and DAVE NAVARRO - so they can pay tribute to legend JIMI HENDRIX. The new group, which hasn't yet been named, will perform a one-off tribute show to the guitar hero at San Diego, California's weekend music festival STREET SCENE this coming weekend.

The all-star line-up will also feature STEPHEN STILLS, BUDDY MILES and BILLY COX.

The appearance is part of the RED HOUSE TOUR, which has a 16 metre (53 foot) trailer with Hendrix memorabilia and audio/visual presentations. The supergroup is planning more dates.

Let's hope someone gets to this and can report on what this is. Is this yet another band for SLASH minus Duff and Matt? Or are they included? Mick Taylor and SLASH on the stage seems like overkill! Mick is one of SLASH's influences. If the name is not familiar, Mick Taylor replaced Brian Jones in the Rolling Stones. He was also the only band member to ever quit the Stones. Stones fans either love Mick or hate him. He is an excellent guitar player who grew tired of the Rolling Stones circus. This would be some band with Duff and Matt. If this group couldn't do it, no one could. If you need more information on the San Diego Street Scene, here is where you get it:

San Diego Street Scene

The next SLASH gig was to be September 11 at the Viper Room with Duff and Matt. Here's what we have on this now. At dusk on September 11, there will be a candlelight vigil on Sunset Boulevard as a memorial to those who died in the terrorist attacks one year ago. The Viper Room will open at 8:30pm for a special performance by Duff McKagan's Loaded. All proceeds go to the West Hollywood Emergency Fund. The Viper Room is NOT selling advance tickets. We have no way of knowing if this is first come, first served, if all tickets are gone, or if this is one of those famous Viper lists where a handful of the public get in. They have not responded to any of these questions. Originally, the Viper said that SLASH, Duff and Matt would also perform that night. SLASH and Matt have yet to sign their contracts, so they may or may not be there. If you live some distance away, you might reconsider coming to this and heading to the Street Scene instead. On the other hand, there should be a big crowd on Sunset with the possibility of other good bands in the area. We suggest you call the venues for information. Let us know, and we'll pass it along. Thanks to Todd who alerted us to the Viper situation and Lori who gave us the lowdown on Duff and the guys.

Rolling Stone magazine had coverage of the new GNR shows in the UK. This is the issue with the Vines on the cover. After the GNR performance details, they had a nice quote from SLASH taking the high road again. "I think the world always needs a Guns N'Roses, or else music gets too soft. I wish them all the luck in the world, I hope the album sells. I'd love to see them...if they let me this time." We thought it seemed a little wistful. Brian, thanks for the information which is also found in the US version.

Olivia sent some Keri Kelli information from the Perris Records newsletter. This is your chance to win a guitar autographed by Keri. And they give some Keri tour dates as well. If you're a fan of Keri's, get in on this.

"Perris Records is proud to present the first autographed guitar giveaway contest on! The guitar is autographed by Kristy Krash Majors & Keri Kelli of PBF, Ratt, Warrant, Slash's Snakepit fame. This guitar giveaway is to promote the worldwide premier of Kristy's "The Devil In Me" solo cd release on Perris Records. Five tracks from "The Devil In Me" will be played in a row on , to enter contestants will have to name all five tracks played in order by emailing their answers to: The tracks will be played at 1,6, & 8 p.m.(Central Time) on Sunday, September 8th, 2002. The winner will be picked from a random drawing of the Correct answers on September 9th. Good Luck! (Hint! Print out track listings at in advance. Just click on KKM cd cover to get correct song names.)

Kristy Krash Majors will be touring with Keri Kelli & Kari Kane (Original PBF drummer) with gigs at:
09/20/02 Tarzana, CA, Paladino's
09/21/02 Anaheim, CA, The Shack
09/28/02 Las Vegas, NV Pink E's
And more dates to follow at"

Here's some news on Brian Tichy and his band Ball. They'll be at Club Vodka on Thursday, September 12 at 8:45pm. Also playing will be Gilby Clarke! This show has a discount list which gets you a $5 reduction on tickets. Email 24 hours before the show with your full name and the number of guests. Ball will be at the Cat Club on Saturday, September 21 at 11:30pm. No discount list but tickets are just $5. Brian thanks everyone who has come out to their shows. Here's a typically funny Brian quote, "We are still looking for the big deal, but no label has agreed to our $2,000,000 non-recoupable advance. They've come close, but we ain't budgin' "!

News Reported: 09/04/02