OCTOBER 8,1999

The E! channel airs a program on porn queen Savanna. At one time Savanna was the girlfriend to many rockers including Axl Rose, Vince Neil and SLASH. She always claimed to be in love with SLASH who dumped her when he met his future wife. The show talks of the "sad" life of this porno star who dabbled in alchoholism and drugs. There are some SLASH pictures and mentions. Interesting to note that when she killed herself, not one rocker came to her funeral. The show is on E! on 10/4 at 10 am, 4pm; 10/7 at 9pm; and 10/8 at 10 am, 4pm.

VH1 aired a program called Rock and Roll History tonight. It was the tribute to Les Paul that was done at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. Many famous rock guitarists, including SLASH, were on hand to play with Les Paul.

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