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December 2002
(Updated December, 2002)

Over the holidays, we've managed to do some page updating. The discography has had a few things added as has the list of SLASH videos. There's a whole new section called The Project (reachable from the SLASH Menu on the main page). This is a fairly long writeup on the end of Snakepit, SLASH's interest in a solo project, working with Izzy and Duff, and the SLASH/Duff/Izzy/Matt project (shortened to The Project). On the SLASH page there is a separate section for his bands, and this is the start of another. We'll add to it as information comes to us. There have been so many questions on The Project, and this will give fans a place to find the major events in building this new band.

Speaking of The Project, Dawn sent this in from Canada. If you thought the vocalist search was over with three top candidates mentioned by SLASH, it appears that's wrong. SLASH is now reaching across the border to see what our friends in the north might have in the way of a singer. Vancouver, Canada's Todd Kerns has been approached to work on three songs! Dawn says that Todd has a solid record in Canada, and Canadians would LOVE to see "a good red blooded Canadian boy get the gig!" Todd was voted Sexiest Canadian Rocker last year in Chart Magazine there and has been nominated again this year. Dawn reports that Todd has worked in a number of bands, sold a lot of records and is supposedly working on a solo CD. Dawn says he can sing rings around most guys trying out with a lot more presence, and she characterizes his singing as a mixture of Sebastian Bach and Ian Astbury with a little Axl in there (without the mental problems...remember, Dawn is from Vancouver, the first stop on the Axl recent tour that ended in a riot when Axl did not show). Well, this one sounds good, doesn't he? It looks like we are into a global search now. And why not? Thanks, Dawn! Here's a site where you can check Todd Kerns out...just in case:

Todd Kerns Site

Some more sad news. You remember our pal Lori Lepper who had Duff's Loaded site? Lori was murdered in her Los Angeles apartment. (see For Lori link above) Lori worked with a Loaded and Duff fan, Shannon, on this site. Shannon sent out some mail notifying people that when the contract expires for the website space, the main Loaded site ( will come down. Shannon finds it too difficult to work on the site with all the memories of our friend. She says she is passing the torch to anyone else who may want to do a new site, perhaps starting with Duff's role in The Project. Shannon wishes everyone a happier New Year and asks for your prayers that Lori's murderer may be caught and brought to justice. Lori was buried in her home country, Italy, on Dec. 19. Sadly missed by her friends. Police have no suspects at this time.

Steve had some nice compliments for SLASH on being so friendly to the fans and signing anything put in front of him. Steve was at the Boston new GNR show, and he ran into Dizzy Reed at a hotel there. Steve pulled out a Snakepit CD and asked Dizzy to sign it. Now, Dizzy did not play on either Snakepit CD, and this may have been a reason for his hissy fit. Dizzy told Steve he would never sign that and reluctantly signed the Illusion CDs. Del James was there and acted like "a real f*ckhead" as he looked on in horror at the idea that Dizzy would sign something. He told Steve "don't ever ask him for anything ever again!!" Steve said they both seemed insane. SLASH signed all Steve's GNR CDs with a smile at one of the Snakepit shows. Steve himself was in a fury and was about to tell them that the real GNR will stand up next year and wipe the f*ckin' floor with this f*ckin' cover band! Steve was especially angry with Del James as no one ever seems to know what this guy is doing hanging around. Remember "Beggars & Hangers-On"? Well, there you have careful who you approach at the GNR shows because these guys seem to think they are the rock star! Let's hope that SLASH's attitude toward his fans is part of the whole band's attitude. We've never heard a complaint like this about SLASH...the only ones being that he did not stay around afterward sometimes. Never be worried about approaching SLASH. He likes his fans and likes to talk to them after a show.

There was an article in the October 2001 issue of Guitar Player. The article is on the 1987 Les Paul guitar that SLASH owns and loves. This guitar and its setup generate many questions, and hopefully this article will satisfy those who have asked. The article was written by Gary Brawer.

Of Slash's 90-plus guitars, the Les Paul that keeps following him around is this 1987 model he bought just before Guns 'N Roses became a household name. The guitar features a mahogany body and 3-piece maple top with a mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. Over the course of a few refrets by luthier Sammy Sanchez, the fingerboard radius--which probably began at 12"--has flattened slightly to 14" at the nut, rounding to 12" at the end of the neck. The high Dunlop 6105 frets (measuring .055" tall by .090" wide) make for easy string bending. The string height at the nut is kept very low--about 1/64" above the first fret. The low nut height makes for easier playing and helps the guitar play in tune by lessening the distance the string must stretch to get to the fret. Slash's longtime tech Adam Day pays special attention to keep the nut slots polished and lubed with Tri-Flow.

Even with tuning down a half-step and using Ernie Ball .011-.048 strings, breakage can still be a problem. To combat this, Day raised the tailpiece 1/4" off the body, which lowers the string tension over the bridge and helps to minimize breakage. He also polishes the saddles regularly.

Slash favors Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro pickups in his Les Pauls. The neck pickup is kept low at 7/32" from the strings, and the bridge pickup is at 1/8". The neck is very straight, and the strings sit at a low and even 1/16" above the 12th fret. The tuning machines have been swapped out for newer vintage-style Gibsons (with a screw-in top ferrule, not the press-in type), and the bridge has been changed to a Gibson Nashville Tune-o-matic.

The guitar's neck has been broken in three different places: twice at the peghead and once where it joins the body. In spite of this--and the fact that this Patti is a factory second--it still remains a fantastic sounding and playing guitar.

This is the last News for 2002. We're taking New Year's Day off, but we'll return this Friday. All 2002's News will be in the archives that can be accessed below. Keep your eyes open for SLASH. He says he usually goes to Ron Wood's place in the UK for New Year's Eve, but London may want to hang out closer to home! Happy New Year to everyone, especially SLASH! We expect 2003 to bring the end of the vocalist search and the release of The Project's album along with a long tour! Will baby London be on the tour bus? We hope so. Look forward to buying the album and the merchandise and going to a lot of shows. No tour schedule is set yet, but we're hoping for a global tour!

News Reported: 12/30/02

Fans have been suggesting names for the Project, the SLASH/Duff/Matt and possibly Izzy band. SLASH will have some clever name, but in the meantime you can think about these from fellow readers. If you scroll down to last time's news, you can read the first listing. This is the second and final group! Should give the Project something to think about.

Suggested Band Names (part 2)

There's another Camp Freddy video in the SLASH Videos section. This one is also from the free show. And this time "It's So Easy". It's great to watch SLASH really moving all around the stage. For awhile there, it seemed SLASH had given up that running and stomping, but now he's back. How much more exciting his performances are this way! Keep rockin', SLASH! When you link to the Video program, scroll down to the first video. These are the Camp Freddy videos, choose any/all. They are great and nice and long. Windows Media is required for these.

SLASH Looks Like "It's So Easy"

Now that the gifts are open, did you get any GNR or Snakepit items under the tree? Most of these items aren't found easily in the stores anymore, so you have to have a pretty devoted significant other make you something or find it on the net. Mom and Dad seem more tuned in to the Mall. Let's us know what you got. If you can email a picture, that would be great. OUR GNR lives!

OUR GNR lives in memories and their music. It's not just us! Tatiana saw this in Maxim Blender in the August 2002 issue. The greatest "rawk" album as judged by the staff is GNR's Appetite for Destruction, Geffen, 1987. They say that grunge didn't kill hair metal...GNR did with the streetwise, no bullsh*t hard rock debut. Appetite... topped the charts in the summer of '88, and big hair was over. The album has it all: sex, drugs, violence, death, swearing and a sweet tune about Axl's blue-eyed love. Standout tracks: "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Sweet Child O' Mine". Let's hope 2003 brings a similar hard rocking album from the remaining Gunners. SLASH is interviewed at a friend's house where he has his snakes stashed. He's watching his pythons and boas shed their skins. SLASH is asked about the mindset of Guns when they went into the studio in '86 to record Appetite.... SLASH says they hated everything, and they had no one to look up to...not the other bands and not the record companies. Geffen put them in different studios, tried different producers. These were live performances with Axl's vocals and SLASH's solos being the only overdubs. They banged out 12 songs in 12 days. (Compare this to the latest Axl album.) SLASH is asked when was the last time he listened to their debut album, and he said the only time he's ever listened to it was when the band rehearsed for the first tour. The interviewer replies that SLASH may be the only rock fan that has listened to the album just one time. SLASH replies that it's not necessary to go back to a party you were at and pick up broken beer bottles and try to relive it. Asked if he would have done something differently, SLASH says he has no regrets and if all the original members would like to try again, he would do it. Did Axl go slightly nuts after Appetite? SLASH says that success exaggerates whatever you are. Axl is not nuts, but SLASH can't understand where Axl is coming from. The other four used to take solace in each other. They had a simple approach that was a buffer for Axl's eccentric mentality. Told that Back in Black came in very close to Appetite, and SLASH thanks the interviewer and says Back In Black was really the last great rock album. The biggest "rawk" moment of SLASH's life was playing with Aerosmith and Deep Purple at Giants Stadium. Guns was about to break, and the place turned upside down! "But, man, my whole life has been pretty rawk"! Thanks so much, Tatiana!

The webmaster for an Izzy site sent this in. In Classic Rock magazine, the UK edition, Christmas 2002, there's a mention of The Project. They reported that on Halloween, there was a superstar jam going on. SLASH, Matt and Duff who are working with Izzy were joined at the Ivar Club by Ron Wood and Sebastian Bach for a version of "Paradise City". There was a picture of the band rehearsing. The webmaster says he is a huge fan of Izzy Stradlin and believes Izzy deserves more credit. Izzy's released 4 solo albums in five years and Axl has released zero, yet Axl gets all the magazine attention. Well, on this site, at least, Izzy is not forgotten. When Axl's cover band is onstage, a lot of those songs were written by Izzy...just as the music was written by SLASH. There is no credit for the people who made these songs popular. We could rant about this forever, but life is not fair for the most part. Hopefully with the new Project, Izzy will keep taking an active part. With Izzy at the helm of the lyrics project, this album has a really good chance. As SLASH said about him, "Izzy can write a song faster than you can drop a dime." He has the respect of the ex-Gunners. Got to go listen to On Down The Road!

Happy Holidays to SLASH and His Fans!

News Reported: 12/27/02

A few weeks ago, we asked if you'd send in suggestions for the new band name. It's taking them a long time to choose the singer, and then they have to get a band name. Maybe our suggestions will help! The first half are here, and the second half will run Friday. If you sent multiple suggestions, we just used two. Our own suggestions are The Project or SLASH's Project and SLASH's Snakepit III.

Suggested Band Names (part 1)

Speaking of the Project, there are two good interviews with Sebastian Bach where most of the talk is about the possibility of his joining the Project. He says he's been given 14 more songs to work on, sing and record and turn in for consideration. It's tough doing his Broadway tour of Jesus Christ Superstar and working on the songs, but he'll do it. According to Sebastian, just about every singer walking is being listened to and considered. Both articles are pretty much the same, but both are interesting. Sounds like Sebastian is one of the three finalists.

Bach on Project

Another Bach Interview

Izzy saw the VH1 show "I Love 88" on VH1 and wasn't too pleased at the remarks about SLASH. There were about 5 hosts including Daisy Fuentes, Quiet Riot, and others, and they talked about Guns N'Roses, mostly Axl and Slash. Daisy said that SLASH was like the Bad Ass Drunk of GNR while Axl was the cuter, more peaceful one. Does this woman know about Axl's temper? A star of the show "Queer as Folk" said that SLASH looks like the kind of person that would go out in the alley and pee with you. Ladies? Izzy said they pretty much ran down SLASH. For example, Tiffany said she wondered why SLASH had his hair over his face and thought it was a bad acne problem. One truthful thing was saying that when SLASH did his headbanging and his top hat flew off, it would go flying 3 to 4 feet in the air! Izzy says it is worth watching if you have a set of ear plugs because there are good band clips to look at. However, they think Axl is the best band member, so bear that in mind. Thanks, Izzy!

If you don't get a SLASH Tshirt for Christmas, Jizz says you need to book a trip to Thailand. He bought a Tshirt just like the one we showed last week. He says there is a big fashion center in Thailand. You might not expect to find SLASH shirts there, but there are some really rare ones along with other rare GNR things. Check the Fan Address section, write to someone in Thailand and see if they can fix you up.

Last time we put a Camp Freddy song in the Video Section. This was a really rocking version of Paul Rogers' "Feel Like Making Love". One of the best performances by SLASH with so much energy that you can't believe you didn't get to go. Another one from the same show is now up just under the first. This is Led Zep's "Whole Lotta Love". Not many people are going to do a Led Zep song, but Camp Freddy did it with the lead guitar in the hands of SLASH. Wonderful! This is a Windows Media video.

SLASH Has A "Whole Lotta Love"

When you get there scroll down to the second video to see this one.

Finally, here's some TV shows you might check out while you're off school or work. On 12/26 at 10pm on VH1 is a repeat of "VH1 Presents the 80's". The 80's were marked by excess, and no music represented the times better than Heavy Metal. Hair metal bands showed off their glam looks. Power ballads were a big thing, and GNR was part of the whole situation. On 12/28/02, VH1 has "The Top 90 of the 90's. These are the top 90 videos for that decade, and of course GNR is well represented. MTV has one out called "MTV's Most Talked About Moments" This may be a new one. It's on 12/28 at noon ET, 12/28 at 6pm ET and 12/29 at 4pm ET. MTV wants you to celebrate all the highs and lows of 2002 before we get to the New Year. It appears that the GNR moment is the new GNR at the Video Music Axl run himself ragged and gasp for air. Better to read a good book!

Happy Holidays to SLASH and His Fans!

News Reported: 12/23/02

Due to the Christmas/New Years holidays, the SLASH page will be on vacation Wednesday, December 25 and Wednesday, January 1. Keep those emails of sightings coming! We wish all of you a very Happy Holiday season. May there be lots of music in your stocking and in your heart. Have a Happy New Year with lots of Stoli and Jack..but don't drive! SLASH needs all his fans. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to SLASH and his family. They were blessed with a son, and may next year bring him the success he deserves in his latest venture. Best wishes from all of us, SLASH!

The Camp Freddy site has put up two sets of pictures from the recent gigs SLASH guested at. The first set is the free, public show at the Henry Fonda Theater. By the way, Camp Freddy has a headcount of 900 for that show which is a very good turnout. They have some posters, Tshirts and caps leftover which they might sell on ebay...or not. We'll let you know if they decide to sell the extras. The second set of pictures is from Sapphire's opening. This was a private show in Vegas to celebrate the opening of this gentleman's club. The url is below. When you get there, click on "Navigate the Site" at the top. Then click "Pix" for the first set. At the end of that list of thumbnails, click "Archived Items" to bring up the second site. Of course, there are SLASH pictures!

Camp Freddy Pictures

There are two corrections from the last News. The woman in the SLASH T-shirt was AT Sonia Rykiel's store opening, but she was not designer Rykiel. According to several fans, that's Denise Van Outen who used to present a show called Big Breakfast. This is the one Dane wrote in about originally. Denise has great taste. Thanks to Andrew and several others for that correction. And Ben wrote about Kelly Schaefer. The article about Kelly states that he is starting a band while he waits for the word from the Project. He was asked if this band, the new one of Kelly's, would be Neurotica II. Kelly does not think of the Project as Neurotica II, and he hopes his new band will have something out in the spring. He says it was an honor to jam with the Project, but he is keeping busy. Good musicians have to play all the time! Thanks, Ben; and good luck to Kelly with this new band.

The December 7 issue of Billboard magazine has mentions of two ex-Snakepit guys, SLASH and Matt Laug. The article is about Billy Bob Thornton and is titled "Thornton Inherits SLASH's Studio". Thornton is working on an album, and he's cut 25 tracks in SLASH's Snakepit studio. This studio was in the mansion SLASH owned in Beverly Hills for a few years. Thornton has also cut an album of early to mid-sixties covers. He never thought he could do all this work in the home studio, and he was pleased to discover he could. The studio's modified Trident 80B console was retained, explains Jim Mitchell the engineer/producer. Jim has worked with GNR, SLASH and Duff. He said the console now has Uptown Automation on both the input and monitors, so it's 56 channels of automation. SLASH also put in two iZ Technologies RADAR 24 hard disk recoders, allowing 48 tracksof 24-bit/96Hz recording. On these current recordings, Thornton is joined by Matt Laug (!) on drums. Another album is coming up with more of a rock sound, and Thornton says SLASH's Snakepit studio permits him to do just about anything and get the sound right.

On December 13, Joao from Portugal went to see the Alice Cooper concert. Both Teddy Zig Zag (GNR, Blues Ball, Snakepit '95 and the recent Snakepit) and Eric Dover (Snakepit '95) were onstage. Teddy was introduced this way: on the keyboard from Guns N'Roses, Mr. Teddy Zig Zag. When the show ended, Joao went up to Teddy and asked about the new GNR lineup. Teddy said ... "they're finished, done, finished". Eric was on the bus, so Joao didn't get a chance to talk to him, but he says Eric is really a good guitar player. At this time there were 3 or 4 people by the bus and Alice came up. He said nothing to the fans at all which surprised us. We always think everyone is as nice to the fans as SLASH is. Joao said he was happy he talked to Teddy who was cool and really nice. Thanks, Joao.

If you're still feeling left out of the Camp Freddy show because it was too far away, you can experience some of that CF magic with a video! SLASH is playing on this one, "Feel Like Making Love" along with the CF band. SLASH is really rocking out...lots of jumps and headbanging, and the best guitar playing anywhere. Makes you realize why you're a big SLASH fan. The video is in Windows Media format, and thanks to Randy for giving the SLASH videos a home on his site. Scroll down to the first video where you see SLASH and Dave Navarro onstage:

SLASH Says "Feel Like Making Love"

News Reported: 12/20/02

Clement got into the free Camp Freddy show! He said that wasn't too hard as he was the 10th person in line when opening time was just 75 minutes away. It had been raining hard all day, and maybe fans were afraid they would get soaked. About 25 people went in at opening (down from the 400 expected). Clement said there were about 40 people in a venue that seats 800. Sad. The band waited for more people to come in, and they did! The rain had stopped, and the fans ran over to see what all the excitement is about. When they began to play, there were about 300 which Clement said was a cool vibe.

Before Camp Freddy took the stage, Clement found Adam Day, SLASH's guitar tech. Adam said a singer has yet to be found for the Project and asked Clement if he knew anyone! Clement said he heard that Axl wasn't busy now which got a chuckle from Adam. Adam also said they have 40 songs ready to go when they get a singer. Izzy hasn't been around for a couple of weeks.

About the show, Clement said it was great! They gave out free Camp Freddy posters, too...always a plus. Many celebs were there. The ever present Carmen Elektra was there rocking at stage side. SLASH hung out awhile before going backstage. He did autographs (Clement got one!)and did fan photos for everyone who asked. Clement asked how the Project was going, and SLASH replied very genuinely that it was going really well. Fans were screaming for picks, so SLASH had Adam give some out. Clement had gotten one during the show by holding up his famous "Pick, Please" sign. SLASH walked right over to him and handed him one. SLASH has not changed his attitude toward the fans. Never be afraid to approach him or ask him things. He genuinely likes the people that like him! Thank you, Clement, for that great report! And here are some photos from the gig:

SLASH did another show with Camp Freddy recently. This was a private show for the grand opening of Sapphire, the largest "gentlemen's club" in the world. It's located in Vegas, and is basically a strip joint that's really large. SLASH is an afficianado of these, so he must have felt at home. Anywhere SLASH plays, he feels at home! Here are some pictures from that gig (strippers not on stage).

Fan Source runs SLASH's fan club for him and not long ago they held a fan appreciation week in CA. Price was $100 for the weekend activities and an extra $40 to go to the SLASH reception. The reception was SLASH seated at a desk in front of rows of wooden chairs. Hi, Teacher! Not too many fans were there, and SLASH rushed out at the end to go to Hawaii. He did what he usually does, answer some questions, sign autographs and get his picture taken. He gave out some LONDON guitar picks. SLASH's wife and child were there, and photos of the newest addition were snapped. Here's a couple of SLASH at his desk and with fans and wife:

Thanks to Kimberli for finding this interview... Kelly Shaefer from Neurotica auditioned for the Project awhile back. He's still waiting to hear if he made it. The Bradenton (FL) Herald interviewed Kelly and got some interesting answers. Neurotica had broken up before this whole Project auditioning came around. He would really like to have the job. He says he has a lot of energy as he was ready to go for another album when Neurotica split. Kelly says, "But Shaefer says the still-unnamed band won't be "Neurotica, Part II." It's Audioslave meets Queens of the Stone Age," he said. "Very straight-forward, super-rocking with big hooks, but with a lot of Zeppelin-esque qualities, which I really love." We're glad to hear the ex-Gunner band won't be named after the vocalist since we see it as a Gunner group not a Neurotica group. People in Florida must be getting too much sun if they think SLASH would let that happen. He said that SLASH called and told him he was in the top three and just chill. The other two were not mentioned but the ones we have heard are Meeks from Days of the New and Baz from Skid Row and Broadway. Here's the interview:

Interview With Kelly Shaefer

Who's this beautiful lady with the SLASH Tshirt? This is Sonia Rykiel, a fashion designer with her own line of perfumes. Let's try a little of the perfume on SLASH! This is a rare (not a regular release) Tshirt, and you may have seen this picture in Rolling Stone in the past. Sonia has taken the T, and she's slid it down over her shoulders. We also liked the T over the hiphuggers that both she and SLASH appear to be wearing. Your SLASH Tshirt is always in style! The photo was taken at a party for the opening of the Sonia Rykiel shop in Bond Street, London on December 12. Too bad SLASH was not there, but this was a cool place for his photo to be. Thanks to Kimberli who found this!

And another interesting photo set from Kimberli...she found this on the net, and it's the Philly venue after Axl did not show up. This is a roadie web site. How do you like this mess? It's amazing that no one was hurt here. The roadies seem really pleased to be cleaning up this Axl disaster, don't they? There's a short article right after the pictures. Check it out at

Aftermath Photos

One SLASH fan, Philip, was at the Philly show and sent a message about it. The evening's problem started with the venue halting beer sales at 9:30. One audience member reacted by tearing the cushion off his seat and yelling, "This is for SLASH!" YEA!! Philip gave him a high-five. Philip left before things got ugly. People were yelling and saying that Axl sucks. Well, when you stand up 20,000 fans, you have to expect some negativity! The SLASH fans were talking about the Project and looking forward to that. Sebastian Bach was their favorite candidate for vocalist. So, as the destruction rained, Philip headed for home. Thanks, Philip!

News Reported: 12/18/02

Tonight's the big free public concert that Camp Freddy's putting on. Remember, you line up after 3pm, and the first 400 people get in. SLASH, Duff and Matt will be there! Other music celebs will be in the audience and onstage. The venue is the Henry Fonda Theater on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, CA. As Billy Morrison, frontman for Camp Freddy, says, "The whole point behind Camp Freddy is to experience it live. You never know who's going to get onstage next, or what the song list is, but you know it's going to blow your mind." If you get in, please send a review.

The last time Camp Freddy played, it was an invitation only gig in Las Vegas on December 13. The event was the grand opening of Sapphire, the largest gentleman's club (read strip bar) in the world. The band guest list wasn't announced beforehand, but now it can be revealed that SLASH was there! Knowing SLASH and his affinity for strip bars, you should have guessed he'd be onstage. Other musical guests were Johnny Fayva (who performed an interesting striptease of his own), Billy Duffy, Duff McKagan, Wes Scantlin, Bret Scallions and Tricky. Here's some pictures of SLASH!

Last time we put up a picture of SLASH, Duff and their wives was at the Animal Avengers show. For the record, the picture was from the KROQ Almost Acoustical Christmas show at the Universal Ampitheater on December 7. From all the photos on KROQ, it does not appear that SLASH played. And he definitely was not at Animal Avengers according to one fan who was very disappointed that SLASH did not show.

Dane is the guy that works with Ray Charles and the kids on the blues project, Blueslab. SLASH has contributed his time also. Dane sent in a SLASH sighting! He says in the Saturday, December 14 issue of The Daily Mirror on page 13 was a SLASH mention. There was a picture of a TV presenter called Denise Van Outen who used to host a very popular early morning show called The Big Breakfast. Dane said that SLASH appeared on that show years ago. Anyone remember that? The picture of Denise shows her walking along with a very cool designer Tshirt with a great big picture of Our Man on it! Rock on! Thanks, Dane, for the information.

This one was a TV sighting. AdZ says that on the 14th at 3am, he turned on the TV to channel 13 ITV. A familiar opening chord came on - to "Civil War". The show was about music in the UK 1993, and they were covering GNR. Footage from "Civil War" as played in Tokyo '92 was shown. There was an interview....with SLASH! He talked about how he has had bands ever since he could play an A chord. SLASH always has a funny story, and this one was a gig at the Limelighter. He said he did a stage dive, the crowd parted and he hit the concrete floor! SLASH was wearing a backward gray cap with his hair tied up, hoop earrings and a large nose ring (which AdZ didn't care for). The station also showed the "Give In To Me" video and mentioned SLASH was in it. What a great program! Thanks, AdZ!

Phoebe writes to us from China. You may remember her boyfriend, Aga, who sent in some notes about SLASH and GNR from China. Aga is very busy just now, so Phoebe has been pressed into service. In the magazine Occident Music, GNR was in the group of 20 Most Influential Bands for Chinese. GNR came in #14 (Nirvana behind at #15). There was an article about Izzy, and the author says they first knew Izzy from the MTV video "SCOM". She thought that the reason Izzy is silent is that the most attractive roles onstage are lead guitarist and vocalist. Could be? Thank you, Phoebe!

News Reported: 12/16/02

Still looking for that perfect SLASH collectible to stuff in your significant other's sock? Here it is! Mark from Massachusetts sent in word that he saw a commercial for Underground Comedy Movie, a droll soft-porn show featuring none other than our SLASH. See why his manager called it "the movie that wouldn't die"! It comes with a bonus movie with SLASH, too! What could this be: Biker Girls From Hell, another SLASH movie? Call this number immediately and order your copy for a mere $19.95 plus s/h. Mark felt he needed to alert the SLASH fans so they get a copy. The number to call is 1-800-315-4455. Buy one for everyone you know. They are sure to enjoy this intellectual yet funny film. All tongue in cheek here, but this is really the number to call to buy it. Thanks, Mark, and we wish you several dozen copies under the tree.

If you're pregnant, you may have heard of epregnancy or seen it in your OB/GYN's office. Look for this at your next visit! Sarah from Vermont works for an OB/GYN, and she reports that SLASH, wife Perla, and cutie pie baby Hudson made the front cover! Sarah says there are great pictures of the family and a good article covering the nursery and SLASH's take on fatherhood (tiny people are very cute but don't play guitar well). Lots of nice nursery pictures, too. Perla describes how caring and thoughtful SLASH was during her pregnancy (that's my son in there!) and how he took care of her after the Csection. That's the first time the Csection has been reported publicly. Sarah says try to find this's great! Sarah, do you have a scanner?! Thanks for this one...SLASH's fans are truly everywhere.

On December 10, SLASH played a charity show for Animal Avengers, an animal rescue and rights organization. The event was at the L.A. venue, the Key Club, and many musicians were involved in providing the entertainment. SLASH and Duff showed up with the wives, no kids, and had a great time jamming. Gene Simmons and Dave Navarro and Matt Sorum teamed up with SLASH and Duff. The Project strikes again! Thanks to Kimberli for locating these pictures from the fundraiser.

Speaking of fundraisers, Ray sent information from the Rolling Stone newsletter that Les Paul has donated a Les Paul Gibson Classic guitar to be sold on ebay. The beneficiary is the Uniformed Firefighters Association Widows and Children Fund. Les Paul is a long time resident of New York where the casualty figure on firefighters went in to the hundreds on 9/11. We couldn't find the listing and neither could ebay, so it's possible it is still in the pipe on its way to ebay. If you see the listing, let us know. Thanks!

You might recognize the name Attila as being the developer and caretaker of the SLASH forum which is connected to several SLASH fan sites. Attila has a German SLASH site of his own. Like the rest of us and probably some of you, keeping these sites online is an ongoing expense. Attila was cool enough to design Tshirts and have them printed. There's a funny little SLASH and the url for his site. We're going to give you the url for the store where you can buy a Tshirt and help his site and the German and other fans who visit. Another good idea for Christmas?!

New SLASH Tshirt

If you're reading this in NYC, grab your boots and jacket and hurry over to Tribeca Blues. Mr. Brownstone, the GNR cover band, is playing tonight! Tribute bands give you the chance to hear music from the original band. They work hard to dress similarly and play the music close to the original. These are nice guys, so run up to Tribeca Blues and give them a listen. If you're busy shopping, see them on 1/18 at Harper's Ferry in Boston.

We've tried to follow our leader's example and not hold Axl's feet to the fire through all the recent turmoil. If you haven't followed this, Axl's entire tour has been cancelled. When he was to be in Philly for a show, he was still in NYC; and the show was cancelled resulting in a fracas between fans and security. Shortly thereafter, all shows were cancelled. Even if you are a big Axl supporter, you'll get a laugh out of Metal Sludge's award and review. Kimberli found this, and it is a good laugh because Metal Sludge just really tears into everyone! Today was Axl's turn:

Metal Sludge on Axl

News Reported: 12/13/02

'Tis The Season! When you're writing all those cards, maybe you'd like to send one to SLASH! He really does appreciate those you send to him. Here's the address for fan mail where you can send your Christmas wishes:

5664 Cahuenga Blvd.
Suite 246
North Hollywood, CA 91601

There's no need to send a gift...just a card is great. If you feel you must send something, food or drink for security purposes. It's a lot less stressful if you just send a card! Christmas is just two weeks away, so send it soon!

In the December 26 issue of Rolling Stone, they're doing the whole magazine on happenings and musicians in the news in 2002. There was a small SLASH quote: "When he has all his shit together, Axl is brilliant. It just takes him awhile to get around to it"....SLASH on the new Guns N'Roses.

Fans write often looking for posters for SLASH's Snakepit and the old GNR. Pushposters sent a note saying they have just a little over $6 each. Give yourself the gift of Snakepit or GNR! They are at

Matt Laug sent in a note. He says he's fine and keeping busy as usual. Matt says he has requests for photos from fans, and he's going to get something together on this. As soon as he's got it planned out, we'll let you know how to get one! We'll be first in line ourselves! Keri Kelli is another one from Snakepit that keeps really busy. Right now Keri has just finished four LA Guns shows where he stood in for Traci Gunns. He'll be doing another on New Year's Eve at Paladino's in Tarzana, CA. He's also been doing some jam shows with Angel City Outlaws. The next will be 12/19 and 12/20 in Kingman, AZ. On the 21st, it's off to Pink-E's in Las Vegas and then to Hogue Barmichaels in Newport Beach on 12/28. Keri is working with Shameless on a new album, and they'll get going on that again in the New Year with the album to be released this summer. And a big show reminder for the frontman of Snakepit, SLASH! SLASH is going to be at the Camp Freddy show on 12/16 at 10pm PST. Tickets are FREE! They go to the first 400 in line on 12/16, and doors open at 9pm PST. Lineup starts at 3pm PST. No early lineups permitted. Let us know if you get in!

Correction! Chris told us that he spotted Slash and wife at the Paul McCartney show on TV. He's just watched the tape again, and it's not SLASH! Who would you think could pass for a SLASH double if you just had a quick look? How about Howard Stern! This is not the first time we've had people mistake SLASH for Howard although Howard is way taller than SLASH. We don't think SLASH would mind as he gets along well with Howard. Thanks, Chris!

A fan, SLASH2000ie, from Ireland writes that the Jackass Bar-B-Que special is being shown there. SLASH is a special guest! One of the Jackass crew starts hugging SLASH and won't stop! SLASH remarks that the guy can stop hugging him now, and he gives a short interview where he talks about his BMX days. It's repeated all week on MTV Ireland/UK. Thanks!

News Reported: 12/11/02

Get a copy of the January 2003 Playboy and see that perfect playboy, SLASH. This time they are asking him about what style, which designer he likes to wear. Tamara saw the article, and LuAnn actually scanned it and sent it along. SLASH isn't into designers unless it is his mom! Here's the article, thanks to LuAnn, and there's a nice picture too:

SLASH in Playboy

Way back when Axl was just getting his band together, SLASH said that Axl would never finish the tour. When asked why, he said that Axl detested touring and would never continue with nor complete the tour. At the time we found that hard to believe, but now such sources as MTV have announced that the tour is in fact cancelled. At two shows, Vancouver and Philly, fans fought, threw things and broke up the venues when the band was late and cancelled. Clear Channel, the tour promotion company, finally called the tour off citing economic reasons. It's said they were losing $200,000 on each show. Axl and the boys were getting big bucks but the venues were not selling very well with the exception of a couple. The latest rumors are that guitarist Robin Fincke may be leaving. What this means for the album, no one seems to know. A sad day for Axl's fans who were looking forward to coming shows.

One of the funniest things we've heard from this is that Axl will apply for the lead vocalist in the Project! Everywhere it seems there are board postings and news items claiming that this or that artist has been selected. Today we heard three. SLASH is not seeking a trio, so what you should get out of this is that the announcement will be true when you hear it from SLASH. It is true that Travis Meeks of Days of the New has been working with the band and rumor has it that he has done some good things there. No final decision has yet been made. Another funny thing was sent in by Novemberrian007c. He says that on TicketBastard's home page, they have a little note about the GNR tour. It says don't miss rock n'roll's bad boys Axl and SLASH on tour! Maybe if SLASH had shown up, things would still be happening. He can play some pretty long solos waiting for Axl to appear!

Another reminder about Camp Freddy. They're finally throwing a party for the public. The show will take place in Hollywood, CA at the Henry Fonda theater. The theater is located on Hollywood Blvd. at the corner of Gower. To get tickets, you have to line up at the theater beginning at 3pm. Those who love the top hatted one will definitely want to be there. We're not sure about Duff, but Matt will be there as a member of the band. Get out there early and get a ticket and see SLASH!

Jonah watched the Paul McCartney special on TV, and SLASH was in the audience! During the intro they showed all the big celebs. SLASH was on about 2 seconds, all dressed up in a suit; and his wife Perla was there in a dark dress. No top hat, but SLASH had on his sunglasses. Thanks, Jonah! Coming up on ETV is the E! True Hollywood Story: Sunset Strip. SLASH is on here a good bit talking about what GNR did on (and to) the Strip in their younger days. It's on 12/11 at 4:30pm ET. Worth seeing!

News Reported: 12/09/02

SLASH fans know that SLASH loves animals...not just his reptiles but his cats and the cute little dog that is the most recent pet addition. SLASH is doing a couple of things this month involving his love for animals. On December 10 at the Key Club in L.A., there is a big fundraiser (they call it a Holiday FunRaiser) for Animal Avengers featuring Shannon Elizabeth, CC DeVille, SLASH, Gene Simmons, AJ McLean of Backstreet Boys and dozens of others. SLASH is practicing holding his pets while playing guitar! (No, not really.) Animal Avengers is a non-profit animal rescue group dedicated to preventing animal cruelty, pet overpopulation and placing homeless pets. Tickets are $50 in advance and $75 at the door with special $150 VIP access. To order your ticket, go to or the Key Club Box Office or Ticketmaster. From 6pm-9pm is a Not-So-Silent auction. At 8pm the music and entertainment begins. Check their web site for additional information and look through the pictures of pets up for adoption.

Another thing SLASH has been up to is doing a photo shoot in preparation for an exhibition by Celebrity Animal Photographer Christopher Ameruoso. The venue will be the Hamilton-Selway Fine Arts in West Hollywood, CA. The pictures are of SLASH, wife Perla and their dog, Foxy Brown. We haven't found out yet when the exhibition will be held, but it should be soon.

Camp Freddy is going to do that show for the public. It's free! The show will be in Hollywood on December 16. It looks like SLASH will be guesting again...we'd hate to have a night where SLASH was not busy. There are 400 tickets available! On December 12, details on admission will be released.

If you live near Cleveland, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced that the Ron Wood Art Exhibit has been extended till year end. The exhibit is on the fourth floor. So if you haven't had a chance to see Ron's wonderful rock artwork (including SLASH), head out to Cleveland sometime this month.

Vicki from West Virginia sent us a note about a SLASH magazine appearance in Guitar World. This is a special collector's issue, Jimi Hendrix Live!. On page 12 there's the article, "Jimi Jams - A Host of Modern Rockers Pick Their All-time Favorite Hendrix Songs". Vicki says there is a tiny picture of SLASH that looks like it was taken when Robert Evans and SLASH were together. SLASH picked "Machine Gun" from Band of Gypsys and says, "To me, this is the ultimate Hendrix piece. I used to rewind this tape and listen to it over and over. I never tried to learn it, I just let myself absorb it by osmosis. Hendrix could just create directly, like there was no filter between his inspiration and the finished song. He was really good at not over-interpreting his feelings, sound-wise. It's like he would say, 'We're going to do 'Crosstown Traffic' ', and it would just pour right through.' " Get the article to read other selections from Perry Farrell, Steve Vai, Ozzy Osbourne, Peter Frampton, Stephen Stills, etc. Thanks, Vicki!

If you're getting discouraged waiting for the Project, especially with the flood of new GNR reviews, read this from the Mansfield News Journal. Read slowly and carefully, and then smile! You're still on the right bus: "And a Guns N'Roses without the shirtless guitar solos of top-hat-wearing guitarist SLASH (known to flawlessly jump off an 8-foot-tall wall of speakers mid solo), the thunderous beats of drummer Matt Sorum, the childish antics of bassist Duff McKagan and the stage indifference of guitarist Izzy Stradlin is a Guns N'Roses waste of time." YEAH!! Thanks, Kimberli!

News Reported: 12/06/02

Here's a picture of SLASH and one of his snakes that VH1 posted on their site. The show was "Celebrity Pets Unleashed", and it's going to be on again in December. Show times are 12/12 at 1am ET and 12/27 at 2pm ET. The show publicity says that it will introduce viewers to the nonjudgmental, unconditional true object of a star's affection...their pets! It's a one hour show where celebs talk to the camera and introduce the audience to their four-legged, two-legged and no-legged pets. SLASH does a good job as always, so try to catch this show. Thanks to Kimberli for the information.

Speaking of SLASH on TV, ETV is running a show with lots of SLASH in it - "The E! True Hollywood Story". The show takes a look at the Sunset Strip, a 1.7 mile stretch that connects Hollywood to Beverly Hills. Careers were launched and crushed there, and it is still a place for celebs to hang out. There's a lot about the history of the Strip, and SLASH is there to tell about what the area meant to Guns N'Roses. Air time is December 11 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm ET. Some parts get a little dull, but it's great when SLASH is on.

Camp Freddy! SLASH guested with Billy Morrison's cool new band a couple of times, and Duff and Matt were there, too. At the recent show at the Ivar, a drumhead was signed by the 5 band members and 14 of their guests including SLASH. Now they have put the drumhead up for auction on ebay, and all proceeds will benefit the L.A. Mission to help the homeless during the holidays. The guys in Camp Freddy want to ask you to help raise money for this good cause and own a piece of rock history. It's a once in a lifetime chance to own the only authorized memorabilia from the show. Autographs include SLASH, Duff, Sebastian Bach, Marc Ford, Perry Farrell, Billy Duffy, and many more. Here's where you go to read more, see more and bid:

Camp Freddy Drumhead

Adam read about another Camp Freddy appearance and wondered if SLASH would be there: Their web site says that Camp Freddy is taking its show on the Las Vegas! The band will play at the opening of the world's largest strip club on December 13. The band thinks this is another private party, so if you know anyone at the club, you might try getting on the list. The show is at the Sapphire Gentlemen's Club at 3025 S.Industrial Road in Las Vegas. The site also says that if you are waiting for a public show, there will be one before the end of the year! Right now the city, date and venue are not known, but we will keep checking for you. As to whether SLASH will be there or not for Las Vegas and/or the public show, there has been no reply on this yet. Not sure that SLASH should be turned loose in the world's largest strip club, but you know he wants to be there! Maybe even live there!

Justin has an unconfirmed siting of SLASH from last Wednesday. He was watching the Paul McCartney special on ABC that night, and right at the beginning it looked like there was a shot of SLASH and his wife in the audience. Anyone else see him? He didn't have his top hat on...can you imagine sitting behind that hat? Of course it's a lot better than a chicken bucket.

Once in awhile, someone sends in a suggestion for the band name of the SLASH/Izzy/Duff/Matt project. Some are serious and some hilarious. If you have a possible name, funny or not, we'd like to see it. This naming process is taking so long...maybe we can help out the guys. Glen actually brought this to our attention as an area where we could help...or at least have a good laugh. Glen thinks the name should have Hollywood in it and suggested Hollywood Roses or Hollywood Angels. Nate said...what about Guns N'Roseless! Mail your suggestion to

News Reported: 12/02/02