December 10,1999

Rolling Stone's Millenium Issue is being delivered to subscribers and will soon be on the newsstands. The front photo is one of those collage covers with various artists. These are supposed to be artists invited to a cosmic party. And you know Slash is there. Here is a photo of a very small part of the cover so you can see SLASH easily. He's on the left side, smiling and peering over his sunglasses!

SLASH appears on MTV's "Top 100 Greatest Videos Ever Made" tonight at 8 pm eastern time. He will be one of several artists hosting the show - introducing videos and commenting on the video format in general. SLASH filmed this while he was in New York working on the new album. He appears all week, Dec. 6-Dec. 11. The final show on Saturday begins at noon eastern time. There are three GNR videos on the list: "Welcome to the Jungle", "Sweet Child O'Mine" and "November Rain".

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