Back and Forth Again

Written by SLASH/Eric Dover
For the Album: It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
by SLASH's Snakepit

Tabulature by Michele (Thanks!)

Back & forth again Slash's Snakepit (NOTE: this is the live version I heard in 1995 at Pistoia Blues Festival) INTRO: Bb F C (3 times) F C G VERSE: F C G Now you've slipped away And found a place to stay Who do i congratulate F C G D But I'm happy for you Where are you today I sense that you're afraid D And I don't know what to do C G D I miss you but what does it change? This confusion feels the same Forget you and let you leave But I'm still thinkin' it through 'cause it's been the conflict between us That's kept me from sinkin' before C G A You drove me crazy and I let you C G Come do it some more Put the past to bed A G We've done it before CHORUS: C G D Now we're back and forth again Can we help this pointless thing Swingin' like a hinge To the place we always meet There's nothing the same Except loneliness is strange 'cause you wear the face that I can never leave And I know that you're gonna call 'cause you know just where I'll be Once you come and find me here And I'll be happy for me So happy to be (hi mum!) Not alone, alone anymore We've done it before (slash!) CHORUS: (repeat as above) BRIDGE: F C It's such a shame how little things G Can change your mind F C Don't just sit here filing your nails G and passing the time F C I just can let you bottle it up G And take it to far F C Carrying all of that weight G D Is the hardest part SOLO: CHORUS: (sometimes sounds like being a E- instead of G) Corrections at

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