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This is a calendar of SLASH's appearances. They include live appearances with Velvet Revolver, guest and solo appearances. Scheduled interviews or TV and radio appearances are included where we learn of these in advance. This is THE place to look for where and when SLASH is performing. You'll also find information on Velvet Revolver album and single releases as well as any album and single guest appearance track release dates.

The format for dates prior to October 2003 is the same. At that time we were able to hook up with a terrific company called EventKeeper. The calendar from October 2003 on will be accessed with one button below. We'll leave the old calendars in the old format for archival purposes. From now on, just click:


to see anything from October 2003 on.

SLASH's Calendar is now powered by EventKeeper...dynamic, online software that makes it really easy to keep the SLASH calendar up to date. This means you can come here and be sure you are seeing the latest information. We recommend this software without question. For information about getting a calendar like this on your web site, check out If you're keeping dates and calendars for visitors to your site, no matter what kind of site it is, this software makes that an easy task.

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