SLASH and Snakepit Contest 2

Deadline:Saturday, December 16, 12 AM

Koch Records has donated an autographed copy of Ain't Life Grand as a prize for this contest! The CD booklet is signed on the front album cover by Rod and SLASH! Pretty cool. Even if you have a copy of the CD, you don't have these!

Here's what you do. Answer all questions correctly. (Hint: the answers are found somewhere on the SLASH page). When you think you have them, put them in a mail message and send to:

It would be very helpful if you used as a subject CONTEST 2. We are going to run 3 contests over the next 3 weeks, and we want to get your entry into the right group. Any questions? Write to the Webmaster who will provide technical help and sympathy but no contest answers, sorry. Contest deadline is one week, Saturday, December 16 at 12 AM wherever you are. You know you only need a few minutes to do this, so do it now! If you need more time, print it out and think about it on the bus trip home.

After the deadline, we'll quickly go through and select those with the correct answers. Then, we take the entries of those who had all answers correct, print them off, fold them up and have a drawing for the winner! We'll notify the winner via email and at that time we'll ask for a mailing address. This great CD will be sent to you (assuming the webmaster can part with it!) right away. There is no cost to you at all for entering or winning. CD is courtesy of Koch Records, autographs courtesy of SLASH and Rod Jackson and shipping courtesy of your friendly webmaster.

Contest #2

1. Snakepit 1995's first single.
2. Band the current Snakepit opened for in the recent US/Canadian tour.
3. First original band member to leave GNR.
4. Johnny G. plays bass in Snakepit. Which other Slash band did he play bass in?
5. Slash played on "Halls of Illusion" for which band?
6. The video, A Fistful of Alice was recorded at a club in Mexico later to be the opening venue for the current Snakepit. What is the club's name?
7. SLASH worked on the unreleased soundtrack of a tv movie starring Charlie Sheen. What is the name of the movie?
8. Country where Blues Ball first performed.
9. Movie soundtrack where SLASH played on "Under My Wheels".
10. First promotional single off Ain't Life Grand.
11. SLASH guested on Doro Pesch's new album. What is the album name?
12. Name of Duff McKagan's unreleased album that SLASH plays on.
13. Michael Jackson's album that has two tracks with SLASH guest appearances. Name the album.
14. Played on Alanis Morisette's huge hit "You Oughta Know" and is now in SLASH's Snakepit.
15. Title of Ain't Life Grand that makes it a favorite of X-Files fans.
16. Bar & Grill in Hollywood where SLASH has his own table.
17. SLASH is a resident of which state in the US?
18. Name of the band SLASH and Steven Adler started together (not GNR).
19. First guitar player to leave GNR.
20. Replaced answer to #19 as rhythm guitar player in GNR.

Good luck!