"Mean Bone"

     Mean Bone 
     Written by 
   SLASH's Snakepit

  Tabulature by Vincent 
    (Thanks, Vincent!)

"Mean Bone" by Slash's Snakepit tabbed by Night Tiger *tuned 1/2 step down introduction by 'the bitch' (Not sure about the bass intro part, but something like: --4-4-2-4--4-2-4 (repeated)should be about right on the second string down. I don't have a bass guitar handy, so if you figure it out, and it's different, great. After Rod enters with a roar, when the music starts up: e--------------- --------- --------- -------- -------------------------------- b--------------- --------- --------- -------- -------------------------------- g--------------- --------- --------- -------- -------------------------------- d-4-4-2-4------- --4-2-4-- ------2-- --3--2-- -2--2-4-4-5-5-6-6-7-7-8--8--9-10 a-2-2-0-2------- --2-0-2-- --2-1-0-- --1--0-- -0--0-2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5-6--6--7-8- e--------------- --------- --------- -------- -------------------------------- A B C D E e------------- ----------- ------- ------ ------- --1---- b------------- ----------- ------- ------ ------- --3---3 g------------- ----------- ------- ---4-- ------- ----2-- d--2--5--2--7- --2x4-2-2-- -6-4-6- -2-2-- ------- ------- a--0--3--0--5- --0x2-0-0-- -4-2-4- -0---- -2-1-0- ------- e------------- ----------- ------- ------ ------- ------- F G H I J K Sequence: A-x1 B-x6 A-x1 B-X5 C-x1 A-x1(palm muted) B-x5(palm muted) D-x1 A-x1(pm) B-x5(pm) D-x1 A-x1 B-x5 C-x1 A-x1(pm) B-x5(pm) D-x1 A-x1(pm) B-x5(pm) D-x1 I-x1 A-x1 B-x4 I-x1 E-x1 F-x4 G-x3 I-x1 G-x3 I-x1 A-x1(pm) B-x5(pm) D-x1 A-x1(pm) B-x2(pm) D-x1 I-x1 A-x1 B-x4 I-x1 E-x1 F-x4 G-x3 I-x1 G-x3 I-x1 H-x6(pm) B-x6(pm) E-x1 H-x6 B-x6 E-x1 F-x8 G-x3 I-x1 G-x3 I-x1 G-x3 I-x1 G-x3 J-x1 K-x1 *flip tone knob from bridge pickup to center a few times as song fades out.... Any questions, e-mail me @ In the subject line, put something pertaining to 'tab' or something so I don't delete it.

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