SLASH July 1, 2000 - December 31, 2000

July 2000 through December 2000

Last evening SLASH denied that the decision to postpone the South American tour has been made. He said that Snakepit will either go to South America or Australia in January. So hold your tickets till a decision is made by SLASH. SLASH and his girlfriend are planning a New Year's Eve at home, but then they plan to leave tomorrow for a one week vacation getaway. Have fun, SLASH!

We're going to save the regular reviews and news till January. In keeping with what many publications do on New Year's Eve, we've gone over the SLASH news of the past 12 months and pulled the 10 most interesting SLASH news items for your review. In order of importance:

1. SLASH's Snakepit releases the new album, Ain't Life Grand
2. SLASH signs with Koch Records.
3. SLASH's Snakepit Opens for AC/DC in the US/Canada tour and headlines their own European club tour.
4. Ryan Roxie leaves Snakepit and is replaced by Keri Kelli.
5. Rumors of GNR reuniting fade as Snakepit tours and Axl Rose brings his new lineup onstage. Reunion gig and short tour dreams with the original band are of some interest to the original band although Rose did not comment.
6. SLASH gets a fifth tattoo on the right side of his abdomen. This one's a smoking cat with a big wink.
7. SLASH and Duff McKagan are sued by BFD Management (GNR managers) for failure to pay BFD for promotion on Live Era among other matters.
8. SLASH records 2 tracks on a forthcoming Rod Stewart album.
9. SLASH guests on Doro Pesch's Calling the Wild on the "Now or Never" track.
10. SLASH sells his mansion (including the sadly missed Snakepit studio) to Billy Bob Thornton/Angelina Jolie.

Did we miss any other big SLASH stories? Let us know. Thanks to everyone who helped with this site in 2000 by contributing news, photos, tabs, fan music, drawings, stories, corrections. We couldn't have done it without you. Happy New Year to all of you out there, and especially to the Snakepit band and SLASH!

News Reported: 12/31/00

SLASH's Snakepit was to lead off the New Year with a tour of South America. That tour has been shifted and will happen possibly this summer. The three confirmed shows in Argentina are cancelled. It's possible that January will see the band in Australia doing that makeup tour. Some fans are speculating on the 'pit opening for AC/DC there as AC/DC will do extensive Australian touring in January. We have no word on what kind of tour it would be - opening act or headlining clubs. We'll keep you posted as January is just a few days away.

Today there are several SLASH mentions and one review from Italy. In magazines, Vicki said to be sure to check the February 2001 Guitar World if you've missed the full page Dragonfly ad featuring SLASH. Offspring's on the cover and it's about 15 pages in. Vicki also found that the February 2001 issue of Guitar Player with Lenny Kravitz on the cover has a nice mention of SLASH in the "Feedback" column. A reader writes in thanking the magazine for bringing its audience up to date on SLASH's current works and for the closeups of his ax. The reader noted that both pictures show his Les Paul with high E dangling off the fretboard! The reader comments that he knew SLASH was a fabulous player, but he never realized SLASH did it with just one E! Thanks, Vicki!

Here's more on that Classic Rock article we've been hearing about. Nasar said the interview was done by Mick Wall who once wrote an unauthorized bio of GNR. About three pages are devoted to GNR and Axl, then SLASH gets into Snakepit and other things. SLASH said there is no chance of GNR getting back together. Even when they played together after Appetite..., it was a miracle. SLASH talked about Steven Adler and said it was Steven who showed SLASH how to play his first guitar chords. They were very good friends until drugs got hold of Steven and wouldn't let go. Nasar says that a few pages later there is an interview with UFO which opens with a SLASH mention. SLASH told the bass player that he was the reason SLASH started getting "f*cked up onstage". SLASH said that when he was really f*cked up on one occasion, he nearly joined Megadeth. Nasar found a SLASH appearance in a Metallica video, "A Year And A Half In The Life of Metallica". SLASH is shown after a shower hanging out with Dave Mustaine and Lars Ulrich. Then, there's a scene where James Hettfield and company come in to a bar, and SLASH is there with an almost empty bottle of whisky. SLASH gets up to shake Hettfield's hand and knocks over his drink. SLASH says it was somewhere in the Metallica tour in 1992 that he lost Axl. Thanks, Nasar!

That's magazines, videos, and now TV. Florian says that SLASH was interviewed in Cologne recently for a show called "Kamikaze" on German TV station VIVA 2. Florian wants to apologize for all fans who have any respect at all for SLASH. (uh oh) The VJ took an old lady along who had a video camera. She spoke to SLASH only in German. SLASH obviously could not understand her. And she kept trying to grab SLASH's hair! The inevitable GNR question was asked with SLASH replying, "Axl is different". And he was asked if his hair was real or a wig! Florian says he is really sorry about this interview. He says SLASH was very professional in trying to pick out a word or two he could understand and then talk about that. He talked about cooking and his guitars, and the interview limped to a close. SLASH requested a Garbage video. Florian says he thinks SLASH wanted "Stupid Girl", but of course they played some newer one. Oh, SLASH!

Now a great net mention. This is on the site, and there are interviews with both SLASH and Adam Day. Eesifreek sent this along to us, and although the interview with SLASH does not touch any new ground, the guitar players will be very interested in the equipment lineup. You can also see Snakepit live in a video or listen to some album tracks. There are related links given as well. Visit this one when you have some time. It's great!


Antti told us about a documentary on the local TV channel in Finland. The show featured Lenny Kravitz and had some videos from Lenny's career. One of them had SLASH playing killer guitar on "Always On The Run", the song he and Lenny wrote together. Thanks, Antti!

Lisa sent us a message about the prize she won from Hard! magazine in Italy. She and two others were to spend the day with SLASH! Instead of a full day with SLASH, they actually only had a few minutes. SLASH shook everyone's hand, and they got to attend soundcheck. They gave him gifts, and he was very polite about thanking them. SLASH was asked if he would do an instructional guitar video, something many fans have asked for, and he said he couldn't because he plays as he feels and doesn't think about it enough to explain it. He said tabs and riffs are available in magazines. He also said that he would be back in Europe this summer. Lisa asked if "99 Times" would be on the second album, and SLASH said it wasn't finished but would be completed and appear on the next album. She also asked about "What Kindda Life", and she wasn't sure of his answer. His expression was as though he didn't like the song very much! SLASH was nice and easy to talk to. They got picks and got everything signed they took in. Someone came in and said they were late, so SLASH had to go. SLASH was perfect on and off the stage. That morning Lisa met Keri and Johnny where they were waiting for a cab. It was very cold outside that day, and the guys were off to do some sightseeing. When they returned, Keri gave them passes to take photos under the stage with the professional photographers. Someone threw a bottle during the show and hit SLASH! (this is really too much). All the band members were very nice, and the show was just great. Lisa drove back the 9 1/2 hours home, but she had some wonderful memories to take with her. Thanks, Lisa!
News Reported: 12/29/00

SLASH checked in on Christmas Eve to say that he made it home safely with the airlines losing his only bag. However, even the suitcase got there Christmas Eve, so his homecoming was complete. Christmas carols were playing, and he said they had a beautiful tree and a good dinner cooking. We hope SLASH and you got all the things you wanted for the holidays. If you're making New Year's Eve plans, Snakepit won't be playing a show according to SLASH. The band has to have some time off before they launch into the next touring leg. Right now that is scheduled to be South America, but South America could be pushed back in order to do some makeup shows. SLASH said he would let us know soon.

While reading the December 2000 issue of the UK publication, Mojo, we found a small but really nice mention of SLASH. The article was a review of The Cult's new album. They talk about how some of the best tracks plot the last stage of the band's metamorphosis; the part where Duffy's John McGeoghesque-stylings were replaced by taut, Les Paul riffs a la Page and SLASH! The album's worst tracks were judged to be ones where they had not made this change to a more SLASH and Page-like styling. SLASH does have a compact style where every note seems to have a purpose; long, self-indulgent treatments are not in his repetoire. In fact, most fans write here begging for LONGER SLASH solos!

There are many, many areas that need to be updated on the page. One that is completed for the moment is the discography. Several new versions of Ain't Life Grand are listed along with the two promo singles. Thus far, "Been There Lately" has not been placed on the market by Koch as a released single in or outside the UK. "Mean Bone" information is now listed as the second promo single. Some new versions of the guest appearances are listed there...primarily cassettes. And a new version of "Obsession/Confession" was added to the soundtrack section. In the near future, there will be guitar tabs added, show and album reviews added, links to Slash-related sites will be added, and some new drawings and tats for the Fan Section. If you have sent us something, it is safe waiting to be added. And as always, we will email you when we have your material up on the site. Thank you for all your contributions in 2000.

Speaking of contributions, there are some really interesting show reviews. Let's start with the final show, Milan. Mauroguns was onhand before the show with about 20 other fans. SLASH and Johnny did an interview on Italian radio called Rock FM. They are in a hurry, but they stop to have photos taken with fans. The show was very hot. Every song in Ain't Life Grand was played except "The Truth". Rod's voice was great. Keri did great backing vocals, and Johnny sang the first verse of "Beggars and Hangers-On"! Keri threw a lot of picks, and Mauroguns caught one! At the end of the show, Matt filmed the audience. Snakepit wished everyone a Merry Christmas! According to Mauroguns, that day was the coldest day of the year in Italy, but Snakepit music was the best place to get warm. Thank you! Simone was also at the Milan show and says it was really great. Rod sang really well. Keri Kelli was singled out for special praise. Simone has promised to send some photos along. Thank you! Kostas came from Greece to see the show; he travelled more than 1500 MILES to see Snakepit! Now that has to be the farthest ever, and the trip was just for the one day to see Our Guys. Kostas says every meter was f*cking worth it! The show was not quite 2 hours long, and some people may think that is a bit short but a powerful band could cause serious health problems if they played longer! Kostas says Snakepit is like a drug, and you can't take large amounts and survive! They played their usual set minus "Rusted Heroes", but they did play "The Alien". SLASH wore a South Park tshirt with "Oh My God, They Killed Kenny!" on it. SLASH is the best guitarist in the world, and he played even better than in GNR days. Rod was shirtless from the beginning, and a banner was thrown saying "Snakepit Get In the Ring" and "Snakepit You're Our Bad Obsession". Keri is awesome and much more energetic than Izzy and combines better with SLASH. Matt and Johnny were great. Rod said Johnny is really dangerous and advised everyone to get home and stay there as it was the last night of the tour, and Johnny would be out during the night! Kostas says it was the best show of his life. SLASH is the best and has found great musicians to work with. Kostas pays a big compliment to the band...."but really, who needs GNR songs when he has Snakepit playing in front of him". Overall: amazing concert, amazing band, amazing SLASH. Thank you, Kostas, and we hope you are safely at home now. The final Milan review for today is from Meghe who is from Modena, Italy. Meghe has been a GNR and SLASH fan for 7 years. This is the best f*ckin' show he has been to! Meghe and two friends arrived at noon, and SLASH got there at 6:30pm. The doors opened at 7:30, and Snakepit went on at 9:30. They played great, sounded great, moved great! Keri Kelli is really good with so much energy. Matt is a great drummer, and Johnny kicks ass. SLASH is simply incredible. Very strange to have SLASH 2 feet in front of you in his top hat, curly hair, black tshirt, Les Paul, black leather pants and boots. He played incredible solos and in the intro to "Mr. Brownstone", SLASH wished everyone a "Merry f*ckin' Christmas" and a f*ckin' Happy New Year. After the show Meghe and friends waited and followed the band to their hotel. There they got to meet everyone and get some autographs sign. SLASH took a lot of time signing Meghe's guitar. Someone traded their bottle of Jack for SLASH's bottle. Meghe promises pictures and thanks the band and SLASH for the great show. Thanks, Meghe!

Stepping back in time to the German Munich show, we've picked up a couple more reviews. This one is from Mel who says the show lasted 90 minutes and had great sound. The live music was even better than the album. SLASH and the guys were in a great mood. Everyone had a great time, and it was great to see SLASH after such a long time (7 years). Mel wanted to buy the black hooded shirt but they were sold out. As far as we know those shirts are only available at the venues. If anyone can help out by buying one, please let us know and we will put you in touch with Mel. We are tryng to get SLASH to open a little web shop! Carolin is one of our best net friends. She saw SLASH appear with Michael Jackson at the big charity concert in Munich a year or so back. She had really looked forward to seeing him in a more intimate setting. She got her wish at the Munich show in the first row. It was wonderful seeing SLASH so close. At first he seemed shy hidden behind his hair. He played wonderfully! He took off his shirt, and there was the new tat! Carolin was very happy that they played her favorite, "Serial Killer". It was the best day of her life, and she got a second chance to be thrilled when she waited outside in the cold, and SLASH appeared again. He was nice and kind and signed Carolin's ticket. All Carolin's problems and worries seemed to vanish in these moments. She stayed till SLASH got on the bus to leave. She wants to be sure that SLASH knows that she thanks him for everything, and the memories will make living throught some of life's bad moments a little easier to bear. SLASH, thanks for coming to Munich, and please come again soon. Thanks, Carolin! Florian was also at Munich for Snakepit's show. While the show did not sell out, all the fans there had one of the best times of their lives. The band was full of energy. Rod was always talking to the audience and throwing towels. Johnny and Keri smiled, and the whole band just seems to love to get out and play. Rod sang "Time After Time" as the intro to "Back to the Moment". If you are going to a show, SLASH mainly stands on the right with Keri on the left. They played really loudly, and Florian thinks they should turn it down a bit as the beauty of SLASH's solos are sometimes lost in the volume. It's magic to see your childhood hero on stage in person. Florian thanks the boys for coming to town. Thanks, Florian!

Remember the great Sheffield show on Dec. 3? Lesley and John were there and said the guys really rocked. They came in from Manchester for the show. They were about 10 feet from SLASH. Photos were not permitted in this venue, but they did get a tour program which has terrific pictures in it. This was the first time seeing SLASH's eyes! Very sexy eyes, SLASH! The only letdown was waiting outside and SLASH not appearing. It was too cold to wait longer than 2 hours. They could hear Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back In Town" being played inside. Rod was so sexy, and they apologize for the bottles that were thrown. Brilliant band! Snakepit, come back soon! Slash, love you! You are the ultimate rock god. Thanks!

News Reported: 12/27/00

Happy Holidays!
SLASH Current Events will resume after Christmas Day!

Due to illness, the webmaster has been unavailable. SLASH called in yesterday to say the band all have colds, but Rod is hanging in there so he should still be rocking Milan tonight. When that show ends, they will be done with what SLASH called a really great tour! Great audiences and a lot of great music and fun. SLASH was glad to meet so many of you before and after the shows. He says European audiences are super in that they are very accepting of new bands. He definitely wants to come back there next year. We told him many of you wrote and said you'd be there anytime, anyplace! We are anxious to hear about that last show, so if you were at Milan, let us hear from you. It looks like we haven't yet heard from Nurenburg fans yet. We plan to be here over the holidays, and we hope you will be too. We should be getting word from SLASH on where they will be next. The schedule says Argentina, but there may be some shifting around. Stay tuned.

Due to illness, we could not get this out to you in time. We hope there will be a rebroadcast. Maz sent us a note that there was a one hour special on SLASH including interviews and album tracks on 6-9pm UK time Thursday and repeated 12 hours later. Total Rock is also available in the UK and Europe via satellite on Sky Digital 950. Maybe Maz can send us a summary of what sounded like a great program. Our apologies.

Becky sent us information on another UK broadcast. On this net station, they broadcast internet rock radio, and one of the DJs interviewed Slash last month. The show is archived but you need to have Windows Media 7 to view it with - scroll down to the bottom where it says ARCHIVE, and then click on SLASH. Becky reports that SLASH discusses how GNR first started out, working with people such as Lenny Kravitz, Doro and Michael Jackson, getting into parties with fake ID's and so much more! This is at:
You may have to try a few times as the site seems very busy. Thanks, Becky!

Tom say there will be a SLASH interview coming soon on BBC Online. If anyone spots that one, please let us know. Thanks, Tom!

Alex sent us word that SLASH was on the German MTV show on Wednesday. On Thursday SLASH was the guest on German Music Station VIVA in the Series Kamikaze. SLASH said he was doing as many interviews as possible! Thanks, Alex. Another TV show appearance was sent in by Evan. This was a little different. It was a program called "Wired for Sound: A Guitar Odyssey", a Gibson documentary. It featured many legendary guitarists and one was SLASH. SLASH was seen doing an awesome solo in '92 at a GNR show. Then SLASH talked from the top of a building about how he feels like he is slacking if he doesn't play for 2 days. He also said that he likes to go into clubs and just jam with whichever band is playing. (SLASH told us again he sleeps with his guitar and twanged on it a little so we'd know it was right there with him. He said it is a Les Paul, and he just loves could hear that in his voice. He wants everyone to know that it only sleeps with him if his girlfriend is not around! That's our SLASH!)

A very excited Anotello wrote to us that he was one of the winners of the Hard! magazine contest where you get to hang with SLASH, go to soundcheck and interview him for the magazine. Lisa was another winner, so we hope to have a full report from them soon! What's it like to spend a lot of time with SLASH? Now we can find out.

More reviews. This first one is from Lukas who was at the Munich show. Lukas says they played mostly songs from the new album, the two GNR covers and one from Snakepit 95. The sound and lighting were great. The whole band was perfect. SLASH played great solos in his top hat, black shirt and a blue version of Godzilla. Matt was very powerful on drums, and Rod had a great voice. SLASH spoke to the crowd! The show was about 2 hours without a break; they kicked ass! Lukas bought a tourbook and shirt. It was the best show he's ever been to. On the MTV Europe show, Lukas saw a show called "Unter Ulmen" which has a SLASH interview from the Berlin show. SLASH was cool and talked about Duff, Izzy and how he missed all the GNR guys. Thanks, Lukas!

Backing up, there is one from the Koln show. Nadine says the show was great. She saw SLASH 10 years ago in Mannheim, Germany with GNR, and since then has seen every show with SLASH in Germany! Must be some kind of record! The show in Koln was amazing. Nadine thinks SLASH is one of the best guitar players in the world. The band worked very hard and rocked the audience. Rod was a great choice for vocals, and Nadine hopes to see them all again in Germany. Thanks, Nadine!

Tibor came from Zagreb, Croatia to see the show at Stuttgart. The show was 12 HOURS AWAY! That is definitely a record! Tibor has been a huge GNR fan for 8 years, and this was his first time to see an ex-GNR member like SLASH. Tibor said it was like dreaming when SLASH came onstage. He couldn't speak or move. He says he never felt anything like that in his life! Tibor says that he thought the sound and vocals were fine. Tibor promises to send us photos of this major event. The only thing he hated was someone threw beer at Johnny. Johnny was really angry, and so was Tibor. Thanks so much, Tibor!

Going back to Amsterdam, we have a couple more reviews. Jeevan was there, and he says that someone here didn't get to see Matt after the show, but Jeevan did. He was there with his sister waiting while she tried to get SLASH's autograph. After about 10 minutes a guy walked by speaking English. That was MATT! They talked and Jeevan got Matt's picture. What Jeevan really liked about Snakepit was that all of them are really nice people, and when they are onstage, they have so much energy! Thanks, Jeevan! One photo we never see: Matt. He is hardly visible behind those drums onstage. But he's crucial to the band. Next review comes from Jizz who waited outside the venue for the band to show up. They came around 4:30 in a bus. SLASH was not there, but the other guys gave autographs and had their pictures taken. SLASH came around 5:30. The police were there to get traffic regulated so the bus could park and SLASH could get out. Impressive. SLASH was giving an interview on the bus and drinking something. The bodyguard made everyone move back so SLASH could get out. SLASH promised to sign things after the show. When the show started, Snakepit was explosive and within a minute, Jizz and his friends moved up front. It was great to see the band so close. Rod is a really good singer, and SLASH is wonderful. Jizz says they took about 55 (!!) pictures. If you were there and saw the sign "KOBRA GREETZ SLASH" that was from Jizz and his band KOBRA. If anyone saw it, let us know. After the show, they got autographs. The KOBRA drummer gave his armband made of rings to Rod who really liked it and wanted one. They hope to see that little bit of KOBRA in a Snakepit video some day. Thanks, Jizz!
News Reported: 12/22/00

Tonight is the Snakepit show in Munchen, Germany. One more German show left: Nurnberg. If you haven't seen them with all the shows they have done there, get out and make it a sell out. If you want to see them on the next European tour, you have to pack the venues. Holland knows all about packing them in! The final show will be the one in Milan on Dec. 22. We did think this show was sold out, but we understand that some outlets may have a few tickets left, so call around till you get one. The final show is always a great one.

Awhile back, the Italian magazine Hard! advertised a contest where three winners would be chosen to hang out with SLASH and interview him or to take 10 tickets for the show. We heard from Lisa that she is one of the three winners, and of course is taking the time with SLASH! Lisa is thinking of questions to ask as well as what to wear! Snakepit shirts are always appropriate for meeting SLASH. Good luck, Lisa, and we hope we'll be reading that interview soon.

All kinds of interviews are popping up. If you are in the UK, mark January 9 on your 2001 calendar. Mary Anne Hobbs will be broadcasting her interview with SLASH. We hope the UK people know who this is and if it is TV or radio. This is all we have so far. Thanks to Scott who spotted the mention and sent it in. Ternell is one of SLASH's big fans. She reports that in the winter issue of Experience Hendrix magazine's news section, SLASH got a mention for listing Jimi Hendrix's "Machine Gun" in the Nov. 2000 issue of Guitar World. This was where SLASH did an article for the "60 Minutes: Ultimate Mix Tape". The magazine includes a black and white concert photo of SLASH. Thanks, Ternell! Shari posted on the Snakepit list that the current "Christmas Double Issue" of NME has a review of the Snakepit show at London's Underworld. Shari says the review is pretty good! The final line of the interview sums up the show: "This might be a damp Camden, but SLASH is still taking us where the grass is green and the girls are pretty". The issue date is December 23/30, so check that out. Thanks, Shari! Jarmo let us know about this next interview which is on the web. It's a good one! When SLASH's Snakepit was in Stockholm, Sweden, he was interviewed by station Rocket 95.3 FM. SLASH is asked about the past and the present. The interviewer is a guitarist familiar with the California scene in the 1980's. "A blast from the past!" exclaimed SLASH! Lots of good questions and comments from SLASH and the interviewer. Thanks, Jarmo! Why not listen now?

SLASH at the Rock Home of Stockholm

Ismar is from Croatia, and he saw SLASH on German MTV last Wednesday afternoon. After playing the SCOM video, SLASH asked not to be asked about GNR, but of course the interviewer asked anyway. Viewers asked if SLASH would do more guest appearances, and SLASH said given the chance and time, he would do more. He enjoys doing them. He talked about working with Lenny Kravitz and said they were in school together with Lenny being in with the regular kids and SLASH in the "bad student group". SLASH mentioned he had good relationships with all the ex-Gunners except Axl whom he hasn't spoken to in five years. SLASH said that he dropped out of school because he was totally into his guitar and music, and his parents were OK about it as long as he made some money. He did this by working as a paperboy (!!), in a clock factory, apprentice at a law office (HA!) and in restaurants. He worked as a waiter to help finance GNR. (one riff to go!) Asked about the new rock from Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit, he thought it was OK. (At other interviews he has said he likes the attitude although he would not play that brand of rock) He has no grand goal for Snakepit now, just as he never had one for GNR when they started out. He was asked why people would be coming to see Snakepit in Berlin and he said because of GNR, because they bought the album, because they like rock music and because Johnny Griparic is the only European in the band! (Johnny is from Sweden). SLASH said that he lives in LA but it is more a base for touring than a home. Asked about his snakes, he said he has 33 adult snakes and gives away the babies. Comparing Snakepit 95 with the current version, SLASH said that the first was more of a project while this is a real longterm band. Finally, he was asked what he was doing the past five years, and he said he was busy doing music and getting a divorce! SLASH'S BACK! Thanks, Ismar, for that great report.

There are more reviews that have come in. First, Frank Suicide of Wasted tells us that his friends, the Alien Swinger Club, will do a second date opening for Snakepit in Nurnberg tomorrow! Congratulations, guys!

Annelaure is from France, but she is doing a short road trip. She followed the guys to Koln, Germany where she ran into Johnny and Matt in the afternoon taking a walk. She spent the day with them and rode to the show with them and Rod. She got in to soundcheck again and says the show was great. The opening band was very good. Annelaure made SLASH a tshirt and he wore it onstage. She got a kiss from Rod during the show, and at the end she went backstage and hung out with the guys. SLASH told her that Snakepit would be back in Europe this summer. Annelaure promises more reports on the road with Snakepit.

As for the Stuttgart show, Annelaure was there, too. The show was good, but the sound was bad. The guitar solos and Rod's vocals were inaudible. Another kiss from Rod, and she was on her way! Abi was there, too, and says it was an exciting show. The crowd went crazy on the GNR covers, "Landslide" and "Ain't Life Grand". Abi liked that last one the best - really powerful with a cool ending. Keri tried spitting in the air but didn't catch it and it landed in his face. Rod did a little mooning of the crowd. Abi thought SLASH looked out of it and a lot older than he expected. He speculates that SLASH has had a rough life. (the older women think he's grand!) SLASH would laugh, and it was really cool. The whole band sang a beer song, and SLASH tried to sing it which sounded funny! Rod started to laugh, then SLASH; and they had to stop! Over all the show was amazing! Thanks, Abi! Tommy saw the show, too, and says it was a strange moment in his be a huge fan of SLASH's and then to see him a few feet away. Tommy thought... it's just like he's a friend of mine I haven't seen in a week. There was no rockstar about SLASH at all. The band was just having a good time; and the music was fabulous. Keri Kelli is absolutely great on guitar and really cool. Rod is the showman but cool. Tommy says that SLASH has affected his life in a very personal, beautiful way. Thanks, Tommy!

Looking back at the Paradiso show in Holland, Marc said the show was really great! It was unbelievable being that close to SLASH. Marc and his best friend were right in front of the stage, just one meter from the band. A great performance, great show! Marc likes Rod more than he liked Eric Dover; Rod's voice really fits the kind of music they're playing. After the show the band did autographs, but it was really cold, so Marc just got Matt to sign his ticket. He was close to getting SLASH to sign, but he didn't quite make it. (Maybe when they come back?) Thanks, Marc! "Mick Jagger" sent in a review. He says they were at the Paradiso at 7:30pm with a lot of other people waiting. Inside, the opening band did their set, and Mick thought it was not so bad as others thought. He said it was just simple music, and all the songs sounded pretty much the same. The perfect band for background music while you drink beer and talk to your friends. Thanks, Mick! Ferry was at the show and had a great time. He and his cousin Dennis tried to get there early but were late. The doors were still closed though. While in line, Dennis walked to the corner of the building and motioned Ferry to come over. There was SLASH signing autographs! Ferry got SLASH to sign his CD covers and had his picture taken with SLASH. The concert was very cool, and Ferry was right in front of the stage. He took lots of pictures which he promises to send. He says Snakepit is best live; they rock like no other. Ferry said he saw AC/DC, and Snakepit is 10 times better. Catching picks is hard, and Ferry missed one from Keri and also Matt's drumstick. He DID manage to get a towel though and hung onto it. Rod was full of energy as was Keri. Johnny is really cool. SLASH was definitely having a good time. A pretty girl got a kiss from Rod! Ferry bought a cap and tourbook for himself, and panties and vest for his girlfriend. Back outside, he waited with 20 other people and got his tourbook signed by everyone but Matt who did not come out. Ferry says he had a hell of a night and will send pictures as soon as he gets them. Thanks, Ferry!
News Reported: 12/19/00

The winner of Contest #2 Is Maria from New York City. Maria saw Snakepit at Madison Square Garden, one of the best shows in the U.S. Tour. She is a huge SLASH fan and loved his new band. She now has a CD autographed by both SLASH and Rod Jackson. You can win our last one! Contest #3 starts right now and due to the holidays we'll run it through Saturday, January 6. All the answers can be found somewhere on the SLASH page, and this set should not give you much trouble. Click here to get the next set of questions:

Win An Autographed ALG CD

Snakepit has an off day today. They are getting ready for the last three German shows in Koln, Munchen and Nuremburg. Then, another day off moving to Italy, and on 12/22 is the final European show: Milan. Tickets are available for the German show, but we understand Milan is a sellout. A nice sendoff from the Italian fans! And if you're planning to send the band a fruitcake or a card, time to get that in the mail. You can send things to any or all the band members at this address:
                    (Slash's Snakepit or a band member)
                          c/o Susan Blond, Inc.
                       14542 Ventura Blvd., Suite 210
                             Sherman Oaks, CA
                                 91403 USA 

Keri Kelli has a post office box for his mail from fans. This is:
                          Keri Kelli
                          P.O. Box 8074
                          Huntington Beach, CA

Do you remember Damien who wrote to us ripping into the band after the Kansas City show? He had had foot surgery just before this. Later he wrote that the show was actually pretty good, but the sound quality really set him off. Damien is back and says he wanted to make this up to SLASH and here is how he did it. Damien is a guitar player in a band called Preferred Villian. He was asked by the Lawrence Journal-World Entertainment staff to give his favorite albums of 2000, and guess which album he rated #1? Ain't Life Grand!! Check this out:
Damien's Album Review

This story deserves a reminder. Nasar reminds us that the Christmas issue of the UK publication Classic Rock has a big picture of SLASH and a good four page interview along with other cool pictures. Treat yourself to this stocking stuffer.

There are a good number of reviews that have come in from the last few shows. Markus was at the Stuttgart show. The concert was about 90 minutes long. He says he has waited 7 years to see SLASH, and SLASH didn't let him down. The venue was about half full but it is a large one, and the tickets were expensive. Markus said all the tshirts sold out except size XXL, so the coming shows better hope there are more in the bus. There was no opening band, so the show started at 9pm. The worst thing was that someone threw a glass of beer in Johnny G.'s face! Johnny told the "fan" what he thought of him. Shirts and hats were thrown onstage, and Rod put on a grey hat which looked hilarious. The whole show had not one weak spot. The band played well together and really put effort into it. The crowd was very into the show and was louder than larger crowds Markus has been in. Markus came to see SLASH, but the whole band impressed him. He says that SLASH has picked the right people to play with. Overall: a great concert and one of the very best Markus has been to this year. He hopes Snakepit will do more albums and tours. Thanks, Markus! Stefan was also at the Stuttgart show, and says the band was loud, wild and rock n'roll! SLASH wore a yellow shirt and threw it during the show into the audience. Now THAT is a souvenir! Rod has a good voice and flirts during the show. Keri was totally into the music, and Matt was very good on drums. Johnny had beer thrown on him, but he was really cool and gave beer to the audience to drink. SLASH played his BC Rich guitar while on his knees and then lying on his back. The band seemed to be having fun. Stefan is off to the show in Koln tomorrow, and we may get some photos from him. Thanks, Stefan!

Cordelia sent in her notes from the Berlin show. She wants to thank the band for the amazing show. SLASH was as sexy and cute as always and smiled all the time. Cordelia says she has never seen anyone play guitar with such passion and so well. Doing solos, SLASH often has his eyes closed. Rod has a great voice and did a very good and sexy show. Johnny, Keri and Matt were also good, but Cordelia couldn't see them as well. She liked "Serial Killer", "The Alien" and "Back to the Moment" best. The audience really liked all the songs. At the end, SLASH, Keri and Johnny threw picks into the audience, and SLASH pretended he would throw his guitar, too. After the show, Matt, Johnny and SLASH came out for the autograph signing, picture taking and talking with the fans that everyone likes so well. Cordelia said they stayed in spite of the fact it was really cold. They were all friendly, and SLASH said he would be back next summer. (Note to U.S. fans...what about us??) Thanks, Cordelia!

The fans in Amsterdam must have been recovering. We've now got a LOT of reviews from then. Ruud says that he was in front at the show. The sound was perfect, and Snakepit was having a great time as was the audience. Ruud wants them back again soon...possibly in another venue. He loves the current Snakepit which is full of raw power. Ruud promises to send some pictures. Don't forget! Thanks, Ruud! Daniel writes that Snakepit kicked ass in The Netherlands. SLASH smiled the whole time. Rod is a great singer and performer. Rod talked to the audience, and it seems he is a little horny! Don't worry, Rod, you will be back home soon! Keri seemed to have had quite a few beers, but he can really rock. Same for Johnny and Matt. SLASH played with a lot of energy and feeling. Daniel says SLASH is the one reason that made him go and buy a Les Paul when he had never touched a guitar in his life! Daniel declares SLASH to be "the best bitchin' guitar player in the world"! Thanks to the band for the really great rock show. Daniel says..go out and see these guys! Thanks, Daniel! Toon was also at the Paradiso. The band led off with "Life's Sweet Drug" and then played "Been There Lately" without a break. The place was full, and the band was fantastic. Rod's voice was good, and SLASH's fingers were fast. The last song was "Speed Parade". The show was 2 hours long, and it was GREAT! Only one thing wrong: the support act sucked. Thanks, Toon! Jasper sent his notes on the Amsterdam show. He says that some people were waiting at 11am in front of the venue! Doors opened at 7:45, and the band came on at 10 pm. Jasper is part of Roadrunner Records street team which is something like a promo team. Jasper did the promotion for the band in Holland! Ain't Life Grand is released in Holland by Roadrunner. Jasper was fortunate enough to get into soundcheck which was like a private mini-gig. After soundcheck, Jasper put up posters all over Paradiso. Thanks, Jasper!! After that, Jasper got to see the interview done by TMF with SLASH. They gave him a bottle of Jack Daniels and a yellow shirt. SLASH signed Jasper's CD booklet and got a picture of the two of them together. Jasper hurried over to the front of the stage and had a great view of SLASH. Jasper says he has seen lots of bands but this one really rocks! Rod is a great frontman. He said Rod mooned the crowd, but he doesn't recommend seeing Rod's bare butt! Everyone seemed to have a really good time, especially Johnny. Matt is a great drummer. There was a rush on the merchandise stand, and the black Snakepit shirt sold out. It's rumored that the gig and interview will be broadcast. Thanks, Jasper, for that unique view of the show. Ed also went to the show, and they were able to hear soundcheck. Ed was in the first row with friends Jop and Robbin. The crowd started chanting SLASH after the support band went off. When they came on, the crowd went crazy. Rod wins over the crowd with his great voice and personality. The songs were fantastic. For any fans who have not seen them yet, get to a show and see them! Ed said his friend Jop owns the SLASH signature amp, and he brought its certificate along. Every time SLASH came over, Jop held up the certificate. Ed says that there was a woman photographer taking pictures who said they would be up on in about a week. The band came out after the show, and Jop got that certificate signed by SLASH. The band signed a tourbook for Ed, and Robbin got his ticket signed. There was a lot of merchandise for sale: 3 types of tshirts, a tourbook, underwear, posters and a Snakepit logo button. Very cool stuff. Ed hopes to see them again soon. Thanks, Ed! Martijn was at Paradiso and has been a fan for 11 years. SLASH's Snakepit were so great! SLASH had a great time, smiling and sweating, talking and smoking like a steam engine. SLASH did great solos and was everywhere on stage. Rod is a great singer. Keri kept spitting and catching it. (gag) Keri did some great background vocals and guitar work. Johnny and Matt rocked! He hopes they will be back soon. Martijn missed the interview on Dutch radio and wants to hear it on this website. If someone can send it along, we'd be glad to do that. The Holland fans must be some of the greatest in the world. There are even more reviews! This one is from Remco who had a super day. He got to go to the radio station to see the guys! SLASH, Rod and Keri arrived with three acoustic Gibsons. Rod was taking cold pills. They did a soundcheck and had a tour. Rod played acoustic also! Rod told Remco that he is the one playing intro on the album for "Something About Your Love". They also played "Been There Lately" which had great acoustic sound. SLASH wanted vodka with his coke, and he was carrying his own supply. He wanted ice, and the station ran out and got some. A man with sunglasses came in that noone knew, and Remco was asked to kick him out! He was a drug dealer who seemed to be handing out samples or something. Remco got rid of him. Thanks, Remco! Rod drank warm tea. After the show, Remco asked Keri and Rod to sign his Japanese copy of the album. Remco wanted a picture of all of them, but his camera didn't work! Keri and SLASH worked it over, but the camera wouldn't budge. Remco got SLASH to sign his guitar, and he used his videocam instead. Later, Remco went to the show in time to see the band come in and snare some pictures with a working camera. Remco really liked Matt. Remco also filmed them on his videocam. Remco brought his little brother who is not a real GNR or SLASH diehard, and he had the time of his life! His brother said that Snakepit was one of the best bands around. SLASH's Snakepit is a real band, not just SLASH. The power of each member is just astonishing. Finally, we have Annelaure who went to the Sheffield UK show and the Amsterdam shows. Annelaure says the Amsterdam show was much better. For one thing, she had a friend who let her wait inside, so she got there in the morning and waited. Keri stopped to talk when he got there and told her to clear it with the manager about soundcheck. And she got in! SLASH did his interview with TMF after that, and they gave Annelaure SLASH's sweaty towel! The show was great with the whole band in a good mood. Johnny gave her his bandana. She got a nice kiss from Rod. At the end, the band threw picks, sticks, towels and beers into the audience. Everything was perfect. The band came out and signed autographs and were friendly and talked to everyone. Annelaure is also planning to see the band in Germany! A true road trip! She wants you to know, too, that the band is not just SLASH. The other members are great! It's the best band she has seen in her life. And they give kisses! Thanks, Annelaure!

Samurai_99 is from Germany and drove 5 hours to see Snakepit in Denmark. It was a great show! SLASH and Keri signed his pick guard. SLASH looked tired, but he smiled and was cool with the fans. It was the best gig! Thanks, Snakepit! Also, SLASH was on German MTV this weekend. He gave cool answers about what new bands he likes and what his former jobs were. SLASH asked them to play "Renegades of Funk" by Rage Against the Machine. Thanks!

If you're looking for more Snakepit contests, you might try the one at Metal Meltdown Online. One CD a week is being given away. These are not autographed but would give you one for the car, one for home! Sign up for their newsletter to be eligible. Metal Edge online is having a contest also. They have 5 autographed albums to give away. Check out Metal Edge Online.

News Reported: 12/17/00

Tomorrow is the cutoff for the second contest to win an autographed cd from Snakepit. Ain't Life Grand is signed by both Rod Jackson and SLASH. There's still plenty of time to get your entry in. Do it by midnight your time tomorrow. The contest information is right here:

Contest 2 Questions

SLASH called from Stuttgart, Germany today where he was between interviews. He said he was "in beautiful downtown Stuttgart" in case that helps you get a fix on his position. In the next 5 days there are 4 German shows. The German fans lucked out on this tour! We hope to hear from you about the shows there. On the 22nd will be the final European show in Milan, and Snakepit comes home. What a Christmas present for their families and friends! They are all thrilled with the tour's success and the reception that all of you gave them. They will be back!

Before we move on, we got word from Frank Suicide from the Dutch rock band Wasted that the support band on Dec. 18 in Koln will be Frank's good friends, The Alien Swingers Club. We looked up the band on the net, and they call themselves a rock and roll band. This should be a good matchup with Snakepit. The Alien Swingers Club is saying goodbye to Germany and moving to LA in January looking for their big chance. What a huge thrill to support Slash's Snakepit. Sounds like a great evening for Koln!

We have quite a few reviews for the past shows. Here's the first one we've received from Berlin. Fabian was there and says the whole audience was stunned by Snakepit. They went wild for the GNR covers, but "Serial Killer" and "Speed Parade" got good reactions, too. The band communicated with the fans all the time. SLASH threw drinks and cigarettes, Rod spit water, Matt threw towels and Keri and Johnny threw picks! They could just throw themselves and forget all the other stuff! The band had a good time SlASH smiled the whole time. Rod mooned the audience and went off on George W. Bush, Keri threw a pick right at his friend who couldn't find it. Fabian's evaluation: Idiot! Fabian said he and his friends talked about it long into the night. And SLASH and his band did the same...they do go over the show, too. Another rocking night in Europe!

Have you ever looked forward to a show so much and had such a great time that when it was over you felt depressed and nothing seemed like much fun and you wished you could go "Back to the Moment"? We have and Lollo from Sweden has too. She says the show was the best and worst experiences of her life. To see an ex-GNR member was amazing, but she felt like it was a dream when SLASH came out. (We actually cried when he came out because he was real and had 3 dimensions and wasn't flat.) Two days later, Lollo is still crying over "Back to the Moment" because she felt that was the finest moment of the show. Lollo thought SLASH might be fat and old, but of course he is very trim and sexy and plays guitar like it is his last gig on earth. Rod suprised her, too, as she thought he would be more like Lenny Kravitz, but he is a born singer and performer. Keri's style was so cool, but she didn't see Matt or Johnny much. Lollo left and went home not realizing that the band came out later to do autographs. So that is another cause for sadness, but you know they will be back! The band, the music and the fans make you want to run away and sign up with them!

Here's a bunch from Amsterdam. Dave says the band started about 45 min. early and played an hour and a half. SLASH was great, and there was a lot of contact between the band and the audience. Dave wore a top hat, and SLASH looked his way a few times (probably planning how to get the hat!). There was a guy in the audience who had SLASH's haircut. It's pretty amazing to see your hero so close. Dave wants to thank the band for the terrific evening! D & J were also at the show, and say it was the best they have ever seen. The band was in a very good mood, and the new video for "Shine" was filmed! Before the show, they met Rod, Johnny and Matt. SLASH went right in but promised the guys would be out after the show, and they were. Killing show!! Anton was at the sell-out show in Amsterdam, too. They led off with "Life's Sweet Drug" and then did "Been There Lately". The whole show was filmed for Dutch music TV (TMF). SLASH did amazing solos on "Serial Killer" and "Landslide". Rod was a very good singer. They didn't play "The Truth" or "The Alien". Anton hopes they will come back soon. Sunday the new single will be on the TMV TV station at Rockzone. Thank you, Anton! Frank Suicide, whose buddies, The Alien Swinger Club, will open for Snakepit on the 18th, was also at the Paradiso. He said the gig was absolute magic with the band sharp as a knife. Rod took his shirt off and won over the crowd. Frank thinks Rod is a brilliant singer. He says he attended the show with two other bands, and they all thought this was one of the best gigs ever. Frank is a big GNR fan, but after this he "doesn't care about any damn reunion, SLASH's Snakepit is the bomb"!! SLASH seemed to be feeling the effects of something because he basically announced "Mr. Brownstone" when they had just played it! SLASH is getting punchy! Time for a day off. SLASH said, "That's why they don't let me get too close to the mike". And he told Rod, "Kid, that is why you have to keep away from drugs and alcohol ha ha ha". Thanks, Frank!

Ferry reports that SLASH was on Dutch national radio, and it was marvelous. Snakepit played two acoustic songs, "Something About Your Love" (Rod dedicated it to the legalisation of marijuana) and "Been There Lately" which was dedicated to all the prostitutes because they haven't been there lately. They also mentioned they love Heineken beer which was pretty cool. The station also played "Shine" from the album while the guys tuned their guitars between the two acoustic numbers. Thanks, Ferry, who was also the winner of our first contest's cd.

Shari from the UK reports that there's a review of the first London Underworld gig in Kerrang! (issue #832) dated Dec. 16. The review awards the show 4 out of 5. There is a Top 40 album list in the same magazine, and Ain't Life Grand moved up one place from number 35 to number 34. Thanks, Shari!

Feres sent a report on a SLASH interview on Swedish TV. It was recorded Sunday. The questions were how did the Snakepit name come about, how did the band come together and so on. The famous GNR reunion question was dusted off and trotted out again. SLASH's answer was, "Ow, how many times do I have to answer this question"? The reporter said, "Yeah, I know". SLASH did mention that he had recently met Izzy, Duff and Steven and they were NOT saying, "Come on, man, let's do this GNR". Although it seems a reunion is not on the horizon, it does seem that SLASH and Steven have finally become friends again after all these years. And friends are much more important as you go through life than digging up the grave of an old band. Thank you, Feres. An excellent report!

To those who submitted photos since the last group of Tour Photos were put out, thank you all so much. We are back working on them now. For some time we have been adding tabs, and now we will move back to the photos.
News Reported: 12/15/00

Tonight's the first of the shows in Germany! Tomorrow night is the long awaited show at the Paradiso in The Netherlands. This one is SOLD OUT! Checking with scalpers is your only hope of getting in to this one. This is a familiar venue for SLASH. Many of you no doubt remember the famous benefit concert here for Jason Becker that featured Zakk Wylde and SLASH. A dazzler. Look for the band to pull the stops out in Amsterdam tomorrow! The boys will need a day off after this show, and they will move to Stuttgart, Germany and catch up on some sleep while SLASH runs around doing interviews.

If you're not going to see the band tonight, maybe you'd like to hear a great online SLASH interview. Actually there are two good ones available on the NME site. When you get there, there's a condensed text version, and then you select your modem speed and the interview. In one, SLASH talks about the Guns N'Roses issue. The second talks more about what SLASH is doing now. (The picture at right has nothing to do with the interviews, but the ladies need a SLASH bathing suit photo fix in winter!) Check out the interviews here:

NME Interviews

If you've been trying to access SLASH's Official Site (, you've found it's not accessible. SLASH has hired new people to work on his site, and the old one is down. The original was a little skimpy and did not include the wildly creative things SLASH wanted to do. This next version, if it includes half of SLASH's ideas, will be a killer site to visit over and over. This site, the Official Fan Site, continues uninterrupted with current news and SLASH information. Hopefully, the two sites will complement each other in all the ways discussed.

Nicholas was at the Sheffield show in the UK, and he said it really rocked! He waited outside a long time, and SLASH did come out! Fans got autographs and pictures with Nicholas getting his Appetite ... album signed. Pretty much a normal evening for SLASH. But surprise! Who shows up? Another SLASH! Nicholas snapped this great photo of SLASH meeting SLASH! Check the real SLASH's expression! Thanks, Nicholas!

Some reviews are in from the Denmark shows and the Swedish show. Torben was at the show in Esbjerg. He said it was the best and sends a big thank you to the King of the Guitar, SLASH! SLASH signed his It's Five O'Clock Somewhere album. Torben said it was a dream come true meeting SLASH and finding SLASH willing to talk to him. He hopes to see Snakepit again in Denmark. Thanks, Torben. Jakob went to both shows in Denmark. That's the way, Jakob! After 6 hours, his ears are still ringing. Jakob spoke to SLASH, had his picture taken with him and got a personal SLASH greeting on his arm: "To Jake - SLASH 2000"! And SLASH loved Jakob's tshirt, too. At the show, his first sight of Snakepit was Rod coming screaming out with those long dreadlocks. This guy knows how to party! Keri was on the run right from the beginning. Jakob says Keri is very cool and reminds him of Izzy in some ways. Matt was beating his drums in a very professional way, full of energy, and if you watched him you could catch him doing some drumstick tricks. Johnny G has the coolest attitude of the band, Mr. Rock N'Roll. Then, SLASH, with his worn out looking Les Paul doing magnificent solos. The show was great covering nearly the whole new cd, and for the die-hard Gunners, there was "Mr. Brownstone" and "It's So Easy". "Beggars and Hangers-On" got a chance at the end of the set. Jakob says the best part of the show wasn't SLASH or Johnny or anyone was the whole band working as a whole band. Keri and Johnny sat on the stage at the end for an hour signing autographs. The second show was a larger venue. Jakob has bruises from being smashed up against the fence. "Shine" was played twice because they were recording a live video of the song that night! Jakob thinks the coolest guy again was Johnny G who came down and shook hands with him. Jakob got SLASH autographs after the show. He told Jakob about his snakes and admired his Kermit the frog tshirt. Jakob says SLASH is Number 1!! He says he hopes this will give all the fans an idea of what it is like to see their show and meet SLASH. If you get the chance, go see them! Thanks, Jakob! Mike was also at the second show in Denmark. Before the show they were told about the video for "Shine" and that it would be song number 4 and to go crazy! There was no opening band so Snakepit started at 8:30pm. When the GNR tunes were played, the crowd went nuts. Rod was in a great mood and took a wild stagedive into the crowd. They did "Shine" twice. The best song was "Serial Killer" with SLASH doing a "killer" solo. "Ain't Life Grand" was a surprise; it was better live than the original album version. Mike stayed at the venue, and SLASH came out with his bodyguard to sign autographs. Everyone there had a chance to meet him. Mike says SLASH is really a nice guy, and Mike thanked him for a fantastic evening. Mike had gotten a setlist, and SLASH signed that and shook his hand. A perfect ending to a perfect evening. This was the best concert Mike has ever been to. Thanks to Snakepit! And thank you, Mike. Claus was also at the second show. He said that SLASH riffed like only he can, and Rod was great. One of the songs, "Shine", was taped for a video. Claus would like to tell SLASH that he'd like him to come to Copenhagen next time. You just did, Claus, and thanks very much!

Here's one from the Swedish concert from Jenni. Jenni traveled from Finland to see the show with no ticket in hand as the promoter promised to leave tickets at the door. Looking for the promoter, Jenni came to a hall where Snakepit was doing soundcheck! Although embarrassed, Jenni couldn't leave and just listened for awhile. Snakepit came onstage and started rocking hard. The audience went crazy; some fans fainted and w were carried away. SLASH tried to calm them down, but it didn't help much. Rod's voice was stunning and powerful, even better live. Rod held Jenni's hand while singing "Back to the Moment"!! SLASH walked back and forth, and his solos were amazing. The whole band looked great together and were very cool. After the show, everyone was signing autographs except Johnny who slipped away to visit with relatives and friends. Jenni gave SLASH a bottle of Finnish vodka which he said would surely put him to sleep. And it did! Jenni says the band gave the best show she'd ever seen, and she wishes them all the best. Jenni promises to send photos! Thanks, Jenni!

Dutch fans: we got word from Ferry, Jeroen, and Ivar about publicity events in Holland. The channel TMF will record and broadcast the show in Paradiso in the program called "Rockzone". There will be a special with SLASH in the program TMF Extra probably in late December/early January. There will be two radio interviews on Dec. 14 at Radio 538 and second in the program Denk aan Henk on radio 3FM between 1 and 2pm Dutch time. In this program, SLASH will bring another guitar player (Keri?) with him and they will jam for a couple of minutes! Note: if anyone tapes these, we'd love to have a copy to extract some clips from for this site. Let us know at We can trade some US interviews on audio or NTSC video if you'd like. Thanks to all of you!

Marte sent us the news that SLASH was on the Swedish TV channel ZTV yesterday. It was aired three times. SLASH talked about how Snakepit got its name and his blues influence as well as the rock n'roll attitude. At the end of the show, SLASH said that in the end of the show, it's a combination of band and audience; they all come together. Some clips from a concert were shown. SLASH was relaxed and in a good mood and wore his F*ck U! tshirt. The last question was that dead horse, are you going to play with GNR again. SLASH seemed fed up with that one. They ran a clip from "November Rain" at the end. Watch for reruns! Thanks, Marte!
News Reported: 12/13/00

Tonight is the second show in Denmark. The guys have tomorrow off to move to Germany. Germany got a lot of shows, so there should be some good turnouts. Don't forget to let the rest of us know what happened! We hope to have some pictures from the Swedish show and are hoping someone from Denmark can scan a ticket and send some photos, too. The Tour Photo section has some UK photos in it right now. We've got some from Keri Kelli of Japan. Some nice fans in these!

The band will be coming home in time for Christmas Eve. Keri will be checking and answering mail directly again. If you have a question for Keri, his email address is:
Keri says he really enjoys hearing from everyone. It seems like a nice family, he says! Rod Jackson can also take questions. Please send mail to Rod in care of the Webmaster, that is:
and we'll forward it to Rod. We'll send his reply back to you. With SLASH you have to use the regular mail. Get the address and instructions at, scroll down to Main Menu, click Write To Slash.

Don't forget to send the guys a Christmas card! You can also send a small gift if you'd like, but that's not necessary. Let's bury them with Christmas wishes. You can email them to Rod and Keri if you want or send a card to the whole band using SLASH's sure you put SLASH's Snakepit if it is for everyone or the band member's name. Otherwise SLASH will get everything which we are sure he would like but maybe not what you had in mind. Get them in the mail soon!

The big show in Amsterdam is the 14th. Jizz tells us that rumors are going around that the Paradiso show there will be recorded and broadcast later by a Dutch music channel called TMF.SO. Jizz says for all you there to keep your eyes open for announcements. There is also to be a SLASH special on this channel! Jizz told us the best news of all. The show is SOLD F*CKIN' OUT! Thanks, Jizz, and keep us posted on program times. Marijke added that on Thursday, Dec. 14, there will be a SLASH interview on Radio 538. This may be the same one Jizz was speaking about or another. Sometimes SLASH does 9 hours of interviews a day and goes to the show. Marijke also said that Guitar World did a reader's poll of the Top 100 Guitar Solos, and SLASH came in at #6 with the "November Rain" solo. Thanks, Marijke!

Four reviews from the first Swedish show, Dec. 9, have come in. Janne saw SLASH for the first time and thought it was a great show. Janne says this venue held 600 and was also SOLD OUT! Way to go, Sweden! They were very close to the stage which made you feel really connected to the band. Snakepit was LOUD, and it was sometimes hard to hear SLASH's guitar. (Note to SLASH: LOUDER!) Rod is a great stage performer, and Janne thinks his singing is great. Rod was the one to talk between songs, and he said the girls were so beautiful that he was getting married tonight. He borrowed a camera from someone in the audience but couldn't work it, so he asked SLASH! They looked at it for a long while then SLASH took a picture of the audience! The other guys were very cool especially Keri. SLASH's playing was great, and he did some blues jamming in the intro to "Mean Bone". Janne thought his slide playing was great, too. All the songs were very good, but "Ain't Life Grand" was the most impressive and is a lot better live. Janne promises to send photos. Thank you, Janne!

Tobias was also at the show and can't stop thinking about it. It was a religious experience! SLASH's friend and ex-Europe guitarist John Norum opened for Snakepit. When Snakepit came onstage, the place exploded! Tobias says he has never seen anything like it. This was his first time seeing SLASH live. Some highlights were seeing Rod getting "power from the people", as he called it, by putting his fist against a fan's fist. Rod spit water over everyone all the time, and it looked like he would do an Axl by making a fan turn over his camera. Cool Rod and SLASH just took a picture with it and handed it back. SLASH said he loves Sweden and was glad to be home there. Aside from the new album, they covered GNR's "It's So Easy" and "Mr. Brownstone". They also covered Snakepit 95's "Beggars and Hangers-On". The crowd chanted "Snakepit", and they did two more songs. Rod drank half a bottle of Jack Daniels! Tobias says going to the concert was the best thing he's ever done. Thanks, Tobias!

Marte gets the prize for coming the furthest away. She and her brother came from Norway to the Dec.9 Swedish show. It was totally worth it! Marte has been a GNR and SLASH fan for 9 years, so it was a dream come true to see SLASH. Marte says her ears are still ringing and is so excited, sleep is impossible. Snakepit led off with "Life's Sweet Drug", and the crowd went wild. Marte's favorite was "Serial Killer" but says all the songs were great. All the Ain't Life Grand songs were played except "The Truth". Has anyone heard them do this live? Rod is an excellent singer and awesome on stage. Singing that beautiful ballad, "Back to the Moment", he sat on the front of the stage, holding a girl's hand. Everyone was full of energy. Matt was really good, a very talented drummer. SLASH was brilliant, and everyone wanted to touch him. His solos are amazing, even better than Marte expected. Keri Kelli was awesome, too, rocking all over the place, throwing picks and having a blast. Johnny Blackout is really cool and an amazing bass player. He and Keri were flirting with the audience, and the crowd loved it. Johnny shook Marte's hand during the show. Marte was right in front of Johnny who finally walked over and shook Marte's hand and went back. There was a lot of pressure forward, and some fans passed out. Marte had to be lifted over the fence and put in the back of the room at the end. About 20 fans waited at the end of the show. It was freezing cold outside. Matt came out first, then Rod. They signed autographs and shook hands. SLASH came out and walked to the bus, but then he came back out and signed autographs accompanied by his huge bodyguard (Animal, ex-Atlanta Falcons pro football player). We stood in line but had to move on when he had signed our things. SLASH apologized for not having time to talk, but Marte was thrilled to see him and shake his hand. Keri Kelli came out, and Marte talked to him a lot. He gave her one of his picks, too. Marte says Keri is a true gentleman... and gorgeous, too. Johnny Blackout didn't come out. Keri said that Johnny was going to stay in Stockholm with family and friends for awhile. Marte's favorite was Johnny, so she'll just have to catch him next time. With this great show, the band is sure to be back! Thank you, Marte!

Marcus went to see the show, and Snakepit rocked! The whole band was in a great mood, and they did a great show. They played for about an hour and 40 minutes. The crowd went wild when Snakepit came out! What a thrill to see SLASH LIVE. Marcus got to shake Rod's hand twice during the show. He says Rod is even better live than on the album. Seeing SLASH live is something Marcus has wanted his whole life, and he finally got his chance. SLASH was great! Marcus wants to thank the band for a great show! Snakepit is the best live band Marcus has ever seen, and he hopes they will return soon. Marcus took a lot of pictures and says he will send them as soon as he can. Thanks, Marcus!
News Reported: 12/11/00

Tonight's the second Swedish show. We'd really love to hear about the show in Denmark and the two in Sweden. If you went, drop us a line and let us know how it was...the email address is The band is off tomorrow and moves back to Denmark for the second show there. We've been discussing the fan mail issue. There is a big box of it in L.A., and we're trying to figure out how to get it to SLASH safely or if it should just be held till his Christmas return. We'll let you know. At this time, our advice is to be prepared for a wait. SLASH's days seem to be filled with shows and interviews. If you are trying to get something for Christmas, that will probably not happen. Just a little patience...

With many college students into final exam time and everyone into holiday preparations, we've had several requests to delay the contest ending date for a few days. This seems reasonable, so we will let it go one more week till next Saturday at midnight. If you need the information again, click here and you'll see the questions and information on that autographed cd:

Contest 2 Questions

Speaking of holiday preparations, the SLASH page has its holiday decorations up, too. There's even a short wav file of SLASH wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The decorations are at Just scroll down a little and you'll see them and you can hear SLASH!

We have two more UK reviews! Chris saw them at Sheffield and says they played virtually the whole new album, "Beggars and Hangers-On" and covered GNR's "It's So Easy" and "Mr. Brownstone". SLASH looked really cool, but Chris doesn't like the goatee that SLASH is sporting - says it makes him look too old. There were too many crowd surfers; but the band was great and Rod was great. Rod was hit with a bottle of water and went ballistic (like Axl, Chris says). There was a lot of eye contact with the band and the crowd, but they didn't come out after the show to sign anything. Chris speculates it could have had something to do with the audience behavior. Best thing: Chris saw SLASH! Thanks, Chris. Next, Matt says that he has wanted to meet SLASH for 10 years, and the day finally came! Matt arrived at the venue at 2 pm. SLASH came at 5 and went right in after saying hi. Matt said the show was great, especially Rod and SLASH. He really liked the GNR covers. Matt waited around outside for hours. SLASH came out at around 1am and signed lots of stuff for people. Security wouldn't let anyone near enough to get a picture with SLASH. After signing, SLASH left in a minibus. Matt raced to his car and followed. 15 minutes later Matt was at the hotel and rushed to meet SLASH. SLASH was great and said Matt shouldn't have waited so long in the cold. He signed everything for Matt, and Matt got his photo taken with his idol. Matt says, "Thanks for a great day, SLASH! And what a f*ckin' great guy!!!" See, if you wait long enough, he has to come out sometime!

Michael sent in a note that he saw SLASH on TV last night! This was on the FX channel on their "X Program" show. The interview was taped of course. SLASH talked a little about the GNR breakup and what he is doing now. We saw this too. One host introduced SLASH by talking about how GNR made him a man. And he raved about SLASH. Later in the interview he asked SLASH if he could show him how to play something basic on the guitar so he could impress girls. SLASH played a riff that was basically a scale played by a very talented and experienced guitar player! SLASH said that that was the most basic thing that every guitar player should learn. Michael was able to catch SLASH later on a rerun of MTV's "Rock Star Update". Twice in one night! Thanks, Michael.

Awhile ago someone wrote in that SLASH would be in the December 2000 issue of Stuff magazine. Vicki got a copy and "a telling look" from the cashier. The magazine comes wrapped in a foil package, so you know this won't be one to share with the kids. On page 44 is a picture of SLASH in the "Blitz!" section. SLASH is on his bed, shirtless, barefoot, with his guitar. Under the headline "Living", it says, "SLASH answers your etiquette quandries". There's a letter from Frank M. in Baton Rouge, "Is there ever an inappropriate time to don a leather top hat?" Answer from SLASH, "No". Another tough one. Thanks, Vicki, so we don't have to brave the checkouts with our Stuff magazine. If Vicki would just scan in the picture, we'd be satisfied!

For South American fans, Miguel wrote in to say that he did an interview with SLASH for the Argentinian Rolling Stone when SLASH was in Mexico. The magazine was released this month! Thanks, Miguel. We're looking for that one! Anyone feel like doing a translation?

Ferry was the winner of the autographed CD in our first contest. He sent in the most marvelous interview with SLASH. This is from Rock Sound, and we are very pleased to share it with you. The reason it's special is that it covers a lot of new ground, mostly personal. The interviewer asks questions that we have never heard SLASH answer before, and it gives some good insight into SLASH's mind. He's asked about a belief in aliens, his dreams, the epitaph he'd like to leave with us. You'll enjoy this one. And even the SLASH page comes in for a small mention. Take some time and read this one over. Ferry, thank you so much!
Rock Sound Interviews SLASH
News Reported: 12/09/00

We've got another new video up that's just super. It's from Rock Star Update, a program which aired on MTV in October this year. The program updates you on what some of the rock stars are doing now. The section on SLASH is honest and positive. There is footage and photos we hadn't seen before. These are a very young SLASH playing guitar, and the footage is SLASH in his days of being stoned on drugs and alcohol. We're lucky to have him with us. Today's SLASH is there and looks so healthy and full of life while he talks about the battle to keep GNR intact and about the guest appearances he's made over the years. Adam Day, SLASH's guitar tech, appears briefly to add some comments. SLASH worked hard to become a guitar legend and has incredibly solid fans, yet he still is nervous before a show. It's the portrait of a man who could have collapsed with GNR but instead went forward to new beginnings. Check it out on the SLASH Video Section of this page:

Rock Star Update: SLASH

If you didn't get a chance to see Snakepit live yet, there is an Australian site that has two songs from the Ottawa show, "Life's Sweet Drug" and "Been There Lately". They burned up the stage here! SLASH takes off on the album version and adds some really cool moments to intros and solos. Radio station Three M obtained the footage from Shock Records, Snakepit distributor in Australia. Many thanks to Gabriel who sent us the information. See Snakepit again LIVE:
Snakepit Live!

Our UK friend Kim tells us that this week's Kerrang! will have a one page article on a day in the life of SLASH! Kim will be sending that for you to see. Kerrang! mentions that "Been There Lately" came out December 4 on Koch Records, so look for that in the UK stores. We understand it is an exclusive release to the UK. Kim says that there is a sidebar on records that make SLASH's day, and they are Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger, Nine Inch Nails' Pretty Hate Machine, Stone Temple Pilots' Tiny Music..., the Rolling Stones' Exile On Main Street and AC/DC's Powerage. Sounds like a good issue!

Some more reviews on those UK shows have come in. Tonight Snakepit is playing their first Denmark show. Tomorrow night is the Swedish show. Then they are off for a day moving back to Denmark for the Monday night show. As far as we know, you can still get tickets; and if you want them back, let's try to sell them out! John bought tickets for both shows in London, and he had a great view since the venue was small. His ears are still ringing! John had only one complaint and that was that SLASH didn't do autographs after the second show. The fans were told SLASH was just too tired. This was the night SLASH said that he had not slept or eaten for 48 hours, so we'll have to be on his side this time! John would like to know if Snakepit will release a live album soon. As far as we know the next album will be a studio album but we have heard rumors that a live album will be out. Andi saw the Dec.4 show at the Underworld. The gig was excellent, and the band was relaxed. A guy jumped onstage and was snagged by security but SLASH hugged him before he left the stage. Andi wasn't pleased with the new album thinking Rod's vocals were weak, but he has changed his opinion! Rod was awesome, and Andi thinks the album producer should be shot. SLASH announced that the Underworld shows would be recorded for a possible live album. We agree with Andi, you have to see/hear them live to get the full impact! Andi thinks the band deserves to be big on its own merits not just because SLASH is a celebrity. Andi's message to the band is thanks! They need more rock bands there onstage. Thanks, Andi! Simon was at the Sheffield show and told us that Rod announced that "Beggars..." was written about Axl. "Serial Killer" was written about Rod's friend who did coke and shot his girlfriend. An excellent show with Simon up front by Johnny and Keri who really rock. Simon was so close he could read the headstock on SLASH's guitar! Simon wants to thank the band and tell them they are 10 times better than Snakepit 95. Thanks, Simon! Lisa was also at Sheffield...SLASH's playing is amazing. The crowd was enthusiastic, and Lisa was only 10 feet from SLASH himself. She bought a Snakepit vest and waited a couple of hours to see SLASH after the show. When it started to rain, the crowd dwindled from 100 to 20, but Lisa hung in there and SLASH finally came out! Lisa got her program and her stomach signed! She plans to have the signature tattoed. Send pictures! Thanks, Lisa. Next one is from gbewley who was at the Underworld and would like to know why the show started so late. Is this the one where the opening band failed to turn up? He got to meet Rod and and Johnny in a pub before the performance, and they practically guaranteed SLASH would sign his tat. Is this the one where AC/DC was in with SLASH..they are talking about touring possibilities now. He'd like to tell Keri that he really rocks on guitar, looks relaxed and like he is enjoying himself. Thanks, and hopefully you'll get that sig when SLASH comes back. Graigor saw the band in Camden and says it was pure class. The band was up for it although they have done so many shows recently. Being so close to the band is unbelievable. The crowd was excited but never got out of hand. Rod and Slash both talked to the audience with SLASH saying how good it was to be in England. It was a little hard to hear him. Graigor is a big GNR fan, so he was going mostly to see SLASH, but each person onstage came into his own, and he was soon watching them all. Special thanks to Keri for the pick and pouring Jack Daniels down his throat! Thanks, Graigor! This one is from the Dec.5 Underworld show. The show rocked! Snakepit came out and launched into "Life's Sweet Drug", and it was mindblowing! Keri was amazing, and all the ladies fancied him. He had a Great Britain sticker on the back of his guitar. Rod was really impressive. SLASH seemed dreamy. He walked up to a stage pillar and pretended to... (Note: send SLASH's girlfriend immediately!) In one song, SLASH put down his guitar, lit a cigarette and threw his lighter into the crowd. After the show, Keri was surrounded by the ladies! Rod was really nice and very polite. Johnny spent most of his time looking for ladies (should have looked for Keri). SLASH and Matt weren't around at all. (SLASH having taken the pillar back to his hotel no doubt). It was brilliant and a great night. Jamie was at the Underworld on the 5th, and it was excellent. It was his first time seeing SLASH. Jamie got up front with SLASH right in front of him. Some technical difficulties prevented SLASH from playing "Shine". There was a really good vibe at the club, and SLASH said they would need a bigger venue next time. Jamie liked seeing them in this small club where you could be right up front. Jamie sent us some pictures which we are working on. Thanks for those, Jamie. Our final one is from Steve who saw the last UK show at the Underworld. He got to the venue very early and went to the bar. In walks SLASH. By the time they decided to find him, he was gone. Then a taxi pulled up with Matt and Rod. He got his album signed. After a long wait outside in the rain, they opened the doors. The club was very small, but you were right up by the stage. Everything was amazing. Everything was going great till "Shine" when SLASH's guitar went dead - he had blown an amp. Adam Day was there, and the others carried on playing. Keri Kelli took over and did an amazing solo worthy of SLASH. SLASH soon came out guitarless, stood on an amp, lit a cigarette and gave a funny...what can you do, shit happens expression. When the song ended he apologized saying they were breaking everything tonight. Someone yelled to hurry up and play. SLASH told him to go f*ck himself and carried on. The rest of the night was stunning. Keri was now a new idol on fire. Johnny G just ruled all night long, and Steve was blown away by Matt. Rod can do no wrong. SLASH was happy and into his music. He was everywhere on stage, spinning around, dancing with Rod...stunning solos and he used nearly all his guitars. Steve was so anxious to see SLASH, and his goal has been filled. Great! Thanks to you all. We're happy for you and envious at the same time! Let's hear from some Danish fans!
News Reported: 12/7/00

The last UK show is on for tonight. It is also SOLD OUT! The band is pulling out of the UK and moving on to Denmark which gets their first of two shows. The first show is in Esbjerg on Thursday, December 7. They will then go to Sweden for two shows and come back to Denmark for one more! If you want the guys back in your country soon, turn out for these shows. The UK will be on all future lists! SLASH will be on a couple of lists, too! Remember if you are in Germany, Sweden, Italy.. check the tour schedule below for some minor changes.

If you can't see a show, how about some cool interviews? The Artist Direct site now has the SLASH interview video working. Thanks to Jeroen from The Netherlands who pummeled them with mail about it. This is well worth seeing - some good questions that aren't asked everyday, e.g. the Sam Kiniston question, but the obligatory GNR one is there if you need a fix on that:

Artist Direct/SLASH Video

Maria in Toronto told us a few days back about a show on Much Music on groupies. SLASH and Rod spoke for Snakepit. That episode is on this week according to Yurich, and he gave us a location where you can see our two guys comment on the wild women of the rock world. Look for the word and groupie on your left, click that (guys, that's enough clicking!), and you'll see Slash on the left. Click SLASH to hear what he and Rod have to say on this:

A couple days ago the UK people sent in mail about SLASH's appearance on a daytime TV show there where he used the words blowjob and f*ck on live TV. Although the TV station apologized to those with tender sensibilities, our guy did not. He says he was asked a question, and he answered it. Better to stick to those GNR questions. We have for you first an audio of the interview, then a comment from SLASH. Thanks very much to NeMiSiS who sent us the audio version and Janet who posted the exclusive SLASH comment to NME on our Snakepit list.
He Said What??!!

Now here's SLASH's comment on what was said:
SLASH Comment

The reviews have been coming in from the UK, and we're so pleased that you took time to write down your thoughts on the shows. The band likes to read these, and we do, too. Starting with the Sheffield show on December 3, Rob sent us a good summary: Snakepit band is brilliant! Every song on the new album was played except "The Truth". They played covers of GNR's "It's So Easy" and "Mr. Brownstone" as well as Snakepit '95's "Beggars & Hangers-On". Rob said the guys were full of energy and very tight. It was the best night of his life! The only bad part of the show was when some idiot threw bottles at Rod. Not cool, friends. An artist can be seriously hurt by these aside from the fact that they really kill the show and turn attention to the bottle-thrower instead of the music. Rob said Rod was seriously angry about it, but he continued. Rod is a great singer with excellent onstage presence. Matt is the best drummer Rob has ever heard with total control over the skins. Keri seriously kicked ass on guitar, and Johnny Blackout was great. SLASH? Rob says there are not enough ways to describe his brilliance. Thanks, Rob. Jon agrees saying the whole show kicked ass. SLASH looked cool and the rest did, too. Rod got heated up by the bottle throwing, but it didn't ruin the show. They are amazing musicians, and Jon was so close to the stage he couldn't believe it. To be 2 feet away is amazing! To quote Jon, "It was loud, it was was rock and roll! If you get the chance, see them!". Thanks, Jon! RHolding summarizes the show as...excellent. They played the album songs and the two GNR songs. Can't wait for them to come around again! Thanks! Luke says that there was no opening band as they didn't turn up! "Life's Sweet Drug" was first, and it was brilliant. They played over 90 minutes without a break and then did a great encore of the GNR covers. Rod is the most amazing live singer Luke has ever seen, and the crowd went wild for him. Luke's favorite song was "Serial Killer". The band had so much energy, and the momentum was only stopped by some idiot throwing a bottle at Rod. The only disappointment was that SLASH didn't come outside in the freezing rain to sign autographs. (Remember this is an L.A. person unaccustomed to even the WORD freezing!). "An amazing gig and a good venue. Nice one, SLASH!" Thank you, Luke! Echo writes that "I have never enjoyed a gig so much". Rod is so much like Steven Tyler with the same stage presence and moves. SLASH is just so cool. He hasn't lost anything in the time from the Illusion tours. Snakepit Rules! Thanks, Echo! Sharon traveled 2 1/2 hours to see The Boys; they looked cool, sounded great and were everything you'd expect them to be. The venue was about 1200, so Sharon was close to the front. SLASH and Rod had their shirts off and looked hot. (they are pretty hot looking IN their shirts!). SLASH did talk a bit, thanking people for coming and saying how he enjoyed a live show in England again. There was a tour program for sale with beautiful pictures of the guys (we've seen that and it is gorgeous). It's the first time Sharon has seen SLASH pictured without sunglasses and hat. She thinks he has really nice eyes. (kind and intelligent as well as wickedly funny at times). Sharon thanks the band for coming to England and hope they enjoyed it, too! What a super fan letter and review, Sharon! Thanks! Here's a joint letter from Roger, Damo & Big Scotty T. (Let's get Big Scotty after these bottle throwers!). They say that if you were disappointed that Snakepit didn't appear with AC/DC in the UK, the band made up for it and more with their show at the Sheffield. The band was tight, the atmosphere was hot and the time flew by. There's an apology here to the band for those who saw fit to throw bottles at Rod. Please don't hold that against the rest of the fans, and please come back! The Corporation is Sheffield's premier rock club and small concert venue. The GNR covers were a huge hit with the crowd. Everyone left happy. Go get a ticket to the Underworld shows! (These are sold out but there are always ways of getting a ticket). Rod had amazing vocals, and SLASH looked like he was having a real blast. Come back soon! Thank you! Emily got back from London at 4 am but has never been so happy. She said they were so close she got to touch SLASH twice. SLASH would smoke half a cigarette, come up by the crowd and wave it around. Emily said she had no chance of catching it, but SLASH put it right in her hand. She put it out and kept it and promptly fainted! (SLASH can have that effect on you, best taken in very small doses at first). She had to be lifted over the barrier where "I sat under SLASH's concerned eye...BLESS HIM!" Then they let Emily go sit in the soundbooth with AC/DC!!! WHAT A NIGHT FOR EMILY! The show was great. Rod made a lot of eye contact with the audience and so did SLASH. SLASH was in a great mood and smiled a lot...the the joy of the audience. Thanks, Emily! Pang saw SLASH face to face at the venue when SLASH came at 3 pm. Matt arrived at 5 and was very nice. The rest came about 5:30. Pang was disappointed that you could not take pictures inside the venue. Each venue has their own rules although SLASH did tell me he can't see his guitar well if he gets all those flashes in his eyes. Peng was also disappointed that the show was so short and would have liked more GNR covers like "November Rain" and "Sweet Child O'Mine". (note: SLASH doesn't want to play songs strongly identified with the old GNR and Axl Rose). Pang got Keri's pick! SLASH seemed shy and hardly talked, but he is the No. 1 coolest guitarist on the planet. Thanks! Antony sent a great review which really should be read in its entirety. All these reviews can be found elsewhere on the page (, scroll down to Main Menu, click Slash's Snakepit 1999-2000 and then click Fan Show Reviews for the complete message, unedited). Antony says the show was not quite full but was pretty well packed. The sound was almost perfect. You could hear the guitars and Rod easily. "Serial Killer" was again the favorite. They rocked the crowd! Antony says it was the best gig he's ever been to - far beyond anything he has seen. SLASH seemed shy at first, but then he got into it and would stand so he made that cool looking shadow. Godzilla and the Gibsons were there as was the BC Rich Mockingbird. Rod is a serious presence onstage with great singing ability. For those who were disappointed that SLASH didn't come out, you just didn't wait long enough! It was 4 degrees, raining and there was a nasty wind, but Antony hung in there for 3 hours till SLASH came out. He took SLASH's picture and got autographs. Rod, Keri and Matt were really good about getting pictures taken, and Keri shook his hand, too. SLASH stood and signed in the rain for 30 minutes. Rod was being very cool, and the fans chanted "Snakepit Rules"! SLASH seemed happy about the show and about being in England. Antony got a setlist signed by SLASH and a Snakepit program signed by SLASH and about 25 (!!) pictures of the band. He promises to send these along. PLEASE!! Antony says he is almost shaking with excitement from meeting the band. It was the best weekend of his entire life. Finally, Antony drove 3 hours home, got there at 4 am and got up at 6:30 am for work. "It was worth it"! Thank you, Antony! And thanks to everyone who contributed their comments. We have a couple from the Underworld show last night and we'll do those tomorrow. It's never too late too send yours in. Any scans we'll put in the Tour Photos section. Thanks to you all.

And for all of us, the Sheffield Corporation has put 18 great live onstage photos of Snakepit on their site. Here's where to find them:
Sheffield Photos

News Reported: 12/5/00

Tour schedule changes! These are just for Sweden, Germany and Italy. Check the Swedish show on December 8 for a change of city and venue. Check the German show on December 19 for a change in the venue only. The Italian show on December 22 also has a change in venue only. The schedule here starts with Europe:


     Sun., Dec. 3            The Corporation      Sheffield, England
     Mon., Dec. 4 *SOLD OUT! The Underworld       London, England
     Tue., Dec. 5 *SOLD OUT! The Underworld       London, England
     Thu., Dec. 7            Hultihuset Tobaken   Esbjerg, Denmark
     Fri., Dec. 8            KB                   Malmo, Sweden
     Sat., Dec. 9            Klubben              Stockholm, Sweden
     Mon., Dec. 11           Train                Aarhus, Denmark
     Wed., Dec. 13           Columbia Halle       Berlin, Germany   
     Thu., Dec. 14           Paradiso             Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
     Sat., Dec. 16           Kongresszentrum      Stuttgart, Germany
     Mon., Dec. 18           E-Werk               Koln, Germany
     Tue., Dec. 19           Babylon              Munchen, Germany
     Wed., Dec. 20           Furth Stadthalle     Nurnberg, Germany 
     Fri., Dec. 22 *SOLD OUT Alcatrazz            Milan, Italy

     Sat., Dec. 23           US for Christmas Holidays

                   SOUTH AMERICAN LEG
     Fri., Jan. 19           Obras Stadium        Buenos Aires, Argentina
     Sat., Jan. 20           Obras Stadium        Buenos Aires, Argentina
     Mon., Jan. 22           GO                   Mar del Plata, Argentina

SLASH called from London this evening. He said the shows are going great. He has hardly slept or eaten at all. Tonight he fell asleep in the alley by the venue on a crate before the show! Not only is he doing the shows, but he is doing interviews about 8 or 9 hours a day. But he is having a great time, and he's just thriving on all this activity. SLASH says playing London for him is like playing L.A. because he has a lot of family and friends there. As you know, SLASH is from the UK originally, and he is so happy to be back there. Make him welcome, and clap extra loud. We had black and blue hands when we saw Snakepit for 30 minutes. We expect full set fans to be hoarse as well. SLASH is also looking forward to Denmark which comes up next. We haven't heard from too many Danes out there, so we hope you are quietly buying up all the seats for your shows.

SLASH had a funny story to pass along to you. He did four interviews today with MTV Europe. When he was in the studio, they told him he couldn't smoke in the building. They had had a fire there within the past year or two and were being very careful. So, SLASH put out his cigarette, but every chance he got, he went outside and smoked. Each time he came in he kept telling them he smelled smoke. They thought it was from his old cigarette. Then SLASH discovered his jacket was burning!! The famous SLASH leather jacket was going up in smoke! It was lying over a light, and the light was slowly burning the jacket. It has a hole the size of a half dollar in it now. SLAsh loves that old jacket. Meanwhile MTV can burn to the ground, but let's save SLASH's jacket! SLASH laughed and said it was fine. Guess his jacket needed a smoke.

There are a ton of reviews from the UK's first show, and we have the hilarious SLASH interview for you. Lots of news, and we'll get that all together for tomorrow. Be sure to stop in then. While you are waiting, don't forget Contest 2 below. Questions are a bit easier this time!
News Reported: 12/4/00

The contest for the first autographed cd Ain't Life Grand is over, and the winner is Ferry Heijkoop of the Netherlands. The question which seemed to trip up most people was the country that had one bonus track on their released cd. That is Australia with "Something About Your Love". Koch Records donated three of these cds, and this is the second contest. Same idea as the first one. Answer these questions about Slash and his music and bands and send the answers to Please put Contest 2 in the Subject. The deadline here will be Saturday, December 9 at midnight your time. Those having all answers correct will be part of a random drawing for the winner. Winners are notified here and by private email. There is no charge to enter or to win. Koch donates the albums, Slash and Ron provided the signatures, postage is courtesy of your webmaster. Only one week this time, so hurry!

Contest 2 Questions

Did you catch the SLASH interview on today? Despite some technical and sound problems, it was definitely one of the best interviews we've seen. The interviewer was knowledgeable, and let SLASH answer the questions! It ran about 75 minutes, and it was a good one for everyone to hear. SLASH talked in detail about GNR, the breakup, Blues Ball, Snakepit 95, the current band and plans for the future. Very complete. He also answered fan questions! For you Australians that may have missed it, he did say that Snakepit will be back. As to whether or not Snakepit will tour with AC/DC there, it's still a rumor. It would be a great rock and roll show for sure. If you're a rock fan, you want to see AC/DC no matter who opens, so get your tickets! How can you lose? The station is sponsoring a contest for fans to win an autographed Snakepit poster and an Ain't Life Grand cd. We watched SLASH autograph them on the video. For details, head over to They will be archiving the interview in a few days, and you can watch it at your leisure.

Speaking of videos, the one at Artist Direct that is also a SLASH interview, is still not working. We hope to have news on that one being available soon.

There's a video on this site for you, too. It's another new one of our own to contribute. This was taken from the Koch Records promo video that is an interview with SLASH intercut with footage from a live concert. The music rules! This link takes you to the SLASH Videos! Section of the page. Scroll down, and it is the first one you come to.
Koch Promo Video Clip

SLASH live! SLASH is in the UK right now. Tonight was the first show, and we hope to hear from some fans soon. He appeared live on the UK TV show CD:UK where he was interviewed. Bear in mind this is a live show at 11:30 am. He talked about GNR and the breakup and how he and Axl would have to have psychotherapy to talk to each other again. He was asked about the rockstyle life he lives and what was the most amazing rumor about him. He said...the one where I got a blowjob in a restaurant! (that's our SLASH!) He was asked about his pets, and he commented that he had tried to stop his iguana from escaping recently from his back garden, and it bit the f*ck out of him! HA! SLASH is too funny. Apologies were made by the interviewers, but not by our man. Tell it like it is. Those of us bitten by pets know EXACTLY what you mean! The whole incident took us back to the hilarious AMA ceremony when SLASH and Duff got up to thank the AMA for the GNR award! Thanks to all of you who sent that one in....Graigor, James, Lewis, Thomas, Craig, Jamie, Dave, Simrin, Tom, Emily and everyone else. Thanks for getting up so early to give us a report. We hope you are at the show right now!
News Reported: 12/3/00

The news tonight is mostly reminders and reviews! Be advised that SLASH's taped interview will be aired on Sunday, December 3 at noon, Pacific Time even though the site advertises it as on tomorrow. You can choose to have an audio or video session. Personal sessions with SLASH are not available at this time! Next, the Artist Direct video. It is up and available at their site, but if anyone can get to it, please let us know. So far we have clicked through the many levels trying to find SLASH, and just as we do, we got a Netscape 404 error. We're trying hard to psych this out. Reminder to the UK fans: set your clocks to see SLASH live at 11:30 am tomorrow your time! And we all want to know what it was about! Sunday, December 3 is the big FIRST European show. Please send some reviews as they are really important to the band as well as the fans. Pictures and ticket scans would also be terrific.

Just as we were writing about the UK, SLASH called! He made it there and sounds very excited, in a great mood, but a little tired and hungry. He says he didn't pack too well for your cold weather, but he did remember his top hat. People are recognizing him out in the street, and he seems really happy about that! Yesterday he did 9 hours of interviews with the press! He has a similar schedule tomorrow. SLASH said the UK shows are sold out, and thanks to all of you who helped do that! A great welcome to Europe! SLASH is moving around, so keep your eyes open. We talked about tomorrow's program on TV, and he seemed to be a little dubious. But you know SLASH, he's game for anything! If you found a way to send him a question for tomorrow, he got them. We sent ours to the producer. He's looking those over right now. We told him Bon Jovi would be there and for SLASH to take his autograph book. He had to laugh about that. So that should be an interesting start to his day. He was off to order room service and go to bed. He hasn't eaten in 48 hours and hasn't slept much either. But he really sounded happy to be there! Take care of him... Another reminder: tomorrow night is the end of the first SLASH contest. That is midnight tomorrow, your time. Be sure to take a chance and send it in. All the answers are on the SLASH page somewhere. We will try to have the winner's name and the new contest questions to you on Sunday night. We'll be giving away 3 of these autographed CDs in 3 contests. Ain't Life Grand is autographed by SLASH and Rod. Pretty cool. Here's the contest questions and where to send the answers:

Win A SLASH/Rod Autographed CD

Here's some news! My pal Gayle spotted SLASH on the My VH1 Awards last night. SLASH has a little skit on it, and Gayle says it was really cute! The skit was about some nerdy little lady who supposedly wrote all the greatest songs in the world (a joke), and SLASH did a little thing where he talks about his "experience" with her. Very cute! Thanks, Gayle; we'll watch for a rerun.

Nasar wanted to add to the news of SLASH being on the cover of Total Guitar. In addition to the interview Kim sent us, Nasar says that there is a full transcription of "Life's Sweet Drug". If you have been looking for tabs from the new album, there are several on the SLASH page Tabs section. Now you can get this one, too. Nasar was thinking about all those tshirts SLASH has. He says his favorite is "You're A Very Naughty Girl, Go To My Room"! Ours is "If You Don't Like Oral Sex, Keep Your Mouth Shut". Anyone else have a favorite?! We've never seen one for sale like that in our lives, and SLASH has 13,000 of them. Thanks, Nasar.

As promised, here is the Metal Edge interview. It covers 4 pages in the magazine including pictures which we have mostly trimmed off to speed load times. We think you are pretty familiar with them. This is a really nice, positive interview with SLASH. Click below to see the pages one at a time:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

We have some reviews from the Galaxy. Michelle says the boys played about an hour and 15 minutes, but it seemed longer. The crowd was enthusiastic but respectful of the gang. Good! Michelle took some great photos, but security grabbed the camera after the show, took the film out and threw it! Michelle's sister had done a super drawing which you can see on the Fan Drawing section, and Michelle put it right by SLASH's foot onstage. Everyone got rushed out right after the show, so they didn't get to see the band, but it seems like SLASH got a cute picture to take home! Thanks, Michelle. Mike sent us the setlist which some European fans are looking for. Here's what they played: Been There Lately, Just Like Anything, Shine, Mean Bone, Serial Killer, Back to the Moment, It's So Easy, Rusted Heroes, Landslide, Ain't Life Grand, Mr. Brownstone, Beggars & Hangers-On and Speed Parade. Mike says he liked this show better than the one at the Roxy. The band was tight and on top of things even though some had colds. Johnny was a little more sedate than usual. The sound was excellent. They played a couple hours or less, but it felt like they played forever! There were two encores!! These make you feel like you are really getting your money's worth. And the band must feel great to come back out twice! Mike got his second SLASH pick, and you were close enough to touch the band. The band was feeding off the audience, and it was one of the best shows Mike has ever seen.

Ravi was at the last two shows in San Diego and Santa Ana. Ravi's been to so many shows that SLASH is ready to adopt him! The set list for both was very similar. Life's Sweet Drug came first at 4th and B. Ravi says they played a great show with a lot of energy. Ravi liked these shows better than the Roxy, too - they seemed like more fun. The crowd at the Galaxy was better than the one at 4th and B. At the Galaxy, SLASH wore a cool black shirt with a snakeskin pattern on it. SLASH played his Travis Bean on Rusted Heroes, and it sounded better. A very cool guitar! Ravi also loved the jam intro to Mean Bone. Serial Killer was the best song of the night. This one featured a prototype Guild doubleneck. A lot of sweet guitar work on Back to the Moment which is so much better live! (This band is killer live). SLASH added some riffs and solos to the ends of songs to change them up a little. SLASH played some solos on his knees. What a great showman! Keri is really into the shows, and he now crosses the stage and interacts with the audience more. Johnny is all over the place and is perfect on bass. Ravi said you could feel the power of the drums. Great, high energy encore. Ravi wishes the show would be longer and that they would play The Truth also and some songs that didn't make the first album. Ravi said he had a great time, and it was a hard rockin' night!'s your turn now! You have got to see these guys! If we sell out the venues and buy these albums, he's be back sooner!
News Reported: 12/1/00

SLASH leaves tomorrow for the UK! Looks like the rest of us will get some dynamite reports because the UK fans are all over this SLASH visit! The other day we mentioned that SLASH would be on UK television Saturday morning. We had just the barest of facts then, and now we know it all thanks to the UK fans. It appears that SLASH is not going to have to watch cartoons with the kids after all. The early morning show is SM:TV which is a kiddie magazine show. SLASH won't be on that one. It becomes CD:UK at 11:30 am, and this is Saturday not Sunday. So Saturday, 11:30 am, CD:UK is the right place/time to see SLASH. This is a live interview. As far as we know, he will not be performing. He might hit some little person with that Les Paul! One of the other guests is Bon Jovi. So the little kids will love that. We're all on the same page now, right? Let the rest of us know what SLASH did, what the kids did, Tico, Heather...the whole gang. Thanks especially to our great UK correspondents: Craig, Simrin, James and Jamie. Oh, if you want to check this out, Simrin did find the website. It has a place where you can send in a question to the guest but both of us got an error message on it. The url is: and there isn't much to see if you can't mail questions.

A reminder to the SLASH world that you can see SLASH on the web this Sunday, Dec. 3 at noon, Pacific Time, on You need Windows Media software for this, and you may need to register so allow extra time. SLASH taped the interview today. Thanks again, Ian, for the information.

Here's another SLASH web appearance! The promotion on the Artist Direct site was a little confusing. On Friday, Dec. 1, it says "SLASH: Uncensored, Smokin' with SLASH" which sounds like an interview for sure. But they list Snakepit as a video to watch on the schedule. If this is the international video with SLASH talking intercut with concert clips of an AC/DC concert, it will be well worth watching. The one we have seen has SLASH in a guitar shop and that part alone is so interesting and funny, it makes the whole thing worthwhile. And the live footage is great. We're not sure how many days this is on the site either. We need the UK detectives on this one. Brian sent in every bit of sense he could make of this! The url is this:

Artist Direct/SLASH Video

Funny SLASH mention in Rolling Stone Online's publication where they always use an artist's quote to start the newsletter. SLASH said, "When it first came on, it was just like 'Oh, my God. A twenty-four-hour cooking channel.' I think that ended my whole social life right there. I became a f---ing recluse." -- SLASH on his love for the Food Network. Once SLASH said he used it as a substitute for eating. He doesn't seem to be a chef, but he just likes that TV channel.

Back to the European tour: there is good news for Italian fans. You sold out the show! Dynamite! If you didn't get tickets, FabAxl has another way for you to try. In the November issue of Hard! magazine, there's a SLASH contest. You can win 10 tickets for the Milan show OR 3 passes to spend the day with SLASH!! You get to hang with SLASH all day and interview him for Hard! backstage after the show. This is the best contest we've ever heard of....breakfast with SLASH at 2pm, lunch with SLASH at 6 pm, dinner at 2 am...etc. Imagine the fun activities you can have with THAT guy. FabAxl says that to get into the drawing, you have to answer one really tough question: In which band was SLASH the guitarist until 1995? Tough one! FabAxl says Italy just loves SLASH!

The forthcoming issue of Metal Edge has a really superb FOUR page article with color photos on SLASH's Snakepit! If you remember, Metal Edge gave Ain't Life Grand only a so-so review. New critic, new's very, very positive. We'll get this pulled together and have it for you next time, but don't miss this one when it comes out.

A big Snakepit mention from JohnnyK: at the Philadelphia Flyers game Sunday, Nov.26, they played "Been There Lately" as one of the "pump up the fans" tunes during the game. JohnnyK says they have been using "Welcome to the Jungle" for a long time, but this was the first time he's heard solo SLASH at a Flyers game. The song sounded extremely good through the sound system, and JohnnyK says he can only imagine what it must sound like live. He's hoping to see SLASH and The Boys in Philly soon. He'd like to see them open for Aerosmith this summer. Maybe SLASH and Joe could jam a little.

There are some show reviews pending, but we'll catch those and the Metal Edge interview Friday. Please don't forget the concert with the autographed CD as the prize. Check the rules and questions further down your screen. Entries are due Saturday, midnight. Hang on, when they start touring, there is an ocean of good news!
News Reported: 11/30/00

Just a short note to bring this SLASH interview on the web to your attention. Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 29, SLASH will be interviewed by web station If you have a question to ask SLASH, do it asap! The actual broadcast of the interview will be this Sunday, December 3, at noon. It will be a video/audio show, and you need Windows Media software. If you want to send a question, the email address is:

See you tomorrow with more SLASH news.
News Reported: 11/29/00

Here are some reviews on the three shows in California and Arizona. Pjassim saw SLASH for the first time at 4th and B, and the show rocked. There was an awesome rendition of "Serial Killer", and SLASH dedicated "Mr. Brownstone" to San Diego as the audience went wild. The other GNR cover was "It's So Easy", and from It's Five O'Clock Somewhere came "Beggars & Hangers-on" which has to based, at least in part, on SLASH's life as a celebrity. All in all, a stellar performance. Thanks for the review!

The second review is from MDHite who says the show was great. Rod was right on key with every song. SLASH rocked of course! Keri is really opening up and filling the position better than Ryan Roxie (we saw them at Cabo when Ryan was in the band). Johnny and Keri have so much energy, that it's wonderful just to watch them. Thanks! We agree with you on the Keri/Ryan swap. Keri now seems like he has ALWAYS been in Snakepit.

At the Mason Jar, Spock31572 came out to see the show and pronounced it a great one with the guys playing 2 hours. The only disappointment was that SLASH and the band got into the bus and never did come out. Spock31572 had a Les Paul to be signed, and it did get signed by SLASH, but SLASH stayed on the bus. There were a lot of people after the show walking away carrying things they didn't get signed. Was this the band's cold or did they have to get on their way to California or...? SLASH always tries to be available, but sometimes he just can't.

There was a major complaint about the Galaxy Theatre Show. Clement said that Snakepit rocked, but the venue SUCKED! The crowd was mellow, and it wasn't a sellout although it was fairly well packed. Fans up front were really behaving well, not grabbing the band or their instruments. During the opening band, people took photos, used camcorders etc. Just before Snakepit came on, Security started warning people to put those things away. Those who didn't had their things confiscated. Clement had a minidisk taken and Security took him outside, interrogated and threatened him. SLASH, help! SLASH doesn't care about photos and tapers, so this is some strange policy of the Galaxy. Clement would like Snakepit to boycott the Galaxy in the future. Sounds reasonable. Thanks, Clement.

Kim sent us a great article from the UK publication, Metal Hammer. The article is a good one, so we thought you might want to read it all. Click on the magazine cover, Page 1, then Page 2, to read another interview with SLASH. Thanks, Kim!

Page 1
Page 2

Since Snakepit will be leaving for the UK November 30 (or so we've been told), we want to remind the UK of two television appearances by the top hatted one. This Saturday watch for SLASH on a program called cd:uk which appears on Saturday mornings on ITV. Craig sent this to us saying this is a program for the younger kids. ?? Maybe the kids will interview SLASH. The first question will be...what about a reunion! Also, James and Graham say that SLASH or Snakepit will be appearing on SMTV Live. This program airs from 9:25 am to 1:30 pm on ITV. It will air Sunday, December 15. This sounds very strange. Has SLASH ever gotten up that early?? And kids??? We expect a full report on the new Captain Snake show.

Here's one last article for you to check out. This was sent by Marios, written by Neil Weiss in LA. The article is about the GNR Reunion possibilities and is yet another interview with SLASH! Thanks, Marios.

SLASH On GNR Reunion
News Reported: 11/27/00

Tonight SLASH's Snakepit plays The Mason Jar in Phoenix, Arizona. The show has been sold out for sometime as the venue holds just 500. If you're looking for something to do tonight, and you don't have a ticket, why not go over and hang outside? SLASH fans have been known to climb on each other or cars or trash cans to get up and see in windows! SLASH has the band playing so f*ckin' loud you can get a fairly decent audio show outside! Set your video cam and tape recorder on the window ledge, and you're set. SLASH and the boys are interested in what you thought of the 4th and B show last night as well as this one. The Sunday one, too! Send show reviews to the SLASH page at, and we'll post them right here for everyone to read! Thanks!

We have a report from longtime fan Olav who saw Snakepit last night at 4th and B. Olav said the band played about 2hours! For those of us who saw the 30-40 minute shows with AC/DC this seems like heaven. The venue was not sold out, but about 800 fans were there. Olav is originally from Norway, and he'd like to know what's with the US promoters. It does seem that US promoters are basically laid back. SLASH said the backstage area was very small, so they came out to see the fans after the show right in the venue. First, Keri and Rod came out with Matt, and SLASH and Johnny came later. During "Ain't Life Grand", they had musicians playing sax, trumpet and another (Olav wasn't sure of the English word for this one). The band did a cool version of "Mean Bone" with a 5 minute blues intro! Olav says he took a lot of pictures which he promises to send as soon as he can round up the cash. And from his message, it sounds like Olav will be at the Santa Ana show, so look for our Norwegian friend if you are there,too. Thanks, Olav!

We've heard a rumor that "Mean Bone" is out as a promo single. Another rumor is that "Been There Lately" will be released as a regular (non-promo) single, UK-only in January. SLASH couldn't confirm these as yet, so we'll have to wait and see. We ought to know something very soon. UK for an announcement! US fans would be happy to get a special something soon. Of course, the US DOES have the band living there! But SLASH in particular is more of a citizen of the world than any one country.

Finally, we'd like to pass on some information on Snakepit's Swedish shows from Jarmo. On Dec. 8, the venue is Karen Gothernburg (ages 18+). Tickets: call Bengans in Gothenburg (031-242400). Tickets are 230 SEK. For 70 SEK, they can mail tickets. On Dec. 9, the venue is Klubben Stockholm. The tickets are on sale at for 240 SEK. Thanks, Jarmo! Jarmo will be at the Gothenburg show along with SLASH, Keri, Matt, Rod, Johnny, and lots of fans.

News Reported: 11/25/00

We spoke to SLASH briefly as he was getting ready to leave for San Diego and the show at 4th and B tonight. He said the whole band has colds right now, but nothing serious enough to put the 'pit out of action. Ron's voice is solid! They are looking forward to a big crowd tonight and one Sunday at the Galaxy in Santa Ana. After that, they'll be rehearsing and wrapping up their US lives for the European tour. We asked SLASH about backstage passes and meeting fans. He said he doesn't get involved with passes because he is very focused on the show that day. The passes usually just go to family, friends, media and record label people, but a fan or two sometimes manages to get one. SLASH said he would love to meet people after the show at the bus or the hotel, but so much depends on whether they have to get moving to the next town or not.

If you're in a local band, how can you get to open for Snakepit? SLASH says he doesn't make that decision; at this point, he is leaving that to the promoters. So, the one you want to talk to is the promoter of the gig and see if he/she will give your band a shot at opening for the 'pit. If you do get that slot, let us know so we can give your band some additional publicity! Thanks, SLASH for all those answers!

Did you preorder Ain't Life Grand from KNAC's site? You were also to receive an autographed poster. KNAC hasn't forgotten! The posters are in the mail and many people have received them already. The posters we've heard about are all signed by SLASH and are larger than the ones given out free. SlashUzi sent us a closeup picture of that famous autograph. Terrific!

Vicki sent us a note about that wonderful Seymour Duncan ad featuring SLASH. It is in January 2001's issue of Guitar Player and is a full page picture. Vicki also noticed that TV Guide quotes SLASH on their Music Guide, page 67 (Nov.11-17 issue). The quotation is from VH1's "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock", and it's the one where he says, "It's ...loud, racy, in your face". Thanks, Vicki!

FabAxl sent some important information for Italian fans. The Italian music site,, has a contest to win 6 tickets to see Snakepit at the Milan show! To win you have to answer 3 questions in Italian about SLASH and send them the answers. Thanks, FabAxl! Check the site:

Win Tickets for Snakepit Milan Show

Don't forget the contest!Ain't Life Grand. The prize is an Ain't Life Grand cd autographed by SLASH and Rod. The rules are simple. You answer via email 20 questions about SLASH and SLASH's Snakepit. The winner is chosen in a random drawing of those with all answers correct. Winners will be notified by email, and the CDs will be sent by mail. It costs nothing to enter and nothing if you win! The CDs are courtesy of Koch Records, the autographs are courtesy of Rod Jackson and SLASH and the postage courtesy of your webmaster. The contests end on Saturday night. The first contest begins November 19, and ends Saturday, December 2 at midnight your time. Get started! Click here to see the contest questions:
Win A SLASH/Rod Autographed CD
News Reported: 11/24/00

Tomorrow is the US holiday, Thanksgiving. The very next day is the San Diego show at 4th and B. It's not too late to get tickets! Sunday is the Santa Ana show at the Galaxy. The Galaxy has been a good venue for the guys, so come out and see them rock! We understand the two UK shows at the Underworld are Sold F*ckin' Out! The Brits know how to treat a great band! Thanks to all of you! And if you get anything from pictures to tickets that you can scan in and email to, we would be grateful.

Speaking of the International Tour, we've got some SLASH sightings! FabAxl is in Italy, and he says that in the November issue of the Italian magazine Metal Hammer, there's a 2 page SLASH interview. The interview covers the AC/DC tour, Snakepit and GNR. SLASH is on the cover! There's a brand new Italian magazine, Metal Shock that FabAxl says has a very favorable review of Ain't Life Grand. FabAxl reports that all the reviews in Italian magazines have been favorable. Sounds like Snakepit will be very welcome for their Milan show. Thanks, FabAxl.

Rob works at Tower Records in New York. The import Ain't Life Grand is now available there for about $32. Rob says if you aren't in New York, try or the mail order phone number 1-800-ASK-TOWER. Thanks, Rob!

Rob said that SLASH was on MTV All-Stars last night. This was more of a new interview with SLASH. They went through GNR history, and SLASH talked about the circumstances that led to his leaving the band. Adam Day was also interviewed (Adam is SLASH's amazing guitar tech). They didn't mention Snakepit '95, but "Beggars & Hangers-on" was playing in the background. The current Snakepit was playing in SLASH's studio. Worth seeing!

Declan is in Ireland, and he says the UK fans should check out the English guitar magazine Total Guitar. SLASH is on the cover, and there is lots of coverage inside. SLASH talks about his uneasy relationship with computers, and how he has improved his playing over the years. Total Guitar calls him the last guitar hero! They say that SLASH is the only one that is keeping the candle burning for guitar music. Sounds great! Thanks, Declan.

We've been telling you that SLASH's Snakepit will not be at Rock in Rio this year. If you feel strongly that you want them to be there, how about writing the Rock in Rio people and asking them to get Snakepit down there? Web site url:

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US. We're grateful for all of SLASH's fans that we've met through this site. We're especially thankful for SLASH and his music.

News Reported: 11/22/00

Due to a virus attack and recovery, there were some problems with getting the latest SLASH contest going on time. With Thanksgiving thrown in, we've decided to extend the contest date to Saturday, December 2 at midnight your time. Send entries to with subject CONTEST 1. The prize is a copy of Ain't Life Grand autographed by SLASH and Rod Jackson. No entry cost! No charge for anything. The CDs are courtesy of Koch Records, the autographs are courtesy of SLASH and Rod and shipping is courtesy of the webmaster. Best of luck! Click here to see the contest questions:

Win A SLASH/Rod Autographed CD

If you missed Rock Show from November 10, you missed seeing Rod and SLASH doing a great interview with Cane. We have several video clips from the show. All are on the Slash Videos! Section. If you want to check them out right now, we can take you there:
SLASH & Rod on Rock Show!

We had a note from Rod Jackson and his super nice girlfriend saying hi to everyone. Rod says he will be glad to answer any questions you have of him. If he is on tour, his girlfriend will relay them to Rod. Get a few to him onstage! If you have a burning question for Rod, send it to: Use subject ROD so we get it to the right place. And we will email you the answer privately. Here's your chance to ask things about Snakepit, Rod's professional background, his relationship with Slash, just about anything professional. Thanks, Rod!

Attn: UK fans. Sheryl from Scotland tells us that British fans can see SLASH on Channel 4 on Saturday, November 26. The program is called Top Ten: Stadium Rock. There are interviews with SLASH, Duff and Matt. Sheryl says this is a cool program presented by Alice Cooper. Sounds like it!

Correction on the name of the Metallica song that SLASH requested. The song is Metallica's "Disposable Heroes". Thanks to Kevin and others who sent that in. It's good to know which songs SLASH likes.

We can't seem to read enough of these good interviews with SLASH. There's one on the web that Bull found for us. This comes from the CMJ site. The CMJ Network combines powerful offline media properties with high traffic online destinations to offer the most comprehensive source for digital music, related software and information. And here is their Feature Report on SLASH's Snakepit (thanks, Bull!):
SLASH CMJ Interview

SLASH has been in countless ads for guitar equipment. Now you can see him in a clothing ad! Vickid sent us a note that SLASH appears in the January 2001 of Guitar World magazine in a full page clothing ad for Dragonfly clothing. Printed on the picture is "Rock Legend - SLASH". They got that right! We have a small picture here, but you may want to at least have a look at the newsstand. Vickid says it is on the 8th page after you open the cover. Dragonfly is a California clothing company catering to rock stars. You might find Christmas gifts here for your own bandmates! Their website is at
News Reported: 11/21/00

CONTEST!! We're having a series of three contests over the next three weeks to give away autographed copies of Ain't Life Grand. The rules are simple. You answer via email 20 questions about SLASH and SLASH's Snakepit. The winner each week is chosen in a random drawing of those with all answers correct. Winners will be notified by email, and the CDs will be sent by mail. It costs nothing to enter and nothing if you win! The CDs are courtesy of Koch Records, the autographs are courtesy of Rod Jackson and SLASH and the postage courtesy of your webmaster. The contests end on Saturday night. The first contest begins now, November 19, and ends Saturday, November 25 at midnight your time. Get started! Click here to see the first contest questions:

Win A SLASH/Rod Autographed CD

SLASH spoke to us from Los Angeles after returning from the Far East. He said they had a great time and really enjoyed the shows. The audiences were really enthusiastic. Snakepit is looking forward to the European shows coming up in December, and they are getting ready for the two California shows this week. So, come out and see the 'pit in San Diego this Friday (4th and B) and Costa Mesa (Galaxy) this coming Sunday.

A Japanese fan sent in a report on the third and last show there. He said the audience only about half filled the 2000 capacity venue. The band was tight, and SLASH was really great! He played so many solos! Our fan said that he loves SLASH's rough and highly energized performance. This was the best show of the three, and our Japanese fan went to all of them. The song listing was the same, but the show was a little longer. SLASH and the band wore a bathrobe called "yukata", a Japanese styled traditional bathrobe, at the encore! When the show ended, SLASH threw them into the audience! Our friend did not catch one, though. What a great item to take home! Wonder what they will wear in California?

Scott reported that VH1 had a rerun of "SoundAffects" on again. SLASH appears talking about how Aerosmith influenced him. Nothing new, but it's always good to see the top hatted one. This one seems to be on their repeat list so watch for it.

Kevin picked up some interesting SLASH news. SLASH was on 94.1 WYSP, a Philly rock station, for ther nightly Mandatory Metallica set. The show must have been taped before he went on tour, but it's interesting to see what SLASH picked to play. He chose "Whiplash", "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and another whose title Kevin wasn't sure of ("Righteous Heroes? Could be Snakepit's "Rusted Heroes"?). Kevin also spotted another potential lawsuit in the making involving SLASH. This was in The Philadelphia Inquirer on Monday, October 23. It says that SLASH has been accused of stealing the idea of the electric/acoustic doubleneck guitar from a New Jersey man. You'll remember that Guild manufactures these, and the beloved "Godzilla" is one of these. The Jersey man got a patent for his design in 1991. He thought his place in rock history would be made till he saw SLASH with his in the 1993 video "Dead Horse". SLASH appeared in interviews and promos for Guild advertising his idea of the electric/acoustic while the Jersey man looked for a lawyer. The Jersey guy kept claiming the idea was his invention and suffered the ridicule of other musicians. Most musicians feel that this man is copying SLASH's idea. Contacting Guild, they said only three were made, all prototypes made as gifts to SLASH. When Guild was sold to Fender, Fender signed a liscensing agreement with the inventor. Only about a dozen of these guitars have been sold for $3000 each. The Jersey man was convinced that his design would be recognized and the story would end that SLASH came up with the design, but he recently saw the story on Guild's site saying that SLASH came up with the design. Efforts to reach SLASH or his manager have been unsuccessful. Remind you of the guys who claim Michael Jackson or Bono or Sting stole their lyrics? Always someone who wants to get a free lunch. If the man had his patent before Guild got the design from SLASH, Guild should have found it. Seems like people can come up with ideas that are similar. We think SLASH designed this as a solution to a specific onstage problem he was having...switching back and forth quickly from electric to acoustic. Guild manufactured the solution. If someone's toes were inadvertently stepped on, he has been compensated by Fender. It seems he also wants SLASH to admit he copied this man's idea that he had never heard of. Beggars & Hangers-On again. Thanks, Kevin for that story.
News Reported: 11/19/00

The guys are back in town! Deciding to pass on the two Korean shows, Snakepit is coming home tomorrow! The first half of the tour went very well, and we're glad they got to go, but we really are glad they're back in the USA. SLASH sounded happy to be on his way, but there is a lot waiting for them here. With a short R&R time with family, the band will be doing two California dates next week:

     Fri., Nov. 24           4th and B            San Diego, CA
     Sun., Nov. 26           Galaxy               Santa Ana, CA

Several fans have been in touch with us about Snakepit merchandise at the shows. There are tshirts, baseball caps, panties and camisoles. Right now these are only at the venues, but some fans would like to get them sooner - for themselves and Christmas gifts for special fans. If you are going to a show and would be willing to help out another SLASH fan by picking up merchandise for them, let us know at We'll put you in touch with a needy fan. Thanks!

Speaking of fan problems, SLASH turned over 3 problems. First, are you Jake or Lisa? Did you write to SLASH and not get a response? Get in touch with the SLASH page, and we'll see if we can reunite you with SLASH's reply. Also, a third item looks like something someone has sent SLASH to be signed. It is the old Snakepit logo printed on red. No name. If you can describe it, it's yours. Thanks.

Koch Records gave us 3 prizes for contests here at the SLASH page. Each prize is an autographed Ain't Life Grand album with autographs courtesy of Rod and SLASH. Wouldn't this be great to add to your Snakepit collection? We'll have a contest for each over the next three weeks. There will be questions posted here. You answer (all answers are in the SLASH page) and send them to us, and if necessary (and it always is), we have a drawing of all those with the correct answers. Cost to you is zero! Shipping paid courtesy of the SLASH page, album courtesy of Koch Records and autographs courtesy of Rod Jackson and SLASH. We'll start Saturday night so that we don't run into Thanksgiving next week as a starting date. You will have till the following Friday to complete your entry. Hey, a week? Some of you will only need minutes. See you Saturday with the contest. Thanks, Koch Records!

Here's something our pal Kim from the UK (with that wonderful Nightrain fanzine) sent us. SLASH is featured in a two page interview in the December issue of the UK publication Metal Hammer. The interview is en route, and we'll have all the details soon. Also, we are back in the video business again after replacing hardware. We'll make the Rock Show clip featuring SLASH and Rod be our first new one in quite awhile. We also have a tape from one of the AC/DC opening shows, and we'll be getting that ready next.

Surfing among the net SLASH mentions awhile ago, we found mention of a guitarist who says he has recorded with SLASH. Anyone recognize the name Bernd Schoenhart? He plays funk guitar and is featured on a copyright free sample disc called Pocket Syndrome Vol.1. Others he has recorded with include Kenny G, George Michael, and John Secada. The sampler contains 700 guitar loops at multiple BPMs and keys for loop. This sampler is for the musician wanting to give his tracks the Pocket Syndrome Edge". Anyone heard of him and know the SLASH recording?

Awhile ago, Playboy online had a feature on ranking the Top Ten best jobs on earth and featuring the person who personified that job most. Well, guess which job was found to be best in terms of sex, money and fun (lower ranking in the power category)? ROCK STAR! And guess who they picked as THE man who personifies this best? SLASH! Here's the article (that SLASH was a little embarrassed about):
Best Rocker At The Best Job in The World

News Reported: 11/16/00

We received a report on the Nagoya and Osaka, Japan shows. If you were there, the set list was the same at both with Ain't Life Grand songs in the majority. The band covered GNR's "It's So Easy" and "Mr. Brownstone" as well as Snakepit 1995's "Beggars & Hangers-on". At the Nagoya show there was an international program on sale for 2,000 yen. It is 16 color pages, and this could be turning up in Europe, too. There were long sleeved tshirts, camisoles, baseball caps and panties. Let's hope they have some of these when they get back to the US! SLASH said the Osaka show was "the best show we ever did!" There were about 2,000 people there, close to a sellout. The audience was very enthusiastic and just going crazy! One more Japanese show, and then come the two Korean shows. The band will then come home for Thanksgiving. Don't forget to get tickets for the two California shows in San Diego and Santa Ana!

Brian sent in some TV news. E! is repeating the true Hollywood story, "Wild on the Sunset Strip" on Saturday, November 18 at 9 pm. This is a repeat story, but you can see SLASH talking about that area and what it was like for him and the GNR gang. On VH1, SLASH was on the Top 100 Hard Rock Artists show. He talked about Black Crowes who came in at #92. Brian says he thinks SLASH will be on all week talking about various bands. Guns comes in around #9 and will be on the Friday show this week. The show is on every night at 10 pm, but it's repeated throughout the week. Thanks, Brian!

If you have a new band, what's one of the things you try to do for publicity? Get a well known artist to review your new album? How about getting SLASH to review it?! Theoadore Muddfoot is "classic metal with the voice of an angelic creature", and their new album is The Beauty of the Swamp. SLASH gave them a good review:

Want to see what these guys are like?

Theoadore Muddfoot

Ray was at the Dallas Hard Rock and saw some SLASH memorabilia. He says, "When you walk in the front door, it's pretty much a standard HR layout. There's a central eating area ringed by a balcony. If you walk straight in and cross the floor, on the balcony rail to the right, in the corner is a picture of Slash, one of his Gibsons, and the RIAA (I think) award for Use Your Illusion I".

"The Dallas HR is very Beatles focused, with the famous line from "In the End",track 16 on Abbey Road, "And in the end, the love you give, is equal to the love, you make", written on the wall in huge letters. Most of the artists featured by their memorabilia are of the Beatles era. All the great guitarists are there, too. So, it's only fitting Slash is included. He's in great company". Thanks, Ray!

Another note from Brian. He says that the new issue of Rolling Stone has the Top 100 Pop Songs listed. Guns made it in at #13 with "Sweet Child O' Mine". Slash talks about how he wrote the song as a joke, but everyone in the band wanted to make the song happen. And so it did! Thanks, Brian!

News Reported: 11/14/00

There are two show reviews we'd like to share from the international tour. First, we have one from "Tanko" who was at the Taiwan show. Tanko wants to claim the title of youngest fan at the show. At 11 1/2, that could well be true! When you start listening to GNR at age 6, there's only one place to go now: Snakepit! And the final review: SLASH's Snakepit is the best band in the world. Thanks, Tanko!

Next is one from the first Japanese show in Tokyo. The set was nearly the same as the US shows, but the performance was "rough". The band really rocked with highly energized feelings. The audience was about 2,200 which was about 80% capacity. Some people were too enthusiastic, but the show was exciting for everyone. Lots of stage diving, moshing, screaming! Sounds like a great evening! Thanks!

A special thanks to Scott who found video interviews of SLASH on They have a funny rubber doll that gets its picture taken with each guest, so here's the doll with SLASH. In this case the doll is pretending to be Axl Rose, and it fires SLASH right after the show. The interviews here are great - really long. These are from when Snakepit was opening for AC/DC. SLASH covers all kinds of things like recording technology, attitude, opening for AC/DC, what everyone else is doing, always be yourself and others. There are three separate videos, so be sure to click one line speed under each SLASH picture. Use the links at the left on their page to get around. Celebrity Jamoree is the interview. Thank you so much, Scott. If you're ready to go, here's SLASH:

The Idiotbox Presents: SLASH

Awhile ago Snakepit was on 102.7, Saturday Night Rocks. The host, Eddie Trunk, promised to have the interview online at some point. Mike tells us that it is up on their site. There are also several pictures of the guys (mostly SLASH) in the studio. This past Saturday, Mike was listening and Eddie talked about SLASH and how he is one of a kind. He laughed at how you HAVE to have a delay on a radio station because SLASH is brutal with his language. Eddie said Ain't Life Grand is an awesome cd, and he feels it's better than anything Guns did after Appetite.... Mike is disappointed that the US is not behind this new Snakepit album like the rest of the world is. Maybe that next club tour will help. Thanks, Mike, for sending that in. And we'll send you now to Eddie's site to check out the pictures and the interviews.
SLASH on Saturday Night Rocks

For those who prefer reading to listening, we want to pass on two magazine interviews with SLASH. Bear in mind that these are men's magazines so look for them in that section of the magazines. The first was sent to us by Luis. He's a subscriber to Stuff magazine, and the last issue said that SLASH will be in an issue released in the beginning of December. So watch for that one. Olivia sent us the news about a magazine that is more porno than men's called Gallery. The interview with SLASH is two pages long, and there isn't much new. Still, it's great to read what SLASH is saying because it's always pretty lively. Olivia was kind enough to send the article for those who can't find the magazine or are underage. Thanks, Olivia!
Gallery Interviews SLASH

News Reported: 11/12/00

For the Korean fans, the two shows previously cancelled are both rescheduled! Snakepit will be there the 17th and 18th this month. Despite some bad information from ticket sellers, all three UK shows ARE confirmed. If you are having trouble finding which Underworld club at which the band will appear, it is the CAMDEN Underworld. Please contact for the full address. The Sheffield show is linked to the ticket seller, so you can click on that name and buy a whole fistful. Slash & Co. are still trying to work out something for France. Keep hoping! Here is an updated schedule with the completed shows removed:

     Fri., Nov. 10           Zepp Music Hall      Tokyo, Japan
     Sat., Nov. 11           Bay Hall             Yokahama, Japan
     Mon., Nov. 13           Mother Hall          Osaka, Japan
     Tue., Nov. 14           Diamond Hall         Nagoya, Japan
     Thu., Nov. 16           Zepp Music Hall      Fukuoka, Japan
     Fri., Nov. 17           Pusan Coex Complex   Pusan, Korea
     Sat., Nov. 18           Century City Hall    Seoul, Korea                 
     Fri., Nov. 24           4th and B            San Diego, CA
     Sun., Nov. 26           Galaxy               Santa Ana, CA
     Sun., Dec. 3            The Corporation      Sheffield, England
     Mon., Dec. 4            The Underworld       London, England
     Tue., Dec. 5            The Underworld       London, England
     Thu., Dec. 7            Hultihuset Tobaken   Esbjerg, Denmark
     Fri., Dec. 8            Koren                Gothenberg, Sweden
     Sat., Dec. 9            Klubben              Stockholm, Sweden
     Mon., Dec. 11           Train                Aarhus, Denmark
     Wed., Dec. 13           Columbia Halle       Berlin, Germany   
     Thu., Dec. 14           Paradiso             Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
     Sat., Dec. 16           Kongresszentrum      Stuttgart, Germany
     Mon., Dec. 18           E-Werk               Koln, Germany
     Tue., Dec. 19           Colosseum            Munchen, Germany
     Wed., Dec. 20           Furth Stadthalle     Nurnberg, Germany 
     Fri., Dec. 22           Alcatraz             Milan, Italy
     Sat., Dec. 23           US for Christmas Holidays
     Fri., Jan. 19           Obras Stadium        Buenos Aires, Argentina
     Sat., Jan. 20           Obras Stadium        Buenos Aires, Argentina
     Mon., Jan. 22           GO                   Marde Plata, Argentina

SLASH called in from Tokyo today. He said they had completed the first show in Japan, and they really put out for the fans. He said Rod was f*cking amazing. He's happy those Korean dates are rescheduled and said they will be coming home after that. SLASH is looking for a good turnout from the California crowds, so let's get those shows sold out. SLASH's international booking agent is in South America working on the tour schedule there. Three shows are firm in Argentina. From what we've heard the shows will be awesome. So hang on, and maybe next week, SLASH will have the full schedule!

SLASH was reminded that he is on VH1 TV, the Rock Show tonight. He's anxious to hear if the breaking guitars part is on there! When they took a break in filming, Cane pointed out 3 guitars on the set and said, "Why don't you break those?". One was Zakk Wylde's white Les Paul, one was an SG and the other was a blue guitar with holes drilled in it. So when they were filming, Rod picked up the Les Paul, SLASH got the SG and they went to it. SLASH said the SG smashed immediately, but Rod had to work on the Les Paul. SLASH said he liked the blue one, so he took it with him after the show. The producer came out and said..."Why did you do that?!". They explained that Cane told them to do it; Cane said he was just kidding! Uh oh. GNR on the Headbanger's Ball all over again (they were asked to trash the set, and they really trashed it much to MTV's despair). SLASH gave them their blue guitar back, but the others were DOA. We laughed at this hilarious SLASH story, and we are hoping VH1 will show the massacre tonight at midnight, Eastern and Pacific times.

SLASH was also pleased about the Q magazine album review (see below). There's a great show review in Metal Edge this issue where they take a look at an MSG shows with Snakepit opening for AC/DC. We have the Snakepit part right here for you. If we tell you that they say Snakepit can blow anyone off the stage including AC/DC, would that be positive enough for you? Check it out!

Before we get too far from Halloween, we wanted to show you the pumpkin Canadian fans Dina and Sylvia entered into the rock star pumpkin contest. Radio station Q107 held the contest, but the Steven Tyler pumpkin was the winner. SLASH looks pretty good to us here, and maybe he will be ready next year if he can just get a good gourd guitar to play.

Recently we were contacted about a stolen guitar, and we wanted to get the word out to all of you in case you see it. The guitar belonged to Michael Kinser. It is a Gibson 1960 Classic Goldtop, and it was stolen from a private residence in Springfield Ohio. Michael and his family have been looking and contacting pawnshops and the police, but things look bleak. The insurance company is dragging its heels on payment. Michael is devastated at the loss of his guitar as his music is very important to him. He began playing guitar because of SLASH, and he was able to see Snakepit in Ohio opening for AC/DC. If anyone out there has information, pass it on to us at This is an expensive guitar, so keep your eyes open for one like this that just appears from nowhere. Thanks! Speaking of stolen guitars, SLASH feels like the trail is pretty cold on his other stolen guitars. One of these meant the world to him, too.

News Reported: 11/10/00

Q magazine had a really positive review of Ain't Life Grand (or ALG as SLASH fans are calling it!). Singled out for special praise were SLASH, "the worryingly named" Johnny Blackout and Rod Jackson. The album was given 4 stars which for Q is great praise indeed. If you're looking for it, Q is a UK publication, and the review is in the December 20 issue. There were two other funny, small SLASH mentions. In Music News, they quoted SLASH's statement that he conducts interviews in the bathroom. Q remarked that SLASH could probably concentrate better that way! Under Concert Reviews was one for Kelis, a brash, punky performer with black hair that has those little curls hanging down everywhere and straight parts sticking way out. Q says that Kelis is never seen in the same room as SLASH (implication: they are the same person!). Q is always good for a laugh. Just in case you can't find it at the magazine stand, the review is right here! It's in two sections as it was on front and back.

4 Stars From Q! Part 1
4 Stars From Q! Part 2 is an online music news and review site out of New York City. The Managing Editor was cool enough to let us know that they had a review of Ain't Life Grand posted on their site. It's another great one! Since they were kind enough to let us know, we'd like to share it with you. You'll be at their site which is a pretty cool way to spend an hour or two!

SLASH on TV! Just a reminder that SLASH and Rod Jackson will be on VH1's Rock Show this Friday night, November 10, midnight Eastern and Pacific Times. It says on the site that "Guests Slash's Snakepit give Cane some pointers in debauchery." This should be fun. If you want to get in on the show in a small way, you can request videos to be played Friday night. Go to and look up the Rock Show, and you can email the host, Cane, through their site. SLASH and Rod should be choosing some videos, too, along with comments on debauchery. SLASH will be more famous than he already is if this comes true! Thanks to VH1 for notifying us of the show date.

We heard SLASH on our answering machine today. He reports that they are in Tokyo, and the first show there will be this Friday night. Snakepit is looking forward to another great show with really enthusiastic fans. There will be five shows almost in a row in Japan, and then the band comes home to Thanksgiving dinners and those great California shows in San Diego and Santa Ana. We're counting on our Japanese fans to share some scans of their tickets, photos, ads etc. And you California guys are so lucky! We need your help here, too.

The Tour Photos are now in two parts. The second all new piece was just put up today. These are the warmup and Mexican shows so far. We hope to have many more things to add before this is all over. Have a look at the photos...go to, scroll down to Main Menu, click Tour Photos. The second set is reached off the end of the first set. Just scroll down, and you will see the "More Photos" link. Who knows? You might be there!

News Reported: 11/08/00

The show in Taipei, Taiwan is over, and a couple of reports are in. Sounds like it rocked! Sadly, the Korean shows were both cancelled, and Snakepit was to move immediately to Japan for some publicity activities before the shows start November 10. A couple of other things to bear in mind. We have heard from some Italian fans that the Milan show will be at the Alcatraz not the Rolling Stone. We haven't gotten the go ahead to change that yet, but it sounds fairly definite. Tickets are being sold for the Alcatraz, we are told. While some ticketsellers may be confused about Snakepit in the UK, we aren't. We checked with SLASH's booking agency, and the three shows are all confirmed. There are two at the Underground in London and one at the Corporation in Sheffield. All 3 are confirmed. If you go to the tour schedule, there is a place to click and buy tickets for that venue. This was at the ticket seller's request. Again: all 3 confirmed!

We got a review of the SLASH's Snakepit show in Taiwan from a fan who is so enthusiastic, the email message is filled with exclamation points! This is from evil1231 who thinks when the concert starts... He is SLASH! OH MY GOD! He is the REAL SLASH in Taiwan! Everyone loved the SLASH solos, and they want him back right away! A direct quote, "He is GOD in my life!!!! I love SLASH forever!!!" OK, SLASH, better hurry back there. These people love you to death.

Joyce sent in another Taiwan review. She says she could not believe her eyes. SLASH has been her favorite since she was 10! It was like a dream come true to have the band there. Joyce was very close to them. Now, Joyce says, the 'pit will live in her heart and her life. It was the happiest moment in her f*ckin' life, she says, and everyone was jumping, screaming, singing, shouting, laughing. When they played "Back to the Moment", Joyce says she cried like a baby. SLASH had that great hair, and they played the songs she loved. Joyce is still really excited (we couldn't tell, Joyce!) because they were so close. Snakepit rocked them! Their music and everything are just the best. (We hope the band reads this and feels this joy!)

One more thing from Taiwan! David Frzier is a staff reporter for the Taipei Times, and he wrote a couple of articles on SLASH and Snakepit before the concert. We'd like you to check these out! David, thanks for these great articles on SLASH!

11/03 Report-Taipei Times
10/27 Report-Taipei Times

Some fans luck out even when the news is bad. Alex lives in Australia, and he won tickets from a local radio station there for the SLASH's Snakepit show. Then the show was cancelled. It's tough when that happens even when SLASH promises to come again. Your winnings don't seem so great. BUT! The radio station came through with a compensation prize: Ain't Life Grand and an exclusive Snakepit video with interview and live performance! Alex says he will send details as soon as he knows more about the video. You lucked out, AND Snakepit is still coming.

Chris found us a really nice article on SLASH's Snakepit in the Yahoo area. We hadn't seen this one; and maybe it's one you have missed, too:

Yahoo Entertainment News

News Reported: 11/0600

If you thought the tour was pretty much settled, you were wrong. If you live in California, you'll be glad to hear of TWO more California dates. First of all, SLASH's Snakepit has left the US. The show in Taiwan is tonight! Then the Korean shows come in on Monday and Tuesday. We would love to hear from Far Eastern fans who went to the shows. Tell us how the band was and how you liked them! If you take some photos and can share them, we'll put them right up here. Did Slash sign your guitar? Did you take photos of the bus? Did you get to meet Keri and Matt? Did Johnny sign your tickets? Don't forget we'd like pictures of tickets, too. Email!

About the California dates, these are when Snakepit is home for Thanksgiving. These guys only rest briefly. On Friday, Nov. 24, SLASH's Snakepit will be at 4th And B in San Diego, CA. This is a 21+ show. On Sunday, Nov. 26, SLASH's Snakepit will be at The Galaxy Theater. This is an all ages show, we hope. They did a show here during the prealbum days, we believe. California fans are so lucky. Be sure to tell the rest of us how it was and if Snakepit seems more cosmopolitan after their Far Eastern trip! Here is the whole schedule with completed shows not shown:

     Sat., Nov. 4            National Dr.Sun Yat-sen
                               Memorial Hall      Taipei, Taiwan
     Mon., Nov. 6            Century City Hall    Seoul, Korea
     Tue., Nov. 7            Pusan Coex Center    Pusan, Korea
     Fri., Nov. 10           Zepp Music Hall      Tokyo, Japan
     Sat., Nov. 11           Bay Hall             Yokahama, Japan
     Mon., Nov. 13           Mother Hall          Osaka, Japan
     Tue., Nov. 14           Diamond Hall         Nagoya, Japan
     Thu., Nov. 16           Zepp Music Hall      Fukuoka, Japan
     Fri., Nov. 24           4th and B            San Diego, CA
     Sun., Nov. 26           Galaxy               Santa Ana, CA
     Sun., Dec. 3            The Corporation      Sheffield, England
     Mon., Dec. 4            The Underworld       London, England
     Tue., Dec. 5            The Underworld       London, England
     Thu., Dec. 7            Hultihuset Tobaken   Esbjerg, Denmark
     Fri., Dec. 8            Koren                Gothenberg, Sweden
     Sat., Dec. 9            Klubben              Stockholm, Sweden
     Mon., Dec. 11           Train                Aarhus, Denmark
     Wed., Dec. 13           Columbia Halle       Berlin, Germany   
     Thu., Dec. 14           Paradiso             Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
     Sat., Dec. 16           Kongresszentrum      Stuttgart, Germany
     Mon., Dec. 18           E-Werk               Koln, Germany
     Tue., Dec. 19           Colosseum            Munchen, Germany
     Wed., Dec. 20           Furth Stadthalle     Nurnberg, Germany 
     Fri., Dec. 22           Rolling Stone        Milan, Italy
     Sat., Dec. 23           US for Christmas Holidays
     Fri., Jan. 19           Obras Stadium        Buenos Aires, Argentina
     Sat., Jan. 20           Obras Stadium        Buenos Aires, Argentina
     Mon., Jan. 22           GO                   Marde Plata, Argentina

SLASH didn't have time to reply on whether the Les Paul he threw in the video "Don't Cry" was a real guitar or not. Fortunately, Max did! He says it was a '59 Les Paul rented from Sam Ash in NYC. The guitar really WAS thrown over the cliff, but the $100,000 guitar was caught by a safety net below. Max was shown a picture of the intrepid guitar and told the story by the General Manager at Sam Ash about 6 years ago. No word on the car and young lady that preceded the guitar! Thanks, Max!

There are SLASH mentions from the media, and thank you to all who took time to send these in. KidRoc reports that VH1's show, The List had a Best Debut Album category. Madonna was #1 with GNR's Appetite for Destruction coming in at 2. Beastie Boys came in third. Thanks, Max. Roman sent us several mentions from the German Rolling Stone. A poll on the greatest guitar solo of all time had SLASH's "November Rain" coming in at #6 behind some pretty tough competition: Jimmy Page's "Stairway to Heaven", Eddie Van Halen's "Eruption", Jimi Hendrix' "All Along the Watchtower" and a couple others. SLASH was on the Fave Rave's page and talked about things important to him - dinosaurs (reads the newspapers and National Geographics to keep up), tours (when it was time to tour, he sold his house and was gone), BMX memories (he did tricks with these and thought it was the coolest thing in the world), tshirts (he has 13,000 collected since he was 13 and likes the ones with crazy sentences best). Thanks, Roman! In the instore Sam Goody magazine, Request, there is a little bit about the 'pit. Ingrid sent this to us. The review of Ain't Life Grand is definitely a positive one. It says that SLASH bears the weight of GNR's legacy as the new GNR album retreats to the land of myths. SLASH has a lot of pent-up energy, and his band Snakepit unleashes an excellent album Ain't Life Grand. It says that SLASH is now free of Axl's tantrums and can focus on creating hard-charging rock with his inspired axmanship. Rod Jackson laces each song with a fierce, charismatic delivery reminiscent of Paul Rodgers. Ingrid says the magazine is free and she got a copy in the mail. Thanks, Ingrid, Sam Goody and Gail Worley, the astute reviewer! How about some radio mentions now? Kathleen was listening to 98.9 The Rock out of Kansas City, and they had a short interview with SLASH followed by "Been There Lately", the first time they had played Snakepit! Thanks, Kathleen! And our friend Gayle in L.A. says that the lead DJ on KLOS said some really cool things about SLASH the other evening, like, this band knows how to rock n' roll. He then played "Been There Lately" which was very cool. Thanks, Gayle! Keep the SLASH and 'pit mentions coming. And try to get some requests in for Snakepit on those web stations and the local radio shows.

News Reported: 11/0400

SLASH just sent the tour schedule as it stands before he leaves for Taiwan. This is the official band schedule. You might have promoters advertising and selling tickets elsewhere, but these gigs are the only ones that are signed and sealed right now. Sometimes the paperwork is all that is needed, and sometimes the show bears some investigation. A Los Angeles venue recently advertised Slash's Snakepit there, and Slash was in New York. Buy from reputable ticket outlets and dealers! Here's the schedule:

More South American dates to come of course. Rock in Rio was though to be on, but the band had commitments they had to keep, so Snakepit will not be at Rock in Rio. The Japanese venues are finally on here. Argentina has 3 firm dates. The UK has 3 firm dates, too. The Australian shows are pulled till they are rescheduled. France still has no dates due to the lack of halls at the time Snakepit can be there. Looks great! Thanks to SLASH and Gayle & Jerry for this schedule!

News Reported: 11/02/00

SLASH gave an update on the tour schedule today. The next show will be this Saturday, November 4 in Taiwan. The guys are ready to get back to touring although they have been so busy while at home they have barely gotten time to be with friends and family. They will be out till Christmas; they then leave for South America in the New Year. Snakepit may leave as early as tomorrow for Taiwan. Bye, Guys! Keri Kelli also spoke to us about the forthcoming tour. He said he has never been to Taiwan and was looking forward to it. We asked if he thought he would get to do any sightseeing in Taiwan and the other countries on the list. He said they usually had no time to do that with travel and soundchecks and the actual shows. Besides, he said, they really don't know where to go and where to avoid! So if you see one of the 'pit wandering around, show him around! We're counting on fans in other countries to take good care of the band. Note: they thrive on applause! Keri has been communicating with fans through email using his address. Some fans want to send him things in snailmail. He has an address for you:

Keri Kelli
P.O. Box 8074
Huntington Beach CA 92615-8074

The big news on the tour right now is that the Australian shows are cancelled. SLASH was well aware of how disappointed fans might be. He mentioned that Snakepit 95 didn't make it there either. The cancellation cause was a problem in reaching agreement on and finalizing the contracts for the Australian tour. SLASH says to tell Aussie fans not to be too upset. They are going to start over working out dates and venues, and they should be there at the end of the tour. That was as close to a date as he was comfortable giving at this time. Nothing has really been set in motion, but he did say Snakepit will come!

Last night was the Roxy show. Since it was Halloween, SLASH said they blocked off streets and had a festival. It took forever for the band to get to the Roxy. They arrived with 5 minutes to spare and found they were getting radio frequency interference in the sound, so SLASH told them to go out and play very aggressively. The place was packed and hot and some of the audience weren't too cool. Tugging on SLASH means he's distracted from playing. SLASH retreated to the back of the stage after someone started breaking his guitar strings. SLASH tapped the guy with his Les Paul! Hands off the Les Paul! SLASH says never touch his guitar. You guitarists out there can understand that. SLASH even apologized to this guy! It was a strange evening.

Lovamore and Ravi were at the Roxy for the show, and it was very intense. All the guys were in top form. SLASH played a little "Voodoo Chile" at the end of "It's So Easy". Rod sounded great. The new album really is meant to be played live. SLASH was with his girlfriend (note: SLASH said she was dressed as a bumblebee), and he was his usual sweet, humble caring self. Thanks, Lovamore, whose album review and all the others are in the Fan Album Review section under Main Menu's Snakepit 1999-2000.

Raul was also at the Roxy and says the show rocked! He scored two setlists and picks from all. The crowd was a little rowdy with people getting pushed around. A girl grabbed Raul's hair and pulled SLASH's leg till he fell down. SLASH got angry and swiped his guitar at someone (not this girl unfortunately). The girl disappeared to be obnoxious elsewhere in the crowd. They played "Rusted Heroes" and "Back to the Moment" which were not there during the shows when they opened for AC/DC. Before the show, Raul got to shake Matt's hand! He and his girlfriend got there early and got to hear them do soundcheck. It was an awesome show except for SLASH falling; and after that, the heart kind of went out of things. Sometimes we wonder why security is so harsh, and sometimes we wonder where they are when they are needed. Like they taught us in kindergarten, keep your hands to yourself. When you buy a ticket, you only buy the performance, not the right to manhandle the band.

This is a request for information for SLASH's discography. We'd like to know all the countries that pressed albums for Ain't Life Grand. If you look at the back of the album at the bottom, it should say made in USA or UK or...whatever. We think we have the USA done, but there may be a promo or advanced we missed. Listed in Discography (off Main Menu) are what we know right now. We also need the catalog number which is on the end of the jewel case with the album name. It most likely will be at the right. It should say Koch Records, so if you could send that along, too, it would be great. And say what format it it: CD or cassette. We don't think there are any vinyl or minidisks out there, but let us know if you have one. Also, if you have promos or advance copies, these are of interest too. Try to describe it: no paper inserts, back insert only, sticker on front, track listing, red cd with black letters... something like that. It would be very much appreciated for the discography. Please send to
Album Facts

and use "Disc" for the subject.
News Reported: 11/01/00

A followup on the SLASH-O-Lantern story of two days ago. Canadian fans Dina and Sylvia entered a local radio's contest. The pumpkin entries had to carved and decorated as musicians, and the two friends of course decided to do a SLASH pumpkin. Although SLASH was attractive as a pumpkin, he was beaten out by Steven Tyler! Well, Steven has a few years on SLASH. We're hopeful that over time SLASH can make pumpkin history with a first place finish! Dina and Sylvia were sad but they had a lot of fun doing it! And we had a lot of fun hearing about it! Pictures should be along soon.

That's the best Halloween story we have ... except for one. Halloween night, SLASH's Snakepit appears at the Roxy! Tickets are $14.50, a real bargain. And if you haven't seen SLASH's Snakepit, you're in luck! Check the pictures at, click Bands and then Slashes (sic) Snakepit. There are 20 pictures from the pre-album days, and the guys are rocking! (We miss Keri, but maybe the Roxy will get with it, spell the band's name right and get some pics of Keri there, too).

If you've been looking for some vinyl stickers for your guitar or refrigerator, there is a cool SLASH sticker made just for guitars although you can apply it almost anywhere. It peels right off so you won't damage the guitar's finish. The company is Graphic Graffiti, and they are a reputable one. They have a sticker with SLASH and you can order him in white, silver, blue, yellow, etc. and in sizes small, medium, large. Want to check them out? They are at Graphic Graffiti. Just scroll down the page. SLASH is L5!

Jeff sent us a review of the Petaluma and San Francisco shows. Rod told the Petaluma crowd that while in Oakland (flight was rerouted there due to some glitch) Johnny G. got in a fight and was arrested! Keri was sick or had some other problem! SLASH was ok. After the show, Rod, Matt and Johnny came out to the van and signed Jeff's CD insert. Later, he was able to get SLASH to sign it, too. Jeff said there were only about 500 people there, and the band seemed disappointed. The San Francisco show was great. There were more people there but it still seemed only about 1/3 full. Jeff said the radios and promoters did a lousy job of promoting the show. Friends of his had no idea the band was playing. Jeff feels that Rod is an amazing singer with a powerful voice, totally into the crowd and great with the fans. Matt is trapped behind the drums, but he is also really nice after the show. Johnny and Keri have so much energy. SLASH never ceases to amaze Jeff (and the rest of us) with his guitar capabilities. SLASH just mesmerizes the crowd. Hearing him on an album is awesome, but seeing SLASH live is beyond explanation! Thanks, Jeff!

Shane sent a review of the Maritime in San Francisco. He liked the Petaluma show better although it was not as well attended. More people there were really into the music. People went crazy for the GNR covers. Shane wants to know why Johnny G sticks his tongue out all the time. Hmmm. Probably habit. SLASH presses his lips together. We've seen other guitarists do that same lip pressing. Has to be habit. Shane said that the band is awesome, nice and in-sync. His favorite songs are "Alien" and "Speed Parade". Thanks, Shane!

Nick wrote about the Phoenix Theater show in Petaluma. There weren't very many people there. The venue is 45 min. from San Francisco. He said he couldn't believe it when he saw that SLASH would play there. Nick says the Phoenix is a dump and never has any known band played there. The band was full of energy. Rod is an awesome singer! Nick would like to see "Mean Bone" become a big hit, and "Serial Killer" is cool, too. The band did not come out after the show to sign autographs. They took off right away for San Francisco. Thanks, Nick!

For All of You Out There...
And Especially For SLASH...

News Reported: 10/30/00

SLASH is heading back from New York City where he has been filming VH1's Rock Show. Rod Jackson will be on the show, too, when it airs Friday, November 11 at midnight. Set your VCRs. The band will do some rehearsals this week in preparation for the big Halloween show at the Roxy in L.A. Thursday night. Tickets are on sale right now for that show, so the L.A. contingent should skip the trick or treating and get to the the Roxy this year. This is an all ages show. The Roxy gig is the last show before the International Tour. Snakepit will appear in Taiwan on Saturday, November 4. We're hoping for some reports and pictures of their first show ever in Taiwan.

This item is from an international fan, Christian, and we believe he's reporting from Germany. Christian says the charts there had Ain't Life Grand at #58 without any released single or video! At Viva II News they had a short report on SLASH with a cool interview. SLASH said please don't speak German to him because it really sucks when he tries to speak it! In a regional music newspaper they said that Ain't Life Grand is the best heavy lp at this time. Christian did a report on the album himself saying that the riffs and good sound are amazing, but it's an album you have to hear several times before you realize how great it really is. "Been There Lately" is a rockin' song to start the album, but at the middle are songs which could be very big hits if released as singles or videos: "Back to the Moment" and "Serial Killer" (best song). "The Alien" ends the album with a very cool song. Christian calls it the best work since the split of GNR. Thanks, Christian!

Our friend Alex sent us a note about an earlier report. On Sept.19 a French girl named Natalie talked about an issue of the French Guitar Bass magazine. Alex was kind enough to scan this great cover for us. Alex thinks the picture is really cool. Note that the title is SLASH Is Back! He sure is! Thanks, Alex.

Here's another international report; this time from Maria in Toronto. She says that Much Music had a little show where they asked musicians about groupies. SLASH and Rod spoke for Snakepit! They said that guys will draw the line somewhere but girls don't. The Backstreet Boys were on then talking about how they wished there were tons of girls screaming for them. Some other baby bands spoke, and it ended with Rod saying, "I don't think Backstreet Boys get to sign girls' asses or anything like that"! Rod is like another SLASH!!

Our last international note comes from those two wild and crazy fans, Dina and Sylvia who you may know from the Tour Photos where they show off their snakeskin pants and self-designed Snakepit tops for the 'pit and us! These two are always doing something for and about SLASH and the Snakepit. A local Canadian radio show is having a Pumpkin Carving Contest there. You have to carve your favorite musician to get a chance to win a trip to England to see AC/DC and Snakepit (we're not as sure of this part but hopeful). You get backstage passes, too! Dina and Sylvia found a carver to help them out, and they are readying the scenery and props. They have black curly hair, a top hat, a cigarette, Jack Daniels. The scenery will be pictures of SLASH and a Jack Daniels border with Marlboros! They are very excited and promise to send pictures of The Great SLASH-O-Lantern. You gotta love these two! Good luck, Dina and Sylvia! UK, stand back!

News Reported: 10/28/00

A couple of days ago Mike was watching MTV's "Senseless Acts of Video", a show about a stuntman who bases his stunts on videos. One of the videos he chose was the "Don't Cry" video. He parachuted a car out of a plane trying to outdo the car driven (by a stuntman, not SLASH)over the cliff in the video. There was an interview with SLASH describing the idea behind the "car over the cliff" part of the video. SLASH also said he was looking forward to seeing the stuntman drop the car out of a plane. Mike said the show was recent as SLASH had his goatee. Thanks, Mike! We've always wondered about throwing the Les Paul after the car. Think Adam Day was down there trying to catch it! Or was it just a look-a-like shell? As long as SLASH was still at the top, who really cares?

"Access Hollywood" is an NBC program that covers film, music, television, celebrities and the entertainment business. Vincent sent us a note that recently "Access Hollywood" had SLASH's Snakepit on its New Music segment. Snakepit was shown doing a show, and they played one of the songs off the new album! Thanks, Vincent!

Our good friend from Scotland, Fiona, found some more current information about Duff in Kerrang! magazine. She says there is a little bit about Duff, and his new band Mad For The Racket (seems a somewhat different name than we read here) will be in the UK on Nov. 13 and 14. They play Nottingham Rock City on the 13th and London Oxford Street 100 Club on the 14th. Sounds like Duff is off and running on his international tour. Hope he runs into SLASH, and Johnny G lets him have the bass for awhile! Thanks, Fiona, we're always interested in one of SLASH's best buddies, Duff.

Raul scanned in a great article about SLASH! In this one SLASH talks about leaving GNR, Snakepit and what the songs mean to him. We can't get enough of these articles! He always says something new and interesting. Thanks, Raul!

SLASH Speaks!

Just a brief mention that the album reviews (by fans) keep coming in every day. Some places still haven't gotten their copies, so when you get yours, send it anytime and we'll put it up. These are a real joy to read, and it's interesting to see how many people agree on best song! The show reviews are still coming in, too, so it's never to late to send yours in. You can find these at, scroll down to Main Menu, click Snakepit 1999-2000 and they are filed under Show Reviews and Fan Album Reviews. We've recently added more items to the Fan Section which has drawings and tats. These are great! There are a couple additions to the Fan Music page where you can read about the bands and music of other SLASH fans. Then there is always a link to their sites where you can hear their music, see photos, etc. We're always happy to show off our musicians. At one time, SLASH was starting out just like these guys. There are some new links from our site to other SLASH or GNR or related sites. These are really nice, and we would love to have more. The lyrics are here, and the discography is as up to date as we can make it. Right now we show the US, Canada, UK with their own album editions. If yours says on the back something other than those three, it would be great if you could send us the country, catalog number (on the edge) and anything distinguishing about it. Thank you!

And with less than a week to go, don't forget SLASH's Snakepit plays the Roxy on Oct. 31. Tickets are available through TicketMaster. On Nov. 11, see SLASH free on VH1's Rock Show at midnight ET.
News Reported: 10/26/00

Here's the new Tour Schedule! One decision is to give all the early December dates to the UK although nothing is scheduled as yet. The Kerrang Festival is missing from here as are the dates in Singapore and New Zealand. The Tokyo venues are not here although we understand the tickets have been on sale for quite some time. The South America visit is still not spelled out. These should be coming along soon. This is the official tour itinerary at this time. Rod and SLASH are in NYC doing some good publicity things and staying out of trouble! They'll tape Rock Show for VH1 which is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 11 at midnight.

     Wed., Oct. 11           Instore 5 pm, 
                               Tower Records      West Hollywood, CA
     Wed., Oct. 11           Whisky
                              Album Release Show  Los Angeles, CA (all ages)
     Fri., Oct. 13           Hard Rock            Mexico City, Mexico
     Sat., Oct. 14           Hard Rock            Guadalajara, Mexico
     Thu., Oct  19           Phoenix Theatre      Petaluma, CA
     Fri., Oct. 20, 9pm      Maritime Hall        San Francisco CA Ages 18+
     Sat., Oct. 21, 9pm      Palookaville         Santa Cruz CA    Ages 21+
     Mon., Oct. 23           Snakepit does Rockline! (National Syndicated
                               Live in studio           Radio Show)
                               Band does 4 songs LIVE
                               Call in with questions     
     Tues.,Oct. 24           SLASH & Rod in NYC   VH1 
     Wed., Oct. 25           NYC
     Thurs., Oct.31, 8pm     Roxy               Hollywood, CA; All Ages
     Sat., Nov. 4            National Dr.Sun Yat-sen
                               Memorial Hall      Taipei, Taiwan
     Mon., Nov. 6            Century City Hall    Seoul, Korea
     Tues., Nov. 7           Pusan Coex Center    Pusan, Korea
     Fri., Nov. 10                                Tokyo, Japan
     Sat., Nov. 11                                Yokahama, Japan
      same date              VH1 Rock Show        U.S. (taped)-midnight
     Mon., Nov. 13                                Osaka, Japan
     Tues., Nov. 14                               Nagoya, Japan
     Thurs., Nov. 16                              Fukuoka, Japan
     Sun., Nov. 19           Power Station        Melbourne, Australia
     Wed., Nov. 22           Metro                Sydney, Australia 
     Fri., Nov. 24           Castle Hill Tavern   Sydney, Australia
     Sat., Nov. 25           Carnivale Club       Brisbane, Australia
     Sun., Nov. 26           RSL Club             Nambour, Australia
     Tues., Nov. 28          Heaven               Adelaide, Australia
     Wed., Nov. 29           Mercury Lounge       Melbourne, Australia
     Sat., Dec. 2 - 6        TBA                  UK
     Thurs., Dec. 7          Hultihuset Tobaken   Esbjerg, Denmark
     Fri., Dec. 8            Koren                Gothenberg, Sweden
     Sat., Dec. 9            Klubben              Stockholm, Sweden
     Mon., Dec. 11           Train                Aarhus, Denmark
     Wed., Dec. 13           Columbia Halle       Berlin, Germany   
     Thurs., Dec. 14         Paradiso             Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
     Sat., Dec. 16           Kongresszentrum      Stuttgart, Germany
     Mon., Dec. 18           E-Werk               Koln, Germany
     Tues., Dec. 19          Colosseum            Munchen, Germany
     Wed., Dec. 20                                Nurnberg, Germany 
     Fri., Dec. 22           Rolling Stone        Milan, Italy
     Dec. 23                 US for Christmas Holidays
     Jan. 15 - ?             South America

Singapore is not holding a grudge over being omitted from the tour. Jarrett tells us that in a huge page 2 article in the Singapore Newpaper, there is an article about SLASH. There wasn't much new information as he was asked about his past and why GNR broke up, about his childhood and his music. They said Snakepit's brand of music "is perfect for fans who crave that old blues infected GNR guitar magic which only band leader SLASH can conjure"! SLASH has a good quote, "I'm not making very much, but I'm happy and making enough for cigarettes. I get free tennis shoes from Converse, I have 6 pairs of jeans, and I bum tshirts off people. But materially, I don't need very much." There's a huge picture, too. Thanks, Jarrett!

Hector's a friend from Canada who reported that the Canadian magazine Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles has an article on Snakepit and a short interview with SLASH and the band including "how did you get into the band". This magazine is sold at HMV and comes with a CD sampler (no Snakepit tunes on this one). Hector said that on Much More Music, a TV program called "Freshly Pressed" had a small section on SLASH and the new album. They had a clip with Rod and SLASH where they asked SLASH if he felt weird coming out with a pure record at this time of hybrids, and he said he felt they were one of the last true rock bands left. Then they showed footage of "Life's Sweet Drug" from the Toronto show. Thanks, Hector!

Finally, Brad sent us a note on the online magazine, Metal Edge. They had been at the Whisky show and said that Rod is sensual and power-throated! They said that Snakepit scored heavy with their new Ain't Life Grand tunes but the covers of GNR's "It's So Easy" and "Mr.Brownstone" were killer renditions that pleased the GNR fans. "The top hatted guitar wizard was in fine form." Oh, you knew that! But they also complimented Keri, Matt, and Johnny. Thank you, Brad!
News Reported: 10/24/00

Just a reminder that tonight, Monday, October 23, SLASH's Snakepit will be on Rockline. Rockline is a nationally syndicated radio show which is done live. You can call in with questions (1-800-344-ROCK) (1-800-344-7625) or email The band will be on this evening and they will do four songs LIVE! If you need a list of stations that carry Rockline, the web site that has it is at: You can also see if your station does a web broadcast and also where international fans can listen, too!

SLASH is to be on his way to NYC tomorrow to do the VH1 At Work show. We're not sure if this is live or not; and VH1 is having some site problems this evening, so check with them tomorrow at

It would be great to hear about the three California shows. Craig sent one in on Palookaville and says it was an awesome performance. He says he even enjoys the CD more after hearing the songs done live. Craig says that Rod is an excellent singer with a lot of energy. Craig was in the front, right in front of SLASH. It was really a treat to see him with his guitar. Craig got a good look at those 5 SLASH tats. He really liked the cat which is more toward his right side than his belly! Craig would like to know if the Pom Pom girls made his smile as they made Craig smile. He'd also like to know if the band liked the venue Craig thought the club was cool with lots of room for fans. And last note to SLASH from Craig: come back to Santa Cruz! Thanks, Craig!

Can anyone send in a short review on some of the other shows? The band along with the rest of us likes to hear if the shows were good...or great! Those were the last shows till Halloween. The Halloween show is at the Roxy. Then the guys say goodbye to the US and head for the Far East.There have been so many questions about the tour schedule. We'll try to get a new one as soon as possible.

News Reported: 10/23/00

There are a lot of people looking for lyrics to Ain't Life Grand. SLASH was holding off on having these printed here so you could have the fun of figuring them out. Now he's decided it's ok to put them on this site, so here they are. There's a link to them right here. There is another link to them off the Main Menu and another off the Snakepit 1999-2000 section. The lyrics were taken from the Japanese lyric book. Amazing what Rod is saying! There are lyrics for the 12 regularly released tracks as well as for the 2 bonus tracks.

Ain't Life Grand Lyrics

SLASH must have been in a good mood after the Mexico shows because he said it was ok to put up another clip here. This one is "Rusted Heroes" which is one of the Japanese bonus tracks. This is one great track with a long sizzling SLASH intro. Too bad this one wasn't on the album everyone got! This clip is about 3/4 of the song. SLASH is only granting permission for a clip not the whole song. Enjoy!
"Rusted Heroes" Clip

SLASH was on MTV Saturday on MTV All Stars. It's a two hour program where MTV talks about an artist with some sort of crisis, and what the artist is doing now. Mostly it was bands breaking up, and of course that was what they talked about with SLASH. SLASH was interviewed as well as Adam Day, SLASH's super guitar tech. Adam said SLASH loved GNR, and he tried very hard to keep the band together. SLASH said he became suicidal at the thought of going in and working with the remains of GNR. When your work is that painful, it's time to move on, so he did. There was footage of SLASH in the old days and some pictures. Then they showed him coming into an arena to open for AC/DC. There was footage of that, too. It wasn't all that long, maybe 10 - 15 minutes, but it's great to see SLASH. Watch for repeats of this one.

Markus from Germany said he just saw SLASH on German TV, and he also reported that Ain't Life Grand debuted on the German charts at #58. On TV, they showed a SLASH interview where once again SLASH was asked about a reunion. He ruled it out for the moment saying he was only interested in Snakepit for the time being. He also said that Snakepit is working on a second album that is half done! SLASH said that he used to have a German girlfriend but can't speak a word of German. OH! One of those relationships! SLASH is too much.

There are several reviews of the Mexican shows that were at the Hard Rocks in Mexico City and Guadalajara. Most of the writers didn't identify the show, so we'll just put them together here. Juan did say that he was in Mexico City. He had an amazing time even waiting in line to go in and listening to the comments from the fans. Emotions were running high! SLASH has not been there for 7 years. It was an incredible concert including the band intro where SLASH was introduced and he received 5 minutes of constant cheering and applause! SLASH had a huge smile - this is a country that truly loves him. Juan was right down front and was able to see his expressions, the way he attacked his guitar, everything. The crowd went crazy for the two GNR covers, "Mr. Brownstone" and "It's So Easy", and the Snakepit 95 cover, "Beggars & Hangers-on". Juan had an unbelievable time! Thanks, Juan! Mario was also at the Mexico City. His dad drove about 3 hours to get him there. He says the Hard Rock is small but has good acoustics. Snakepit came on at 11 pm. SLASH had on his top hat, purple leather pants, black shirt. He was with his girlfriend, his guitar and a big smile! The songs were mostly from the new album. Rod decided to moon the audience. Mario thought SLASH was taller! He's always moving around the stage. He spoke a little Spanish. He told them the album would be there Oct. 18. The band sounds great, loud and sometimes beautiful. Mario will never forget that show because he's wanted to see SLASH since he was a little kid. He thanks SLASH for playing his guitar so well and making his dreams come true. Thank you, Mario! Helizet was at the Guadalajara show, and he says it was great to see SLASH in a show. It was perfect. They came on time, and you could see SLASH playing guitar on the side of the stage before they came out. Everyone screamed when the band came out. The band was friendly, and it was like seeing a concert with friends playing rather than a big rock star which SLASH is. SLASH smiled during the show that made Helizet think SLASH must be very happy. Helizet wants SLASH to know that he thanks him for coming to Guadalajara, and he hopes to see you soon again. Thanks, Helizet! Jonathan says the band went on at 11 and played 1:20. The new album hasn't arrived there yet, so no one knew the new songs, but they went crazy for "Serial Killer". The band didn't stay afterward to sign autographs. Thanks, Jonathan! Dulce says the show was explosive, orgasmic, so cool! Everyone was excited. Snakepit is a great band - that was the comment during the whole show. Rod is a good singer, and Dulce liked Rod a lot. Rod is very sexy and just great. However, SLASH is of course the sexiest one. Dulce says that SLASH has been the man of her dreams since she was 12 and seeing him at 18 on stage was the best thing in her life. Thanks, Dulce!
News Reported: 10/22/00

Tonight, SLASH's Snakepit is doing their second Northern California show; this time in Maritime Hall in San Francisco. We spoke to SLASH by phone on the way to the airport. He said last night's show at Petaluma was great for them. The band had difficulty getting there because of a general delay in the air traffic control system. Flights just couldn't get out of L.A. for a long time, and they arrived at the venue when they were to go on. So, no soundcheck. They took 15 minutes to get themselves mentally together, and SLASH said they gave it 110%! The attendance was a little lighter than he'd hoped, but this club is a little off the beaten track. So, tonight they are looking for a more relaxed trip to the show. SLASH was doing an interview before they went on. Johnny G. was missing a bag (airline is busily selling Johnny Blackout souvenirs!) which they hoped would be located soon. Travel isn't easy as we all know.

SLASH called later to say that there would be a web cast of the show tonight! Snakepit goes on at 10:45 PT. (There are two opening bands.) It turns out the web cast was not Friday night live, but the show was taped and there will be a web cast of the Snakepit show soon. The web site is not yet decided. We'll let you know!

Big news on a new show! This is another California show. On Halloween, (Tuesday, October 31), SLASH's Snakepit will be trick or treating at the Roxy in Hollywood! Actually, they will be playing their headlining, long set; but that master of disguise, SLASH, will be there to show you a few tricks and musical treats. The show is All Ages! You don't need a costume or a treat bag to get in, but come ready to rock and roll! They are billing this as the last show before the international tour begins, so if you are anywhere near there, get your tickets now. Tickets can be bought at any TicketMaster outlet including the web. Price is $18.75. Snakepit is taping this show as well and intends to have a web cast of this show sometime later. Most likely they will be gone on tour, but it will be great to have this memory of them. We'll post here where the web cast will take place.

Another upcoming event: SLASH and Rod are leaving Tuesday for New York to do the Rock Show on VH1. The show will be aired on Friday, November 10 at midnight. Last time SLASH was on, it was great. He picked some good videos of bands he likes. You can email requests during the week for videos you'd like to see.

Andrew from Calagary reports that in the December issue of Guitar World (Greenday on the cover), there's a reader's poll/survey. Vote for SLASH as Best Rock Guitarist! And how about Ain't Life Grand for Best Rock Album? You need to pick up a copy of the magazine, but you'll be doing a big thing for SLASH. Thanks, Andrew! Be a part of SLASH's StreetTeam and help promote the best rock guitarist in the world.
News Reported: 10/20/00

SLASH said this morning that the band would be flying out of Los Angeles to Northern California. First gig is the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, California. Let's hope a lot of you in the area can make it tonight! The shows in San Francisco and Santa Cruz are at great looking venues. We hope the 'pit blows the ceiling off these places. Play it f*ckin' loud, guys!

By now you may have formed your opinion of Ain't Life Grand. While there have been a couple of negatives, SLASH's fans are almost entirely behind him. We collected a lot of reviews and are willing to collect more. Send a short note with your opinions. You can send it to It would be helpful if you put "Album Review" in the subject. The reviews will be on the Snakepit 1999-2000 section. If you'd like to see them now, here they are!

Fan Album Reviews

How about helping the band out by requesting songs from "Ain't Life Grand"? If they tell you they don't have it, get them to tell us, and we'll see that they get a copy fast! Thanks to SLASH's team we've got a place on the web where you can look up web radio stations. Look them up, email a request and a big thank you! Here's where you can check the list by state. Over on the left on this screen, you'll see you can look up by call letters, format, international, etc.
Web Radio

Chris wrote and told us that SLASH is on this month's cover of Australian Guitar. It's out right now in Australia and New Zealand. Great cover story inside! Thanks, Chris

Brave Radio sent out this information on SLASH'S buddy, Duff: THE RACKETEERS is a new band consisting of Duff (GUNS N'ROSES), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Clem Burke (Blondie), Wayne Kramer (MC5) and Brian James (The Damned). November 6th will see the release of their debut, Mad For The Racket. Good luck to this new SuperBand and especially to Duff.
News Reported: 10/19/00

This Thursday, October 19, at Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, Snakepit begins its three Northern California shows! If you haven't seen them yet, they ROCK! You'll see a full 90 minute show (at least) with songs mostly from Ain't Life Grand. There should be two GNR covers and one from It's Five O'Clock Somewhere. The band is hot and tight. The first full length show was at the Whisky, and we have a couple reviews here for you. After you read these, how can you stay home? And if Petaluma isn't right, the show on the 20th is in San Francisco with the one on the 21st at Santa Cruz. The first review is from the L.A. Times.

SLASH's Snakepit Review

The next review is from Metal Is:
Second SLASH's Snakepit Review

Thanks to Gayle & Jerry who got us copies!

Have you checked out the Tour Photos lately? We've been adding more as they come in. This last set were taken before a show and during soundcheck! There are some of the released album, too. If you have any from the tour, we'd love to put them up! And you international fans, please get your cameras ready too. A Kodak moment with SLASH and the boys... Speaking of the Tour Photos, do you remember seeing SLASH in the Johnny Blackout baseball shirt? Here's the picture! Right Rock Sportwear makes these for bands. We've been talking to them about their merchandise, and it's possible we may be able to order them in the near future. We'll keep you posted. By the way, SLASH's real shirt says SLASH 007.

If you're looking for another place to get the GNR 2001 calendar, you might try Bruce let us know they have them for $9.99. Start the year with a calendar full of SLASH!

Might as well get another commercial mention in. Lisa in Italy was listening to They interviewed Carmine Appice, and he mentioned SLASH as having played with him. The album is called Guitar Zeus, and it's wonderful! SLASH plays on "Where You Belong". You can order this album from any cd online site or check out Carmine's web site (Links section).

If you have some thoughts on Ain't Life Grand and would like to share them, now's the time to do it. A brief email is enough. You can give your overall impression, songs you like best, best SLASH solo, a song where a bandmember really shows his stuff, and...just about anything. These will be up off this news section on the next issue. Email addresses will not be used to protect your privacy. If you want your name or handle used, just put it at the end of the message. Send to Thanks!

SLASH is working on the over 100 questions submitted by fans. He's selecting ones to answer and is trying to finish before he goes to the Far East. He said he's found he really doesn't have time on tour to do the questions as well as the fan mail. The fan mail can continue, but he's asking us to hold anymore questions till he returns. He'll let us know when we can send a new batch. As soon as the questions are returned, we'll publish those he's answered right here.
News Reported: 10/17/00

Be sure to pick up the December 2000 issue of Guitar Player that will be of particular interest to guitarists. SLASH talks about his influences and there's a short career history. Then they get into an interview centering on his equipment. When asked which are his main Les Pauls, SLASH said he had two he bought in 1987 just after GNR was signed, but one was stolen from his house (13 stolen, 5 recovered along with top hats, tapes, DAT recorder, mics). He says he mostly lost practice quitars but losing that 87 Les Paul really hurt. For Ain't Life Grand, he used the Les Paul reproduction he used on Appetite and the basic tracks on the Illusions albums. SLASH was asked if his playing had changed since the 80s, and he didn't think so but said he never really goes back and listens to something he's done. He feels his playing is more spontaneous now. For this album, he didn't work out solos in advance, he just did them live with the band. Ain't Life Grand was recorded as if it were a live gig. SLASH doesn't tape ideas. He says when he gets the tape recorder and the guitar, then he has no ideas. If it's a good enough idea, he remembers it into the studio. Songs usually come from jamming alone, then bringing the idea to the band where they work on it till it's a song. He thinks it's scary to have guitarists looking up to him. He says he feels that he is just getting up to speed and still goes out almost every night to get his licks just right. And there is just lots more including details on his equipment. SLASH is his usual humble self. This is what makes him approachable and friendly. A great interview! Two color pictures which we've seen before...SLASH in his old studio and house. Always nice to see them again.

User791379 wrote to say they saw the SLASH commercial on USA! They said it switches between black and white clips of a snake, and SLASH's Snakepit playing live with an announcer saying something like... Ain't Life Grand out Oct.10. Cool! That's VH1 and USA...any others?

A special thanks to Thomas Marshall who badgered the Rolling Stone online site into listing SLASH's Snakepit as one of their artists. This means you can go there now and click on it and SLASH's Snakepit has its own little page on Rolling Stone. SLASH had one there, but we can attest that it is so difficult to find, you just give up. Now it will be easy. We'll let SLASH know, and this site will construct a link to this outpost! Thanks, Thomas!

News from Ismar in Croatia: Watching the German TV station VIVA on their daily news on TV text, Ismar saw a full page dedicated to SLASH and his hobbies! SLASH is a huge collector of all things dinosaur and has been studying them since he was a kid. He spends hours trying to find something he hasn't gotten yet (just like some of us with his things!). He is desperately looking for all kinds of fanzines from all kinds of shops. He still collects tshirts though he has some 13,000. (Good Christmas present ideas here). Also, there was an honor for the GNR guys. The Croatian official TV chart, Hit Depo, celebrated their 10th anniversary. They played only the best videos for the past 10 years. Best videos of 91 and 92 were GNR videos! "Don't Cry" featured SLASH's solo and "November Rain" with SLASH's legendary church solo. GNR was the only band to appear twice. Ismar says GNR is not forgotten and has a loyal army of fans in his small country in the heart of Europe. They'd like to request a visit from Snakepit! Thanks, Ismar!

We've got two more reviews from the Whisky. Zeeshan says it was the most amazing night of his 20 year old life! They waited in line two hours at Tower Records to get in. They arrived early to make sure they got a chance to meet the band. At 5 pm, right on time, a black van pulled out and the band got out. They went in, and there was SLASH sitting at a table signing autographs politely. SLASH is so nice! Zeeshan told him how awesome he is and how much he enjoyed the Galaxy show. SLASH thanked him. Zeeshan shook hands with the whole band and got everyone to sign his CD. He told his friends he could die happy now, but the night wasn't over yet! He says the Whisky show was the most memorable show he has seen. Energy, attitude, intensity were all there, and the song were amazing, He especially loved hearing "Mr. Brownstone" and "It's So Easy". Zeeshan gives the show and A+ and will see them anytime they come to town.

Next is a review from our pal Ravi who has seen so many SLASH shows! Ravi says the Whisky holds about 250 people and has an upper level which gives a good view. Some idiots were throwing food and drinks on the stage. (Where is security?) Snakepit played about 90 minutes, and the sound was good and very loud. Ravi said sometimes he could not hear the rhythm guitar parts very well. Rod was in good form, and his voice was good throughout the show although he did blow the lyrics here and there. (Now that we have the lyrics, we are up on this). Matt added a solid beat but didn't have even a short solo. Johnny G was full of energy and did a lot of headbanging. Ravi says that Johnny is always into the show and that spills over onto the other guys; he thinks Johnny is very talented. He'd like to see the guys do a blues cover sometime. SLASH played very well and pulled out some amazing solos and great crunching riffs. He was wearing an Elvis tshirt. They played "Life's Sweet Drug" to open. They rocked! SLASH tells us to put up with the ballad, "Back to the Moment" (our favorite), as it is Snakepit's one and only f*ckin' ballad! Rod thanked the record company and everyone for coming out. SLASH thanked friends who were there and weren't there and family and people who had birthdays (his girlfriend) and the company for doing the shindig. Ravi says "Serial Killer" was the best song of the set. Rod says the song is about a friend of his who was on drugs, went crazy and killed his girlfriend. There was a horn section with sax and trumpet. The encore was great. SLASH said hi to all the beggars and hangers-on. Some cool slide work on that one. Finally, there was "Speed Parade", and everyone went nuts. Rod did a little crowd surfing. SLASH had a couple of new guitars: a blueish Guild doubleneck for "Serial Killer" amd a red BC Rich Mockingbird for "The Alien". Ravi said if you like a good rock show, you have to catch these guys on tour! Thanks, Ravi!

News Reported: 10/15/00

Back to SLASH's Snakepit tour news! The international tour begins tonight with an all out rocker show at the Hard Rock in Mexico City. The guys are doing a full set, and they are ready to rock and roll! Tomorrow night they'll be blowing the doors off the Hard Rock in Guadalajara, Mexico. Two big hard rocking shows there before the band returns to the US briefly for three northern California shows. Any Mexican fans out there, we'd love to hear your reviews and see some pictures. We'll start a new tour book for this leg.

The Rolling Stone review of Ain't Life Grand wasn't that great. The online site makes a big step toward improved relations with SLASH and fans by having 3 major items on their site right now. First there is a contest where they are giving away an autographed Les Paul, an autographed poster and cd. 5 runners up will get the autographed poster and cd. Enter now!

SLASH Contest

There's a multimedia interview with Slash, too. You can read the full interview, then listen to SLASH doing a condensed version with some album music playing and great graphics. Check this out:
Rolling Stone Interview/Video

The reviews we got on the show at the Whisky are amazing! SLASH's Back! Raul sent us the setlist which he managed to snag. His autographs will appear in our World Tour scrapbook. He said the show was a dream come true. Snakepit played 14 songs. Most were Ain't Life Grand songs, but you see on the setlist there is LSD, Beggars and Hangers-on (from It's Five O'Clock Somewhere), Mr. Brownstone and It's So Easy. Raul got a pick from everyone and a towel from Rod! There was a full house with the band full of energy and the crowd giving a great, well-deserved response. Raul says that after the show SLASH was kicking back on the staircase, and he was able to thank SLASH for a great show. Thanks, so much Raul!

Laure was at the Whisky and said it was a mad house! The band must have loved seeing all those fans. She says Matt is an amazing drummer, and Johnny was excellent on bass. SLASH played beautifully! Rod was in top form, messing up lyrics or titles, but no one cared! Laure said no one would notice because they were under Rod's spell. She calls him the most talented singer/performer she's seen in years, maybe ever! He grabs your attention at the start and never lets go. Seen were Steven Adler, Gerri Miller (Metal Edge), Billy Sheehan, Producer Jack Douglas. She says she saw the 'pit at the Roxy a couple of years ago with Ryan Roxie and Teddy Zigzag. The band was rowdy and turned the stage into a party. Laure likes this lineup better with no offense to Keri. Laure says she thought that Ryan was coming back, but that's over. Ryan elected to move on, and SLASH was lucky enough to snag Keri. Personally, we think Keri is much better at playing with SLASH. His eyes are checking what SLASH is doing so he gives the good supportive rhythm to the lead guitar. It often seemed to us that Ryan was playing lead with SLASH. Why are these rhythm guitar guys such a trauma? We're thinking to the battles that still rage over Izzy/Gilby! Back to Laure. She especially liked "Speed Parade" and "Mean Bone". SLASH's lady was there (mentioned in the booklet as "my angel") looking ravishing. Ladies, we have to face it, SLASH is taken! Laure says she hopes you Europeans will give them the welcome they deserve as this group were too passive and busy being sophisticated Hollywooders. Get out of California, SLASH, and see some truly enthusiastic fans! Thanks, Laure!

Clement went to the Tower Records in store as well as the Whiskey. These picks and ticket are from his night with Snakepit. First, Tower Records. Clement said the in store was 5-6pm and he got there with only 20 min. to spare. 50 people were in line outside. 5 at a time got to go in. People brought in all kinds of things to have signed including a bottle of Jack Daniels and a life size cutout of SLASH. Finally Clement got in, and he had his acoustic and a poster of Adam Day and SLASH. SLASH took an extra long time signing the guitar so it looks great. Clement got a chance to talk to Rod and asked why he changed "Break You". Rod said he didn't have anything to do with the changes. SLASH didn't think it was much different from the way it used to be. Later, Clement went to the Whisky where there were 3 opening bands. He said they finally got in at 10pm. He stood at the side of the stage, and Adam Day recognized him! Adam gave him the 2 guitar picks you see here. It was so crowded that Clement couldn't bring his arms up from his sides. SLASH wore his top hat, a tshirt with Elvis on it, and black leather pants. SLASH and Keri threw picks out right and left, and people went nuts over them. Clement noticed Johnny G played with his fingers instead of picking which he hadn't done at other shows. The show ended at 1:30am! Adam gave him a setlist, and it was over..another amazing show! He also noted, for you guitar players, that SLASH had 5 guitars, 3 Les Pauls and 2 doublenecks including Godzilla. Thanks so much, Clement!
News Reported: 10/13/00

Last night by phone we were at the Snakepit rehearsal. We spoke to Sam, SLASH's manager and to Keri Kelli. Kerri says if you've written to him lately, he hasn't been near a PC in 3 weeks. Keri tells us that everyone in the band is rested and healthy and ready to rock the Whisky tonight. Tomorrow Snakepit leaves for Mexico, and they are all anxious to go back on the road again. They sounded great! Sam said they will do a 90 minute set tonight at the Whisky and will play "It's So Easy" as well as "Mr. Brownstone". From It's Five O'Clock Somewhere they will at least play "Beggars & Hangers-on". We could hear the band rehearsing and they were great! Two musicians will be joining them at the Whisky. One will play harp (blues harp = harmonica) and sax. An updated tour schedule was faxed in, and here's what it says now:

Here's the tour schedule today! Be sure to check out those California shows. There's a lot going on as the band gets ready for the international tour.

            Tour Schedule - SLASH's Snakepit

Wed., Oct. 11           Instore 5 pm, 
                          Tower Records      West Hollywood, CA
Wed., Oct. 11           Whisky
                         Album Release Show  Los Angeles, CA (all ages)
Fri., Oct. 13           Hard Rock            Mexico City, Mexico
Sat., Oct. 14           Hard Rock            Guadalajara, Mexico
Thu., Oct  19           Phoenix Theatre      Petaluma, CA
Fri., Oct. 20, 9pm      Maritime Hall        San Francisco CA Ages 18+
Sat., Oct. 21, 9pm	Palookaville         Santa Cruz CA    Ages 21+
Mon., Oct. 23		Snakepit does Rockline! (National Syndicated
                          Live in studio           Radio Show)
                          Band does 4 songs LIVE
                          Call in with questions     
Tues.,Oct. 25           SLASH                VH1 At Work
Nov.  4                 National Dr.Sun Yat-sen
                          Memorial Hall      Taipei, Taiwan
Nov. 6                  Century City Hall    Seoul, Korea
Nov. 7                  Pusan Coex Center    Pusan, Korea
Nov. 10                 Zepp Hall            Tokyo, Japan
Nov. 11                 Bay Hall             Yokahama, Japan
Nov. 13                 Mother Hall          Osaka, Japan
Nov. 14                 Diamond Hall         Nagoya, Japan
Nov. 16                 Zepp Fukuoka         Fukuoka, Japan
Nov. 20                 Power Station        Auckland, New Zealand
Nov. 24                 TBA, Australia
Nov. 25                 Carnivale Club       Brisbane, Australia
Nov. 26                 RSL Club             Nambour, Australia
Nov. 28                 Heaven               Adelaide, Australia
Nov. 29                 Mercury Lounge       Melbourne, Australia
Dec. 2                  Kerrang Festival     London, UK
Dec. 3 - 6              TBA            
Dec. 7                  Hultihuset Tobaken   Esbjerg, Denmark
Dec. 8                  Koren                Gothenberg, Sweden
Dec. 9                  Klubben              Stockholm, Sweden
Dec. 11                 Aarhus, Denmark
Dec. 13                 Columbia Halle      Berlin, Germany   
Dec. 14                 Paradiso            Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Dec. 16                 Kongresszentrum     Stuttgart, Germany
Dec. 18                 E-Werk              Koln, Germany
Dec. 19                 Colosseum           Munchen, Germany
Dec. 20                 Nurnberg, Germany 
Dec. 22                 Rolling Stone       Milan, Italy
Dec. 23                 US for Christmas Holidays
Jan. 15 - ?             South America

As with the other updates, if the information is not on here, we don't have any more information. We put up the updates just as soon as we get them.

Here are a couple things we do know. There was an article in some of the music sites that SLASH played on the new single by Kelle Bryan. Kelle was formerly with the girl group Eternal until she was fired by them. Kelle is pursuing a solo career, and her new single, "I Wanna Know" may be out now. However, SLASH did not play on it. He was asked but turned it down. He was busy with Snakepit and didn't see how his music would fit in well. Another one of these is an email that comes around asking you to download a song by Mark Lennon of Venice, and the money will be donated to charity. It says SLASH is on the download and donated his time. It further says that Mark is a good friend of SLASH's. None of this is true. SLASH is not on the album at all and doesn't know Mark Lennon. This was confirmed with SLASH as was the Kelle Bryan story. Drummer Matt Laug is a frequent player with Venice so maybe that is how the mistake arose. If you are looking for SLASH though, he is not on either of these recordings.

Prehistoric posted a note to the Snakepit listserv (we're part of the groups) that he had found a SLASH interview on the KNAC website. KNAC has always been a friend to SLASH and Snakepit. It's very positive and was done pre-release of Ain't Life Grand. SLASH talks about how he left Guns and the bands he's formed since then. He also talks about the reunion possibilities. He doesn't slam the door on that, but he recognizes how hard it would be to get everyone together. Read the review here:
KNAC Interview

Mark tells us that you'd better stay in the room during VH1 commercials! They ran a commercial for Ain't Life Grand. It has SLASH and the band LIVE on tour opening for AC/DC. It showed clips of the dates on tour, and had snakes and all kinds of things! SLASH plays a solo during it, and the whole thing is about 2 minutes! We'll be looking for that one!
News Reported: 10/11/00

Today is the big day! Ain't Life Grand is (finally) released in the US! Did you get a copy? Did you pick up the cassette? Seems like we've waited so long. Dump those MP3 versions! Get that great sounding CD - that's the way SLASH wanted it to sound. The album is already climbing the charts in many places around the world. Be sure to call radio stations and make requests! Spread the word that


News Reported: 10/10/00

Tomorrow's the big day in the US for buying a copy or two of Ain't Life Grand. Keep that champagne flowing! We want SLASH to tour some more, right? He says he'll tour as long as the album has legs (is doing well in sales). We hear that the artwork is great, and the cover is that same funny, distorted picture of the band. Right now the album is available in CD and cassette formats with the vinyl version coming along a little later. Collect them all!

SLASH has been doing a lot of interviews recently. Did you see the small interview in Rolling Stone? It has Jakob Dylan on the cover. And inside is a funny SLASH interview. SLASH says he has 13,000 tshirts and doesn't really check them when he puts them on. He wore one on tour that had "F*ck you, F*cking F*ck" on it, remember that? He also talked about being a dinosaur buff and getting underground dino zines. He remembers riding BMX bikes as a kid and is amazed what kids today can do with them. He says the political process is such a joke that he doesn't even think he can vote, but he likes to watch it on tv. You have to read this article because all of this is said in SLASH's inimitable style. Thanks to Bruce for finding this for us.

Ravi was out at the Cat Club last Thursday to see Gilby Clarke and in walked SLASH! He jammed for awhile with Johnny G and Matt Laug. Ravi told the guys that he would be coming to see them at the Whisky, and they seemed really excited about that gig. SLASH's girlfriend was there, too, and she said they were really just out to get a bite to eat, but there is no restraining SLASH from jamming. She says the Whisky is an important and fun gig for the band. They are really going to lay it on!

One of our best Canadian reporters is Rat, and he told us about SLASH appearing on Musique Plus. It was mainly an interview which took place in Los Angeles. SLASH looked great, but Rat said we didn't learn anything much. He was asked about new technologies in music, and SLASH said he hadn't seen anything that blew him away yet. Asked what he was doing the past couple years, he said he was working on Ain't Life Grand in his home studio and doing a couple of guest appearances with Rod Stewart and Doro Pesch. He said that a lot of today's music is sh*t, but he does like Rage Against the Machine and Stone Temple Pilots. Some GNR video clips were shown, and SLASH just seemed to really enjoy things. His hair was in a ponytail, and he had on his round sunglasses and baseball cap. Thanks, Rat!

Speaking of guest appearances, SLASH did one with Rod Stewart. The album, Human is due out November 7, and it's available for preorder at some of the net CD sites.

George lives in Richmond VA. Trivia question: which Snakepit band member hails from Richmond? If you said Rod Jackson, you're right! George says he was looking at some local web sites including the Richmond Music Journal, and there were some photos there from the Ragdoll reunion show. The first picture (below, at left) is Ragdoll (and Rod!) in the 80s. The reunion was in 1998, and you see Rod in a familiar onstage pose (below, at right). Don't you just love these pics?!

News Reported: 10/09/00

SLASH came through with the latest update on the tour schedule. The schedule is more complete, but keep in mind that not all shows have been announced. Where there are no venues (most of the shows), this means we don't know where the shows will be at this time. Check back here or in the World Tour section (, scroll down till you see the trucks for tour information, click on them). There are some interesting additions here - SLASH has cities now for a lot of the dates. You can now plan your road trips!

Second Leg: Headlining!
California Warmup Shows and International Tour

       Tour Schedule - SLASH's Snakepit

Wed., Oct. 11           Instore 5 pm, 
                          Tower Records      West Hollywood, CA
Wed., Oct. 11           Whisky
                         Album Release Show  Los Angeles, CA
Fri., Oct. 13           Hard Rock            Mexico City, Mexico
Sat., Oct. 14           Hard Rock            Guadalajara, Mexico
Thu., Oct  19           Phoenix Theatre      Petaluma, CA
Fri., Oct. 20, 9pm      Maritime Hall        San Francisco CA Ages 18+
Sat., Oct. 21, 9pm	Palookaville         Santa Cruz CA    Ages 21+
Mon., Oct. 23		SLASH does Rockline! (national radio show)
                          (Live in Studio)
Tues.,Oct. 25           SLASH & Rod           VH1 At Work
Nov.  2                 Singapore (tentative)
Nov.  4                 National Dr.Sun Yat-sen
                          Memorial Hall      Taipei, Taiwan
Nov. 6,7                Korea
Nov. 10                 Zepp Hall            Tokyo, Japan
Nov. 11                 Bay Hall             Yokahama, Japan
Nov. 13                 Mother Hall          Osaka, Japan
Nov. 14                 Diamond Hall         Nagoya, Japan
Nov. 16                 Zepp Fukuoka         Fukuoka, Japan
Nov. 18                 Guam
Nov. 20                 Auckland, New Zealand
Nov. 24                 Newcastle, Australia
Nov. 25                 Brisbane, Australia
Nov. 26                 To Be Announced, Australia
Nov. 28                 Adelaide, Australia
Nov. 29                 Melbourne, Australia
Dec. 2                  London TBA
Dec. 3 - 6              TBA            
Dec. 7                  Denmark
Dec. 8                  Malmo, Sweden
Dec. 9                  Stockholm, Sweden
Dec. 11                 Aarhus, Denmark
Dec. 13                 Berlin, Germany   
Dec. 15                 Germany TBA
Dec. 16                 Stuttgart, Germany
Dec. 18                 Cologne, Germany
Dec. 19                 Munich, Germany
Dec. 20                 Germany TBA
Dec. 22                 Italy
Dec. 23                 US for Christmas Holidays
Jan. 15 - ?             South America

Ain't Life Grand is released Tuesday in the US! Finally! And this Wednesday is the album release celebration brought to you by Snakepit! If you're in the LA area, you have to ditch school or work and get to Tower Records in West Hollywood for the 5 pm in store with SLASH's Snakepit! Buy your album(s) and get SLASH and the boys to sign every booklet page and picture (just kidding, SLASH!). Tower Records has this on their website by the SLASH in store information: "Former Sunset Video Store Employee"! Talk about getting back to your roots! Then stick around for the show at 8 pm at the nearby Whisky, but you better get tickets in advance. After that, there's bound to be an after show party around there...maybe at the Rainbow? Buy the band a drink for us, give them a big hug goodbye because they'll be leaving the US for quite awhile. We sure would like to see photos and reviews! Party with SLASH and the 'pit!
News Reported: 10/07/00

We still don't have word on the details of the UK schedule, but we sure have news about buying Ain't Life Grand there! It appears that at least some distributors have gotten their albums in, and you can buy one today! Craig went into his record shop, and the album was right there...for sale! Give your favorite record store in the UK a call and see if they have theirs ready to go yet. Enjoy! And anyone who wants to comment on the new album, tell us what you think! Which is your favorite song? Our opinion on Best Song is that wonderful love ballad, "Back to the Moment". Ahhh, SLASH, ever the romantic.

If you're in Hollywood, CA, take a walk to Tower Records around 5 pm on Wednesday the 11th. You just might see the top hatted one signing CDs! Did you know Axl Rose used to work as night manager there and challenged Vince Neil to a fight in the parking lot? Rock and roll history at its finest. That special show is at the Whisky the same night. Just follow SLASH! We think he can give you the directions.

We're told that if you are a reader of French, you should check out the Musique Plus web site. SLASH is listed as one of the artists they will discuss on the "FAX" show on Saturday, October 7, 7:30 pm. This is the Montreal station. If the album is out early there, you are excused from listening to the program. If not, we'd like to know what was said en anglais.

This is a reminder that Gibson's autographed Les Paul contest ends October 31. Guitar One and Koch are in on this, too. There's a really nice page where you can learn something, see a beautiful SLASH photo and enter the contest. Only one entry per person is permitted. Check out this special contest page featuring SLASH! Thanks to Murat who alerted us to this super contest page. If you want to enter now:

Alex is in Paris, and he located the October issue of the French Hard Rock magazine. The magazine comes with a CD that has the complete "Been There Lately" and Doro's "Now or Never" with SLASH. The cover picture is great, and inside there is a four page interview with five exclusive photos. One is a double page photo where you can clearly see SLASH's new tat. SLASH talks about leaving GNR, Eric Dover, the new band and Koch. He says that opening for AC/DC was a dream come true and a wonderful promo opportunity for the new band. SLASH says he misses Europe and looks forward to a club tour there. The tribute to GNR album, "Appetite for Reconstruction" comes in for some sharp criticism. SLASH says it was done by West Coast has-beens and losers and that he doesn't feel honored by it. He feels that these guys were just out to make a buck off GNR. Other music he's heard is Axl's "Oh My God" which made him feel he was right to leave the band. Axl and he don't have the same musical ideals, tastes or projects anymore. SLASH says that he is very interested in hearing the final result because this is Axl's big project, and he's putting everything he has into it. Alex says that the biggest part of the magazine is an article on the AC/DC tour, and they discuss the opening band! More SLASH mentions. The reviewer says that the sound was terrible (as we know), and the band wasn't perfect, but they are very impressive onstage. He singled out Johnny G. for special praise along with SLASH. Then the new album critic takes a look at Ain't Life Grand. He says that Rod is bluesy and melancholic while SLASH's solos are the most beautiful ever. The critic did slam the songwriting, but he said you have to see them live because the album is written to be performed that way. He says the production is excellent, but there is no booklet with the cd. Hmmm. Someone must have taken it away because there is certainly one with the released cds. The advance copies don't have them, but they never do. Alex, thank you so much for this interesting information! If only Paris were closer, we'd buy a copy and hunt down the new album critic!
News Reported: 10/05/00

You've got to hurry to take part in this contest to win one of 5 autographed Ain't Life Grand cds. The contest is at the Rock Daily site from Z106 Mississippi's Home of Rock 'N Roll. You have to answer one question - it's a gig SLASH once did and give your mail information. That's it! Take a chance! Thanks to Maria for letting us know about the contest.

Autographed CD Contest

While you're there, check out the good review of Ain't Life Grand. They say the album has "both hard-hitting soul-tinged rockers ("Been There Lately") and quieter, "Don't Cry"-like moments of blues-based introspection ("Back to the Moment"). The Snakepit amply prove that SLASH is still shredding with the best of them, so shed your skin and dive in."

Glitter tells us that the Argentinian fans are welcoming the first single with open ears and hearts. "Been There Lately" is #9 on the Rock and Pop ranking at Rock and Pop Radio FM there! You know SLASH is coming, don't you! Speaking of this great single, SLASH said once again that it is possible that "Been There Lately" will not be released as a regular single. It may be promotional only. Based on this, you might check out the ebay auction where one or more of these promos seems to go on sale daily.

SLASH will definitely be at the Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma, CA on October 19. Jeff tells us that the tickets went on sale today. They are available at or 1-800-225-bass. Note: Ticketmaster is not selling these. Get your tickets now for one of those theatre shows Slash wanted to do!

Metal Edge has a review of i>Ain't Life Grand and a full page color picture of the band. The only one singled out for criticism is Rod Jackson. People never seem to get over Rose not being there. Check this out:

Caroline is keeping us up to date on that article she did with Johnny Blackout/G for Bass Player magazine. The article will be in the December issue which hits the stands in mid-November. We're looking forward to reading more about Johnny G! Thanks, Caroline!

Daniel sent a summary of two SLASH related items in the November issue of Total Guitar. First, there is an Ain't Life Grand review. They call it "12 slabs of sweaty rock tracks", but there's still plenty of opportunity to hear SLASH rip out riffs. "Just Like Anything" (clip yesterday) rips off "Welcome to the Jungle" riffs, but SLASH has the right to do that! SLASH is impressive even when he isn't in the spotlight. For example, "Shine" has a wonderful, understated, wah-drenched intro. Ain't Life Grand is a showcase for SLASH's ferocious talent. The second SLASH mention is in the lowdown on Marshall amps. SLASH is the only person in the world to have his own Marshall signature amp.
News Reported: 10/03/00

SLASH gave his permission to put up two clips from Ain't Life Grand. The new one is almost two minutes from "Just Like Anything". Lots of SLASH guitar in these two minutes, and the song just rocks. The other clip is "Been There Lately" which has been here awhile, but it's always worth another listen!

SLASH requested that since the album is not out yet, only clips be used from the tracks.

Thomas sent us two radio stations where requests can be sent from the net. Try requesting "Been There Lately" at in Boston and

Also on the net is a good review of Ain't Life Grand at There are also two tracks there: "Been There Lately" and "The Alien". The Alien is the only track whose lyrics will appear in the cd booklet. Look here for the interview:

Electric Basement Review!
and then look for menu item "Listening Bar" to hear the tracks. Thanks, Kevin, for sending this in!

This review is from Clint who finally recovered enough from Snakepit to send his show review in! Clint was at the San Jose show and was in the fifth row. He thought the new songs came off really well and that the crowd was receptive to Snakepit. Clint says he liked Rod the first time he saw him and still enjoys his stage presence and singing. Clint said some fans are complaining about his lyrics, but Clint feels that this is a band to have a good time with and not to hear about world problems. True! Rock on, Snakepit and thanks, Clint!

Just a reminder that there is an all text version of Current Events. If you have a slower modem and/or no interest in pictures, this could be the format for you. It comes out once a week on Saturday night. Subscriptions and unsubs are handled by you. If you want to try it, here's what you do. Go to, search for group named Slashnews. Register and subscribe. Any problems with that, let us know. Thanks!
News Reported: 10/01/00
We have some more dates for the tour schedule. These are for Japan and the Far East. UK!! Please note that you are scheduled to have SLASH December 1 - 6!! Your voices were heard! You have no dates that are certain yet, but the 'pit is coming. As of today, these are all that are definite. These come from SLASH's management:

  Tour Schedule - SLASH's Snakepit
Fri., Oct. 13           Hard Rock	         Mexico City, Mexico
Sat., Oct. 14           Hard Rock	         Guadalajara, Mexico
Thu., Oct  19           Phoenix Theatre      Petaluma, CA
Fri., Oct. 20, 9pm      Maritime Hall        San Francisco CA Ages 18+
Sat., Oct. 21, 9pm	Palookaville         Santa Cruz CA    Ages 21+
Mon., Oct. 23		SLASH does Rockline! (national radio show)
                          (Live in Studio)
Nov.  2 - 7             Far East
Nov.  4                 National Dr.Sun Yat-sen
                          Memorial Hall      Taipei, Taiwan
Nov. 10                 Zepp Hall            Tokyo, Japan
Nov. 11                 Bay Hall             Yokahama, Japan
Nov. 13                 Mother Hall          Osaka, Japan
Nov. 14                 Diamond Hall         Nagoya, Japan
Nov. 16                 Zepp Fukuoka         Fukuoka, Japan
Nov. 18                 Guam
Nov. 21 - 29            New Zealand/Australia
Note: Nov.29            Sony PlayStation 2 Kickoff
Dec. 1 - 6              UK
Dec. 7                  Denmark
Dec. 8 - 9              Sweden
Dec. 11                 Denmark
Dec. 13                 Berlin
Dec. 15                 Ludwigshafen
Dec. 16                 Stuttgart
Dec. 18                 Cologne
Dec. 19                 Munich
Dec. 20                 Nuremburg
Dec. 21                 Milan
Jan. 15 - ?             South America

Anytime you need to check the tour schedule, you can go to, scroll down to Main Menu and click on Tour Schedule (second row, first button). Speaking of the tour, we've added several pictures to the Tour Photos. More have come in to be added, too! The Japanese venues are all standing, club venues. No theaters or halls, so it's a good time to get up close to the band!

The rest of the page is having items added now that the band is not on tour. You might check Fan Music for new bands, Fan Drawings for new renderings of SLASH, and the Reviews are all up to date with your complete, unedited reviews of the tour. SLASH's calendar is being updated with tour and other information. It's a good time to send things in. SLASH called and said he will go over the 106 fan questions this weekend and sort out the ones he will be able to answer. We'll post them here and in their section of the page

Speaking of SLASH, have you noticed he's getting his official page now? It was on the web for awhile but was taken down for additional work. From what SLASH says, it will be really something when complete! The url is for you to bookmark. Personally, we liked the huge snake with the ring in the right nostril, so we hope he'll be around somewhere. The people building the site for SLASH seem like a good group.

Janet sent a note that there is a place on the net where you can buy a SLASH's Snakepit Ain't Life Grand poster for those who didn't get a chance to visit the Snakepit van during the tour. The band seems to be just about out of these posters. The company is PushPosters in the UK, and they also sell the GNR 2001 calendar. PushPosters says that the promo poster is part of a one-off print run never to be repeated, so when these sell out, they are gone forever. If you want one, here's where to order one:

Ain't Life Grand Poster

Not long ago, we asked you to vote for the SLASH episode of Tales From the Crypt as the one you liked best. The episode is "In The Groove", and it won! This means it will appear during the SciFi channel's marathon. Mindy and Mark let us know that this episode will be on Thursday, Oct. 5 at 9pm. If you haven't taped it or seen it yet, check it out! This is a small item in SLASH history, but it's great! Thanks to everyone who voted!

Last summer, SLASH had an MTV crew at his house filming for an episode of MTV Cribs. Once they were there, SLASH didn't want them filming all over his home. He quickly got them down to the Snakepit studio. They were more interested in nosing into each room and having SLASH say...this is my lamp, this is my TV, etc. NOT cool! After a lot of negotiations, he mostly has them filming the studio. Meanwhile, SLASH does not live in this house anyway! But MTV Cribs lives on. They had an episode on September 28 which did not have the SLASH film on. The episodes seem to cover several stars. Their site ad says not to miss the debut on October 5 at 10 pm (ET/PT), 9pm CT. They don't explicitly say who will be on but the pictures indicate this is not the SLASH episode. We need to keep an eye on this site for SLASH. They say they will update with pictures and so on. It is at, click on SHOWS, then on MTV Cribs. Let us know if you see when SLASH will be on. Thanks!
News Reported: 09/30/00

If you saw the Sony Playstation kickoff on the tour schedule, we have some information that Ray found for us. Gamers know that the Sony Playstation 2 will be released in the US this month with later dates in the fall for Europe and the rest of the world (Japan had it first). SLASH will be in Australia Nov. 29 (Playstation 2 released there and New Zealand Nov.30), and he will be part of the massive media blitz Sony is planning for Playstation 2. As soon as we know what he's doing (is it playing along with the rock band game?), we'll let you know. If you'd like more information on Sony's announcement and distribution:

Playstation 2 Kickoff

Ian got a message from Scott at Total Guitar magazine after SLASH was interviewed. Scott reported that SLASH was very nice and talkative and talked for 50 minutes (instead of the promised 30 minutes). The current plan is to have SLASH on the cover of the issue out on Nov.22. Look for that one! Scott will tab some GNR and Snakepit music if licenses permit. Thanks, Ian!

Have you taken time to make a call to your radio station requesting a Snakepit song? Mark in Boston did! He called WAAF 107.3 and talked to the dj, Mistress Carrie. Mark told her that SLASH is god and the new album is out October 10. Mistress Carrie said they'd play it, and SLASH and the boys got some new listeners and more support in Boston. Thanks, Mark! (and thanks to Mistress Carrie)

If you'd like to call some cool rock stations, here are some more 800 numbers for you. Teresa says this station has always supported GNR:
WJJR Orlando, FL 888-978-1011

Thanks, Teresa! Natalia sent a couple from New York. First the flagship station for the Howard Stern show:
92.3 KROCK (WXRK) New York 888-923-KROCK

This is the New York station where SLASH did an interview when he came in for the MSG show. It's the Tourbus station with Eddie Trunk. SLASH liked these people a lot.
WNEW New York 877-692-1027

Saturday night is the big rock night then. You can listen live on the net at Thanks, Natalia!
News Reported: 09/28/00

Want to win some great SLASH stuff? How about a Les Paul signed by SLASH and an amp to go with it? If that doesn't make your "November Rain" sound better, nothing will! And that's just the Grand Prize. The First Prize winner and 10 runner-ups will receive a framed SLASH poster signed by the band and a copy of the new album, Ain't Life Grand! Entering is easy, and there are two ways to put your name in: get the new November edition of Guitar One which has an entry form in the book. (Note the issue pictured here is the October issue). You can also enter through their web site, starting October 1. If you are mailing, entries should be postmarked by October 31. Total Grand Prize value is $4,448. It would be great if the SLASH fans here picked up ALL the prizes. Make sure we know if you win anything at all. We'll see you at! Thanks to George in Richmond, VA who let us know about this awesome contest.

SLASH gives away his autographs, pictures, guitars (charity). He's a really nice, generous person. There's a big rockstar out there who was thrilled by SLASH's generosity...and timing. Joe Perry of Aerosmith recently turned 50, and there was a surprise party for him. What do you think SLASH gave him? Joe got his prized 1957 Les Paul that he used to own in the 70s back from its former owner, SLASH. Joe said that a ton of people had owned it after his ex-wife carried it off when they separated. SLASH owned it for 10 years! Joe was always trying to get it back from SLASH, but SLASH wouldn't part with it because of its history. SLASH always said this guitar had that early rock sound he loved. And when SLASH gave him this gift, Joe tried it out by playing "Walk This Way" on it. SLASH loved it. If you'd like to read more about the party, there's a short article based on the Boston Herald coverage at:

Happy Birthday, Joe!

Here's your chance to help SLASH and show everyone what terrific fans he has. VH1 has a new show coming up called "My Music Awards". Fans can vote on all kinds of categories: Song Of The Year, Must-Have album, Coolest Fan Website, Man of the Year, etc. How about going over to VH1 and writing SLASH and Snakepit in wherever you can?! It would be great to see SLASH rock the awards! Many thanks to Yasser and Gunner who let us know about this. If you want to do this now:

Vote For SLASH!

Last but not least, we have two more 800 numbers you can dial and redial asking the station to play "Been There Lately". Yet another chance to help SLASH's Snakepit. Our leader says it's now or never, so let's get dialing!
KLOS Los Angeles: 1-800-575-KLOS
KSJO San Jose CA: 1-800-575-KSJO
94.9 Zeta in Miami: 1-800-749-9490
Many thanks to Clint who sent in San Jose and JMarles who sent in Miami!
News Reported: 09/26/00

If you're ready to help Snakepit along, start calling radio stations and asking for "Been There Lately". If you don't have a good rock station where you are, call KLOS in Los Angeles which has a net broadcast as well as a radio broadcast. And an 800 number! Reach KLOS at 1-800-955-KLOS. SLASH says they need lots of requests to get airplay, so let's go! Anymore 800 numbers? We'll publicize them if you send them in to:

Radio Station Calls

October 2-10 are rehearsals for Snakepit. SLASH has been working hard since he came home on the touring details, and he's ready to jam. He asked about the show reviews and the songs mentioned most.He also asked for the fan questions to be sent to him right away. We have 100, so that should keep him busy. When the answers come in, we'll start posting them. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for SLASH!

There are a couple of items that have been patiently waiting for the tour information to quiet down. About the 2001 GNR calendar, we had suggested, a UK company. Maria tells me that US customers might want to try Maria has bought from them before and so have we, and they are a very reliable company. The new calendar is just super with so many Slash pictures. Put Slash up at work and annoy your boss. Once, we had a run-in with the Board where we work. They wanted Slash down. Freedom of Speech! On behalf of all of us, the union filed a grievance. Slash continues to be displayed!

Chris was at a Kenny Wayne Shepherd concert this month, and at the end they handed out promos with different bands on it. SLASH's Snakepit was on it! Never turn down free CDs! SLASH might be there. Chris said that "Been There Lately" was on it, and he liked it. It sounded different than the live version. Tetsuya is from Japan, and he's a huge SLASH fan that will probably attend all the Snakepit shows there! The Japanese magazines have such wonderful photos, and there are three out now with exclusive SLASH interviews. These are: Young Guitar, Burrn! and Metallion. Tetsuya also passed along that the Japanese edition of Ain't Life Grand came out on September 20. It includes a three-way sleeve, lyrics, liner notes and photo sticker of SLASH. Selected record stores are giving away the Japanese promo poster with the purchase of the Snakepit CD. By the way, we asked SLASH if we would get lyrics on the CD booklet, and the answer was just for one song, "The Alien". He said this is so we could have the fun of working them out ourselves. So, get busy on that! He did say he would send them to us, and if he does send them, we'll print them on the page so you can check your guesses.

News Reported: 09/24/00

Thanks to SLASH and his manager, Jerry Heller, for providing us with a fresh tour schedule. For dates in the near future, there are venues and cities listed. As the dates get further out, there may be just a country or city listed. This is the information we have right now. Mr. Heller thought he might have some more updates sometime next week. Meanwhile, if you are in California or Mexico, we have your dates firmly in hand. Tickets are on sale now for many of these, so don't wait too long.

                    Tour Schedule - SLASH's Snakepit
Fri., Oct. 13           Hard Rock	Mexico City, Mexico
Sat., Oct. 14           Hard Rock	Guadalajara, Mexico
Thu., Oct  19           Phoenix Theatre Petaluma, CA
Fri., Oct. 20, 9pm      Maritime Hall   San Francisco CA Ages 18+
Sat., Oct. 21, 9pm	Palookaville    Santa Cruz CA    Ages 21+
Mon., Oct. 23		SLASH does Rockline!
Nov. 2 - 7              Far East
Nov. 11 - 16            Japan
Nov. 18                 Guam
Nov. 21 - 29            New Zealand/Australia
Note: Nov.29            Sony PlayStation Kickoff
Dec. 7                  Denmark
Dec. 8 - 9              Sweden
Dec. 11                 Denmark
Dec. 13                 Berlin
Dec. 15                 Ludwigshafen
Dec. 16                 Stuttgart
Dec. 18                 Cologne
Dec. 19                 Munich
Dec. 20                 Nuremburg
Dec. 21                 Milan
Jan. 15 - ?             South America

There are lots of dates up there now...lots of international touring. SLASH will be out of the country for quite awhile. We're counting on the international fans to take care of SLASH and the band and eventually send them home! If the album sales go well, SLASH will continue to tour in the US and Canada. The album is doing really well internationally with radio play. SLASH will appear on the cover of Brazil's Rolling Stone very soon. Hopefully you'll send us copies of that and all the other magazine photos and interviews plus your pictures for the Tour Photos, and lots of reviews for the Review section.

To get you in the mood for the shows, here are a couple of reviews. Peter went to the final show at Oakland. He says the show rocked! He managed to sneak up to the front row but some Hell's Angels came in and wanted their seats back. Peter says nearly getting your butt kicked was worth it; Snakepit has the fattest sound. 30 minutes wasn't enough; AC/DC should have opened for Snakepit! Thanks, Peter!

Clint lives in the Bay Area (think he'll be at the San Francisco show?) and went to the San Jose and the Oakland Shows. San Jose first: Clint was able to get up close to the stage for the whole show. Snakepit rocked! It was amazing to see SLASH live in a big arena. Rod had a great stage presence. Clint wore his Baked Potato (club where SLASH often jams with Teddy Zigzag and Johnny G) shirt, and Johnny G noticed it. SLASH broke a string during "Mr.Brownstone" but finished perfectly anyway. The only negative thing was the sound; the lyrics weren't loud enough and neither was SLASH. Many people were pleasantly surprised by Snakepit.

This is Clint's take on the Oakland show. Same setlist, and the band rocked again! SLASH wore blue jeans with leather chaps. "Mr. Brownstone" was dedicated to AC/DC for having Snakepit on the tour. The sound could have been a lot better. The crowd was enthusiastic, and it was just an excellent show. Later, SLASH and the band met fans out by the bus. SLASH was nice and accommodating to everyone. Everyone went home happy thanks to SLASH. Thanks, Clint!

News Reported: 09/22/00

The tour ended for Snakepit last night in Oakland CA. After a short break, they will be . Although SLASH has not passed along any dates, venues are posting dates for Snakepit. Let's hope we hear soon on these as tickets for these go on sale soon. We've seen Hollywood, Santa Cruz and San Francisco shows advertised on web sites, and we hope to have confirmation on these very soon. As to where they are going next, we can only speculate. SLASH did mention that Mexico and Japan were firm, so perhaps Mexico will see the 'pit next.

Something more definite now - some reviews! Karen went to the San Jose show. She said it was incredible seeing AC/DC, but she was more moved by seeing SLASH. It's been a 10 year wait for her! SLASH was unbelievable, and the band was fabulous! They played loud and hard, but Karen wished they had played longer. She'd like to see them headlining, and she's anxious to get the new album. Karen bought a tshirt and got some of those free postcards outside. Karen says her hat is off to the man in the top hat. Thanks, Karen.

Scott was also at San Jose. Despite his age (15), Scott considers himself to be the biggest fan of SLASH/GNR alive! When SLASH broke into "Mr. Brownstone", Scott literally cried. And seeing SLASH leave caused another tear. It was really an emotional time for him. Scott says, "a half-hour WAS NOT ENOUGH". In spite of everything, SLASH did the greatest performance Scott has ever seen. He's seen a lot of rock shows like Motley Crue, Anthrax, Megadeth, and SLASH electrified him more. The show was awesome! Thanks, Scott!

Shane was at the final show, Oakland. SLASH kicked ass! The band was great! Rod wore shimmering velvet pants. SLASH was in jeans with leather over them, a bandanna hanging from his back pocket and a shirt which came off halfway through the set. SLASH wore his top hat, but it fell off during "Mr. Brownstone". During the show, SLASH ran around doing his signature moves, and Rod got the crowd into things. SLASH talked a few times and dedicated "Mr. Brownstone" to AC/DC for having them on the tour. The sound wasn't too bad; SLASH was a little drowned out, and the lyrics were a bit muffled. It was awesome. Shane got a tshirt, and his girlfriend bought the Snakepit thong panties for which he thanks SLASH! Thanks, Shane!

Some other Snakepit news... Caroline is a freelance writer who interviewed Johnny G. for Bass Player magazine. She said Johnny is very cool. He is really into Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy and Bob Marley. The article should appear in the magazine's October or November issue in their BassNotes section. Caroline says Johnny is an excellent bassist and loves working with SLASH and Snakepit. Caroline points out that Johnny's playing in "Shine" are awesome. Thanks, Caroline. We'll look for your writeup!

Our good friend Maria in NYC reports that station KNAC played "Mean Bone" recently! The only track we've heard is "Been There Lately", but NYC is always on the cutting edge. This album wait is still so long! Thanks, Maria, for the news from NYC.

News Reported: 09/21/00

Tonight is the last night of the tour with AC/DC, and the show is in Oakland CA. The guys are coming back home then for a well deserved break. October 3 they'll get back together and start rehearsals on a full set. This would include all the songs from Ain't Life Grand. It will also include some GNR songs and songs from Snakepit '95 which they can mix into the set. Rehearsals are Oct. 3 - 10. October 10 is the album release date, so you can look for something happening around then. It hasn't been announced whether the band will do some rehearsal shows in California before diving into their own first headlining tour. We think it's likely there will be warmups. We've gotten some information on these from fans, but SLASH asked again that we post only information from the band management. And he just isn't ready to pass it along now.

There is a wonderful article on SLASH in the November issue of Guitar World. The column is called "60 Minutes: The Hour of Music That Rocks My World". This is such a great article! SLASH comments on all his choices, and they are really worth reading. Here are the choices he gave, and we'll leave it to you to find the magazine and read his comments:

"Bring It On Home" by Led Zep, Led Zeppelin II
"Round and Round" by Aerosmith, Toys In The Attic
"Elephant Talk" by King Crimson, Discipline
"Machine Gun" by Jimi Hendrix, Live at the Fillmore East
"You Really Got Me"/"Eruption" by Van Halen, Van Halen
"Free Man In Paris" by Joni Mitchell, Court and Spark
"She's A Woman" by Jeff Beck, Blow by Blow
"Midnight Rambler" by The Rolling Stones, Get Yer Ya-Ya's OuNNNt
"Kids" by UFO, Strangers in the Night

Just a reminder that we'd like to get the current batch of fan questions on its way to SLASH before he leaves. If you have anything to ask SLASH, other than personal questions, send them to:

SLASH Questions
It's also a good time to get fan mail on its way. He can pick up what's come in before going away again.
News Reported: 09/20/00

Tonight is the San Jose show. With only two to go, Snakepit is going to put everything into these last two shows. If you're going, you should see a good one..or two. Tomorrow night is the last show. It's in Oakland, and tradionally SLASH really pours it on for the last show. Don't forget to take pictures and send us some reviews.

We talked to SLASH last night where he called from a hotel in San Diego. The most burning issue right now is what does the tour schedule look like. SLASH says he doesn't have it yet. AC/DC have asked Snakepit to continue on their tour with them. SLASH's original plan was that the band would now be out headlining in smaller venues but with longer sets and contact with the SLASH/Snakepit fans. A third possiblity is to tour on their own for awhile, and then hook up with AC/DC later. Until he chooses which way to go, the tour schedule is up in the air. He says he has to decide soon as there are just 2 more shows! Then, he says, they are going to rehearse the songs on the album that didn't get played on this tour. So rather than taking a vacation, Snakepit will be very busy. SLASH promised to let us know as soon as he does.

We have two new reviews. Ravi sent one on the San Bernardino show. The setlist was: Life's Sweet Drug, Been There Lately, Just Like Anything, Mean Bone, Shine, Mr. Brownstone, Speed Parade. The show started a little late, but the set was pretty good, and they ran through it quickly, about 35 minutes. SLASH wore his top hat, leather pants and a tshirt. Rod took off his was 108 degrees there! SLASH played well as usual and the songs rocked. Ravi liked Speed Parade, Life's Sweet Drug, Shine and Mr. Brownstone. SLASH did a solo section in Mean Bone and Mr. Brownstone. He did some jumps but not the running he usually does. Keri was pretty good, but Ravi still prefers Ryan. Keri did have a lot of energy during the show. Matt was also very good and fits the band perfectly. The drum volume could have been turned down. Ravi was impressed with Johnny G who had a lot of energy and even sang with Rod. Rod did well, and Ravi thinks he's improved since the pre-album tour. The sound was loud, but sometimes the drums drowned out SLASH and the vocals. Ravi thinks AC/DC couldn't have found a better band to open! Thanks, Ravi!

Here's Steve's report:
9/16/00- Blockbuster Pavilion, California Great Concert! I got there early, so we had time to walk around and buy t shirts,and as I looked around I could see that everyone was definitely on a different planet! We bought 100 dollars worth of food(haha), and the second SLASH came on, my eyes couldn't leave the stage! He was awesome! The sound quality definitely could have been better, but being the fan I am, I didn't care! They stayed on for about 35 minutes, and they played Shine, Been There Lately, Mr. Brownstone, etc... AC/DC was also amazing, Angus Young's performance was dazzling!
A show not to be missed!!
Steve Ornest. Thanks, Steve! --------------------

Glitter sent some wonderful news from Argentina! The "Been There Lately" single is #18 in the Rock and Pop ranking at "R & P" radio FM in Argentina!! WOW! And it's still unreleased!

Tommy let us know that the latest issue of the best selling German guitar player magazine, Gitarre & Bass contains a 4 page interview with SLASH! SLASH talks about GNR, Snakepit and many other things. Tommy says the interview is very good. You might check out the site although it is in German, of course. There are a couple of SLASH pictures and a synopsis of the article. Thanks, Tommy!

Gitarre & Bass

Nadine lives in France, and she spotted SLASH in the French magazine Guitar & Bass. The interview is short, but a cool interview of the past with GNR and the present with Snakepit. Nadine says SLASH is very cool! So if you can read French, pick this one up. Thanks, Nadine.
News Reported: 09/19/00

Tomorrow in San Jose, Snakepit does their next to last show. 09/20 is the final show in Oakland CA. There are more shows coming up! Whether they are opening for AC/DC or headlining their own shows, we don't know yet. If you're in California, here's a chance to see the guys before they had back to Los Angeles!

We have some reviews from recent shows. First is San Bernardino CA, and Brandon says the show kicked ass. The big Snakepit banner was up, the lights went down, and the audience was screaming and cheering. Brandon says Rod has a stage presence like you wouldn't believe and knows how to work a crowd. "Life's Sweet Drug" opened the show followed by "Ain't Life Grand". "Mean Bone" and "Speed Parade" were in there, too. Before Snakepit played "Mr.Brownstone", SLASH dedicated the song to Keri and Johnny! The audience went crazy. The sound was LOUD, and SLASH looked happy as he worked the stage. Keri was awesome, and Johnny was really cool. Rod wore a black shirt (this came off) and silvery pants. Johnny looked like he borrowed his outfit from Duff! It was a patched vest and black pants. Keri wore Chuck Taylor's with a faded navy blue shirt and black leather pants. SLASH wore a black shirt with a weird design and brown leather pants. Rod moves like Steven Tyler, and his voice is amazing. The sound was not that good - the drums were loud and clear as were the bass and rhythm guitars. Rod's voice was too loud and SLASH's guitar was too low. SLASH has a great rockin' band. They are the best rock band Brandon's seen since GNR. And the tshirts are cool too! Thanks, Brandon.

Raul sent in a review from San Bernardino. He thought it was awesome. Snakepit is so good live. SLASH and Rod kicked ass displaying energy and enthusiasm. The set was: Life's Sweet Drug, Been There Lately, Just Like Anything, Shine, Mean Bone, Mr. Brownstone, Speed Parade. Raul thought Keri was a pleasant surprise. He's very energetic and provides a wonderful rhythm to back up SLASH. Johnny was so into it, and Matt's drumming was perfect. The sound was again a problem. You couldn't really hear SLASH's leads. The songs are amazing. He can't wait for the album. Raul bought the Ain't Life Grand tshirt. There were two new items for sale: a Snakepit baseball and Snakepit panties with SLASH's Snakepit "Ain't Life Grand" on the front with an arrow pointing down. (Did SLASH design these?!) Raul was satisfied with the show, and he wants the club tour to start! That way Snakepit will have a solidly positive audience, and the sound should be better. Thanks, Raul.

Mersades was at the Las Vegas show. This is the first time she saw SLASH live! She and her friend had great seats at the end of the runway. When the first chord was played, Mersades was on her feet. At one point, SLASH yelled into the mic, "This band f*cking rocks"! They did "Mr.Brownstone" and ended with "Speed Parade" and brought down the house. Only one other person stood, though many of the rest were headbanging. She and her friend left at the end of the Snakepit set! They went to the tour buses. Eventually they found a group of 30 fans. Johnny and Rod were really cool and had their pictures taken. Then, Mersades lined up to meet...SLASH! He was totally awesome, smiling and joking with everyone. She got to talk to SLASH for about 5 minutes! Mersades says about SLASH, "he is totally kewl and such a sweetheart"! Pictures were taken, and SLASH really seemed to enjoy being with the fans. After seeing Snakepit, Mersades says she has no regrets about not seeing GNR. Snakepit is super cool, and they appreciate their fans! Thanks, Mersades!

Rhonda and her husband were at the Biloxi MS show, and they traveled 7 hours to get there! Rhonda says it was a dream come true to see SLASH in person. They had great seats and enjoyed the show. When Snakepit went offstage, they tried to find the tour buses. Rhonda really wanted to meet SLASH but the buses were blocked in. She did see the cool Snakepit van, and she got stickers and postcards. Then they all took off for Texas. It was a great experience except for not meeting SLASH and the fact that none of her pictures turned out. Rhonda says they will definitely go to another Snakepit show and "SLASH is the greatest"!!!!! Thanks, Rhonda!

Some of these fans were kind enough to send along their photos. We'll get them on the Tour Photos section right away. About 20 more were added today. Go to WWW.Snakepit.Org, scroll down to Main Menu, and click on Tour Photos. You'll be at the thumbnail index. We also trimmed down some of the massive pictures to a faster-to-load size. We hope you enjoy them!

The Guns N'Roses 2001 calendar is out now. It is so cool because SLASH has the majority of the months hands down! Way to go, SLASHer! We ordered ours from the UK company PushPosters on the web,, but they will probably be available in any number of stores soon. We thought you might want to see a small version of the giant picture with each month. There is just one photo we have not seen before, and it's cool:

News Reported: 09/18/00

Doro Pesch's new album is Calling The Wild, and SLASH makes a guest appearance on Track 11, "Now or Never". Doro was born in Germany and did most of her work there with bands like Snakebite and Warlock. She is now doing a solo. In this album she calls upon old and new friends like SLASH, Lemmy, Al Pitrelli, Bob Kulick to give the album some real guitar passion. Doro is called "The Metal Queen", and most of her fan sites are in Germany. Now she has moved to New York City and is looking to make a presence here in the States. She is signed to Koch Records! We have a clip from "Now or Never" here. The entire song is not presented due to copyright restrictions, but SLASH's entire solo is here along with a good-sized part featuring Doro. Doro Wails! Calling the Wild is available at all record stores and on the web:

SLASH Solo on "Now or Never"

Tonight is the first California show of the tour. San Bernardino is the place to be tonight. Tomorrow night, Snakepit plays San Diego. On 9/19 is San Jose, and the final show is 9/20 in Oakland. California has four shows, and we hope all the Snakepit fans will get to all four! Hopefully, SLASH will be there to say hello after the show. Get your picture taken with SLASH or any of the band, and send it along. Tour Photos is huge but can always use more.

R. White sent us a review from Minneapolis. This review appeared in Star Tribune written by Vickie Casey, a critic for the paper. She had a compliment for Snakepit. She says that "the new group that boasts the name of the former Guns N'Roses axman, likes to slay the audience with lightning-fast fretwork and a multitude of intricate notes". So far, so good! Ms. Casey goes after Rod, saying he couldn't support the material - not enough depth. She writes that SLASH says he auditioned 200 vocalists before enlisting Rod, and maybe 201 would have been the lucky number. Ouch. It strikes us that we read the same criticism of Eric Dover in '95. While SLASH has years of intensive stage experience before huge crowds, most of the band does not. The album sound shows what can be done in the studio, and it's wonderful. The live shows will get better and better with improved sound and more experience. We love you, Rod! We think he's just right.

News Reported: 09/16/00

The last three shows are coming up. First is San Bernardino on 9/16, then San Jose on 9/19 and Oakland on 9/20. It appears the Sacramento show is cancelled. By now SLASH must know what Snakepit is doing next. We'll get an update from SLASH as soon as he lets us know. Keri Kelli says they most likely will hold a CD release party with KLOS, Los Angeles, on October 11. We'll get SLASH to confirm that also.

The Tour Photos section is ready for visitors. There is now a link to Tour Photos from the Main Menu. There are over 100 photos for you to look at. There is a thumbnail size and the original size (some are quite large). It's great to see those of you we have come to know - and with SLASH, too! Everyone looks happy in these pictures! Send new ones if you have them. We'd be pleased to see you up on the page, too. Another reminder: we're getting together a new set of fan questions for SLASH. Send each question separately to Thanks!

There are a couple of SLASH mentions in Metal Edge. They say that Ain't Life Grand is postponed till October 10. This must be for some hermits somewhere. They also mentioned that Keri Kelli is in Snakepit. His old guitarist job with Ratt has been filled by John Corabi. Corabi is still in Union but had some time on his hands to help out old friends.

Reviews have come in from Phoenix and Las Vegas. Ezra was at the Phoenix show, and it kicked ass like the San Antonio show. Ezra's seen SLASH FIVE times! About 11:15 the band came out and visited with about 30 fans. They shook hands and signed autographs for about half an hour. Ezra says, "They're all great". Thanks, Ezra. James thought the show was "f*cking incredible", but he didn't like the tshirt prices! And the cheapest ticket was $45, but he managed to sneak down to a lower section. When he saw SLASH, he forgot about prices! SLASH had on a green tshirt, black leather pants, a pair of sneakers, and his top hat. James wasn't sure what he would think of Rod as he is partial to Axl Rose, but he was pleasantly surprised. During the set, SLASH jumped off the stage and did a solo behind the barricade. James zoomed up and watched...he was a foot away. James was surprised that SLASH was so short (he's 5'9" but he seems taller in photos). When they played "Mr. Brownstone", the audience stood up for the rest of the set. It was James' first time to see SLASH live, and he hopes to see him again. AC/DC kicked hell, too, and James calls this the best show he has ever been to! Thanks, James!

Chuck was at the Las Vegas show, and when he pulled in the Snakepit van was already there handing out posters and postcards. About "Been There Lately", Chuck thinks "this is the most kick ass song to come out in a while". SLASH came to the microphone only to introduce "Mr.Brownstone". SLASH said something like..."If you are familiar with this song, that's cool, but if you don't know it, GET A LIFE!" They ended with "Mean Bone" which started mellow but became one of the rockingest, most memorable songs of the evening. Chuck went to buy a tshirt, and all the Larges were sold out! At another stand he found one that said "Ain't Life Grand" on the back. The first stand's shirts had "Slash's Back". Chuck bought a shirt and went to wait for the tourbus. He had to leave and missed seeing them. Chuck, like all of us, is praying for a club tour and he thanks all these great guys for the great night" SLASH, Keri, Rod, Johnny and Matt! Thanks, Chuck!

News Reported: 09/15/00

Tonight is the Las Vegas show at the Thomas-Mack Center. SLASH is a frequent visitor to Las Vegas. He plays the pinball machines and occasionally, the slots. Over the years many fans have spotted SLASH in Vegas...usually well after midnight. Vegas never sleeps, and this is SLASH's kind of place! There is no show tomorrow, so you might see our favorite musician playing pinball. On 9/17 comes a show that was added, San Diego. This leg is nearly ended. You have to get to California to see them open in the US. They'll be gone quite awhile very soon. SLASH says they have to do some rehearsals in order to play a full set. We wonder where that will be held since Billy Bob Thornton is now the proud owner of the Snakepit studio.

Curtis sent a review of the San Antonio show. He said the set was excellent but short at just 37 minutes. The show was held in the Alamodome, and Chris said the sound was unbelievably good! He also said that AC/DC's sound paled in comparison. The house came alive when Snakepit played "Mr. Brownstone". Chris has met SLASH in Texas several times, but not at this show. Chris has been there for the Snakepit 95 tour, Blues Ball, and the pre-album tour in 99. The promo van was there, and the guys in it assured Chris that Snakepit will tour theater sized venues after the AC/DC tour. This will give fans a chance to meet the band!

Tour Photos! We put out a lot of the tour photos that many of you were kind enough to send in. One thing that seems to be missing is copies of tickets, and we'd love to have them. If you have any pictures to share, we'd be glad to have them. If you have any with you or frin them, please specify if you want names included or not. The "scrapbook" is not complete...if you hold the cursor over a picture it should give you a caption, but more than half still say the file name. All thumbnails have correct captions. We decided to put out what we had and keep working on it. And we'd like to have more. Thanks to everyone that sent in something. Here's how you get there: go to, scroll down to Main Menu, click on Snakepit 1999-2000 in the top row. Scroll down to the menu and click Tour Photos. That's it! Here's a direct link if you want to see them right now:

Tour Photos
News Reported: 09/14/00

There are some good reports on the San Antonio show last night. The band has tomorrow off to get to Phoenix AZ and get set up. Phoenix is the home of Alice Cooper's rockin' restaurant. We wonder if any of the guys will stop in for a drink. Then it's on to the big Las Vegas show and then to Snakepit's home in California. Remember to look for that Snakepit van and get some of those free stickers, postcards and posters!

Mike from Austin sent us a review on the San Antonio show. The band started right on time at 7:30 and played for 40 minutes. They opened again with "Life's Sweet Drug" followed by "Been There Lately". "Mr. Brownstone" was the GNR cover, and they also played "Shine" and "Speed Parade". The rest of the songs Mike couldn't recognize. Mike tells us that the opening bands are often not allowed to be as loud as the headlining band, and they are not allowed to utilize the entire P.A. He thinks that is what is happening here with Snakepit. Being an opening band means this is standard, but we are not used to seeing it with SLASH. Mike said that he could hear everyone including Keri Kelli who had a good tone and plays great! Keri uses GMP Guitars which he endorses. SLASH played really well. Mike says he has seen SLASH live many times, and he was playing very well last night. The audience was very receptive and went wild for "Mr. Brownstone". Mike has a complaint unrelated to the show. He really liked "99 Times" and "Rusted Heroes" during the pre-album tour. Although "99 Times" was really cool, it is not on the album. "Rusted Heroes" is only on the Japanese release. Mike would really like to hear these again. (We personally loved the cover of the Temptations' "Papa Was A Rolling Stone". SLASH said it was boring when they recorded it, so it was dropped. We'd like to hear that one live again.) Finishing up...Mike thought AC/DC was incredible! The entire show was great! Thanks, Mike for your review!

If you go to Koch Records German site, you can now hear a nearly 25 minute interview with SLASH. There's nothing really new here, but it does go over a lot of past history. There are clips on why GNR broke up, how SLASH learned guitar, SLASH on touring, SLASH on guest appearances and so on. The sound was not clear, but you may have better luck. It was nice to hear that soft-spoken voice with nothing bleeped out! The site is:

Koch German Site
Go to the news (SLASH picture).

We haven't forgotten Snakepit 95's singer, Eric Dover. Tobbe sent us a note on what Eric is doing: "Eric Dover is working on a new solo record(he may put out some songs on in the future). There is a record called "Eric Dover BC", but I'm not sure if it's going to be released(I will get it next week anyway). The record contains early material from around 1990. I have heard that it will sound like a mix of Jellyfish, Black Crowes and Imperial Drag. There is an mp3 of a song called "Tonight" by Eric that can be downloaded at this adress:
Eric's Song

Search for "Eric Dover". Or if you search by letter, use "E". Thanks, Tobbe, for bringing us up to date!

News Reported: 09/12/00

Today SLASH said the shows in Biloxi and Houston were really cool. They traveled to San Antonio last night, and it looks they will go on any minute now. He promised they'd do a really cool show tonight, too. SLASH says that when they started and had done 6 or 7 shows, he couldn't believe that was all they had done. But now that it's almost over, it's hard to believe they have done 20-some! They are having a great time thanks to the fans who are out in force. When they see the place really packed when they come on, they just do more and more. So get yourself and your friends there early. You help make the show better and better! They are off tomorrow as they head into Phoenix. There are tons of rock fans in Phoenix! Please don't forget to send us your reviews and comments. Copies of your photos would be great, too.

Annie sent us her review on the August 19 show in Virginia. She said they were late and missed the first song. They ran to their seats, and her first impression was the huge Snakepit banner with Rod out there wailing. She thought Rod looked great and had a lot of energy. SLASH was looking good, too, in his jeans and Hard Rock shirt (which came right off). Rod wore just his velvet pants. Most people were sitting except for Annie and her friend and a few other who randomly stood and went wild! Many, many people had on the Snakepit tshirt. Annie had the time of her life especially watching Rod with his hand down his pants and humping the floor. We gotta get his girlfriend back in town! AC/DC was super, too, especially Angus who is so great and had so much energy. Summary in Annie's words: "I loved it!!!!!!". Thanks, Annie!

Some fans are finding tickets a little pricey for the show. They really want to see Snakepit, but because it is AC/DC headlining, tickets are a little steep. How about 2 free tickets and backstage passes? If you can get to San Bernardino for the show on 9/16, why not try for the ticket drawing that radio station KLOS is having? We don't know if Snakepit will be at the barbecue, but the tickets are the main thing and you can go in and see them free if you win them. If you do, let us know! Here's some information from the web site,

AC/DC Backstage BBQ Anyone?!

As you've been hearing on 95.5 KLOS, AC/DC and special guest Slash's Snakepit will be playing at the Blockbuster Pavilion on September 16, 2000. We'll be giving away tickets to this show up until the day before the show, but it's not just tickets that you'll walk away with! No, no,'ll also win passes to the Backstage Barbecue where food and drinks will be served before the show, and you'll also receive two KLOS/AC/DC commemorative T-Shirts! You can't beat that for a night at a concert, can you? Oh, but YES you can! One of you lucky winners that comes to the BBQ will get the Grand Prize: A chance to meet and greet AC/DC!

SLASH says he'd be happy to answer more fan questions! The ones he has already answered are stored away under "SLASH Answers Your Questions" on the Main Menu. If you didn't get an answer last time, try again. If you have more than one question to submit, you're more likely to get an answer if you make them separate submissions. You can ask about Snakepit or any of SLASH's previous bands. You can ask things about music, guitar, future plans. Just about anything is ok except questions about SLASH's personal life. Those will not be forwarded. Hunt around through the website to find the answer to those burning personal questions on SLASH. When you have one or more ready to go, email:

Get them in as fast as you can! Thanks.

News Reported: 09/11/00

Last night the 'pit rocked Biloxi MS and are on their way now to San Antonio TX. Just 7 shows to go on this leg of the tour: Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, San Jose, Oakland and Sacramento. Road Trip!

There's been some confusion over the next shows on the tour schedule. A schedule appears on the Koch German site, but SLASH has not decided yet where they are going. So just hold on till we get the official schedule from SLASH before you book trips and buy tickets. We spoke to SLASH's tour manager who promises a longer schedule this week. And SLASH says these countries are firm: Mexico and Japan. There should also be some shows in California. In these places it looks like the band will be headlining not opening for anyone.

They say the part just before and after Japan are uncertain just now. Thanks, Larry (SLASH's Tour Manager) for the quick response!

Elizabeth sent a review for last night's show in MS. She said it was awesome, and the band played 40 minutes. SLASH wore his top hat, a black shirt, jeans with black leather chaps, and those cool converse sneakers. After about 3 songs, the shirt and chaps came off. Rod was also in a black shirt which came off quickly. He was wearing those beautiful velvet pants. Elizabeth had to stand on her chair to get a good look. SLASH was mostly on the sides of the stage with Rod working the whole stage. Elizabeth says she is partial to Axl, but Rod surprised her - he is really very good. The crowd reaction to the band was great! Everyone loved "Mr. Brownstone" - that being the only song anyone knew. The stage was kind of sad next to AC/DC's, but they didn't need fancy lights or smoke. The big Snakepit sign hid the giant Angus figure. She didn't see them after the show as there was no access to the buses at this venue. People were handing out Snakepit stickers and postcards. (Fans at the earlier shows missed out on this! Maybe SLASH can mail some here and we can send them out?) Thanks, Elizabeth!

Paul sends us a review on Dallas. He flew from Daytona Beach just to see the top hatted one. This has to be the record! Best comment we've seen on SLASH is from Paul: "SLASH to say the least is the coolest motherf*cker on earth!" We think SLASH would like that. Paul stood through the entire set and saw that SLASH was wearing that great tshirt that says, "You're a naughty girl. Go to my room!" Courtesy of Koch, he got a poster and postcard. He liked all their songs and can die happy having seen his hero! Not yet, Paul, make a will leaving the Koch stuff to us! Thanks, Paul!

Linda caught two Snakepit shows, the Atlanta and Houston ones. She says that in Atlanta no one seemed to know who the band was (this explains the lack of reviews...get these people on the net!) But by the time "Mr. Brownstone" was played, the audience seemed to have warmed up a bit. She and her friend were up front and got to see SLASH's "warm and wonderful smile up close and personal".

In Houston, Linda says the crowd was more into the band. SLASH looked tired. (perk up, SLASH!) But tired or not, SLASH gave 100% as did all the guys in the band. They were 9 rows back but SLASH was "sexy - even from a distance"! Both shows were about 40 minutes long, and the sound wasn't that great at either show. Linda says that if you have a chance to see them, get out there and see them play! The band is high energy, play their hearts out and put on a great show. Thanks, Linda!

A special thanks to Yasser who found an interview with SLASH for us on the net. It's great with some pictures, too. He talks about his guest appearances, the Snakepit 95 beginning, the collapse of GNR and reunion possibilities, plus Snakepit 2000. It's a nice interview! Here's a link to the Metal-is site. Look for the Snakepit picture on the right:

SLASH Interview With Metal-is

News Reported: 09/10/00

The band left Texas and arrived in Biloxi MS for the show tonight. We hope you Texans will do a few more interviews! And we're looking forward to the ones from Biloxi, too. The band now says, "Oh! We forgot San Antonio" and heads back into Texas for another show Monday night. Not many shows left. 13 days to go on this leg. Get out and see them now! And don't forget if you get any pictures of the band onstage or offstage with you, we are getting the scrapbook together. It should appear sometime this week. Right now we have over 100 pictures, but it would be great to have more. Email for more details:

Snakepit Webmaster

We have one review from Houston to pass along; this makes Dallas the only city on the entire tour with no notes on their show. Come on, Big D! We're grateful to Ed for sending us his thoughts on the Houston show. Ed says that AC/DC were awesome, and Snakepit was cool, too, but there was not enough SLASH! (Is there ever enough?) Ed said that SLASH looked SAD! SLASH, cheer up! We have an audience full of fans who would gladly party you into a great mood. Ed said he saw GNR in the same building in 1991, and he thinks it's time that GNR got back together. Thanks, Ed, and we'll try to check up on SLASH. We know that when he is concentrating, he doesn't smile or make eye contact as he is too into playing. Let's hope that's all it is. What about other fans from Houston?

The "Fall Preview" issue of Time Out New York had a really positive review of Ain't Life Grand. They say:

"If this hot and funky rock is what SLASH has been keeping under his hat while we all waited to see if Axl would get his shit together, then we wish he would've dropped it on us ages ago! It stands up to the best GNR gave us (and as with GNR, there are just a couple of misteps)." If you see any magazine or newspaper reviews, please send them in. Lisa tells us that in Friday's USA Today, SLASH got a mention and so did the new album. No review, but still, a nice mention! Thanks, Lisa.

Slash says that the new album will also be out in vinyl. Only the cassettes and CDs are ready with the vinyl coming along soon. That's why it is not ready for pre-ordering. He says the vinyl will be sold in the States as well as other countries. In 95 the Snakepit album was also on vinyl but was a UK only item.

SLASH and the guys appeared on The Tourbus for an interview a couple of weeks ago. The guys hung out and talked and chose songs for the show. The Tourbus is a rock station for the internet out of NYC. They promised to have the interview available, but it still is listed as forthcoming. They did have a nice picture of the band. Where's Matt? And why is SLASH leaning?!
News Reported: 09/09/00

The show at Dallas will be starting very soon. The band is pumped for this one. Tomorrow night they play Houston, Texas. The tour is going strong but ends in a matter of 15 days. Be sure you get out and see them. SLASH says we were lucky to see him at the beginning when they were taking baby steps. Now they are very polished and tight. Would be nice to see both!

Yes! We got a review from Atlanta. Illusion1982 says the show was awesome. They had a hazardous trip from central Alabama when the transmission caught on fire, but they made it to the show. SLASH and the boys looked great, sounded ok, and acted great. SLASH was not loud enough; it was hard to hear him in detail. AC/DC was great! Best $60 he's spent since STP. Thanks!

Caton is a friend of Keri Kelli's, and he reviewed the St. Louis show. He drove 8 hours (a record here) to get to the show, and it was well worth it. When he arrived in town, he gave Keri a call, and they checked out some rock stores, but they didn't have much there. They did get a few CDs and went back to the hotel to meet a friend. Jamie Rowe, former lead singer of Guardian, was meeting them. They went out for dinner and drinks. Keri had to go back to the hotel for the show. The band opened with "LSD". Rod came running out like a mad man, and Keri was his usual energized self. The show was incredible! Rod had the crowd in his hand by the middle of the set. The place exploded at "Mr. Brownstone". The new tunes were great, and Matt and Johnny seemed to be having a great time. Caton hung around backstage with Keri, and then they went to watch AC/DC. Caton thanks Keri for hanging with him and setting him up for the show. Keri's a great guitarist and a great addition to Snakepit. Thanks, Caton!

Janet sent in two Snakepit mentions. Radio station WKHY in Lafayette IN played "Been There Lately" on the day of the Indiana show. They made favorable comments on SLASH's Snakepit and the new songs. Janet also heard "Been There Lately" on Q95 in Indianapolis. The dj gave the album release date as October 10. Time to request "Been There Lately" from your local stations!

Lenny Kravitz appeared recently on VH1 Live. He was answering questions from a studio audience. Someone asked how it was playing with Slash and was he the best guitar player you've ever collaborated with. Lenny diplomatically dodged the second half of the question. He did say that is was a great time playing with SLASH. The two went to high school together and always wanted to do something together. They recorded "Fields of Joy" and "Always On The Run" at 8 am (not prime rocker time). The interviewer suggested maybe they had been up all night. Lenny snickered and said, "Maybe!" Thanks to Brad for sending that in.

Just to keep things rolling on this "Welcome to the Jungle" thread, Joey says he was watching the Miss Teen USA Pageant, and right after the swimsuit competition, they played a variation/ripoff of "Welcome to the Jungle". It wasn't SLASH playing, but it rocked, and it's always good to hear a GNR song. Thanks, Joey!

Fan mail story! Craig wrote to SLASH and requested a guitar pick and sent the IRC. Nothing came. We suggested writing again and explain to SLASH Craig never received anything. He'd just about given up, but the letter finally came. He sent Craig NINE picks! And Craig asked SLASH where he gets those hilarious tshirts. SLASH replied, "To answer your question, I don't know where I get all the tshirts from. I bum them off people somehow!? Anyway heres some picks. Enjoy!! SLASH". So now we all know where he gets them. If he likes yours, he manages to trade or look sad, and people just hand them over! Thanks, Craig!

News Reported: 09/06/00

Last night was the St.Louis show, and we didn't get a single review from there. Atlanta still hasn't come through. Are these people on the net? Tomorrow night is for all those Dallas fans who came out to the clubs in 95 and for Blues Ball. Let us know how the guys did! Dallas is an important city for the band. Should be a great show!

We're still hoping for a club tour at some point. SLASH said when they headline we'll hear 3 GNR songs, 3 Snakepit 95 songs and the rest will be from the new album. A full length show!

These reviews are all from Kansas City. Karen said she had terrible seats but an incredible time. Everyone around her was so pumped for SLASH! SLASH played the beginning of "Mr. Brownstone" over and over, and it was terrific! EVERYONE was on their feet! Most of the audience was there for AC/DC, and Karen was thrilled to see all the enthusiasm for SLASH. She hopes the tour will result in selling tons of copies of Ain't Life Grand. Our Man sounded fabulous and looked great, too. Karen, a true fan, drove 3 hours to get there, had awful seats, paid for the hotel, dragged a friend along so she wouldn't have to make that long drive alone, missed AC/DC to get back to her friend and drove back next morning - all for 45 minutes of Snakepit. And how does Karen feel about that? "It was so worth it. I would do it again in a second." Thanks, Karen! That ought to give the boys a boost!

Justin was moved to send in his review when he read Damian's last night that was less than positive. Justin said that SLASH and Rod f*cking rocked. The sound was bad with SLASH's guitar not loud enough over the band. Just his presence made up for it! Every song rocked, and it was one of the best concerts Justin has ever seen. The music and the energy were wonderful. Justin plans to get TWO copies of the album and see Snakepit as many times as he can in the future. And AC/DC was alright, too! Thanks, Justin!

Damian has decided to take another pass at his review. We definitely think his sore foot influenced him. Damian says he's sorry if anyone's feelings were hurt. (After working with Axl, we think SLASH has the skin of a rhino) He says that the sound is really what made the band so terrible to him. He says he can't tell really how they played because of the sound. (When will this EVER be fixed?) Damian really wants to meet SLASH and thank him for the autographed picture he sent him awhile back. SLASH is the reason Damian picked up a guitar after 14 years of piano and violin, and he'd like to tell SLASH someday what an inspiration he has been to him. (We think you just did!) Thanks, Damian, and don't worry...we want honest opinions here! Take care of that foot. And thanks for writing again.

Phoenix Rock tells us that thre was a good program on August 26 on UK television. They had an evening of programs dedicated to the life of excess. "Hellraisers" was followed by "The Real Keith Moon" and finally a program called "Rock Babylon" which featured SLASH talking about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Watch for reruns! Thanks, Phoenix!

The latest issue of the Japanese magazine Burrn! features a SLASH interview, review and advertisement of the new album. A special issue of Burrn! called Metallion is due out this month featuring a SLASH interview. The rock magazines are covering SLASH and the band closely in anticipation of their coming to Japan soon. These aren't easy or inexpensive magazines to get in the States, but the pictures are always fantastic. The articles are in Japanese, but the magazines always seem to be well worth the price.

News Reported: 09/06/00

Tonight is the St.Louis MO show, and in 2 days on September 7, it is BIG D! This should be another big show for SLASH's Snakepit. Get out there, Dallas! It's great when Snakepit can see the seats full when they come out. Give SLASH and the band a warm Texas welcome.

In going over some of the reviews, SLASH wanted to comment on problems with meeting him after the show. The deal is the same as always. After the Snakepit show, he and the band go to the dressing room to relax by themselves. Then, they meet those with backstage passes in the backstage area. This is while AC/DC are still doing their show. When everyone backstage has been acknowledged and talked to, the band hustles off to their bus. There, they hang out mostly by themselves. But at this point and later, fans can come around if you can get access to the bus. If the bus is parked inside in a secure area and there is no access, there is nothing SLASH can do. He can't come and find fans, and they can't find him. He says he tries very hard to make arrangements and be friendly and accessible. Sometimes it just doesn't work out the way we want. SLASH felt the criticism was a little harsh, but now that everyone knows he is trying very hard to see them, we should be a bit more understanding. You can be sad about not seeing him, but don't be upset with him or the band. You know SLASH wants to meet you all! And with his availability, it is just a matter of time. We've waited 7 years to meet him. The wait was well worth it!

Janet sent us a note that on Wed., Sept. 6 at 11:30am EST, VH1 will re-air the "Sound Affects" show that features SLASH. He talks about his Aerosmith inspiration to start playing guitar. SLASH also talks about an early girlfriend named Lori and about GNR opening for Aerosmith. Should be a winner! Thanks, Janet!

If you haven't visited the Rolling Stone site lately at, get over there and see the great pictures of Snakepit (just Rod and SLASH) and AC/DC. They have a super note under the picture on the News page. They are gorgeous pictures! Thanks to SlickMojo who made sure we saw these.

x-factor sent a short note form It says SLASH was mesmerized when AC/DC singer Brian Johnson greeted Snakepit during the tour kickoff. Says SLASH, "He came into our dressing room the night of the first show. I had my pants halfway up when he came in". You can always count on SLASH to give you these great mental pictures! Thanks!

Here's an animated story found by SlickMojo that is absolutely hilarious. You know how you have heard different stories about why SLASH left GNR? Some strange mind came up with a new one! And it is so funny, we wanted to share it with all of you:


There's a Snakepit review from Kansas City, and we have to warn the hardcore fans that this is not a good one. Maybe go look at that funny animation again. Damian went with good feelings because he had never seen SLASH live before, and he is Damian's number one guitar guy. The sound was atrocious! Damian says he has never heard worse sound for a show in his life. (SLASH, stop reading this!) Rod seemed a little off this night. Both Rod and SLASH made (don't say it!) mistakes during the show. Johnny, Keri and Matt were better than Rod and SLASH that night. Now that the band is in tatters, Damien does want to say some nice things (YEA!). Rod is a better singer than Eric Dover and has a great set of pipes. Even though Damien didn't like SLASH's performance, he is the main reason Damien picked up a guitar. He's a wonderful guy. He once sent him his band's second demo CD, and he took time to send back an autographed photo. (That's our guy!) Damien didn't get to see SLASH after the show (see opening paragraph above). And Damien ends by saying he will go and see SLASH if they come through Kansas City again, and he'll buy the new album. Damian made an effort to get to the show having had foot surgery two days before. Maybe your foot was really bothering you? That bad sound can make a sore foot worse. Thanks, Damian! At least you came and are coming again! SLASH'll getcha next time!
News Reported: 09/05/00

Snakepit is in Kansas City tonight, and there are some really strong fans out there! Fans are even coming in on crutches. Go, 'pit! Tomorrow's Labor Day in the US, and SLASH and the band are off, too. Maybe they will hang out in Kansas City for awhile or move on to St. Louis early. Look for that blue van with the Snakepit picture! The picture seems to be the new Snakepit logo. Has the famous snake retired? And it really is too bad that Keri is not on the logo!

Tonight we have a Minneapolis review and two from Chicago. Taffer23 reports that Minneapolis was a kick ass show. He had a good view of the band. Snakepit songs were great and so was "Mr. Brownstone". Rod sounds a little like Axl when he sings, but Taffer23 was good anyway! He can't wait for Ain't Life Grand to come out and expects it to be a kick ass record. Thank you, Taffer23!

Jason was at the Chicago show, and he absolutely loved Snakepit! Jason was lucky enough to have front row seats. He said that he and his friend were the only ones standing in their sections. Keri and Johnny came over to rock out with them! Keri threw him a pick! Seeing SLASH only a few feet away was unbelievable. They didn't get to talk to the band after the show as the tourbus immediately left, but they are hoping for another chance on a club tour. Jason, what a great evening! Thanks!

Jay drove 3 hours to Chicago close for Snakepit! SLASH amazed him even more than he thought he would. He was completely entranced by SLASH the whole time. The sound was not great; Jason couldn't make out what Rod was saying; but SLASH's solos were awesome. He went to the gate after the show, and SLASH's bus driver said he would get his many items autographed. And he did. Jason wants to thank SLASH and plans to send a thank you to the fan mail. He says he can't wait for the album, and "Mean Bone" was awesome. Thanks to SLASH from Jason, and thanks to Jason from us!

Jason mentioned the fan mail, and last night SLASH's manager was in L.A. on business and was picking up a box of fan mail to take back to SLASH. So the new system seems to be working although, of course, it will take longer since SLASH is on tour. Still, if you want to write him, or thank him, or ask for an autograph, go for it! SLASH wants to hear from you! If you haven't written before, please go to Main Menu, click on Write To SLASH, and read some of the tips there. If you are an old hand at this, we'll remind you that the new address is:

c/o Susan Blond, Inc.
14542 Ventura Blvd., Suite 210
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

We just have two SLASH/fan questions left. We'll see if SLASH can do some more while on tour.
Question from Jordan: What goes through your head right before you walk on stage in front of thousands of people?

SLASH replies: I am not conscious of thinking anything in particular. I am full of nervous energy.

Question from Ray: What was the first gig you ever played where you got paid...real money? Do you remember any of the songs?

SLASH replies: I was with Hollywood Rose, and we played at Madame Wong's in L.A.
News Reported: 09/03/00

Tonight we spoke to SLASH's manager. Sam says the tour is really going well. Right now they have a van with the Snakepit band picture on it traveling around with them. The van will be used as a listening station where fans can come in and listen to the new single (at least). They'll have posters, stickers and other things to give away along with a cassette of Been There Lately. That has already started, so look for the dark blue van with the band pictures. Check it out, hear the music and collect those Snakepit souvenirs! SLASH has some cool ideas.

We asked Sam to get us the phone number of radio stations, so we can call in and request Been There Lately. We have quite a few numbers ourselves, and we're hoping to get more, national and international. Not every station has the promotional CD yet, but we can help them get one!

SLASH says that he has not come up with anything final on the October schedule. September is pretty well set with the addition of Sacramento on 9/22 with AC/DC. Slash's team is working up a schedule that will be available sometime this month. When it is, we will post it right here. If you wonder who it is that has the absolute final say on where Snakepit goes and when, that's SLASH. He knows all the cool places to go!

Snakepit is getting good publicity. Did you catch The Rock Show last night? SLASH was on in a taped segment talking about AC/DC and the tour and the album. VH1 showed some video clips from Snakepit shows. All the Snakepit shows are being videotaped, and at the end of the tour, a "Been There Lately" video can be made which can be shown on any and all stations!

This picture of SLASH was on the Pollstar site yesterday. This is SLASH at the Atlanta show. Sometimes the site showed a picture of Angus Young, but if you came back, you'd see SLASH! Thanks, Vinnie for finding that! By the way, Angus/SLASH aren't there anymore!

For those who keep track of these things, the Japanese release of Ain't Life Grand will have catalog number: VICP-61160.

News Reported: 09/02/00

Snakepit is off tonight, on the move from Illinois to Minnesota. Minneapolis may be cold in the winter, but it's hot when SLASH is in town! Take your friends out to see SLASH! Tomorrow they will be in Kansas City where all the crazy little women are...take them to see SLASH and they're yours. Still no word on subsequent tour schedules.

The first single off Ain't Life Grand is "Been There Lately" which should be out sometime this month. SLASH agreed that the song could appear here, but only clips, not the full song. The song is 4 minutes long, and we have 3:06 here with the second verse completely excised. Check this out:

We have some news on the Japanese release of Ain't Life Grand which goes on sale 9/21/2000. The same 12 tracks will be on the Japanese and other releases, but the Japanese release has two bonus tracks: "Rusted Heroes" and "Something About Your Love". The import can be ordered through (at least) at just under $40. Those two tracks are definitely of interest! Note that Japanese fans will be lucky enough to have the album prior to the band playing there in November.

Reviews coming in today are from the Chicago and the Milwaukee shows. Kathy wrote about the Chicago show where she started out with a lawn seat but sneaked up closer. The set was about 35 minutes long. After 3 or 4 songs, SLASH did his much appreciated stripping off of his shirt. Kathy says SLASH is the awesome performer he always has been. The audience wasn't too into it till they played "Mr.Brownstone". She felt the guys were impressive live and put on a good show. Thanks, Kathy!

Jason was also at Chicago. He bought the tickets when Snakepit was announced as the opening act. Jason says the show was great! They started on time and played 40 minutes. He liked "Speed Parade", "Mean Bone" and "Shine" best with "Speed Parade" being the favorite. He says it was cool to see the "Mr.Brownstone" cover as he had missed the GNR shows. It was a great show, and everyone should get out there because it's really worth the money to see these two awesome bands. Thanks, Jason!

Jecca and Wayne came on a charitable mission to get SLASH and AC/DC to sign items for the Christmas Is For Kids charity. Where they were told to wait, they could only hear but not see the band. It was sheer torture not to see SLASH perform. Jecca only saw him walk off the stage. They did see SLASH doing an interview with someone in Japan over the phone. They met up with SLASH's bodyguard who let them in to see SLASH. They asked him to sign some caps like the ones he wears. SLASH asked if he could have one! He said that when his house was robbed, all of his hats were taken except two. So they found one in his size, and he was happy. (Now you know what to get him for Christmas!) The charity, as one of its good deeds, brings teachers in to teach homeless kids music. SLASH nodded and said it helped him, too. SLASH went off to watch the AC/DC show. His bodyguard said no one would bother SLASH because he blends right into the audience. (Is there anyone else he could not fool?!). Thanks, Jecca!

Kate drove 5 hours to see SLASH's Snakepit at the Milwaukee show. She gives the show an A+! SLASH was in top form and sounded amazing. Rod is the most energetic front man Kate has seen in a long time. They played about 40 minutes. When the opening drum beat of "Mr.Brownstone" started, the crowd went wild! The sound was not good. It was really distorted, and she couldn't hear Rod or SLASH. SLASH was much better than she imagined and well worth the long road trip. The only disappointing thing was that they didn't see SLASH after the show for an autograph. Thanks, Kate!

Have a look at Guitar One's October issue. Fozzy tells us that there is a full page ad with the distorted picture of the band promoting Ain't Life Grand. At the bottom it has Koch Records saying, "SLASH's Snakepit-the new album, Ain't Life Grand in stores everywhere October 10th!" Thanks, Fozzy!
News Reported: 09/01/00

SLASH is on VH1 at midnight doing an interview and with footage of the AC/DC Tour!! TUNE IN! about the tour! Tune in!! Tonight Snakepit plays Tinley Park in Illinois. Last time SLASH was here, he played with Cheap Trick, one of his favorite bands. Tomorrow is an off day followed by a big show in Minneapolis. While sound problems continue, the band otherwise seems to be sounding better and better. The only disappointments are the set is too short, and SLASH is not available for autographs and pictures after the show. Watch for him during the just might spot him roaming around your town.

Dave sent us a review on the Cincinnati show. He says SLASH rocked just as expected. Snakepit played 6 songs, all from the forthcoming album, and covered "Mr. Brownstone". SLASH was dancing and jumping all around, all over. He even jumped down into the audience twice for awesome solos! David said the sound could have been mixed better, but the new songs and "Mr. Brownstone" sounded great. Dave says he can't wait for Ain't Life Grand, and he has promised to send pictures for the scrapbook which is underway. Thanks so much, Dave!

Michael was at the Indianapolis show. This was his first rock concert! And who better to show you how to rock than SLASH? He said he liked all the songs, especially "Mr. Brownstone" and "Speed Parade". Michael says the bass was up a little too much, and the guitars could have been up a little more. He said he didn't get to meet Slash because he had left, but he did manage to get some from AC/DC. A successful evening! Thank you, Michael!

If you live in New Jersey or New York and like rock music, you've heard of Saturday Night Rock on WNEW 102.7. This past Saturday, SLASH's Snakepit was a guest! They hung around live in the studio for a couple of hours, took live phone calls, and playing tracks from Ain't Life Grand. Total insanity reigned in the studio and outside WNEW's Manhattan studios. SLASH signed autographs and posed with fans for pictures. SLASH did his usual amount of smoking, drinking and cursing on the air! He answered some questions such as what is the favorite song you've written ("Paradise City"), how are you and Gilby getting along (SLASH no longer speaks to Gilby), which artist do you most want to record with (Stevie Wonder), did you know James Lomenzo was from White Lion when you hired him for Snakepit '95 (no, SLASH was not a fan of pop metal bands). The band grabbed a stack of SNR tshirts and fled into the night where they hung out with fans in a courtyard. What a super interview! There was much more, of course. Aside from Ain't Life Grand tracks, SLASH made some requests: UFO's "Mother Mary" (live), Aerosmith's "Combination" and Cheap Trick's: "Elo Kiddies" (live). That's SLASH all right... requests for UFO, Cheap Trick and Aerosmith! The dj, Ed, says that within a week (should be this Saturday or so) there will be pictures and interview clips on both and So check those out!

To USA fans, Happy Labor Day, Monday September 4. The rest of the world should see improved response times. On 9/4, even SLASH has a day off. The SLASH page will report through Sunday and take a day off then too.

Happy Labor Day, SLASH!

News Reported: 08/31/00

Tonight the band is in Milwaukee WI with AC/DC. 8/31: Tinley Park IL. 9/2: Minneapolis MN. SLASH and the band really appreciate seeing you hardcore fans, so get out there! And don't forget to send a review - what they played, wore, what the sound was like, if you met them, etc. The band needs to see your area's support if you are looking for a club show! Tonight's news is that we should have the Pacific Rim Tour schedule in a couple of days. This will be the confirmed schedule from SLASH and company. We'll publish it just as soon as it gets here. SLASH said the reason he didn't send it sooner was they were trying to work out a way to connect up with AC/DC somewhere in Europe and finish that leg of their tour with them. We've been telling you in Europe that Snakepit will not tour with AC/DC there. But the bands have had such a great time together, they are looking for ways to continue. We don't know which countries are included just yet. The band leaves for Australia on 11/8 for a tour of about 3 weeks. We're just not sure when they will get back with AC/DC. We'll keep you posted with information straight from SLASH and his management.

Just one review tonight, and this one is from last night's show in Cincinnati OH. Brian says Snakepit appeared on time. SLASH had on his purple leathers, red Chuck Taylor shoes, and the Snakepit tshirt that they are selling at all the venues! Rod was in orange velvet pants and a white tank top. Keri and Johnny wore leather pants and black tshirts. As usual, Matt was behind the drums. What are you wearing, Matt?! SLASH did "Been There Lately" on his knees, Rod sang the theme to WKRP in Cincinnati. SLASH talked, but it was very hard to u d him. then did "Mr. Brownstone", and the place erupted. SLASH tried to say something at the end, but the mike was turned down and everybody missed it. (Could we PLEASE fix the sound!) Brian thought the songs were good, and the album will be hot. The mix seemed to start out fine, but by the middle of the set it was getting difficult to decipher vocals and guitars. Keri told Brian after the show that Snakepit doesn't get to do soundcheck. Setting up AC/DC's stage takes so long there is no time left. Keri also said they are negotiating for 10 more minutes of their set. Brian said the band was tight and watching SLASH run around reminds you of the GNR days. He got to hang out with the band members (minus SLASH) after the show in their bus. Brian got to talk to each guy a long time and really enjoyed it. SLASH was not on the bus even when it left. We assume SLASH and his girlfriend were flying. Thanks, Brian!

Several people have reported that they wrote to Keri Kelli and got replies! Keri is a super nice guy, and the responses we've seen bear that out. Here is a Q&A:
Question: I'm George Lopez from Holland, I have heard some sound samples of Snakepit 2000, and I LIKE IT!! Slash's website says that you are now the permanent snakepit did you experience that thought? Aren't you worried that this email address will be spammed bigtime, now that it's on the net?

Keri Replies: hello holland hope all is well all is great in da pit!!!! im very happy to be here. all guys are bros. weve known each other for a few years now so i just slide right in. we hope to get over to you here soon possibly with ac dc . i have some filters to stop the mail i don't even own a computer but try to get to one about once a week.i got about 150 (emails) just since the 23rd . anyway talk to you later kk
If you have a question or message, write to Keri at this address:

We'll follow up Keri's question with a couple put to SLASH by fans:
Question from Zou in China: When you are in the recording studio and ready to record, how can you keep the feeling as usual or do you just have a new feeling? When you are first in the studio, how do you feel?

SLASH replies: When you first walk in, it takes awhile to get in the mood and get comfortable with the other players. So you talk or fool around, but at a certain time, you get it and just start playing.
Thanks, SLASH and Zou!

Uros from Slovenia asks: How many GNR and Snakepit pinball machines were made and are they all over the world or in other countries?

SLASH replies: There were 550 GNR pinball machines made. As for Snakepit, I am not sure of that number, but it was also a limited amount. The machines were sold to distributors who then sold them to individuals or companies. By now many have been sold again, so they could be anywhere in the world.
Thanks, SLASH and Uros!
News Reported: 08/30/00

The guys have three big shows in a row starting with tonight's gig in Cincinnati OH. 8/30 has them in Milwaukee WI followed by Tinley Park IL on 8/31. Good reviews in a minute!

Time to pre-order Ain't Life Grand! Two of our favorite stores on the web have the Snakepit album ready for pre-orders, and Price is the same at each, $13.99 plus shipping. CDNOW also has the cassette tape format at a little over $10. While KNAC does it only in CD, there are some great advantages to shopping there. They have autographed posters of the artwork FREE with your preorder while supplies last. And while you're there, you can enter the contest to win a pair of tickets to one of the remaining Snakepit/AC/DC shows beginning with Milwaukee WI. Transportation, etc. is at your own expense. CDNOW has one day delivery at additional cost while KNAC offers a priority delivery with number of days not quoted. Other deals are no doubt around. Let's get those albums preordered now! SLASH says he'll tour "as long as the album has legs", so we want to get the sales up high to keep him out there.

On a SLASH personal note, we mentioned that SLASH sold his mansion before touring started. The buyers were that interesting acting couple Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie. Dave James from England sent us an article from the British TV listings magazine, TV Times. It says Thornton/Jolie slapped down 2.5m pounds to buy SLASH's eight bedroom house in Beverly Hills. It was the first house they looked at, and they loved it. The sound studio that SLASH built and where Snakepit rehearsed and recorded will be used by Billy Bob. Angelina loved the kitchen in the bedroom. They may put in a velcro wall so they can throw each other up against it. Somehow the whole place seemed a lot cooler with SLASH and the snakes. Don't worry! SLASH is not homeless! He and his girlfriend are in a cool place in the LA area. Thanks, Dave!

Some Indiana reviews: Chad is from Kentucky and drove over 200 miles to Indianapolis to see SLASH's Snakepit. He said it was worth every mile. The mixing problem was still there, but the energy was unreal. Chad singles out Keri and Rod for special praise. This is great; Chad says he's a huge GNR fan, but after the show last night, he can't remember the GNR singer's name...Axl something? And SLASH is the greatest guitarist alive! Chad's looking forward to a club tour...thanks, Chad!

Larry also caught the Indy show and "was knocked off my ass"! It was the first time he'd heard of the band! Welcome to the 'pit, Larry! Larry would like to get a copy of the set list. If anyone has one, let us know. Vocals were hard to understand, but he still was blown out of his seat. SLASH is "f*cking awesome" and Rod is "amazing".

Our very good pal, Maria in NYC, went over to MSG to see SLASH. Totally awesome is her quick review. She says SLASH is in shape and wore his top hat, black Fender tshirt and leather pants. Rod was pronounced "gorgeous". He said New Yorkers are cool, their bars stay open all night, they get the best drugs and they are "badass motherf*ckers"! The Garden went wild at that. Maria said that "Mr. Brownstone" was done with total respect by Rod and the band. They didn't try to be GNR. SLASH mentioned the album comes out Oct. 10. They only played for 35 minutes, all songs from the album except "Mr. Brownstone". The big disappointment was waiting for SLASH 2 1/2 hours before the show and a half hour after, and he never came out. SLASH went into the Garden in a white limo and never came out. Maria says she is going to sleep at the box office when tickets for the club tour come out. Thanks, Maria, and next time they come to NYC, we hope to be there. We understand that one reason SLASH didn't come out at the end was that Steven Tyler and Jack Douglas came backstage and hung out with the band. Douglas, as you know, produced Ain't Life Grand. Prior to that, he produced for Aerosmith and is currently working with that band. Steven was dressed in a beautiful velvet suit and looked great!

Some SLASH/fan questions:
Question from Jeff of Portland OR: My question is regarding the GNR pinball machine. There are several GNR songs on there; however, there are other songs on there that are not on any GNR album. For example, the "SLASH solo guitar feature" or the song played on the "extra ball feature". Did you actually record these songs for the pinball machine? I've also heard that there are other unreleased tracks on the machine. Is this true?

SLASH replies: There are eight different original GNR recordings which were taken off the masters. An unreleased song is "Ain't Goin' Down" with no lyrics. If you see the Viper pinball game which I also did the music for, you'll find "Speed Parade" there. It's the sound the car makes.
Thanks, SLASH and Jeff!

Question: I think there's a dispute over which ernie balls you use. A book, Legends of Guitar says you use 10s standard gauge strings. On this site it says you use 11s ernie balls. When I ask my music store what is standard gauge, they say there is no standard gauge. Could you please specify what gauge strings you really use?

I use 11-46 ernie ball strings. (webmaster will correct the site).
Thanks, SLASH!

News Reported: 08/29/00

Tonight there are reviews from NYC/NJ and two from Indianapolis. The guys have the night off and are on their way to Cincinnati OH for the show tomorrow. If you've had a chance to visit Koch's Germany page for Snakepit, they have a schedule up for the Pacific Rim Tour. We're waiting for SLASH to confirm this before we put it up. One of their past schedules had the band in Germany when they were in Canada, so we just want to be sure we put up the correct one. If the schedule is correct, the band is playing some interesting countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. Interestingly, Singapore is not on the Koch list, and Slash mentioned them specifically so we'll check that out. One cool thing on their site is what they call a "card" although you can't send it from there or put text on it. Still it's kind of a neat thing to download and keep yourself. George clued us in on this new e-card...thanks, George. The website is at

Did you ever see SLASH in Tales From The Crypt? The episode was "In The Groove", and SLASH was great. Help get it aired again! Chris tells us that if you go to:

Vote For "In The Groove"

you can vote for your favorite episode. On Sept.20 the SciFi network will show the 6 episodes with the most votes. Vote for SLASH!

Snakepit was in Wilkes Barre PA a week ago. Mike tells us that his favorite radio station there has been playing a ton of Snakepit songs! They are getting requested especially "Been There Lately"! That must have been some show!

The Indianapolis reviews are interesting. Laurence said the show was pretty good, but once again the sound mix wasn't great. Rod's vocals couldn't be understood, and SLASH wasn't loud enough. But the show rocked! Snakepit played 35 minutes. Laurence came close to meeting SLASH by hanging out on the ramp for tour buses. A small green car came out and got stuck in traffic. A fan ran over, and it was SLASH! Laurence said he spent too much time thinking what to say, and the little car with SLASH, Rod, a driver, and either Keri or Johnny G sped away. Next time, Laurence, yell, "SLASH, can I buy you a Jack and coke?"!

Ryan was also at the Indianapolis show. He says SLASH and Snakepit kicked ass SLASH style! He got the new tshirt, and reports that the band covered "Mr. Brownstone" as well as playing a good assortment of the album songs. The show started right on time and ran for 40 minutes. Ryan's only complaint was the sound system which had a lot of distortion and reverb. You could hardly make out the vocals. But SLASH kicked ass, and Ryan says, "SLASH is the best f*ckin' guitarist rockin' right now". Rod referred to SLASH as the maestro of guitar. AC/DC fans enjoyed the show, but they miss the old GNR days and are reserving judgment till the album is out. Thanks, Ryan, and as you say, "it's finally happening".

Rob sent us information on two shows, the NJ and the NYC shows. Rob said he was wasted by the time the NJ show started. But he sobered up some and got to see the show. Rob works at Trump Records and already has the album! He says that when they were at the Garden, he made eye contact with SLASH. SLASH saw Rob and his friend standing during a solo and made a face at them! Rob says he's been near SLASH and met him in '97, but the NYC/MSG show was a highlight of his life! Thanks, Rob!
News Reported: 08/28/00

Did you hear The TourBus interview with SLASH on Saturday, 8/26? It was online, and we have a copy here for you if you'd like to check it out. The interview starts out with Rod and Johnny G. SLASH talks hoarsely when he comes in later. For copyright reasons, the full songs have been snipped from the interview. You can hear it on the Online Interviews and Chats section under Snakepit 1999-2000, or hear it now:

TourBus Interview

Tonight the 'pit has finished their show at Indianapolis and are getting ready to leave for Cincinnati OH. They hope to see a lot of fans there on 8/29. On 8/30 they will appear in Milwaukee. They are all over the US map. It's not too late to get tickets! Now, more reviews:

Tommy and his fiance hit the Wilkes Barre show. It's pretty cool because they live in NYC, but by the time Snakepit was announced as opening act there, all the good seats were gone. So they decided: ROAD TRIP! These are two dedicated SLASH fans. The seats were great, and they buzzed out after seeing Snakepit. Wonder how many of us did that?! Tommy says the show was great, and SLASH can really move. Tommy was feeling a little sad about Axl not being up there with SLASH. The end of an era. But he said that Rod was great and thinks they can sell in the US with enough touring and will sell better in the rest of the world. They didn't get to meet SLASH as Security was very strict. Tommy said the best two in the band are SLASH and Matt Laug, the drummer. Tommy promises to send some pictures he took from his great seats. He really wishes he could have gotten his guitar signed and taken a picture of SLASH. Thanks, Tommy!

Let's get back to NYC. Diana says Snakepit rocked Manhattan! She couldn't believe how great the band is. Rod connects with the audience and makes you feel like you are on stage, too. Keri Kelli was a special surprise, playing crouched way down with one foot sticking out. He looked, Diane says, "like a sexy spider"! Matt was great to watch with his long hair flying like crazy. Johnny G. was outfitted in full punk glory. Our "precious SLASH" had Diane nearly crying with joy - seeing him on his knees, leaning back, playing his guitar. During "Mean Bone" SLASH and Rod were inches apart. Everyone was up for "Mr. Brownstone". So don't miss this show! Thanks, Diana!

Our friend Cheryl got to the MSG Snakepit show but missed the first two tunes. She liked the songs; very heavy. SLASH stayed to the side, but he did come up to the mic to say hey. The place went wild for "Mr. Brownstone". Thanks, Cheryl!

Kris was also at MSG. He thought SLASH rocked, but he didn't think much of Rod's voice. He liked "Mr.Brownstone" as he's a big GNR fan, and he would have liked it better if Rod wasn't so loud. (again...mix problems) He really did enjoy SLASH's performance. Thanks, Kris!

Steven made it to MSG also - wearing his Live Era tshirt and wishing there were more GNR and Snakepit shirts around. SLASH and the boys went on at 8 sharp, and the Garden was pretty well packed. The sound was loud and not too clear, but the guys rocked. The band had tons of energy, and he loved seeing a rock band kick ass. SLASH hasn't missed a beat. Steven says SLASH is truly outstanding; a joy to listen to and watch. They played about 40 minutes. Rod announced that the new album comes out October 10. Thanks, Steven!

Chris walked into MSG and saw that big Snakepit banner hanging there and thought...this is great! He's been waiting to see SLASH live again for a long time. Chris caught SLASH's Blues Ball in '97. Steven's seats were up near the top, but he had binoculars and watched the set through them. The sound was distorted, and it was hard to make out what Rod was saying. SLASH could hardly be heard, but just watching him was pretty cool. Chris said he wishes more Slash and GNR fans would have showed up in support of Snakepit, but the opening band was not promoted in any way. Everyone went wild for "Mr. Brownstone", and it confirmed to anyone still guessing that the top hatted one was really SLASH. Chris says he can't wait for them to headline and wishes them the best of luck. Thanks, Chris!

To all who have sent reviews, we are a little behind moving your full text reviews to the Review page. Bear with us. While the band is on tour, it's busy here too, but we are trying hard to catch up!
News Reported: 08/27/00

Been lonely in the big city? There was no need for Snakepit to feel that way last night! By the number of reviews we got on the NYC/MSG show, they had a lot of big fans out! That means a lot to them...seeing your seats filled and hearing that applause. Indianapolis should give them a good reception tomorrow night. Rock 'em out, SLASH!

We have reviews going back to Wilkes Barre for which we're greatful. The only city we didn't hear from was Atlanta. It's not too late! And if you want the gang to think you want a club show, let's get with it! There are some here from Jersey and the mountain from MSG. Don't forget, the full text of each review will be on the Review section in the next day or two. There's now a shortcut there on the second screen by the picture of SLASH in silhouette.

How about Wilkes Barre PA? Mike says the show completely rocked, and the new songs blew him away. Snakepit covered "Mr. Brownstone" introduced by SLASH as, "I know you f*ckers know this song. This is something of Appetite back in the GNR days"! Our leader speaks! Yes! AC/DC was good, but Snakepit was something Mike says he will never forget. Thanks, Mike!

Lola used her vacation to follow AC/DC with a friend. They started in VA to check out Snakepit. She thought the music was great,and the songs were phenomenal. She singled out Johnny G. for special praise as "one of the best bassists I have ever heard". The next stop was Wilkes Barre PA to see the boys rock the arena. Her favorite song is "Been There Lately". Johnny again gets high marks. Yoh, Johnny G, you made a big fan here! Then they were off to New Jersey and New York. Lola loves Snakepit! She's a big fan of the band and Johnny G. Thanks, Lola, what a great vacation!

Moving on to New Jersey, Hulubuloo said this first Snakepit show was incredible. She was in the front row and could see the big banner and all the guys very clearly. The whole band is so tight; they could have been together forever. Keri and Johnny looked like cool rock and roll stars, and their skills were very impressive. Matt is totally killer on drums and "pounded the hell out of Brownstone". Rod is awesome with energy off the charts. His voice is superb, and he puts on a great show. SLASH is superlative! He saw that Hulubuloo got a guitar pick from the show. They did not get to meet SLASH after the show, but she knows he saw her screaming "I love you" and saw that she got a guitar pick. Thanks!

Alla was seeing SLASH live for the first time from row 2. Seeing that big Snakepit manner made it all become real. SLASH wore tight jeans, black tshirt, purple converse sneakers and his top hat. Rod had on silver suede pants. Johnny wore what looked like leather pants, shirt and vest, and a tie. Keri was in leather pants and carried a beautiful blue sparking guitar. The band went from one song to the next very quickly. Alla liked them all. Rod ran around with great stage presence. Alla loves his voice. The sound was strange again, and they played about half an hour. Thanks, Alla!

Now the big show, New York. We have ten or so reviews here, so rather than shorten them up too much, we'll run half today and half tomorrow. The first review we got was from Tony who says Snakepit played about 35 minutes. The 'pit was louder than AC/DC (SLASH's motto: Play It F*ckin' Loud"!), but the mix really was not great. Rod's voice was too loud, and the guitars seemed to be fighting each other. Tony is a huge fan but found the songs to be mediocre except for "Speed Parade". The 'pit rushed through the songs possibly to showcase the forthcoming album. SLASH was looking great with great stage presence. Tony would like to see them at a smaller venue. Thanks!

Max said the sound was pretty good last night. Rod was amazing with Matt right on the money, Johnny Blackout did his thing as it should be done, Keri sounded great! SLASH...does he need to tell you how SLASH was? SLASH was cool as a cucumber when he went off. Max didn't wait for AC/DC (neither did we). He worked with Snakepit 95, so SLASH spotted him, stuck out his tongue, and had a funny picture taken! SLASH is always so full of life and presence. Thanks, Max! We'd love to see those photos - especially the tongue!

Ingrid went to her second Snakepit show. She said SLASH sounded great with little distortion. The guys kicked ass! Ingrid can't get enough of AC/DC and Snakepit. She didn't get a chance to meet him, and she's hoping for a chance during the club tour. She wishes SLASH a great tour and says that NYC/NJ loves him. Thanks, Ingrid!

Mike says that the MSG show was the greatest show he ever went to. SLASH was great. Snakepit played "Shine" and "Mr.Brownstone" which got everyone on their feet. Mike can't wait for the new album, and he hopes that SLASH will be back in NYC soon. SLASH used his signature Snakepit guitar. Mike wants to thank SLASH because he really only went to see Snakepit, but he also got AC/CD! Mike scored a Snakepit tshirt knowing SLASH Rulessssss.

Waseem says the band was awesome. The band finished on a wild note with "Mr. Brownstone", and there were a lot of people in by then to cheer them on. Waseem promises some photos! We're going to get them out on the page as soon as we have a few more. Don't forget to scan your ticket, flyer, whatever!

By the way, Keri Kelli's bio has been updated....under Snakepit 1999-2000, click on The Band to see the bios. Keri gave us additional information. We were impressed with his background. He really is a cool guy.

News Reported: 08/25/00

Last night was the great show in New Jersey, and shortly the band will take the stage for the Madison Square Garden show. Indianapolis IN is next on August 27. Road Trip!

Did you see SLASH on the Jon Stewart show? Jeans, tshirt, bandana tied to his back pocket, top hat, sneakers. He's great just to look at. He and Jon had a short interview on the tour, the album, and some funny stuff. Stewart implied SLASH was high, but we can tell you he was drug-free. SLASH looked tired and thinner, but no matter what, he still gives a great interview. The show repeats quite often. Try Friday at 7pm or Monday at 10am.

We got another interview from Philly. Greg says the Snakepit show was one of the best he has ever been to. SLASH went on at 8pm, and they rocked! He only knew the title for "Shine" and "Mr. Brownstone", When "Mr. Brownstone" was played, the place erupted. People were standing and singing along. SLASH wore a top hat, black pants, and a black shirt. The shirt only made it through two songs. The sound wasn't the best, but the boys rocked. SLASH wasn't heavily promoted so a lot of latecomers looked surprised to see him there. One kid asked, "why is this guy trying to be like SLASH?" Then someone turned around and said, "That is SLASH, you idiot"! Rod was good on Mr. Brownstone, but Axl's better. (Greg, get in the 'pit!) Rod mooned the audience. Greg wishes like many of us that SLASH would have played a song with AC/DC like "Whole Lotta Rosie". He can't wait for SLASH to come back and to buy the album. He wants to tell SLASH, "Hurry back here!!!!!" Thanks, Greg!

Here are the big New Jersey reviews. First up is Nielsen who mailed his in at 5 minutes past midnight. He and SLASH never sleep! He went to the show really just to meet SLASH, not caring about the other band members. And he didn't know anything about Snakepit. When they went into their first song, Nielsen was totally hooked. SLASH wore a black tshirt with a face on it, black jeans, purple converse shoes with black laces, and the top hat. They had awesome stage presence, and Rod was very energetic. They played "Mr. Brownstone", and the audience sang along. Nielsen says that he was standing on his chair with his lighter on! After the set, he spent his food money on a Snakepit tshirt. SLASH, we think you've made a convert! Thanks, Nielsen. Now get some rest.

Ingrid was also at the New Jersey show. Her three word review: SLASH kicked ass!!!!! Her only complaint is that there was a lot of distortion, so SLASH didn't sound as clear as he usually does. SLASH was great and so was the rest of the band. Ingrid is also going to MSG and hopes to meet SLASH there. Thanks, Ingrid.

Our last review on the New Jersey show is from Gary. Gary says that SLASH wore all black while Rod wore really cool black/silver velvet pants, no shirt. He thinks the rest of the band may have been in black also. Snakepit put on about a 40 minute absolutely wild hard rock and roll show. Rod's voice was mixed too loud to even understand the words, but the band still sounds incredible. Matt Laug is very impressive. Johnny G was great live - he has so much style in his performance. SLASH shook the walls with loud, hard as hell, razor edged riffs. What makes SLASH the best is his style. No one makes it look as good as SLASH does! SLASH did killer solos. Rod Jackson is a brilliant showman. He's got great stage moves and crazy antics. Snakepit delivered a great set. If you've seen them this summer, you know what he means. If not, you have to get out there and see this heavy rock and roll wrecking crew. Gary can't wait for the album and the next tour and hopes it will be an all ages club! Thanks, Gary! What a great review!

Don't forget! Tomorrow night at 8 pm tune into and hear SLASH live! They aren't really sure of the time he will be on, so settle down in front of your pc with a Jack and coke and wait for The Man.

Here are a couple of SLASH questions from fans:
Question from Brian: What is the most memorable moment of your career? What games do you like to play in Las Vegas?

SLASH replies: I like to have memorable moments every day. As for Vegas, I like play pinball and shoot pool. Once in a while I play the slots.

Question from Robb: Who now owns the rights to Uzi Suicide? If you still have something to do with it, would you ever release a Snakepit album on it? Have you ever thought of doing your own label?

SLASH replies: Uzi Suicide is a dead issue. It no longer exists. It never was a real record label. Before I found Koch, I thought of doing my own label, but it is a lot of work putting a management and distribution and publicity team yourself. Koch has great people in those positions already which allows me to concentrate more on music. Thanks, Brian, Robb and SLASH!

News Reported: 08/25/00

The big announcement tonight is that SLASH will do a live interview this Saturday, August 26 on The Tour Bus. The show is syndicated on WDHA, WRAT, WYBB, WFXH and WBVD. It is also on, so you can get a live audio feed right at your PC! The show begins at 8pm, but they aren't really sure when SLASH will arrive (we are familiar with that), so tune in for some good music till SLASH makes the scene! SLASH has been piling up the interviews while he is in the New York area including VH1,, and (sound broke up here) AP. We're not sure of that last one. If anyone hears more on when these will be aired, please let us know. Thanks.

The tour information is a little buried in the SLASH page, so we've put a direct link to it on the home page. At, go down to the next screen, at the right is a shortcut to the tour information. Speaking of the tour, tonight is the East Rutherford NJ show followed by the MSG/NYC show. A big one for Snakepit! Then they'll move on to the heartland of Indiana.

SLASH sighting: Dean tells us he was in Philly when his cabdriver got lost and had to stop for directions in the inner city. He looked out the window and there were two big guys on a stoop talking with a smaller guy with a beautiful girl on his lap. He said it was SLASH! You never know where you'll see him.

Marina and Lisa live in Italy, and they are huge SLASH fans. They wanted us to know about an Italian magazine called Hard that has some SLASH mentions. The article is about a future GNR reunion, a report of what Axl once said about the GNR splitup, information on SLASH and his new album and band. There was a picture of SLASH in that leopard hat with sunglasses and a red shirt playing acoustic. Italian fans should try to find this one.

Some SLASH Q&A's:
Question from Roberto Haddad of Brazil : Have you (SLASH's Snakepit) received any invitations to come to Rock in Rio III? Would you come if invited? And finally, would you come for a reunion of GNR?

SLASH replies: We have not been invited, but we would come if asked. Rock in Rio was one of the best gigs I ever played with Guns. I would come for a reunion of GNR if it were the original band.

Question from Ashish of Austin, Texas: I read an interview with you in the April edition of Guitar One magazine. In it you mentioned that Zakk Wylde had tried out for GNR but it just didn't work out. Are the two of you still good friends? Do you possibly see some sort of collaboration in the future with him? Both of you are awesome guitarists, and it would be a pleasure to hear you jam together. Thanks very much!

SLASH replies: We were good friends once. I haven't seen or talked to Zakk in a long time. I don't really see a collaboration because it would just be too much guitar. Both of us play strong lead guitar, and we could overwhelm anyone else in the band.
Thanks, SLASH, Roberto and Ashish!

News Reported: 08/24/00

SLASH says that the Pacific Rim tour will lead off with Australia followed by Japan. The rest has not been settled yet. About that tour after AC/DC, it may be just a few gigs. AC/DC is adding shows, and Snakepit will be part of that. SLASH mentioned Meadowlands in NJ or NY, but so far this is not listed by AC/DC, so we have to wait for additional information. The band needs rehearsal time for a full set on the Pacific Rim Tour and any gigs they do, so that has to be put in the schedule. Everything is fluid on that tour between AC/DC and Australia. Stay tuned. SLASH's voice is a little rusty, and he's tired, but he's having a great time. He says that if the show is good; that's all he needs! Get out there and support Snakepit!

Tonight's an off night for Snakepit. Tomorrow evening they'll be in East Rutherford NJ. That's 8/24. Without a break, they go for the big show at Madison Square Garden in New York City on 8/25. This is SLASH's second time to play MSG. It's the ultimate East Coast gig. Keep those reviews coming! Today we heard from Snakepit's drummer, Matt Laug, and the band does read what you say!

The big news tonight is that SLASH will appear on The Jon Stewart Show at 11pm Eastern/Pacific. Great! We've heard rumors of a goatee that we need to check out. And we want to see what Stewart will ask. SLASH and Jon have been friends for years. SLASH says he's not on too long as there are a lot of guests. Check it out! If you miss it tonight, the show airs again on 8/24 at 7pm and 11pm and probably many other times. The channel is Comedy Central. Thanks, Tiffany, for letting us know.

Previously, we mentioned SLASH as a choice on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". Kathleen wrote and said the game is on the net. The SLASH question there is: Who was the lead guitarist for Guns N'Roses?! Thanks, Kathleen.

A couple of football teams are using GNR songs during their games. Chris wrote that "Welcome to the Jungle" is the theme of the Jim Rome Show, a nationally syndicated sports talk radio show based in Los Angeles. The show is referred to as "the jungle". Rome said that the show was using the song without permission, and they had to pay to continue using the song after they were sued. Hey, welcome to the jungle, Jim!

Let's catch up on a couple more SLASH/fan questions:
Question from Michael Alkire in Portland, Oregon: SLASH, for a guitar player who has been influenced greatly by your playing style, what tips do you have on getting better at the guitar? How much time do you spend a day writing? How long did it take you to feel like you were good? How do you play so fast? What one thing helped you the most in becoming a better guitar player?

SLASH replies: I work all the time at the guitar. I play a lot not just when I am out working onstage or in the studio, but I also play a lot at home. I always have a guitar nearby. Sometimes I play while I am watching tv. I go out and jam with a band whenever I can. I'm always working, always writing music. I play while I'm writing. I play when I'm not. You get better and faster.

Thanks, Michael and SLASH!

Question from Nathan: Hello, SLASH! When touring with GNR on the big Illusions tour, was there any one gig that really stood out in your mind as being "the ultimate gig" where all the band members were feeding off each other especially well? Also, what part of the tour did you favor the most? I know you probably dug them all but there was the 1993 leg where you toured arenas and had the acoustic set and also in 1992 with Metallica and stadiums, then there was 1991 with openers Skid Row. Thanks, SLASH.

SLASH replies: I couldn't pick out the best gig. Rock in Rio and Madison Square Garden (for the first time) were among the best gigs we did. The audiences were amazing! And the band feeds off the audience reactions. The shows where we did the acoustic set were my least favorite ones. They slowed down the show so much and were too choreographed with the sofa and pizza. I like the show to just build and build, not to slow down for long periods of time.

Thanks, SLASH and Nathan!

News Reported: 08/23/00

More news on the Pacific Rim Tour. The band leaves November 8. They will play Japan, Singapore, Korea, New Zealand and Australia. The tour will be 3 weeks long. So all the fans in that part of the globe...GET READY CAUSE HERE THEY COME!

The AC/DC tour ends for SLASH's Snakepit on September 20. They leave for the Far East on November 8. They have a couple weeks between these arrivals and departures, but they won't be coming home to check the roses. They are coming out again! This time it will be for a theater tour in the United States. One date that is a strong possibility is Nashville. They played at a theater there during the pre-album tour. Lots of rock-hungry fans in the capitol of Country. As more information comes along, we'll have it here and on the World Tour section (under Snakepit 1999-2000 in Main Menu). Rock on, guys!

This great, good looking guy is Keri Kelli, newest addition to Snakepit. Keri replaces his buddy Ryan Roxie. SLASH asked Keri to jam with him when Snakepit was in need of a guitar player. Ryan Roxie formerly held that slot but has decided to continue with his many other band interests. What SLASH has always wanted was a permanent band where the members thought o the 'pit as their home band. In talking to Keri, we found that he was feeling all that and more about the Snakepit band. So, Keri and SLASH are the permanent guitar players in Snakepit. For those of you wheard Kei on the AC/DC tour, you know he's great at fitting right in with SLASH and the rest of the band. Prior to this, Keri's home band was Warrant, a well known and respected rock band. He played with Ratt on tour and was in Dad's Porno Mag as a side project. We've got more details on Keri, and we'll pass them on in the future. He's a really nice guy, energetic and a lot of fun. He talked about a party for AC/DC recently where the only ones left at 3 am were SLASH, his bodyguard, his girlfriend and Keri! Take care of that headache, Keri! Keri says he will take questions directly. If you have a welcome message for Keri or a question for him, here is his email address:
Thanks, Keri, for the information. Remember this piece of SLASH advice and the fans will love you: Play it f*ckin' LOUD!

Speaking of that cool and terrific looking SLASH, check out the ad in the October issue of Guitar. We've compressed it here, but it is a full page picture. The ad is for Seymour Duncan, the company that makes SLASH's pickups. If you haven't seen one before, we've got a picture of one here for you to check out. SLASH uses Alnico II Pro Humbuckers.

We've got more reviews for you. Tonight the band plays Wilkes Barre PA. Then they travel to East Rutherford NJ for the 8/24 show. Still time to get tickets! We have a report on the Philly concert from Ronnie who gave the boys an 8 out of 10 because he didn't know the songs. Hang on, Ronnie, the album is coming for sure. The set was 35 minutes long, but the band was awesome. Ronnie thinks Rod is a better singer than Eric Dover, but he thinks Rod imitates Axl's moves too much. (as long as he doesn't change clothes every 5 min., we are ok with Rod!). SLASH was all over the stage and pointed to Ronnie in his GNR shirt. Snakepit played "Mr. Brownstone" which was great, but he still likes Axl better. (Get in the 'pit, Ronnie!). Thanks, Ronnie!

Going back to Bristow VA, we've got a couple more reviews. Chris and his wife drove 5 hours to the show, not to see AC/DC but to see Chris's guitar-idol SLASH. It cost Chris $250 for two 10th row seats, so he had a lot invested in this show. And was it worth it? You bet! Chris says it was worth every minute, mile and dollar! The band led off with "Life's Sweetest Drug" which really rocks. The sound mix was good although SLASH could have been louder, but, as Chris says...who doesn't want to hear SLASH as loud as possible? They loved seeing SLASH live. After seeing Rod perform, Chris says he had one question...Axl WHO?? Chris rated Rod as up there with Steven Tyler in energy and stage presence with a voice almost every lead vocalist would envy. Chris said he used to wish for a GNR reunion, and now all he wants is to see the 'pit live again. SLASH played some great solos, and after the show, Chris FINALLY got to meet SLASH. He said SLASH was very cool but looked so tired. He took time to sign their tickets and take pictures with them. Surprisingly, SLASH and Chris were the same height at 5'9" (isn't it funny how we all think of him as extremely tall?) Rod and Johnny also posed for pictures and did autographs. Thanks, Chris, for that wonderful story!

Deanna and Bob Piviroff sent a detailed and very interesting review on the Bristow VA show. Be sure to read the rest in the Reviews section in a day or two. These two are big fans and noticed everything. They said SLASH wore jeans, a black tshirt which he took off, and the famous top hat. They say SLASH looked great! He was thin, loose, wiry and relaxed. Rod mentioned that he was from Richmond VA. SLASH did some feedback by holding the guitar up to the speakers. There were a lot of classic SLASH moves...twirling in a cirle while stomping his foot, running from one end of the stage to the other. "Mr. Brownstone" was the only GNR song. They felt the Snakepit version was even better than the GNR version. SLASH went to the mic at the end and gave the album name and release date, but it was very difficult to hear him. The Piviroffs left immediately after Snakepit's set! They got to meet SLASH before the show. SLASH was friendly, laid back and quiet. He had a new goatee that makes him look older. They prefer the clean shaven SLASH best. SLASH said he was tired, but he signed autographs. They have met SLASH many times over the years, and he did recognize them. Thanks for that review!

Finally, we have one from Ian on the Boston show. He thinks that all the reviews so far understate SLASH. He says SLASH is phenomenal, and the whole band rules! SLASH has been an inspiration to Ian who also has a band. People that see him say he has SLASH style. He says his band is doing unbelievably well, and he says thank you to SLASH. He'd really like to open for SLASH's club shows. His review summary: Snakepit came out. I was in awe. Thanks, Ian. Coming from a fellow musician, those compliments mean a lot.
News Reported: 08/22/00

Olivia, Naughtycop34, Rohith and Mike were all at the Bristow, VA show on 8/19. Mike said the show really rocked, and SLASH was at the top of his game. He especially liked "Been There Lately" and "Shine" and can't wait for the new album. "Mr. Brownstone" really got the audience's attention. The new band is great, but the sound wasn't. SLASH was hard to hear, and Mike wished he'd done more soloing. The show kicked ass! Rohith said the show was unbelievable. People who only came for AC/DC were pleasantly surprised by Snakepit's performance. When Matt Laug pounded out the opening beat to "Mr. Brownstone", everyone went crazy. Rod Jackson was suberb, versatile too. Snakepit only played about 30 min., and Rohith didn't get a chance to see SLASH after the show. Naughtycop34 said he didn't know what to expect although he knew SLASH was awesome. Since he hadn't heard anything recently, he was skeptical. But when SLASH's Snakepit took the stage, they rocked the house! He didn't think anyone was really expecting that! Naughtycop34 is looking forward to the new album! Olivia said the sound wasn't good, but she went to hear the new music and came away hungry for that new album. She really liked "Mean Bone". Rod is a much better vocalist than Eric Dover was. SLASH looked hot in blue jeans, sneakers and top hat. Olivia was able to see that new cat tat. Rod was in brown velvet, very tight pants with shoes. Olivia pronounced him..."extremely hot looking". Keri, Johnny and Matt were superb. She thought that Keri really moves around the stage a lot and does an excellent job with backup vocals. Crowd response: a lot of people thought it would be a GNR cover band and complained till "Mr. Brownstone" was played. Overall, the crowd was polite, and Snakepit got a lot of applause. Thanks to all of you for your reviews.

We've gotten one review of the Philly show last night. Jro2003 says that SLASH rocked! It was a great show, and the rest of the band was really good, too. Once again, "Mr. Brownstone" was a highlight, and he liked "Shine" really well, too. Jro2003 says he didn't have great seats and couldn't understand the song titles or lyrics really well, but Snakepit put on a great show! Thanks!

Tomorrow night, 8/22, the band is in Wilkes Barre, PA. And after that we go to some huge shows, NJ on 8/24 and then the ultimate, Madison Square Garden on 8/24! We have some huge SLASH's Snakepit fans going to these shows. Snakepit will blow them out the doors! Whole audience sitting outside on the sidewalk! Rock and roll, guys!

Here's some great fan information. SLASH has set up a way to receive and answer your fan mail while he's on tour. We have a new address for you to use. Please check over the "Write To SLASH" hints. These are found under the Write to Fan button on the Main Menu (, scroll down to Main Menu). We won't repeat those here, but in order to have this be a non-frustrating experience, check out the tips before you mail your entire band to SLASH! Here's that address for those who are experienced SLASH writers:

c/o Susan Blond, Inc.
14542 Ventura Blvd., Suite 210
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

We just got word that the Japan tour will begin November 8. As soon as we get the cities/venues/dates information, we'll post it here. The AC/DC tour ends 9/20, so the guys get a couple weeks off before Japan.

Teresa wrote to tell us that the Orlando Predators football team also uses "Welcome to the Jungle" as their song. And all fans wear black to the games!

One small SLASH mention! Brian reports that SLASH was a possible answer on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" last night.
Q.: Which one of these does not play lead guitar?
Answer selection: Eddie Von Halen, SLASH, The Edge or Gene Simmons.
The contestant took The Edge. Whoa! Bad answer. Everyone knows the great Kiss-er plays bass. You never know where SLASH will pop up.

News Reported: 08/21/00

The Boston show was great! Today we spoke to SLASH as he was getting ready to leave for Bristow VA which is tonight followed by Philly on 8/20. Lots of traveling. SLASH said that the Japanese tour will follow this tour with AC/DC (ends 9/20 in the States). The Japanese tour will be shows and promotional interviews. Tokyo and Osaka will most likely get shows. More will no doubt be scheduled! Get ready, Japan, you're next!

Getting back to Boston, Glitter from Argentina came a long way to see Snakepit! Glitter is a big fan of Ryan Roxie and would really have liked to seen him up there onstage. She met Matt Laug who she thought was just really a great guy and drummer. Rod has a great voice and is a great frontman. The show was awesome and also the songs. Glitter can't wait to have the new album. Johnny G is one of her favorites, and she was so glad to meet him again. Glitter says she met "the GOD OF THE GUITARS", SLASH! She pronounced SLASH as very cool in Johnny's BLACKOUT tshirt. She's been a fan for 9 years and is finally meeting SLASH. Two things were missing from the show, she felt...Ryan and some songs from It's Five O'Clock Somewhere.

Clint sent a note in on the Pittsburgh show saying the audience didn't give the band the attention they deserved. Clint thought the band rocked! Most people were there to see AC/DC and were restless waiting for them to come on. That's often the case with the opening band. Clint thought it was an awesome show and hopes to see SLASH again.

Yesterday we mentioned that the Kansas City Chiefs were using "Sweet Child O' Mine". We also got word from BMS5065 that in Cincinnati they have been using "Welcome to the Jungle" as the opening song before the kickoff of each Bengals game since 1988. They also refer to the stadium as The Jungle. Thanks!

Simrin from the UK tells us that this month's issue of Total Guitar, the best selling guitar magazine in Europe, has an article on SLASH inside the front cover. The article mentions Ain't Life Grand, the current tour and SLASH's appearance on Rod Stewart's forthcoming album. Simrin says the editor seemed excited about an album that has a close relationship to GNR. They have high expectations of the new album. Look for the cover with Page and the Black Crowes.

Another Slash/fan Q&A:
Question from Josh of Alberta, CA: I noticed back in GNR when you did a solo you would hit an open string every now and then for a split second that makes a really cool sound you have to really listen for. I have never seen any other guitar player do this, and I was wondering how you came up with it and why you do it.

SLASH's Reply: I don't really recall this. It might have been something spontaneous I used because it sounded cool. Or it just might have been a mistake here and there. Thanks Josh and SLASH!

News Reported: 08/19/00

Tomorrow night is the Bristow VA show for Snakepit! That's 8/19, and the 8/20 show is in Philly. Still time to get tickets, dress up like a snake and be at the show.

XMCDoobiesx reported on the Boston show. He says it was the best f*ckin' show he's ever been to! SLASH rocked the place. Snakepit was about half an hour late, but they played for 40 minutes. It was phenomenal! The sound wasn't as good as it could be, but just seeing SLASH in person is awesome. He had balcony seats but moved up front to be closer. SLASH was 5 feet from him!

Maria did something different at the Atlanta show. Instead of going to the show, she was dedicated to meeting SLASH and getting an autograph. She spent 2 hours wandering around and decided to sit down and wait for the buses and trailers to show up. Just as she was giving up, she saw the SLASH bus which went to the Ritz Carlton hotel (pretty snazzy, SLASH!). The whole band got off the bus, and a couple of people went right over so she joined them. Maria got an autograph on her jeans to match the one SLASH signed in 95. After three shows, Maria finally caught up to SLASH and got her autograph. It seems if you're willing to put a lot of time into it, you can find him and say hello! Thanks, Maria!

Back to some regular SLASH items: Kathleen sent us a note that the Kansas City Chiefs have adopted "Sweet Child O'Mine" as the song played when they come out on the football field. Go, Chiefs!

Risa had this information from the LA Times. SLASH has sold his beautiful house for almost $4 million to Billy Bob Thorton and Angelina Jolie. SLASH sold the house before he went on tour as it would be vacant for a couple years till he gets back. The strange thing was that the Times referred to SLASH as a 35 year old British rock star. Hello? We don't recall giving him away!

Another SLASH/fan Q&A:
Question from Alex Silady of Australia: I read in an interview awhile back that SLASH put down solos for a couple of Axl's new songs before he left the band. Is this true?

SLASH replies: No, that isn't true. There were some rehearsals of new material that I was there for, but I didn't contribute any solos.
Thanks, Alex and SLASH!

News Reported: 08/18/00

Tonight Snakepit appears in Atlanta GA. Next show is 8/19/00 at Bristow VA. We hope to hear from some of you who went!

We have a review from the Quebec City show. Mario went not knowing anything about Snakepit's music. He was pleasantly surprised, but he did say that the sound quality was bad. Mario felt the time given to Snakepit wasn't enough to show their real potential. He praised SLASH for his energy and said that a whole show is needed to show the Quebecan public that SLASH is not only the former lead guitarist for GNR. Thanks, Mario! Welcome to SLASH's Snakepit!

You don't always have to be at the venue to see SLASH! Denis tells us that a friend was working at a coffeehouse in Ottawa when AC/DC walked in. He got to serve them and was given a $20 tip. Denis's friend got 5 feet from SLASH but didn't get to say hello. SLASH was playing his old Gibson Les Paul at the table. Denis is hoping they will come again on their next tour. Keep your eyes open if they are in your town! Thanks, Denis!

Let's take another SLASH fan question!

Question from Christina: Have you ever considered a girl in your band whether as a vocalist or on an instrument? If you didn't have the Snakepit band now, and you met a girl who played great, would you have her in your band?
SLASH replies: No, I wouldn't. I've been in bands with female artists, and there can be so many problems. The band should bond as a unit; but inevitably someone in the band starts going out with the girl, and someone else is jealous. The band starts to split apart. Examples are Fleetwood Mac and No Doubt. It makes everything more cohesive if the band is all guys.
Thanks, Christina and SLASH!

News Reported: 08/17/00

Tomorrow night, 8/17, it's back to the US for Snakepit. They are playing Atlanta GA. When you read the following reviews, well, you gotta be there! Don't forget reviews, Atlanta! If anyone can send scans of their pictures (on or offstage), their tickets, flyers, anything, let us know. If you don't have a scanner, we can scan for you and return your items safely to you! For pictures, please include the show you went to and your name or userid if you want it to appear. Anonymous is cool! We have so many people asking for photos of the band and SLASH!

Two of our Canadian friends, Dina and Sylvia know what this picture is! It's the Snakepit tour bus. These two fans got to go into the bus and talk to Adam Day, SLASH's guitar tech, and a couple of other guys in the Snakepit group. Adam Day is one of the nicest guys you can meet. Larry, the tour manager, saw the girls and let them have some time checking out Snakepit's home away from home. Dina and Sylvia and two friends were wearing snakeskin print pants and Snakepit tanktops they made using the cover of the old album! And they had a special SLASH cheer. They got backstage passes! And they did get to meet SLASH and talk to him and the other guys! This was, as they said, "...a dream come true". Amazing how one man and one band can spread so much happiness. For more on Dina's and Sylvia's day, check the Reviews section. It's under Snakepit 1999-2000 on the Main Menu.

Moving on to Montreal, Karolyne also went with other fans. They met Keri Kelli right away. They bought tshirts, but said the venue wasn't full till AC/DC took the stage. Still, a lot of Snakepit shirts were seen in the audience. Karolyne said Rod was great and wore blue velvet pants. SLASH was in his leather pants and top hat. It was hard to hear him over guitars and drums. She liked the show although she couldn't catch all the lyrics and didn't know song titles. They waited for SLASH to come out, but the bus pulled right out. The venue manager then called the cops to get them to leave! Are these dedicated fans or what? They were all let down not to get to see SLASH but hope he will be back there on a club tour. Thanks, Karolyne!

Alan sent us a note on the Montreal show, too. He says SLASH's guitar sounded great! SLASH came out with his top hat and no shirt. Cool, SLASH! The songs were great, and "Mr. Brownstone" was pretty cool. Alan says he can hardly wait for the new album, and he thinks Snakepit was the perfect band to open for AC/DC. Too bad Snakepit only played a half hour. And AC/DC rocked! Thanks, Alan.

Marc was also at Montreal and says it was the greatest night of his life! SLASH switched between his Les Paul and the Snakepit signature guitar. Rod was in top form, singing his heart out, and loving every minute of it. Rod used the stage well moving from one end to another. Matt, Johnny G and Keri were at their best, too. You could feel the energy from the whole band. Marc's one complaint is that you could not hear SLASH very well but other than that, the show was excellent. Thanks, Marc!

Montreal was Rat's second show, and he was with Karolyne's group. He says the show was awesome. People went crazy for "Mr. Brownstone". Even the beer selling guys were dancing in the aisles and playing air guitar! Rod is just great connecting with the crowd. SLASH moved around the stage a lot; it was extremely rock and roll! After the show, they ran into SLASH, his girlfriend and his bodyguard. Rat yelled at them and took their pictures. The parking employees would not let them near the bus, and they had to watch it pull out. Rat says SLASH had 2 awesome shows that he'll never forget. The crowd seemed to like SLASH a lot and bought tshirts, too! Thanks, Rat!

News Reported: 08/16/00

Yasser was at the Toronto show, and the best thing was that after years of waiting, he met SLASH, shook his hand three times and got a picture of the two of them. He got to meet the band who he said were f*ckin' friendly! After the show he met SLASH and Angus Young! Both shows rocked. He also talked to Rod and Johnny G. (who was instrumental in getting SLASH to sign autographs. Thanks, Johnny!). Keri Kelli was really nice and talked awhile, too. Yasser was wearing his top hat and Snakepit tshirt, and the band was joking that SLASH's brother was there. Yasser sounds like he had a great time! At the end of the evening Yasser met Matt Laug who talked to him for about 10 minutes. (Matt is super easy to talk to). Angus Young came out and did autographs. Yasser said SLASH is playing better than ever and can't wait for the new album. This was pretty cool: Yasser says, "I finally got to see my idol play in front of me, and it was something I have waited for all my life." The band played "It's So Easy" at the second Toronto show, and Yasser feels that Axl is not even being missed because Rod can sing. He's hoping the band will turn up at a club show soon as he wants to get his guitar signed. We do, too! Yasser's feelings echo ours..."truly the greatest day of my life". Thanks, Yasser and SLASH and Rod, Matt, Keri, and Johnny G. You're the best!

Nicolas Duval-Mace was at the Quebec City show. He says SLASH looks the same as in GNR days except for the recent addition of a short beard. Onstage he wore his hair down, no top hat (!!), black leather pants and a green shirt which he soon discarded. Nicolas says the gig was great! It was his the new Snakepit. SLASH was running around the stage playing great riffs. Rod's voice was great! Nicolas wished that SLASH would talk more. The high point was "Mr. Brownstone"; the audience went crazy! The Snakepit banner looked super's huge and looks like the 95 album cover without that album title on it. Nicolas thanks SLASH for a great performance! Thanks to you, too, Nicolas, for telling us about the show.

Rat went to both the Montreal and Quebec City shows. He'll send us more details on the gigs, but this note is about meeting SLASH. At the tour bus Rat met up with other fans. He had met the band (minus SLASH) earlier. SLASH was in the tour bus; and when he came out, he signed autographs. Rat was also able to get a few pics snapped off which he promises to share. He was even able to get a SLASH stage-used pick when the stage was cleaned after the show. SLASH left early and did not sign autographs. This may have had something to do with his beautiful girlfriend who was visiting! First things first, guys! Thanks, Rat!

Tonight is the Montreal show. Then we finally retrieve SLASH from Canada. The next show is in Atlanta GA on 8/17 at the Phillips Arena. With all these great reviews, don't you want to get out and hear Snakepit and meet the band? Tell SLASH & Co. we said hi.

News Reported: 08/15/00

If you're from San Diego, CA, Wake Up, Time To Play! San Diego's been added to the Snakepit/AC/DC tour schedule. The date is 9/17/00 at 7:30 pm. The venue is San Diego Sports Arena. Tickets $20-$45, so the price is right. Tickets are on sale right now. If you buy online, the current best seats available are VIP tickets down front! Go!

Tonight's the Quebec City show, and tomorrow it's Montreal. We hope you Canadian fans will get with it and send in some reviews for the band, SLASH and fans to check out. Use the address near the top of this page. We have two interview reports to pass along now. Susan from West Palm Beach was listening to WPBZ 103.1 on Wednesday, August 9, and guess who the phone-in guest was? SLASH! You get SLASH coming out of your radio, you're lucky to make it to your next appointment on time! (Personally we come to a sudden and full stop wherever we are.) The dj asked SLASH if he had a trailer just for hair products since he has such killer hair! SLASH laughed and said no. The dj then asked SLASH if he had been asked to endorse hair care products, and he asked SLASH to do a slogan for them pretending to be a Revlon spokesman. SLASH laughed but didn't do it. He did say that people were always asking him to endorse the craziest things. He couldn't believe it sometimes! Great story, Susan! Too funny!

One of our best buddies is Elena in Canada. Elena got to attend the Toronto press conference with her editor. Elena says by the time that SLASH and the ENTIRE band walked in, she was shaking. Her editor had NO questions of her own, so she let this major SLASH fan ask questions. Elena then asked the first question, the last question, and nearly every other question as no one there knew what she did about SLASH and his band. Is this a dream come true or what? If you think Elena had competition, here was a question from a magazine staffer to SLASH, "If you were a pizza, what kind would you be?" SLASH passed on that one. No un-cool questions, please! Questions from MuchMusic and other places were dropping like flies as the band and SLASH seemed puzzled by the weirdness of what they were hearing. Elena saved SLASH and the band with a barrage of interesting, knowledgeable questions! Elena asked about the band line-up and how permanent it is. SLASH replied it was a permanent band. He was asked about the SLASH in SLASH's Snakepit, and he gave the explanation of a girl band that was using Snakepit first. SLASH says the statute of limitations runs out soon, and the band will be Snakepit. Elena asked whose album he would like to guest on, and SLASH replied, "Stevie Wonder". She asked him if he had nightmares about Axl, and he said (as the whole band laughed), "Yes, I have this recurring dream. Axl is late for a show, and we play AC/DC songs". She asked the band why they were in this band, and they replied that it was because of Blues Ball that some of them got involved with SLASH and liked working with him.

Elena also said that SLASH mentioned this fan site! And then she got to meet the band and talk to them. And SLASH of course. And she got to give him a giant hug and get her picture taken with him. Thanks, Elena for that cool story!

News Reported: 08/14/00

We took last night off to rest our fingers, but SLASH's Snakepit rested NOTHING! Last night was the Ottawa show. We spoke to SLASH afterward. He sounded tired, his voice was raspy but he is so happy to be onstage with his band entertaining his fans. Keep sending those reviews! They really are getting through to SLASH. You want him back for a club tour? How about letting us know! SLASH, Pittsburgh wants you back for as long as you can stay! By the way, the two pictures you see here are from going backstage to see SLASH. Thanks again, SLASH! You're the best. The whole band was so friendly! SLASH's manager, tour manager, guitar tech and even his (scary) bodyguard were wonderful. Hi, guys! You're all the best! Tonight is an off night for the band. Tomorrow is a big show in Quebec. We've heard from several people on their plans to see Snakepit and trying to see the guys after the show! Should be a good SLASH's Snakepit crowd out for this one! Send those reviews! And if anyone takes pictures during or after the show...we'd like to set up a photo scrapbook on the page for all your pictures. Scan them many as you want and send them along. We want proof that you met SLASH! We want to see the stage you saw. We'll start it off with a few we took in the next few days. Send them to Thanks!

Now that they know they're loved, let's check out these reviews. We had one from Toronto and one for Ottawa. Wake up, Ottawa! We need a few more from you! Go back to Toronto for a minute. Tom let us know that SLASH was on the Toronto TV station Much Music for a brief appearance the afternoon of the show. The first thing SLASH did was light up a cigarette. SLASH says he is having a good time on the tour (you already guessed that, didn't you?) and a very good time doing what he is doing with Snakepit. The inevitable question about a GNR reunion was asked, and SLASH replied that there would never be a Guns reunion. SLASH said the downfall of Guns is one of the few regrets of his life, but he is very happy with Snakepit. The Paradise City video was played then because they didn't have a Snakepit video yet. (But one is coming next month!)

Death's Servant was at the Toronto show. Summary: the show KICKED ASS! The band was energetic even though half the seats were empty. He's hoping to see SLASH on the next tour at clubs. He said all he did see was worth the cash, even if the money Snakepit deserves went to AC/DC. Thanks!

On to Ottawa, Canada. ASH sent a review of last night's show. He said that in two words IT ROCKED! The sound was good, not great, but neither was AC/DC's. The light show was impressive, and the crowd was fairly supportive. SLASH played two guitars, his signature Snakepit and one of his Les Paul standards. The only complaint from ASH was SLASH's Snakepit did not get enough stage time. He also hopes to see SLASH on that club tour real soon. We want to see Snakepit longer and louder! Thanks, Ash!

Another SLASH site on the net! Max found SLASH's new website on Koch Records' German homepage. And he also found SLASH's Snakepit's site. We saw one of these (Snakepit) but the site is either hard to reach or not up all the time as we have been unsuccessful accessing it most of the time. Maybe it is under construction. Here is the Koch url. This is their German homepage:
and here is the Snakepit site
Max says the Snakepit page is very cool with some Snakepit music. The news section there says the album is due out in Germany on October 9. US releases are Tuesday; European on Monday. US gets it October 10.

We'll finish up with another fan/SLASH question/answer.

Question 8 from Antony Symonds: I am in a rock band that's been going for a year and a half. Currently, we are having an argument about how important vocals are in a song. Do you think vocals are important or should vocals be secondary to the guitar? I always try to put really good lyrics over the top of it to add extra dimensions. The other guitarist disagrees. He writes his songs but puts hardly any lyrics over the song which is consequently very flat.

SLASH replies: Each guitarist has to do what works for himself as an individual. I write mostly music. Othertimes, I put in lyrics. It's a very individual and individual song process.
News Reported: 08/13/00

We've got three fan reviews on last night's show in Toronto. Thanks! As you know, the first single off Ain't Life Grand is going to be "Been There Lately". The promo single is just coming out and should be ready very soon for the radio stations. At left is the artwork from the single. It was drawn by the Rolling Stone artist whose work you have no doubt seen there. This picture appears on the tshirts. The tour dates are on the back. It says SLASH's Back! at the top. We'll put up more in the days to come.

Our friend Yurich was at Toronto, and he loved it. Seeing his idol, SLASH, for the first time was almost too exciting. SLASH wore brown leather pants, a white tshirt and his top hat. Yurich was surprised at how tall Rod is. Keri is using GMP guitars. Everyone played proficiently, and they played for 30 min. He said that half or more of the audience knew the lyrics to "Mr. Brownstone", and Yurich liked the way Rod sang it live better than Axl. He just couldn't keep still and was happy to get up when everyone stood for Brownstone. His one criticism is the one we have all made: SLASH is mixed too soft. It's my understanding that this is based on the mix that AC/DC wants for themselves, so it may never be right for us. AC/DC was outstanding. Thanks, Yurich!

Brandon was also at the show; and when he got in the door at home, he sent us his thoughts on the evening. He said SLASH kicked serious ass! Brandon has always been a big GNR fan and says it's natural to continue supporting SLASH in Snakepit. The band did really well, and Brandon hopes they will be around again. Next time he wants them to be the "BIG" band so SLASH can play longer and do encores....because you can never get enough of SLASH. Amen to that!

You've got to go to the Reviews section (click Snakepit 1999-2000 on the Main Menu, scroll down and click Reviews) and read Matt Ross's whole review. You feel like you are right there, and he caught a lot of details. Matt saw SLASH as they came in from backstage. He had on red high tops and what seemed to be an XXL tshirt. SLASH played his Les Paul Standard and his custom Snakepit Les Paul. Matt's drums and the guitars filled the arena. The first song, "Sweetest Drug" (?) absolutely ruled! You could see how happy SLASH was to be back onstage. He ran back and forth, wailing away, staying in perfect sync with the band. Rod made some jokes and decided to go topless. The audience was going ballistic. When SLASH changed guitars, he started flipping/spinning the guitar with one hand! Go, SLASH! When "Mr. Brownstone" was played, the audience hit the roof. SLASH sounded exactly like the old GNR days, and Rod did an incredibly accurate impression of Axl. SLASH did a blazing solo, and the guys finished off with one more song. Matt says it was a fantastic opening - one of the coolest 40 minutes in his life. Thank you, Matt! And thank you for the two pictures of the Air Canada Center seen above.

News Reported: 08/11/00

Today we have some new information on a SLASH guest appearance and two more show reviews! The metalqueen at left is Doro Pesch, and SLASH is making a guest appearance on her forthcoming album Calling The Wild. The album will be released September 12 by Koch Records (get that connection?), and it is available for pre-orders right now on the net CD stores. Dreamer sent us a note that Doro was interviewed on the net a few days ago. The interview is at Metal Meltdown. Doro talks about the artist appearances on her album including SLASH, Al Pitrelli and Eric Singer. While you are waiting for Ain't Life Grand, you can check out Doro and SLASH!

We got a review from Maria Vayner from Georgia on the Pittsburgh show. Maria wasn't pleased with her evening. She said her tickets were too expensive and not very good. The expense was for seeing AC/DC, and she really only came to see SLASH. Maria said everything SLASH did was great, but she wasn't as happy with Rod. When SLASH left the stage, she went outside and waited in the rain 4 hours for SLASH to come out, and he never did. (SLASH had fans come into the trailer to sign autographs later as it poured in Pittsburgh all night). Maria said she had a better experience 5 years ago with Snakpit 95. Don't forget! This is an arena tour, and it's hard to get next to the guys at a large venue. We don't think AC/DC ever signs autographs anywhere. Soon there will be a club tour, and it should be easier to talk to SLASH.

A Boston review comes from Jeff who says "it kicked ass"! Jeff was so close he could have touched SLASH (this is an excellent seat!), and he says it is the best show he has ever seen even if it was only 30 min. long. A highpoint was "Mr. Brownstone". Jeff was asking about tshirts. There are no tshirts for sale here right now, but the venues are all selling 2 versions: one with a distorted band picture, dates on back and the other a small woman's, tank-type top. Each is $32. We bought one of each and will try to get them out on the page asap. Snakepit was only allotted space for two items at the merchandise stands. C'mon, Angus, we need more space! Thanks, Jeff and Maria!

Let's take another SLASH question today! The guys are playing Toronto this evening with tomorrow off as they move to Ottawa for the show on the 12th. Keep those reviews coming!

Question: Rumor has it that Suns is re-uniting with the original lineup that was on the Appetite for Destruction album. Is this true? And if so, are we going to have official reports of this, a new album, and all of you back on stage together again?

SLASH replies: Guns N'Roses has ended. The rumors you hear about the band getting back together are just rumors. There is no official truth to a new GNR album being made. While some of us are willing to get back together for a show or short tour, not all of us are. So it won't happen without all of us. Even a show does not look very likely right now.

News Reported: 08/10/00

Wendy found a SLASH mention in the August 31 issue of Rolling Stone. It's an article on the AC/DC tour, and it says this about SLASH's Snakepit:

"Helping AC/DC to heap on the heaviness will be SLASH and his band, SLASH's Snakepit, who will open each show. 'I'm really f*cking just happy to be on the same stage with those guys,' says SLASH. 'I've been listening to AC/DC since I was thirteen, and we used to cover 'Whole Lotta Rosie' in Guns N'Roses.' And what does Young think of SLASH? 'I've never met him before,' he says of the ex-Guns N'Roses guitarist. 'Is he a big fellow? I'm pretty little, so I'll have to wear my stilts.' "

Angus hadn't met SLASH either! Well, stop in his trailer and get acquainted. And you won't need stilts!

The Boston show was last night, and the band is off today moving to Toronto. They play the Air Canada Centre August 10! Get out there and give the band a Canadian welcome. And here are excerpts from the Boston reviews. The full text is on the Reviews section under Snakepit 1999-2000 (on Main Menu):

Dan said the show was good with Snakepit playing about 40 min. The band played the new songs from their album, and Dan liked "Shine" best. SLASH was on the radio there and lost his voice which he blamed on a lot of partying! AC/DC rocked for two hours and didn't stop. Thanks, Dan. That's a point to stress..this tour is about the new album. If they cover one GNR song, that may be it. SLASH was planning to do a show (not opening) with 3 GNR covers, 3 Snakepit 95 covers and the rest from the new album. Hopefully, we will see that show when he finishes opening for AC/DC.

Chris sent a high voltage report! He had an excellent time meeting the guys as well as seeing the show. Snakepit played about 33 min. They rushed from song to song to get as many in as possible. Rod introduced everyone with SLASH getting a big cheer. The biggest responses were for "Mr. Brownstone" and "Mean Bone". Chris really liked "Mean Bone", "Shine" and "Been There Lately". Rod moves around the stage really well. The 'pit is a powerful band and you can hear the blues in some songs. Chris can't wait for the club tour. He got to meet SLASH and Rod and say hello to some of the other guys. He and Rod discussed the songs on the album which Rod seemed to enjoy. SLASH is #1 on Chris's list with Rod at #2! Thanks, Chris!

News Reported: 08/09/00

If you're going to one of this tour's shows, we wanted to let you in on how the SLASH meeting with fans went in Pittsburgh. This is probably similar to what you'll find. Snakepit plays about 40 minutes, and they go off backstage to unwind and cleanup a little. If there are people with passes (in Pittsburgh these were primarily label and media people), the guys come out and chat with them and generally horse around! Around 9:30 SLASH got ready to leave. He went to his bus. His security guy let one fan at a time in to see SLASH (some other band members were there, too). Each person had a chance to talk a little and get an autograph! To find the bus, look around the venue for all the trailers. The buses were inside that grouping in Pittsburgh. There were 3 buses, one for Snakepit and two for AC/DC. The two buses were big, silver, identical. SLASH's bus was very cool - cream colored with dark writing. Hope this helps you find the band. SLASH says he really likes seeing the people he entertained after his show, so don't hesitate to come over.

We have more reviews for you. Since we have quite a few, we'll just quote briefly and put the entire review in Reviews (under Snakepit 1999-2000 in the Main Menu). Thanks to everyone who has sent one in, and please keep sending them! Don't forget tonight's show is in Boston, MA at Fleet Center. Then the band heads for Canada for four shows beginning with Toronto on August 10.

Keith sent in a review for the Detroit show. Keith said his family got great seats from the VH1 ticket sale and were right by the soundboard. Keith said Rod's voice was awesome, and SLASH was great! The guys came back to the soundboard to watch AC/DC, and Keith was able to attract their attention. They got waves and winks in return. His young son was at his very first concert, and Snakepit and AC/DC made another young fan. Bringing him up right, Keith!

Detroitrockcity0 sent a report from, where else? Cleveland! He said that SLASH was very good, but he was annoyed that SLASH was never in the spotlight. He played a really good set and had a lot of energy, but it took the "Mr. Brownstone" cover before everyone got up. He also wished that SLASH would say something. The only reason he came was to see SLASH, but SLASH was silent. All in all, it was an amazing show, and no one should miss it. NOTE: We asked Slash about the spotlight, and he said the lighting man never could seem to find him. He said he doesn't really like to talk onstage and doesn't if someone else will do it. Rod seems to be the spokesman. We asked SLASH to try to say a few words to the audience. We noticed in Pittsburgh that he said a few sentences! Come on, SLASH, we want a funny monologue!

Brian Simer reviewed Cleveland. SLASH did a 2pm interview at 100.7 WMMS. Brian said that SLASH talked about his early influences, the new album, his artistic side, the new album and the show. "Shine" and "Been There Lately" were played on the radio. Snakepit began with the seats less than half full. SLASH wore his top hat, a black shirt, purple leather pants and converses. Rod Jackson seemed happy and energized. SLASH did some great solos on "Been There Lately" while Matt Laug's drumming was very impressive. Brian has a well thought out review of the different songs and band members. Be sure to check this out in the Reviews section.

Two more Pittsburgh interviews from Laura and Brandon Tolley. Laura said that seeing SLASH live was great. A lot different from seeing a picture! He really had 3 dimensions and can MOVE! She just loved seeing the SLASH trademark hair and hat, and Snakepit sounded great. The band was really together and sounded very professional. She didn't get a chance to meet them in person, but we think she will have the chance someday. Brandon says his favorite song is "Been There Lately" (ours, too). SLASH did some soloing, and there was an enormous crowd reaction to "Mr. Brownstone". It made Brandon wish for that GNR reunion we keep hearing about.

Thanks to all who took time to write and send in their comments. Much appreciated!

News Reported: 08/08/00

Last night Snakepit left by tour bus from Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena heading toward Fleet Center in Boston. Pittsburgh's weather was severe thunderstorms and hard rains till just about the time the fans were arriving. The weather cleared till the middle of the night when those thunderstorms started again. We think Pittsburgh was saying goodbye to SLASH and the boys! Don't forget! The Boston show is tomorrow night, Tuesday, August 8! Wish we could see them again!

We have reviews from the Detroit, Cleveland and Pittsburgh shows. We'll take excerpts for the reviews, and you will find the complete reviews in the Review section under Snakepit 1999-2000 on the Main Menu. Some things you've mentioned are very helpful. SLASH has tried to correct mixing and sound problems. This isn't always possible because Snakepit is not getting many soundchecks. AC/DC truly has a monster stage show that takes a very long time to set up, so Snakepit has to go on without a soundcheck. We told SLASH to play louder! He says he is, but their sound is at the mercy of the mixing desk. Patience! Our guy will be out on his own very soon.

Our friend Dori talked about the Detroit show. Just seeing that huge SLASH's Snakepit tapestry hanging on stage was thrilling! Then, out they came...SLASH was into the black colors of his wardrobe and wearing his top hat. Dori says the show was great! The band boomed, and the audience roared! A direct quote, "SLASH was nothing but perfect"! We love to hear that! Dori thought the band worked well together, and everyone was right in step with each other...amazing since it was just the second show. Dori would love to see another show, but one in a more intimate setting where you can get up close to the band. She says she'd go to see this show again, too!

The third show was in Detroit MI, and Eric gave us a report on that one. Snakepit played 40 minutes as the opening band and did 6 or 7 songs from the new album. The fans were really supportive of them especially when they played "Mr. Brownstone". Eric said that "seeing SLASH live was just so awesome", and he only wished he could have met his favorite guitarist in person. SLASH was all over the stage, running and doing his famous "circledance". Rod Jacksons's vocals were a little raspy but good. He said AC/DC just about blew the house down. It sounds like both bands were right on it! Thanks, Eric.

Last night was the incredible Pittsburgh show. Dan was at the show and gave us a late night report! He says he was totally blown away. SLASH has some great riffs in his new songs and played terrific lead guitar. "Mr. Brownstone" was outstanding. Dan said he went to the show to see SLASH and felt he could have left with Snakepit, or they could have played all night. Dan has nothing but good things to say about the show and reminded the guys to visit the east more often.

Last night we were at the Pittsburgh show and were lucky enough to have a chance to meet Snakepit, its management, and that wonderful SLASH. First we saw the show which we watched standing because we cannot sit down if SLASH is onstage. Today we have black and blue hands from clapping so hard. The band is very tight, very professional. If there are mistakes, we don't hear them. SLASH whirled and ran across the stage using those moves that make you gasp. Matt Laug pounds those drums like there is no tomorrow and seems to smile the entire time. Johnny G looks like the old pro that he is. He and SLASH have played together a long time. Our new guitarist, Keri Kelli is so good...don't think of him ever as a second choice. Fantastic, and he and SLASH play really well together. He has a beautiful blue, sparkly guitar. We were told the make, but we've forgotten. And then, our man Rod. Well, if this isn't one of the handsomest vocalists we've seen, we don't know who is. Those dreads down to his waist, and the way he moves onstage... Well, Rod is going to win a lot of hearts up there. And he can sing! His voice seemed a little raspy, but when we talked to the guys, they all sounded a little raspy. Rod's vocals are just right for the kind of songs he's singing. What a smashing entertainer he is.

After the show we got to meet all these people, see them close up and talk to them. Everyone in the band is so friendly, and they all seemed to be having the time of their lives. We've never seen so many smiles in one little room. They all know about the SLASH page, and they know about you...all their fans who come here for information. They hope to see you all really soon. If you expect SLASH to be the big rock star type, he isn't. He is so much fun. He listens and looks at you when you talk. He answers and buzzes around the room making sure everyone gets a chance to say hello. When he needs a rest from visitors, he collapses with his band on the floor or on a couch. They really seem close to each other. SLASH is a darling; very considerate; and one of the nicest guys we've met. Anyone who's met him says this, but we wanted to add our thoughts. If you're backing this guy, you picked a winner!

Just to top things off, here is the sixth question SLASH answered for one of his fans:

Question from William Kim: What's up, SLASH? I was wondering what is your opinion abuot the whole Napster vs. Metallica situation. As an artist, do you feel that the public is stealing music from the artists or is music finally brought back to the people?

SLASH replies: Napster is what everyone is asking about. First, bootlegging shows is cool. With Napster, some controls are needed or the artist and the record label lose all control of the music. The technology is new and to an extent it is good. Artists and labels have to make sure that what happened with MTV doesn't happen again. When MTV started showing music videos, artists and labels didn't really understand what would happen in the future. There were no negotiations. As a result, the artists get nothing when their videos are shown. Radio has to pay for its use of the music, but MTV pays nothing. I think we have to be careful that this situation does not happen again.
Thanks, SLASH and William - a very timely questions and thoughtful answer.

News Reported: 08/07/00

Last night, August 3, SLASH's Snakepit did their second show of this tour at the Palace in Detroit MI. We have a fan review for you on that, but first, don't forget that SLASH and the boys will play tonight in Cleveland OH at the Gund Arena in Cleveland OH. Sunday they will show up in Pittsburgh PA for a much anticipated show at the Mellon (Civic)Arena. It looks like Ticketmaster and the promoters are doing what they usually do with seats. As the time draws closer, and seats get really bad, they will suddenly throw a whole lot more seats into the pot. These are usually above average to great seats. So have a look at Ticketmaster before you buy from a scalper. It appears that right now nearly every venue has some seats available again.

Kevin sent us a review of the Detroit concert which will be reprinted in its entirety in the Reviews section (under SLASH's Snakepit 1999-2000). Overall, he thought Snakepit was very good! "Shine" is an excellent song, and Kevin thought it was the best of their limited set. "Mr. Brownstone" was the GNR cover at this show. Rod Jackson, lead vocalist, has stage movements that are a cross between David Lee Roth and Axl Rose (this we definitely want to see!). Kevin thought Rod's voice was consistent, strong and somewhat raspy. SLASH didn't have many solos which Kevin found disappointing. Hey, we are here for SLASH! The mixing left something to be desired when the drums were louder than SLASH! SLASH, play it f*ckin' LOUD! Kevin is anxious to get the new album, and he said they got a decent audience reaction. And about that great band that selected Snakepit to open for them, Kevin says that AC/DC were in one word...AMAZING! Thanks, Kevin!

Question from Minnesotoa: SLASH, which do you prefer - playing in a large stadium back in the Guns days or playing int the club circuit with the Snakepit?

SLASH replies: Both playing stadiums and playing clubs and everything in between! It makes touring fun when you do different kinds of venues. You can reach more people that way, too, since people will sometimes never go to a club or will never go to a stadium.
Thanks, SLASH and Minnesotoa!

News Reported: 08/04/00

The first show in Grand Rapids MI is over, and it was a great one! We have a couple of reports from Matt and one from SLASH! SLASH said everything went really well. They had to get used to the large stage and be careful not to fall off thinking it was larger than it was! He said he was very nervous. His worries went up in smoke! Whatever slight problems there were, Rod was able to cover them. Thanks, Rod! SLASH said Rod sounded just great, and the audience was very receptive. One of his worries was that there would be just a few people watching the opening band, but he said it was crowded, and the audience clapped and cheered after every song they did. Snakepit played about 40 minutes. We asked what Snakepit did then, and he said they went to the soundboard and watched AC/DC's show which was really great. A great rock and roll show! SLASH sounded great and was wound up like a top even today. It's been a long time coming, but now they are out there! Make sure you get to see them.

We got our first review. Matt of Grand Rapids sent us a very excited and enthusiastic one. Yesterday, Matt told us that their local station, WKLQ, was interviewing SLASH and AC/DC. WKLQ is also on the net as The interview was 3 - 5 pm, and unfortunately we received the notice too late to attend or to let you know. We'll try to be more heads up in the future. SLASH did say he would combine the promo tour with the concerts, so please watch for this on your local radio stations when they come to town.

About the show, we'll let Matt tell you himself below. Don't forget that all the reviews will be posted in the Reviews area of the Snakepit 1999-2000 Section (off the Main Menu...first row, third column). Here's Matt:
" I just got back from the show!!!!!! It was awesome. Snakepit Totally Rocked!!! Their new songs are great!! We got to meet Slash!!!! We met him on the way into soundcheck. He was very nice. He signed my guitar and a cd for me. I must say that he is a little smaller than I imagined. I didn't write down a setlist but i know that they played these songs definitely- Ain't Life Grand, Shine, and they also played It's So Easy!!!! Slash sounded great...He was wearing a black T shirt, some purple converse shoes and leather pants. I purchased a shirt for $32....It's pretty cool....It has cartoon drawn characters of the band on the front and has the cities from the tour on the back...Only two shirts were available for Snakepit...The interview was also pretty good...It was on at about 2:30 eastern time...He discussed everything from his childhood influences all the way to his current favorites...They also played three songs from the forthcoming Snakepit CD. All in all, I must say I had a wonderful day!!!
Thanks much

Ain't Life Grand!!!!!!!

Think Matt is a happy guy?! Hopefully we have SLASH fans at all the shows. Speaking of which, Matt in Canada tells us that the August 10 show is SOLD OUT! Seats for August 11 there are still available. To buy Canadian venue tickets, check out Edward in Sacremento CA let us know that Ticketmaster is not handling the Oakland CA tickets. These are being distributed by, and you can buy them online. Rod sent us a list of Canadian dates. We do have these but did not know the status of ticket sales. Thanks, Rod, Matt and Edward for the ticket information. Next show is tomorrow night, August 3, Detroit MI at the Palace. The show is SOLD OUT. If you need tickets, check Maybe you can be a last minute bidder. Look in your local paper for some of the ticket dealers handling these. Get out there and say hi to SLASH!

Before we let you go, how about a fan question/SLASH answer to calm you down?
Question: Paul Modaley or Merseyside, England writes, "I am a very big fan of your playing; you play with passion, and you are a very proficient player. When I write music for my band, I am often left confused about how I should do it. I am an isolationist at heart. Do you think it is better to play with the others straight away? Can you read music?"

SLASH replies: No, I can't read music. I play by ear. I try to make what I hear (sometimes just in my head) come out my hands into the guitar. When I write music, I usually write on my own at least to start. Then, I bring it to one or more of the band depending on what I need to hear...percussion, more guitars, bass. Then we jam on it. When we have something that's good, we take it to the whole band, and we just jam on it and jam on it until it's either great or put aside. This is what works for me. Everyone has his own style, though.

Thank you, Paul and SLASH!

News Reported: 07/31/00

This is the entrance to the Snakepit Studio in SLASH's house. This is the most used room in the place according to SLASH. Now the band and SLASH are gone, and this room goes unused. Tonight is opening night for SLASH's Snakepit as they open for AC/DC on Tuesday, August 1 in Grand Rapids, MI. The show is a sellout! Right now the band is there rehearsing and getting set up. SLASH left Sunday from Los Angeles and was looking forward to meeting AC/DC. The shows are sold out until August 6 in Pittsburgh PA which is down to obstructed view seats. Good luck, Snakepit!

Before he left, SLASH managed to work in some answers to fan questions. It looks like he answered over 20 of the questions sent in. Let's check these out:
Question: David asked if SLASH would ever consider doing a guest guitarist spot on Chinese Democracy (the new GNR album) in much the same way that Jimmy Page and Brian May have.
SLASH Replies: I doubt it. (tension and not having a clear picture of the overall kind of music the band is working in. Snakepit is busy right now.)

Question: I've been wanting to go to one of your concerts, but most that have been in my area, (southern California), seem to be in 21 or over places when I call about tickets. Will you be playing in any 18 and over or all ages places this next time you start touring?
SLASH Replies: The AC/DC shows are All Ages. When Snakepit tours again after the international tour, the shows will be in all kinds of venues. We aim for All Ages but often those venues are taken or the promotor has things set up in another club with admission restrictions.

Question: Do you have a schedule for the tour and if not will Columbia SC be on there?
SLASH Replies: The tour schedule for Snakepit opening for AC/DC is available. It can be found on this site in the Snakepit 1999-2000 Section off the Main Menu. You can also check and AC/DC's official site. Georgia and Virginia are the only states on AC/DC's tour that are in the South. The Snakepit tour later in the year has not yet been completely set up so the tour schedule is not yet available.

The third issue of the UK-based GNR fanzine Nightrain is out! Ian and Kim sent us a copy, and this is a good one. The fanzine is packed with articles on Gunners past and present. There's information on how to contact other fans and some of the band. It's a very exciting publication to read - makes you realize how many of us there really are! Why not buy a copy today (cost covers just the mailing and materials)? Want to order or need more information? We have a link for you here:

Nightrain Fanzine

News Reported: 07/31/00

SLASH'S SNAKEPIT WORLD TOUR STARTS TUESDAY, AUGUST 1 AT VAN ANDEL ARENA IN GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN! Michigan, are you ready for this! You must be, it's SOLD OUT! All the Slash fans better get there early, grab a seat and give SLASH and the boys a lot of support. Screaming and yelling is absolutely encouraged! Don't forget those signs! Don't forget anything! We're expecting reviews!

Here's a couple things we all want to know. We didn't get a chance to confirm either of these with SLASH: when is SLASH available for greeting fans...after Snakepit or after AC/DC? Does he play with AC/DC at all? What was the merchandise like?! Send these answers asap because there is another show 2 days later.

Fans have written about ticket availability. We found this information on Ticketmaster online. Oh, and we learned that Ticketmaster online ( is not handling the Canadian shows or the Las Vegas show. Here's the availability:
8/1 Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena....sold out
8/3 Auburn Hills, MI Palace.....sold out
8/4 Cleveland, OH Gund....sold out
8/6 Pittsburgh, PA Civic (Mellon) Arena....obstructed view
8/8 Boston, MA Fleet Center...sold out
8/19 Bristow, VA Nissan....Good seats
8/20 Philly, PA First Union....sold out
8/22 Wilkes Barre, PA First Union Civic .....Good seats
8/24 E. Rutherford, NJ Continental Airlines....Good seats
8/25 NYC MSG.....obstructed view
8/27 Indianapolis IN...Conseco....Good seats
8/29 Cincinnati OH Firstar....Fair seats
8/30 Milwaukee WI Bradley...Upper level
8/31 Tinley Park, IL New World Music....Lawn seats
9/2 Minneapolis, MN Target Center....Sold out
9/3 Kansas City, MO Kemper Arena...Limited View
9/5 St. Louis, MO Kiel Center.....Good seats
9/7 Dallas, TX Reunion Arena....Lower level seats
9/8 Houston, TX Compaq....Average seats
9/11 San Antonio, TX Alamo Dome....Remaining seats are not very good
9/13 Phoenix, AZ America West...Average seats
9/16 Devore, CA Blockbuster....Lawn seats
9/19 San Jose, CA San Jose Arena....Side stage seats
9/20 Oakland, CA Oakland Arena.....not listed (too early or not sold by Ticketmaster)

***** Another show has been added! This is on September 9 in Biloxi, MS at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. Tickets are on sale now and second level seats are available. Even sold out venues are still possibilities. The various online auctions have tickets onsale right now.

There's almost too much excitement over the tour to hit other happenings, but here's an interesting one. The GNR calendar for 2001 can be bought right now on the net at Pushposters are located in the UK and are a very reliable company. Whoever makes these calendars never gives up on the old bands.

Did you catch the interview with SLASH last week on SLASH gave some fairly long answers to many of the questions fans have asked about the GNR split, the move to Koch records and others. We have clips from the interview right here for you! Some of these are lengthy (even SLASH make a short story long), but they really provide a lot of insight into different SLASH issues. This interview will also be put in the Interviews section under the Snakepit 1999-2000 section so you can come back and check it out whenever you want!

News Reported: 07/29/00

If you went to Guitar.Com's chat with SLASH, you were one of many who were disappointed. The night before, SLASH indicated that he would have to reschedule. He wanted another band rehearsal as the equipment was leaving for the tour the night of the 26th. So he did cancel, but they couldn't reschedule on a day before SLASH leaves for the tour. As you know, the first show is August 1. So, we'll have to hope for another time. The evening appearance at Soundbreak.Com did take place. This was also to be a chat/interview. At one point there were over 60 people in the chat room making it very difficult to keep up with what was going on there. However, they did provide a live video stream, and the dj interviewed SLASH. As far as we in the chat room could tell, very few if any questions from there were relayed to SLASH. SLASH talked about the demise of GNR, the tour, his new band, his new album and so on. He even got some birthday gifts from the Soundbreak staff. SLASH was not as relaxed as he appeared at the KNAC show. He seemed to move restlessly and to be not as cheerful. We thought Soundbreak could have done a much better job. Best thing: live video feed. Worst thing: ignoring fans' questions. Thanks, SLASH, for appearing! If you'd read the chat room comments you would have seen some really nice fan remarks!

Several people have asked about Snakepit merchandise and wondering if it will be sold at the AC/DC concert (or the Snakepit concerts featuring AC/DC as we like to say!). SLASH said they will have merchandise there, but only about four items will be available. They are not quite geared up for this, but they are going with four items rather than none! That's OK! At right is the tshirt from the pre-album tour, and it's very cool. The new things will be, too! What is the total for one of each item, SLASH?

As you know, SLASH has signed with Koch Records. While he is with the domestic company, there is the original Koch International which has a real presence in Europe. On the Koch International web site in Germany, they continue to advertise that SLASH will appear at Kopkomm (a festival) in Cologne, Germany, on August 17. The AC/DC schedule lists the bands in Canada just before and after that, so we checked this out with SLASH. He has never heard of this engagement, and no one has ever mentioned it to him. He says he will be with Snakepit and AC/DC in Canada at that time. If you're in Germany, that's the official word. Hopefully, they have other great acts at Kopkomm. SLASH said he will be over to see you soon. Hang on!

Last night again, SLASH said the first single from Ain't Life Grand will be "Been There Lately". A video will be made at one of the shows! SLASH always likes those band videos instead of the ridiculous "story" videos. Maybe you'll be in the audience. We're not sure which show it will be although one possibility is Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh fans are really hopeful that there's will be the one!

News Reported: 07/27/00

TWO SLASH net appearances tomorrow, Wednesday, July 26. Adam let us know that SLASH will be doing a chat at 3:30 pm PT! The event appears to be sponsored by Guitar.Com, but it will take place at the Yahoo Celebrity Chat Room. You need to be registered at Yahoo to join the chat. Go to and look for the picture of SLASH at the left on the first page. Click on the word SLASH, and you will go automatically to Yahoo. They open the room 1/2 hour before the chat begins. It is a moderated chat in that SLASH does not see the questions and remarks from people in the room. He sees what the moderator selects to give him. No doubt this moderator will be from Guitar.Com. We don't know how long the chat will last. The celebrity chats are archived in a few weeks and are available on the Yahoo Celebrity Page. Hope to see and hear you at the chat!

And don't forget SLASH's other appearance which we told you about before. He'll be interviewed on the net radio station, You need to be registered there. This appearance will be Wednesday, July 26 at 6:30 pm PT. They have a studio cam so you'll be able to see SLASh, too.

A lot of fans are looking for GNR merchandise from the original band, and there is a place on the web where you can get a limited selection. This site is associated with GNR. Three items relate to Live Era: a tshirt, a jacket, the CD. There's also, for some strange reason, GNR Lies. The page says they will have bandanas, earrings, signed vinyl and tour books in the future. Prices are steep but if you want a Live Era shirt, this is the place to go. It's at:
News Reported: 07/25/00

If you go over to, you'll find that you can order an import copy of Ain't Life Grand right now. It says the album ships in one or two weeks. This is not a pre-order from the description. It is an import selling for just about $40. The description also says Extra Tracks! We don't know for sure, but we think this must be an import from Japan. So, we ordered it not wanting to wait till October 10! CDNOW also has it at a bit more money.

One last word on Celebrity Deathmatch: the Axl/Slash fight will eventually be archived on the MTV site but not anytime really soon. In the meantime you can catch most of it at this site (and thanks to Christian for letting us know):

Note: Click "Other Media" at left when you get there.

We have our summary of SLASH's appearance on KNAC last week. It was a good interview of about 2 hours with some songs thrown in. We did not include the songs as that is a copyright violation. But there is a summary and some SLASH audio! These are going to be installed on the page in a permanent place under SLASH's Snakepit 1999-2000, but we don't have that just yet. For now, it will be right here.

News Reported: 07/23/00

Did you see and hear SLASH on KNAC last night? He was great and did a two hour interview. If you missed it, there's another net "radio" show coming up with our favorite guest, SLASH. It will be on Wednesday, July 26, at 6 pm Pacific Time. We're not sure how long he will be on. The station this time will be Soundbreak says their mission is: To inspire audiences to discover new music and to make a vital part of their daily lives. They're on the right track with SLASH as a guest. See you there! And many thanks to Jarmo who sent us the information.

We're still trying to find out when AC/DC and SLASH will be on the syndicated Mancow show out of Chicago. Bruce tells us he thinks it will be August 31 as that is the day they have their show in that city. Keep listening so we can get the time and date for sure. Thanks, Bruce!

SLASH says that he will be on an MTV show in August. The show is called Cribs or M-Cribs; he wasn't quite sure. The idea is that MTV sends a crew to a rocker's house, and they go all through it showing the house and belongings. SLASH said one of the guys from Korn did this. SLASH negotiated with MTV hard on this one as he didn't want to walk around saying...this is where I sleep and this is my lamp. Not cool. He told them they could do what they wanted, but he'd be in the studio downstairs. And then he gave them a list of places they could not go in the house. It turns out he will take them directly to his studio, and the show will film there. SLASH has sold this house anyway, so it isn't too exciting to see the rest of it. Watch for that one in August. Let us know if you see a date on it. Thanks!

We'll have a complete report and some audio clips from that KNAC interview last night. We expect to have something in a couple of days. The SLASH page did get SLASH! He knows we're out there. His comment about the bathroom is funny. Now if we could just get someone to follow him around that closely, we'd have the information:

SLASH Comments on the SLASH Page
News Reported: 07/21/00

Clear your calendar for tomorrow night! SLASH will be on radio station KNAC in Los Angeles. KNAC broadcasts over the internet, so you can tune in even if you're far away. SLASH is scheduled for 6:30 Pacific Time. KNAC says SLASH is visiting before heading out on tour with AC/DC for a much anticipated tour. They say that SLASH is more about rock than blues now and is returning to the roots that made him a guitar god. Can our guy wail or what? The web site is at, so get over there and check the audio lists to be sure your software is ready to go. Thanks to Jan from Holland for the information, and thanks to KNAC for some help and information. See you all tomorrow at KNAC!

There's another radio interview coming up although we don't have the date yet. Krishna tells us that SLASH will be on the Mancow show with AC/DC in the near future. Krishna missed just when this would be, so if anyone hears, please pass the information on. Krishna says Mancow is based in Chicago (Q101), but his show is syndicated all over the US, and you can get it on the internet. Thanks, Krishna!

A UK publication, Classic Rock did an interview with Steven Adler. It's interesting to GNR fans and a little sad, too. SLASH gets some mentions here as he and Steven were friends from high school. The interview covers Steven's drug abuse, the health problems he had, and the damage done. Steven still thinks of himself as a rock and roller and thinks the original band will get together some day. To check out this article, only slightly abbreviated from the original, click on Steven below. Thanks to Kim and Chris.

News Reported: 07/19/00

July 23 is SLASH's 35th birthday! We've made a birthday section just for him. You'll see some graphics and hear SLASH play "Happy Birthday" a little unsuccessfully! In typical calm SLASH fashion, he lets you know what he thinks about playing this tune! If you'd like to send SLASH a birthday card and/or a gift, you know where to send it! And if you have forgotten, here's the address:

P.O. Box 1016
Beverly Hills, CA
90213-1016 USA

The birthday section is found off the Main Page, but if you'd like to go now and have a look and listen, just click on the birthday greetings below:

SLASH did an interview this past Friday on KLOS 95.5 Los Angeles. He was on about an hour and a half. Clement managed to catch the whole show. We were able to capture a good portion of it on tape here on the East Coast. What you're reading is a mixture. First, SLASH was sometimes hard to hear with his softer voice. We wondered why they didn't turn up his mike. In true SLASH fashion, he got bleeped many times. Once the dj asked him why he was so jingly (the bracelet problem). He was introduced as a gentleman and nice guy, very polite. That sounds like the SLASH we know. They played the intro riff to Welcome..., and the dj's the man that made that sound! SLASH mentioned that he has to play a lot. He says after 2 weeks he is afraid he will forget how to play. We don't think so! The first song played from the album was "Been There Lately" which really rocks. Rod is really something else...his voice is so strong and non-screechy! Very masculine, down home voice. An excellent singer who doesn't take an extra breath. The music rocked, and when it was over, we were bouncing off the walls! We have to mention SLASH's solos...just fantastic, and he adds that extra punch that pushes the record over the top. SLASH said that on tour they will play one, maybe two GNR songs, "Mr. Brownstone" and/or "It's So Easy". At one time he told us that they would play 3 Snakepit I songs, too, but that was awhile ago. Most of their set will be the new album. They took questions which were really lame for the most part. Any of the 100 we sent to SLASH were better than these. SLASH's girlfriend called in! She has a lovely, sexy voice and called SLASH... Hey, baby! No wonder SLASH is living the monogamous life these days. SLASH talked a lot about his experiences playing with other artists, recording and just jamming at a club. SLASH has a lot of interesting stories to tell. Clement caught the other two songs, "Mean Bone" and "Shine". We have been hearing about "Shine" from SLASH for a long time. It will be interesting to see if it is a single. Chris reported that on "Mean Bone" there is a woman talking at the beginning, and we figure this is the woman rapper that they hired for one song. Her name is Raya Beam. The song is about a woman that takes all of a guy's money.

Some notes about the tour. We've been told that there has been a second show added in Toronto on August 11 at Air Canada Centre. Sounds like this tour is going to be a good one if they are already adding second nights. Hopefully, we'll have someone out there at every show, and we really would appreciate your reviews. They can be short or long. We'll provide some editing for spelling/grammar but will print them for the most part as we receive them. We'll have a special place for them. So don't forget to take a pencil and paper and jot down the setlist and what it was like! Tell us what SLASH wore and what the band was like onstage. Did you like the music? How did SLASH sound? Did you get to see him after the show? All those things are very interesting to the rest of us as well as to SLASH who will also get a copy!
News Reported: 07/17/00

Our SLASH page contest is over! This time we didn't have so many correct entries, but we still had to do a drawing. Our two winners are Tiffany and Tiago. We'll have another one soon, and here are the questions/answers from this contest:
1. Latest mod rocker that SLASH guested with. Album not released. Name the artist on whose album SLASH will appear. Rod Stewart
2. Current SLASH's Snakepit band member who recently appeared on stage with Axl Rose. Johnny G.
3. SLASH's Blues Ball vocalist. Teddy Zigzag
4. Name these 3 Snakepit drummers: '95 recording band, '95 touring band, 99-00 recording (and we hope someday soon) touring band. Matt Sorum, Brian Tichy, Matt Laug
5. Among others, SLASH's mom designed stage clothing for this androgynous UK artist. David Bowie
6. Name two artists (or acts) that SLASH played with at the Paris Pay Per View. GNR doesn't count on this one! Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz
7. LA club where SLASH has his own table! Rainbow
8. Company that makes SLASH's guitar picks. Jim Dunlop USA
9. On the tribute to Alice Cooper, "Humanatary Stew", SLASH played on which song? No More Mr. Nice Guy
10. A year ago, Graham Bonnet released an album that SLASH guested on. Name the Beatles song that SLASH covered. Oh! Darling

Did anyone manage to tape SLASH on 95.5 KLOS last evening, the Jim Ladd Show? Technical difficulties here meant we didn't get to hear the show. Also we'd love to make some SLASH excerpts and put them out for everyone to hear. Three Snakepit songs were played off the new album, and it would be super to hear them. SLASH said today that he was nervous doing the interview because this is a really big radio station, and Jim Ladd is someone he has listened to his whole life. So, he forgot to mention the album name and the band name! Interesting that SLASH still can get nervous. Anyway he said they spent most of the time harking back to the old days and music. We'd love to hear it. If you have a copy you'd like to donate/trade/sell send an email to:

Kim from the UK is one of our best sources. She gave us some new information on Doro Pesch. Remember, Doro is the European metal queen who recently signed with Koch Records and is looking to build a US fan base, too. SLASH appears on her new album which is due out September 12. The album title is Calling the Wild. If you like to hear SLASH working with other artists, you'll want to get your order in for this one. Thanks, Kim!

Brian was reading one of the rock news sites, and there was an article about SLASH's Snakepit opening for AC/DC. The one new, interesting fact they gave was that SLASH recently jammed with Herbie Hancock in L.A. Don't know Herbie Hancock? He's a famous jazz pianist. As a composer Hancock cracked the pop market with the funky gospel tune "Watermelon Man," which percussionist Mongo Santamaria made a hit. Making both ground-breaking jazz and popular hits is a knack he has maintained throughout his career. Did anyone happen to see SLASH play with Hancock? Thanks, Brian!
News Reported: 07/15/00

It's official! SLASH's Snakepit will open for AC/DC on the North American leg of their tour! This is our big chance to get out there, see the boys LIVE and show them our support. AC/DC is a rockin' band in their own right so you get two amazing rock bands for the price of one. AC/DC is touring in support of their album Stiff Upper Lip, and of course SLASH's Snakepit is touring in support of Ain't Life Grand. Here's the schedule from the Elektra AC/DC site. The list will also be posted on the Snakepit 1999-2000 section of this page. Tickets are still available but going fast:

                                  Grand Rapids MI      Van Andel Arena
                                  Detroit MI           Palace
                                  Cleveland OH         Gund Arena
                                  Pittsburgh PA        Mellon Arena
                                  Boston MA            FleetCenter
                                  Toronto ON           Air Canada 
                                  Ottowa ON            Correl Centre
                                  Quebec City QC       Colisee Pepsi 
                                  Montreal QC          Molson Centre
                                  Atlanta GA           Phillips Arena
                                  Bristow VA           Nissan Pavilion
                                                       at Stone Ridge
                                  Philadelphia PA      First Union 
                                  Wilkes Barre PA      First Union 
                                  East Rutherford NJ   Continental 
                                                       Airlines Arena
                                  New York NY          Madison Sq. 
                                                       Garden Arena
                                  Indianapolis IN      Conseco 
                                  Cincinnati OH        Firstar Center
                                  Milwaukee WI         Bradley Center
                                  Tinley Park IL       World Music 
                                  Minneapolis MN       Target Center
                                  Kansas City MO       Kemper Arena
                                  St. Louis MO         Kiel Center
                                  Dallas TX            Reunion Arena
                                  Houston TX           Compaq Center
                                  Biloxi MS            Mississippi Coast
                                  San Antonio TX       Alamodome
                                  Phoenix AZ           America West 

                                  Las Vegas NV         Thomas-Mack 
                                  San Bernardino CA    Blockbuster 
                                  San Jose CA          San Jose Arena
                                  Oakland CA           Coliseum

SLASH says a few more shows may be added to the tour, but they will fall
between the dates given here...nothing before August 1 and none after
September 20. Right now, Snakepit is doing the North American leg of the
tour only.  SLASH will send word if that changes.

As for passes and free tickets, SLASH says that won't be happening on the AC/DC tour. It is their tour, and they want a "no comp" tour. This means no free tickets, no passes to dressing rooms. SLASH says he'll still try to meet with fans by the tour buses after the show.

Very important news on the fan mail. SLASH has been so busy that mail is piling up. He apologizes if you have been waiting awhile. He intends to finish off this mail as soon as possible. Please do not use the post office box for mail after July 23. Get whatever you want to send in the mail before then and make the 23rd your last date. The fan mail box will CLOSE July 27! SLASH's birthday is July 23, so get those cards and gifts in the mail as soon as possible! SLASH says some other arrangements will be made for fan mail in the future.

Chris sent us a translastion of the German Koch Records site. We verified with SLASH that he has signed for 5 more albums over the life of the contract. Great! The site said the album will be released in early September. SLASH says the actual date is October 10. On September 26 a single will be released! There will also be a video, but SLASH was not sure if it would be released on the 26th or another date. At least we have the 26th to look forward to. The album is going to follow the tour, so we expect a lot of bootleg recordings to be floating around. Be advised that the artists and venues do not permit taping or photographs. You can snap a few SLASH and Snakepit photos in the parking lot. This is the time to bring that big poster or your guitar! Get ready! Here they come!

Clement sent us some great news! If you haven't heard SLASH for a long time, you can hear him tomorrow (Friday 14)! It was advertised that SLASH will be in the studio for an interview on the "Jim Ladd Show" this Friday night on 95.5 KLOS in Los Angeles/Southern Cal. Clement only caught the last half of the announcement, but he thinks this show usually runs from about 9:30pm til midnight. We suspect the time is Pacific Time. Catch a nap in the afternoon if you are on the East Coast or Europe. Try logging onto to listen live....
News Reported: 07/13/00

Fans have been sending in some Ain't Life Grand mentions, but these are mentions other than by or about SLASH. How really strange that if you look up Ain't Life Grand, you come across mention after mention of sites with that name. Some are music with albums and tracks by that name. Some are truly bizarre. Her's what we turned up: Zakk Wylde has a track out on his new album called Ain't Life Grand. Widespread Panic has a very popular track with the same name. These singers do some track called Ain't Life Grand: John Coltrane, Joyce Cooling, Florida Slim and the Hurricanes! We found two sites where both are dealers in dog sales. There's a "wholesome" web ring with the same name, Warren Bernhard is a jazz pianist with the same album title. Of course there are many SLASH sites and web rings, but there is also Black Oak Arkansas's album with the same title. There is one disgusting site that consists of Nazi photos, the ninth comedy album by Tim Sample of Maine, and there's a letter to the editor of Southern Florida University that has that title. Frankly we're surprised!

Many of you have asked if SLASH will provide backstage passes for the shows. What do you think? Since he says he will meet fans after the show, is there a need for passes? If you think so, what is the need? Is it fair to other fans who are waiting outside while you chat with SLASH? If SLASH gives out passes, should just one be given to a fan or should all his friends get in, too? What about a contest? If you have any idea, let us know. SLASH hasn't made up his mind yet. We tend to lean away from these so that SLASH has time to spend with a lot of fans not just 3 or 4, but we'd be glad to hear what you think.

Chris sent us a translation of a postings on the German Koch Records site, Keep in mind that SLASH has not verified this, but we thought the number of records was so interesting, we wanted you to have it right away. We'll check with SLASH, so think of this as unconfirmed but from a good source: Here is a translation of the article from (thanks, Chris):

The American Rock Guitarist Slash will make the next 5 albums with Koch Records. Slash wrote a contract in New York with Koch Entertainment which sees a long relationship. The President of Koch Entertainment, Bob Frank says " We are unbelievably proud to be working with with a legend such as Slash in the future." Also Slash commented that the deal was satisfying. "It is good to work with people, that want exactly what I want, good music to bring forth"(probably not what he said but that's the translation) Slash will tour with his band in August and on the 17th he will attend Popkomm live. That from Billboard, (sourcing billboard) new work from the top American guitarists, will be released beginning in early September in German stores.

News Reported: 07/11/00

Slickmojo sent some information on an MTV program with a brief SLASH mention. It's called MTV Bloopers and the SLASH section is about his appearance of MTV's Loveline.The show was a good one! Slickmojo says there is a good segment on Lars Ulrich, too, on the Bloopers program. If anyone finds out when that repeats, please let us know.

You can tell interest in Snakepit is heating up! Not only are we seeing SLASH, but other band members too. Rebecca let us know that Rod Jackson's name has been in Kerrang! and mentioned in Metal Sludge. Rebecca is hoping to see the band soon on their tour. Thanks, Rebecca.

We've heard a lot of arguments about which guitarist performs "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". By sheer volume, Steve Vai competes with Chris Impellitteri. Hendrix recorded the track, but Vai did not as far as we can tell. Impellitteri recorded it in 1988. We've had a chance to hear that track, and we think Impellitaeri is the one on the MP3. This MP3 is listed as being by SLASH, but SLASH claims it is not him.

News Reported: 07/09/00

MTV Celebrity Deathmatch is over, and SLASH WON! There was a tremendous and sometimes gory battle between Axl Rose and SLASH, but in the end, Our Hero won. It wasn't easy. SLASH's hair caused tremendous problems for him when he couldn't see where he was going. Bullets fired at Axl zoomed by the red-haired clay figure as he did his famous "serpentine" from Welcome to the Jungle. Near the end, Axl looked like he had done in SLASH for good when he cut SLASH's hair and made omelets from our favorite guitar's brains. (gag). But SLASH rallied and cut Axl into paper dolls. SLASH was declared the winner as he was still alive! Whew, a tough match. If you didn't catch it, it will be repeated this weekend! Watch for it on MTV at 5:30 pm ET on Saturday, July 8. It repeats again on Sunday, July 9 at 7:30 pm ET. This is one to tape. For those who have asked, we don't know the European schedule. If anyone there gets the dates/times, please let us know, and we'll post them. The battle will be shown on the MTV web site, but it is not showing yet, so we'll watch for that one and post it for sure. Congratulations to the curly haired one! You had him all the way!

Here's one more set of top hats. These are from a New Orleans company with a web site, and the Mad Hatter model is under $100. Except for the missing silver conchas, this looks very much like a SLASH "topper".


Keep in mind this is not where SLASH buys his hats; that's somewhere in L.A.

Max sent us information from what he called the German web page of Koch Records. Keep in mind that we can't read other languages to verify or question what's there. Max reports that the site says SLASH has contracted for 5 albums with Koch. They also say Ain't Life Grand will be out in early September. We have never heard SLASH mention a certain number of albums, but we will certainly ask. Koch here said early September. SLASH said...just say September! We have no certain date ourselves. Then they said SLASH was going on a long tour in August, and that is certainly true. They claim SLASH will appear at Popkomm (we don't know what this is but suspect it could be a festival) on August 17! If SLASH is opening for AC/DC, there are shows on the 15th and 19th, so it will be a lightning trip! We'll check this out with SLASH before we all move to Germany! Thanks, Max! If you're an international reader, would you please check your Yahoo language area for Koch Records and SLASH? Thanks!

News Reported: 07/07/00

Yesterday SLASH got away from the July 4 fireworks and talked about what's happening with Snakepit. While the album date is announced as September 26 on several sites, SLASH still prefers we think of it as in September at this time. The album could be released in certain places first (promotional considerations) which could mean you might be able to buy yours later. When he has the exact schedule, he'll let us know.

About Johnny G.'s name...mostly he goes by Johnny. Johnny G. and Johnny Blackout seem to be more nicknames within the band. The bass player is definitely Johnny Griparic. You saw him in Blues Ball and in the Snakepit pre-album tour. Same guy! We're wondering what nicknames SLASH might answer to in the band!

AC/DC has not settled on their opening band for the North American leg of their tour. Snakepit is definitely being considered. SLASH says they will go if the offer is made, and he's really psyched for a chance to get on the road and play again. He should have the information soon and promises to keep us posted. He says he goes to see AC/DC a lot. They put on a good show, and the music is real rock and roll. Get your tickets today, and let's hope for an added bonus of Snakepit.

In the past, SLASH spoke of a promotional tour where he would go from city to city doing interviews with the press, radio and TV. If Snakepit tours with AC/DC, SLASH will do promotions while he's on the road with them; and if the tour doesn't happen, SLASH will do the promo tour at that time. Whether that is alone or with some/all of the band is undecided.

Snakepit is charging ahead with rehearsals. SLASH says that Ryan Roxie was not fired from the band. As you know, Ryan has been touring with Gilby Clarke and now with Alice Cooper in Europe. If Snakepit gets rolling with AC/DC, they have to have another guitarist; and Keri Kelli will fill that position. Ryan's position is there; but if the band leaves on tour, they have to have someone in his slot. SLASH hasn't fired anyone, but he has to have that second guitar player.

A reminder again that MTV will air Celebrity Deathmatch this evening at 10 pm ET. Clay figures of SLASH and Axl Rose will battle it out. Go, SLASH!

Finally, a reminder that our latest contest is still on. Two winners receive autographed photos of SLASH. Answer all the questions correctly, and you get a chance at the drawing! For more information and the contest questions, scroll down to June 26 (search on "contest" works, too). The contest ends Friday, July 14.

News Reported: 07/05/00

Although we haven't heard from SLASH on whether Snakepit will open for AC/DC on the North American leg of their tour, tickets for the shows are going fast. If you like AC/DC, get a ticket now before they are all gone. If you're only coming for Snakepit, that's a problem. Why not take a chance, and then sell the ticket if Snakepit doesn't open? Any time you can see a rock and roll concert these days,though, you really ought to go!

If you go to see AC/DC, how about wearing a top hat? Awhile ago we printed information from Rattus on where to get an elegant black top hat. The price tag was over $100, so our pal Maria went on the web in search of a cheaper hat. There's a black rubber one and a Lincoln permafelt for sale at Star Design Costumes. Prices are $25 and $8 respectively. Just right for throwing in the air at the end of the Snakepit set. Maria says this one is more Slash's speed as it is in Hollywood and is called Retail Slut. A great looking top hat here goes for $68, and there is even a great derby like one we've all seen Slash wear.

We've been told by SlickMojo that this is the card for Celebrity Deathmatch this Thursday, July 6 on MTV at 10 pm ET: Heather Locklear vs Pamela Anderson Lee, Axl Rose vs SLASH, Jeff Gordon vs. Dale Earnhardt. So this might be the night to watch! The show repeats Sat., July 8 at 5:30 pm ET and Sun., July 9 at 7:30 pm. If it isn't on, there's always next Thursday, and the next, and the next.

A short update on an old bandmate and friend of SLASH. Duff McKagan will be on the forthcoming President's (formerly Presidents of the United States) album, Freaked Out and Small. Duff appears on the track "I'm Mad". Our information is from Jeff who also let us know that the album is on the Musicblitz label and that the Presidents are from Seattle which is probably how they hooked up with Duff. Thanks, Jeff!

The questions for SLASH have been sent. If you have any new ones, please hold onto them in case there is a next time. He's starting to get very busy now! Also, we will be on vacation for a week or so beginning July 5. We'll attempt to give some updates anyway. Any sightings, send them in, please! While we are on the beach, we hope you'll be sending in some SLASH news. Thanks!

News Reported: 07/03/00

With several sites reporting this Snakepit item, we'll pass it along, too. However, we have not heard from SLASH on this yet. If you noticed when SLASH did his interview, he named the band members, and Ryan Roxie was conspicuously absent. Ryan has been out of town touring with Gilby Clarke and Alice Cooper for some time. Whether that meant SLASH had to get a new man, we can't say. Snakepit rehearsed many times without Ryan, but SLASH indicated that did not affect the band's rehearsal. Amazingly enough, Ryan's replacement is Keri Kelli. Kelli is from Dad's Porno Mag along with Roxie. Kelli has also played with Warrant, Ratt, Rubber, Newlydeads and others. Questions as to whether the album will be re-recorded or if new artwork is needed have not been answered at this time. We don't see SLASH allowing this to delay the album further, and we'll find out the other questions soon.

One last item here - about Johnny Griparic or Johnny G. SLASH gave his name as Johnny Blackout in a recent interview, but it's still the Johnny that we're used to seeing on Snakepit's bass guitar.

News Reported: 07/01/00