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SLASH's Snakepit Tour Photos
(Updated July 2001)

Slash's Snakepit began their tour in support of Ain't Life Grand in the summer of 2000. After some warmup shows, they went on to tour with AC/DC on their North American tour. Snakepit opened for AC/DC and did a shortened show. When the tour ended, they then moved on to the Far East, then Europe as headliners on a club tour. At the shows fans took as many pictures as they could before, during and after the gig. These are all fan photographs, and we hope you enjoy them. As the tour continues, we hope to have more to show you. If you'd like to send scans or photos of your ticket, flyers, ads or anything at all, please send them to or get in touch with webmaster.
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Tour Photos: Warm Up and Opening for AC/DC
Tour Photos: More of Above + UK + Japan
Tour Photos: Japan and the UK
Tour Photos: UK, Holland, Italy
Tour Photos: CMG-Sponsored Show at NAMM
Tour Photos: Mostly A Variety of European Tour Photos
Tour Photos: Pictures from Munich and A Few Others
Tour Photos: Pictures from NAMM, Europe and Others
Tour Photos: Pictures from Japanese Tour
Tour Photos: Miscellaneous Including Some Theater Tour
Tour Photos: Snakepit At The Heartland In Indiana
Tour Photos: Snakepit Soundcheck In Pittsburgh: Show Cancelled
Tour Photos: Photos by Martin Mozart, Photographer
Tour Photos: US Headline Tour
More Tour Photos from the US Headlining Tour
Tour Photos: US Headline Tour-Pittsburgh
Tour Photos: US Headline Tour-Chicago and Miscellaneous
Tour Photos: US Headline Tour-Misc. and End of Tour

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