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Slash's Snakepit
I.C. Light Amphitheater
Pittsburgh, PA
June 29, 2001

RodSNAKEPIT.jpg (7975 bytes)

They may have slithered through town in March without a performance, but the band didn't get off that easy this time around....

When TPRS.com first spoke to the members of Slash's Snakepit, a few months ago, they were preparing for a club performance of their own that never happened due to a string of cancellations beginning in Pittsburgh.  Fortunately, after a short break, they are back on the road again, this time with Billy Idol, who is out in support of his Greatest Hits (Capitol) release.  

Without a shadow of a doubt, it is easy to say that the guitarist, who claims that he learned all about "being one of the black sheep on the block" when he joined Guns 'N Roses, has found his own groove.  There may have been a few stragglers stuck in the single file weapons control line trying to enter the venue, but the band packed a loud enough punch early on in the set to give everyone in earshot a reason to listen.

By delivering their best known original, "Been There Lately," early in the set, Slash's Snakepit set the tone for the night delivering what vocalist Rod Jackson describes as "hard rock, blues-based ass kicking sh!t" He had also said that if you come to their show, "your gonna sweat, your gonna drink, your gonna have a good f*cking time," and this was no exception.

The party mostly included tracks from the band's latest release Ain't Life Grand (KOCH), like "Mean Bone," "Landslide," and "Serial Killer," and while they'd listed "Beggars & Hangers-on" from the first Snakepit release (which coincidentally did not feature any of the same bandmembers, except for Slash, of course) they didn't delivered any older Snakepit songs in the 'Burgh set.  

However, older fans who've found it hard to forget Slash's early claim to fame, were happy to hear him pull a couple of Guns 'N Roses tracks out of his black top hat, including "Mr. Brownstone." And, they were just as happy to get an unexpected encore the following evening, when Slash joined Aerosmith on stage at the Post-Gazette Pavilion to jam on "Train Kept A 'Rollin," when they ended their set.

For more information on the band, its members, and their homes on the Web, read our interviews at http://www.tprs.com/interviews/slash.htm.

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