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Guitar Tabs
Updated December 2005

Lots of fans want to learn to play like SLASH! How about using a SLASH-related song or two for practice? Some wonderful SLASH fans have come up with the guitar tabs for some SLASH songs. But remember, it isn't just playing the right notes - you've got to have that SLASH feeling and attitude! So be sure to run around while you're playing and jump off some tables - or chandeliers! If you have any SLASH-related tabs to contribute, here's how you should do them so they are easy for others to use and print on the web. Web translation is very particular.

1. Use fixed width fonts NOT proportional. Courier is an excellent fixed width font. Use 10 point, please.
2. It's best to use the Notepad for entering the tabs and save them as a text file (e.g. nightrain.txt).
3. No pictures. No headings. No colors.
4. Include your name or what you want to be called. Include your email address if you want to be contacted directly. And of course, include the song title.
5. Mail the text file as an attachment to your mail message.
6. EXPERIENCED USERS may make the file with Microsoft Word and save it as an html file. You can look at this file with a browser and check that your tabs will appear as you wrote them. Web translation may shift a string note or two, and you can adjust before sending them. Send this html file as an attachment (e.g. nightrain.html).

Please contact the SLASH page by clicking on the SLASH guitar below (email tabs to this address):

SLASH Guitar Tabs: webmaster@Snakepit.Org

Here's a list of songs for which we have guitar tabs. Hey, get with it, and get SLASH some more! He doesn't want just a couple - he wants them ALL. Click on the small picture of SLASH to jump directly to a song. When you're finished, scroll to the end of the songs, and you can check out more of the SLASH page!

Guitar Tabs

Obsession/Confession Good To Be Alive
Always On The Run Neither Can I
Give In To Me Fix
Theme From The Godfather Beggars & Hangers-On
Monkey Chow What Do You Want To Be
Lower Jizz Da Pit
Dime Store Rock Back and Forth Again
Doin' Fine Take It Away
I Hate Everybody (But You) Don't Damn Me
Knockin' On Heaven's Door Don't Cry
Paradise City Only Women Bleed
Sweet Child O'Mine Wild Horses
Sympathy for the Devil I Don't Live Today
Shotgun Blues November Rain
Bring It On Home Bad Obsession
Rocket Queen Nightrain
Locomotive My Michelle
Soma City Ward Be The Ball
Break You Le Freak
Ain't Life Grand Live And Let Die
Double Talkin' Jive Since I Don't Have You
Pretty Tied Up Mr. Brownstone
You Ain't The First Estranged
You Could Be Mine So Fine
14 Years Bad Apples
I Don't Care About You Patience
Welcome to the Jungle Coma
Right Next Door to Hell The Garden
Dust N' Bones Dead Horse
Get In The Ring Nice Boys
Move To The City Reckless Life
Used To Love Her New Rose
Civil War Back Off Bitch
Shadow Of Your Love Yesterdays
Breakdown Speed Parade
Garden of Eden My Baby Wants To Rock & Roll
Just Like Anything Been There Lately
I Don't Live Today One In A Million
Shine Serial Killer
Landslide Mean Bone
Life's Sweet Drug The Alien
Buick McKane Back To The Moment
Crash Diet The Truth
Think About You It's So Easy
Something About Your Love Black Leather
Anything Goes Perfect Crime
Cure Me...Or...Kill Me Guitar Licks
Set Me Free Slither
Loving the Alien Fall to Pieces
Do It For The Kids Ain't It Fun
Come On, Come In

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