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SLASH - Lead Guitar
Rod Jackson - Lead Vocals
Keri Kelli - Guitars
Johnny Blackout - Bass
Matt Laug - Drums
Teddy Zigzag Andreadis - Keyboards, Harp

SLASH comes to Slash's Snakepit 2000 with years upon years of experience. His first big band was a monster, Guns N'Roses! SLASH was Lead Guitarist for GNR. During a lengthy GNR hiatus, he was invited to a blues festival in Hungary. He put together SLASH's Blues Ball which went on to tour playing cover songs. As GNR continued its hiatus, he started playing in his home studio, working up some songs with GNR drummer Matt Sorum. They were joined by Mike Inez (Alice In Chains) and Gilby Clarke (GNR rhythm guitarist). SLASH found Eric Dover for his singer, and the original SLASH's Snakepit was born. The band's new songs were recorded on 1995's It's Five O'Clock Somewhere. The band roster had to be altered, but Snakepit went on to tour five countries playing mostly clubs. When the tour was over, SLASH went back to GNR but wasn't interested in the techno-industrial music they were playing. SLASH has always been a rock and roller at heart. He split from GNR and continued doing things he enjoys, guest spots on albums and jamming in L.A. clubs. Deciding he wanted to form another band, SLASH put Snakepit together using a roster of talented musicians. SLASH's Snakepit's album Ain't Life Grand will debut October 2000.

Questions and comments for SLASH should be directed to the webmaster. SLASH has no PC nor email address, but the Webmaster will attempt to answer questions of a SLASH nature. If you want to communicate with SLASH directly, you can use regular mail. Please see the section called Write To SLASH on the Main Menu for the address and some useful information. Write to the Webmaster at:
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Rod Jackson is lead vocalist for SLASH's Snakepit. Rod was previously in a regional band out of Richmond, Virginia called Rag Doll. Rag Doll started out rehearsing in a mini-storage in the West End of Virginia and gained a solid local and regional following. When Rod left Rag Doll, he came to L.A. hoping to link up with a rock band looking for a strong vocalist. SLASH had all the band members in place before he found Rod. SLASH auditioned many, many singers, but he liked the way Rod could rock with a blues undercurrent that matches the way SLASH plays guitar. Rod is a real asset on stage! He's got a friendly, rocking personality and is good to watch as well as hear! Rod sites Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Robert Plant, Stevie Wonder and Steven Tyler as some of his main influences.

Write to Rod in care of the Webmaster. The messages will be forwarded to Rod. His answers are returned to the Webmaster who will send them back to you. Put ROD in the subject line and email:

Keri Kelli plays guitar in SLASH's Snakepit. He is a very talented guitarist with a long list of onstage performances. Keri plays rhythm to SLASH's lead but does some lead guitar work, too. He comes to Snakepit most recently from the band Dad's Porno Mag, (DPM); but he is probably best known for his work with the bands Ratt and Warrant. The guys in Warrant are Keri's buddies, and he did a three month tour with them. Ratt was the band Keri considered to be his main band till he joined up with SLASH. In Ratt, Keri played lead guitar/rhythm guitar. DPM was a side project for Keri, and he played lead guitar there. Keri started out in the L.A. glam scene with Big Bang Babies and Pretty Boy Floyd. He's also played with the Newlydeads. Tamie Downe from Faster Pussycat was in the Newlydeads; and that band toured with GNR. It's a very small community of rock musicians and there are links all over the place. Keri was also with a band called U.S. Crush, and his work can also be found on some compilations including the GNR tribute album. US Crush has a CD out on Virgin Records that Keri contributed to. The CD came out in May, so it is available right now. Keri wrote the single "Bleed" on this album and played and cowrote three other tracks. Check these out!

Keri has three GMP guitars with him on the Snakepit tour. He's only playing two now, but when Snakepit does a full set he'll probably bring four or five out for different tunings etc. Keri endorses: GMP Guitars, Ernie Ball strings, Morley wah pedals, MXR effect pedals and Samson Wireless Systems.

On a personal note, Keri Kelli is from Orange County, California which is south of Los Angeles. He currently lives in Huntington Beach which is home to many 90s bands such as Korn and No Doubt. Keri was single when Snakepit toured but now has married. He sees Snakepit as a good opportunity; a chance to perform and tour which he loves. Keri has an easy, pleasant manner with fans, so no one should hesitate to approach him for an autograph or photo.

Keri invites fans with questions to email him at:

And if you'd like to read more about Keri, why not visit his web site? Very cool!:
Keri Kelli

If you were one of the lucky people to catch SLASH's Blues Ball on tour, then you saw Johnny Griparic. Johnny G. played bass for Blues Ball and now for Snakepit. He's accustomed to SLASH's style, and he's one of the best bass players around. He also plays bass in Teddy Zigzag Andreadis' band, The Screaming Cocktails. They have a regular berth on Tuesday evenings at The Baked Potato in West North Hollywood. Johnny's a really nice guy, friendly with the fans, and very talented. And we'll now refer to him as Johnny Blackout. Johnny has an email address,too. Write to Johnny at:

Matt was born in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida on 3/17/68; and when he was 4, his family moved to Florence, South Carolina. In 1975, Matt got his first drum kit and taught himself to play by playing along with his favorite albums. In 1986, Matt graduated high school, and two weeks later, he left for LA. Since he arrived in LA, Matt has toured with a number of bands (including a stint with SLASH's Blues Ball) and has recorded albums for artists such as Alice Cooper (A Fistful of Alice), Alanis Morissette (Jagged Little Pill - six tracks including the mega hit "You Oughta Know"), The Corrs (Talk on Corners), The New Radicals (Have You Been Brainwashed, Too?), Beth Hart (Screaming For My Supper) and South Park (What Would Brian Boitano Do? #2). Matt has all kinds of background that made him SLASH's choice for being the drummer of Snakepit!

Matt has an email address where fans can write to him (and he also uses Instant Messenger at times):

Teddy Zigzag Andreadis has credentials as long as your arm. When GNR was on tour, Teddy went with them to play keyboards and anything else that was needed. He was in SLASH's Blues Ball playing keyboard and handling lead vocals. In Snakepit, he will be playing the keyboard for SLASH again and doing backup vocals and just about anything. He has his own band, The Sreaming Cocktails which plays almost every Tuesday night at The Baked Potato in West North Hollywood. Teddy has worked with many fine artists including Carole King. And he even has his own album out! Check out Innocent Loser sometime (which also features SLASH). Teddy always has a big smile and is so relaxed and confident. He's up there having as good a time as you are! Right now Snakepit is not touring with their horn section and keyboardist, but they hope to have Teddy along full time in the future. Right now Teddy is touring with Alice Cooper. If you'd like to keep tabs on Teddy and what he's doing, we have his web site address right here:
Teddy Andreadis' Home Page

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