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Johnny and Keri Rockin' Out Check Out Rod and Johnny! SLASH's Snakepit! Keri Is A Stones Fan Hi, Keri! Keri Is Hot, Hot, Hot!
Keri Kelli! Three of Our Favorite Guys! Keri Signing Autographs Keri, SLASH and Johnny Get Close To The Fans Matt's On the Drumkit Every Night Rod Jackson, Lead Vocals
Snake Signed by Snakepit Johnny Blackout Make a Keri Collage! SLASH in His Leather Tophat SLASH and A Very Big Fan, XXL SLASH Listening to Matt's Beat
Cool Spider Shirt, SLASH SLASH Traded A Bartender For That Shirt And His Girlfriend Gave Him the Necklace The Necklace Says S and P Entwined Good Time For A Smoke How About Some Feedback?
SLASH Onstage A Beautiful Les Paul SLASH Studying The Strings Lookin' Good, SLASH SLASH Looking Mellow Onstage Johnny G Checking On SLASH
Johnny Griparic, Bass SLASH and Johnny G at NAMM SLASH and Keri - Great Together SLASH and Keri Checking Out the Crowd SLASH and Keri Rockin' Together SLASH Wonders What Keri Is Doing!
SLASH In Front of the Snakepit Snake SLASH and Matt SLASH at the NAMM Show SLASH In His Spider Shirt at NAMM SLASH and Rod Should Definitely Not Wear Shirts Rod Jackson, SLASH, Johnny G
Johnny, Why Is Your Shirt On? Here's My Nice Signature Guitar SLASH Always Signs Autographs If He Can A Big SLASH Smile Johnny Doing Some Autographs Johnny G, the Wild Man!
Hurry and Take a Picture of that Smile SLASH Doing What He Likes Best
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