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(Updated March 2006)

Want to see some more about SLASH but don't know where to look? Don't scratch your head! Have a smoke and a drink with SLASH and check out these related sites. Click on the snakes, and you're there.

Looking for some official SLASH merchandise? There's a site where you can go and buy SLASH t-shirts. These are SLASH solo t-shirts and hopefully there will be more SLASH solo merchandise in the future. To find SLASH's Snakepit merchandise, check his official Fan Club site and Velvet Revolver merchandise can be seen at the VR site. Both SLASH solo t-shirt links are below. The t-shirts offered here are just great. Why not get one of each?

SLASH Guitar T-shirt

SLASH Tophat T-shirt

If you just can't get enough of SLASH, make a place of honor in your home for this officially licensed product from SLASH and Gibson Guitars. SLASH's figure is very exclusive with only 3,000 pieces being created. Each sculpture will be hand numbered and will include a wooden display base. You can see the sculpture here, and if you go to the site, you can see the sculpture from the back and sides. Also at this site, you can write up your order so you don't miss out. All the information on cost and delivery dates is there also. SLASH recommends this site as do we. Now get this wonderful sculpture from KnuckleBonz Inc. in the mail at your home, and be ready to receive a sculpture of the man who has influenced a whole generation of guitarists!

21st Century Leaders is a unique charity artwork project. Artwork is gathered from leaders in all fields...royalty, music, film, etc. Each ambassador donates a symbol of hope, a self portrait and a message of hope for the future. The artworks are used to create products, initially charity wristbands, clothing, tableware, stationary and cosmetics released on the 21CL label. The goal is to sell merchandise with a meaning under fair working conditions and are sold to raise funds for charities chosen by each contributing leader. 100% of the net profits are donated to charity. The aim is to raise $3 million over three years to fund charitable projects in developing countries. Products are sold through partnerships and on the 21CL website. SLASH has contributed his artwork and it is on a really great wristband. Won't you go over and help this charitable site that SLASH endorses? Here's where to see it and get a few for yourself: SLASH.

SLASH has an Official Artist Site in addition to this Official Fan Site. When you visit there, you'll find an outstanding collection of SLASH videos and audios. They are from all kinds of SLASH bands and are available in almost all cases for download. There's a gallery of SLASH photos, too, and some news. The forum attached to this site is moderated and is a good place to chat with SLASH fans.

SLASH's Official Site

SLASH's latest band is Velvet Revolver. For additional information on how this new band came about, click here. You'll find the news on Velvet Revolver here. Velvet Revolver has an Official Band Site. There's news, photos, wallpaper, polls and so on. Check out this good looking site at

Velvet Revolver's Official Site

The first German Velvet Revolver came online in April 2004. If German is your first or second language, you'll like this site. Lots of information and great graphics and photos. Have a visit at:

German Fansite

Melissa has a Velvet Revolver site that you'll want to visit. It's a fansite and forum. The fansite section contains news, tour information, downloads, videos, albums, etc. The forum is a good place to meet up with other Velvet Revolver fans. Check out Melissa's

Shoot the Shit Velvet Revolver Fansite

Bettina is the webmaster of this cool Uruguayan Velvet Revolver web site. The site is online for all the Hispanic fans, but with the bad boys of rock as her subject, it's hard to ever get done! Bettina lives in Uruguay but you can visit her at:

Velvet Revolver In Uruguay

Here's a good Velvet Revolver site with some news, pictures of the members and the band itself. Check it out at:

Fan Supported Velvet Revolver Site

SLASH has an Official Fan Club that is administered by the people at This company manages fan clubs for various celebs. These are the people who receive and help process the fan mail, send out newsletters and so on. Information on joining SLASH's Official Fan Club can be found at:

SLASH's Official Fan Club

SLASH's fans are just great! If you're looking for a way to meet more of them and talk about SLASH and any topics related to SLASH in a positive way, then we have the listserv for you. The name of the list is Snakepit, and it is hosted by the people at Onelist. If you click on the snake below, you'll be at Yahoo's Groups, and you'll need to register, then look up the Snakepit group to sign up. This list is moderated.

SLASH List (title: Snakepit)

Rob has started a group through the Yahoo listserv. You can go over to Yahoo, register and then select this group (slashfanclub) for membership or follow Rob's link below. Rob says this SLASH fan club is dedicated to the best guitarist ever. He's looking for members to stir up discussions! Rob wants to chat with other SLASH fans in a group format and see what members have to say. He says it is for anyone who wants to talk about SLASH and the old GNR. (Rob also has one of these for Randy Rhoads.) Like to discuss SLASH or the old GNR? Click on the snake below now!

SLASH Fan Club

There's the SLASH listserv called Snakepit, and for those who want to talk more immediately, there is the forum. Oystein has a forum for SLASH, and it's a good one. Everyone hates those ones where trolls and flamers take over the group. Oystein says this group is moderated, and he will not hesitate to remove objectionable posters. This is a cool site! You need to register, and then you are on your way. Try it out! Click on the snake below NOW!

The SLASH Forum

This is Carrie's SLASH fansite and there is so much to look at here. She's been a fan of SLASH's for 19 years. There's a forum and some news about items for sale around the web and some more news about SLASH. We think you will like this site and it's twin, Take a look! Click on the snake below NOW!

SLASH is love

Here's another cool site. Annie says that the gang met on a VR site, but wanted to be a SLASH site. Annie is the administrator and is a fan of SLASH for 19 years. The website is titled because of a tendency SLASH has of saying "All Things Considered". There are pictures, a bio, articles and a forum. More things will be added. Go and have a look at it by clicking on the snake below NOW!

All Things Considered

Bob has started up another forum for SLASH, Velvet Revolver fans, Guns N'Roses fans...well, just about everyone and anything connected to SLASH. Bob is definitely looking for new forum members so hurry over and say hello. Get registered and you're ready to post. Bob needs some help there, so click on the snake below NOW!

Ultimate SLASH Fanpage

Jamie D. has a really cool forum that includes just about everything SLASH you can imagine. There a forum for SLASH, GNR, Velvet Revolver, Duff, Matt, Izzy, Gilby all under one roof. You can move from forum to forum once you get there...reading and commenting on all the posts. The site is moderated so it really is a nice place to visit. Stop over, get registered and join in! See what Jamie D. has to show on the snake below NOW!

Ultimate SLASH Fanpage

Paolo has also created a forum for Snakepit. It is on Paolo's site, and it is a shared forum as well. It is shared by four sites: Paolo's Italian site, two German sites and one French site. In the near future, Paolo will have the forum on four or five other sites. This should be very interesting to Snakepit fans because the more sites sharing this forum, the more people there are to talk with. Paolo's worked very hard on this, so go over and check it out NOW! Click on the snake logo below, and you're there.

Snakepit Community

Rattus the Rat is a busy grad student in Texas, but he's found time to reverb his site. He's spent some money on it so it has no stupid banners and is on a fast server. There are new features and no broken links. Sounds like just the kind of place we like. Rattus says the site is a GNR site but he's a pro-SLASH guy! Aren't we all? Visit this new SLASH site at:

Guns N'Roses Website

Ciro is an Italian fan of SLASH, and he has the first Velvet Revolver Italian site on the net. It's a real beauty, and you don't have to be able to read Italian to guess what the menu items are or to enjoy the graphics. Of course, you Italian fans will get the most out of it. So, be sure to check out Ciro's tribute to SLASH's latest band! Click on the snake below NOW!

Italian Velvet Revolver Fan Site

There was a great site for SLASH's Snakepit in 1995. This fan-supported page is well worth visiting! There are more great pictures of SLASH's Snakepit, some interviews, and background information.

To visit the SLASH's Snakepit - Fan Supported Page, just click on the snake below NOW!

Slash's Snakepit - Fan Supported Site

Koch is SLASH's Snakepit's record label. The German office of Koch put up a Slash's Snakepit page. You can listen to clips from Ain't Life Grand and even order the album there. Want to check out some Snakepit album clips? Click on the snake NOW!

Koch Records German Office Snakepit Site

This is a really good Snakepit website from Sebastien. He is a French fan, so his site is also French. If you speak the language, you are in for a treat. Even if you don't, there are great photos, videos and some audios. This is a very complete site with all kinds of information: guitar, tabs, solos, news. You can sign up for the mailing list or the forum. If you'd like to have a look and a listen, click on the snake below NOW!

SLASH's Snakepit - French Site

Here's a cool international site whose text is completely in English. The site name is Slash and the Pit which shows that Snakepit has not been forgotten. You'll find some great pictures, a bio, discography, wallpaper, writing paper and other great things. The artwork and graphics are really nice, and you'll have a hard time deciding which writing paper and wallpaper to take away. Why not take them all! This site is easy on the eyes. Click on the snake below and see it NOW!

SLASH and The Pit

Lisa lives in Italy, and she's a big fan of SLASH. Her site is a tribute to SLASH, and it's in English! Lisa has gathered a lot of little known facts and pictures of SLASH, and the whole site is just a lot of fun to visit. Want to know how SLASH feels about dinosaurs? Click on the snake below NOW!

SLASH's Curiosities

Rolling Stones online site has made SLASH's Snakepit one of their artists. This means they have an easy to locate page and there you can read biographical information, articles, look at photos, order CDs and so on. This is a nice collection from Rolling Stone especially the articles on the band. If you'd like to check out SLASH's Snakepit's page on the Rolling Stone site, click on the snake below NOW!

SLASH'S Snakepit on Rolling Stone Online

Snakepit has a Brazilian site created by Carol. The graphics are very good at this site. There is a whole menu full of cool information. There's news, a discography, a forum, links and photos. Carol is a big fan of the band even if they hadn't made it to her country when she started her site! She's ready for a visit now! Want to check out a really nice international Snakepit site? Click on the snake below NOW!

SLASH's Snakepit - Brazilian Site

Adam has a site that is a mixture of GNR and SLASH's Snakepit. There are lyrics from some GNR songs, there are tour dates for Snakepit, pictures, links and more! If you want information on the original Guns or SLASH's Snakepit, click on the snake below NOW!

SLASH's Snakepit Guns N'Roses Unoffical Website

Christian is in Germany, and he's done a very nice site for SLASH's Snakepit. You'll find some news, photos, a biography and much more. It's a colorful and interesting site! And if you read further into the GNR sites, Christian made one of those, too. A GNR and Snakepit fan! Want to read up on SLASH's Snakepit? Click on the snake below NOW!

SLASH's Snakepit

Camille is a SLASH fan from France, and he's put together a great web site for SLASH called Ain't Slash Grand. While the menu items are in French, they are easy to understand, and if you don't know...take a chance! There are great pictures of SLASH here along with some SLASH wallpaper you can take away and use. For guitar players, there are tabs. You can read up on SLASH with Camille's French biography. Come and have a look! Grab your beret, and click on the snake below NOW!

Ain't SLASH Grand

Camp Freddy is a band that started up in 2002, and SLASH has been a steady guest of theirs at every gig. The band is: Billy Morrison on guitar, Dave Navarro on guitar, Scott Ford on bass and Matt Sorum on drums. The band started a buzz in the LA area, and they are doing a show in New York. At first all shows were private with celeb audiences, but they are opening up now. SLASH has done a fantastic job here. If you would like to see him cranking with Camp Freddy, go to the SLASH videos off the Slash Menu on this site. Camp Freddy also has videos, pictures, gig reports, news, everything! Get ready to go to Camp Freddy NOW!

Camp Freddy

Alice Cooper is a great friend of SLASH's. SLASH has appeared on some of Alice's tracks and Alice was on the GNR Illusion set. Whenever there is some tribute to Alice, SLASH is usually invited to speak about him. Catch them together on videos, too. Myriam has created a French web site about Alice. There are some things there about SLASH, of course. Why not go over and visit Myriam's site NOW? Click on the snake below NOW!

French Alice Cooper Site

SLASH has been a guest on a number of albums. He's proud of the company he was in on Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus album. SLASH played on the track "Where You Belong", a really bluesy number that he did in two takes. Other tracks feature such guitar heroes as Yngwie Malmsteen, Brian May, Ted Nugent, Stevie Salas, Neal Schon, Zakk Wylde and many more. This site has a place to listen to song clips (including SLASH's), and a store where you can get the double cd, Guitar Zeus I and II. There's a section that spotlights the guitarists with photos and descriptions of how their tracks were developed and recorded. Check out Carmine Appice's site by clicking on the snake below NOW!

Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus

SLASH Guitar Page is the name of this site. It's dedicated to our favorite axeman, SLASH. The site is in progress and Rui hopes that guitarists will feel to contribute so that all the technical information on SLASH's playing will eventually be in this one place. Bring your MP3 player and click on the snake below NOW!

SLASH Guitar Page

This is a really good site for the beginning guitarist. It is a way to follow a guitar teaching method online with no cost and learn good habits. Jamey Andreas is the guitarist here. He has been playing guitar for 30 years with a specialty in classical guitar. He's developed principles of teaching guitar that are effective with all styles of players. It is called "The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar". Longterm players can also use the site to unlearn bad habits of playing and replace them with good ones. Want to be a better guitar player? Click on the snake below NOW!

Guitar Solo Site

Michele is a true fan of SLASH. She made a tribute site for him which is so complete and sensational, you can't help but love it. The site right now is pictures of SLASH...but that means TONS of pictures. Pictures you've seen before and so many you haven't. If you like to look at SLASH, this is the site for you! Having a SLASH Attack? Click on the snake below NOW!

SLASH Photo Album

Rob Stabler draws these funny little pictures of SLASH and his snake. There are a couple on the Fan Section, too. When you click on this picture, you go to Rob's site for SLASH called SLASH's Unofficial Fan Site. The graphics are large and clear, and he has a great guitar background. The site is still under construction so you will need to come back later for the photos and bio, but you can check out the links section and the Q n' A section. You can email Rob questions about SLASH, and he'll try to help you out. Want to see a really bright web site for SLASH? Click on the snake below NOW!

SLASH's Unofficial Fan Site

This cool site is the Metal Forever site. Here you'll information on metal bands - including SLASH's Snakepit. The site is always having new bands added, but right now you can also take a look at Jackyl, Kiss, AC/DC and other great bands. There's a news section, articles and reviews. The SLASH's Snakepit section has a bio, a gallery, downloads, and links. Check out the cool graphics! The little skeleton is a favorite of ours. Come on, metalheads, click on the snake below NOW!

Metal Forever

Brett has a company called 80s Rock Photos. There are all kinds of artists listed there, and you can buy some really great photos. SLASH is there! And if you scroll past the final SLASH picture, you'll even see one of SLASH and Axl onstage. The prices are reasonable and much of it depends on the size picture you want. Most photo sites want hundreds of dollars for a picture of SLASH. We recommend this site to get some reasonably priced photos of Our Guy. If you've been looking for some SLASH pictures to brighten those ugly dorm walls, click on the snake below NOW!

80s Rock Photos is the web home of rock critic Gail Worley. Gail is a huge SLASH/Old School GNR fan and has previously interviewed SLASH and Rod Jackson, former Snakepit guitarist Ryan Roxie and drummer Matt Laug (for Modern Drummer magazine). Check out Gail's archives for some of her interviews. She also writes bios and press releases if you're in the market for that. When you see Gail's byline anywhere, you know you're going to see the truth and have some fun along the way! Visit Gail by clicking on the snake below NOW!

The Worley Gig

Keri Kelli plays guitar in SLASH's Snakepit. In addition to being very talented, Keri is a terrific onstage performer and wins many new friends every time he's onstage. Are you a Keri Kelli fan? If so, you might want to visit Keri's very own website. There is a history of the bands Keri has been in, tour information, discography, photos and more. And while you're there you might want to pick up a Keri Tshirt! These are great looking and funny, too. Here's where you can check them out and maybe pick up one or two. Keri intends to put up new designs every couple of months, so stop in often! And even if you're not in the market yet for a new TShirt, you'll find lots of Keri-facts to keep you interested. To check out Keri Kelli Online, click the snake below NOW!

Keri Kelli Online

To see some great pictures of SLASH and Guns N'Roses and read all about the band, visit Jeff Boerio's GN'R home page. Check it out! Click on the snake below NOW!

Guns N'Roses Home Page

SLASH isn't here right now to show you how to play "Sweet Child O' Mine", but there is a site where you can find additional GNR and SLASH's Snakepit guitar tabs. This site is an archive of tabs for UK bands. It also has a fully functional tab search engine that will find guitar tabs in sites all over the net, and as a bonus, there is up to the minute guitar news. Click on the snake below and get ready to strum!


That's a good website for getting GNR guitar tabs. On the SLASH page is a new section for tabs from SLASH's Snakepit and the solo project songs. There are even a couple of GNR tunes. Your favorite may be there! Fix, Obsession, Always on the Run, Be the Ball, Soma City Ward are! And if you can help with more of these tabs, it would be very much appreciated. SLASH wants us to get them all! If you can help by tabbing a song or two, it would be very cool. To visit the SLASH Guitar Tabs section, click on the snake below and get ready to plug in and rock!

SLASH Related Guitar Tabs

Here's another SLASH-related guitar tabs site. It's called Ultimate SLASH, and Ivan put this together. He describes it as a guitar tab archive of GNR/SLASH related tabs only. You need to download the Power Tab Editor to view all the tabs on the site, but that's easy and painless. You'll find tabs here from "Ain't Like Grand" way back to "Appetite for Destruction". Looking for some cool SLASH tabs? Click on the snake below NOW!

Ultimate SLASH Tabs

Breakdown is a must for collectors of Guns N'Roses and related solo project music. There are lists of all the official releases in vinyl, cd and cassette. When you want to find out about the GNR side of SLASH's career, go here to get the list of albums and singles. To see this discography click on the snake below NOW!

Breakdown Discography

SLASH's discography outside GNR is best found on this site's discography. It is as up to date as the information found by his fans can give. Check here to find the Snakepit albums and singles and information on SLASH's guest appearances on other albums. There are radio shows where SLASH appeared, soundtrack and other important information. Get up to date! Click on the snake below for SLASH's discography outside GNR:

SLASH Discography (outside GNR)

This UK site is called The Snakepit. Right now it isn't 100% complete, but it really looks nice. There are great graphics and lots of action on your screen. The intro to this site is worth seeing even if you can't take time to see it all! Want to see a UK Snakepit site? Click on the snake below NOW!

The Snakepit

Everyone knows that SLASH plays a Gibson Les Paul. Did you know Les Paul is a famous guitarist himself? If you visit this web site, you'll find out all kinds of things about the Gibson Les Paul models. Lots of pictures and information on these guitars. Additional help there if you need it! Check out Les Paul guitars! Click on the snake below for Les Paul information:

Les Paul Pages

The Great Guitarists site has biographical information about these famous axmen: SLASH, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore and B.B. King. There's a picture of each one, too. Great for picking up some background information on your favorite guitar heroes. Check out SLASH and everyone else. Click on the snake below NOW!

Great Guitarists

GNR Palace is a great site for finding about the GNR gang. There are wonderful large pictures, great graphics, and a lot of information. Everything you have wanted to know about GNR and more. This is the old band, too, so it's just great to see those photos and read about everyone one more time. This page has been made with a lot of love and respect. Go and the snake below NOW!

GNR Palace

2000 Intentions is a site that gets a lot of use by GNR fans. Juan in Argentina has done this site with help from dedicated GNR fans. They've put together one of the most informative GNR sites on the net. The site goes from GNR history to the band's current solo projects. There are published interviews online, fan reports, tour schedules, lyrics, biographies and on and on. Want to be GNR-educated? Click the snake below NOW!

Guns N'Roses: 2000 Intentions

Here's a site dedicated to Guns N'Roses. This is the kind of GNR site we all like, lots of information on the old band! SLASH comes in for some special solo treatment as he is so special! There are lots of links, lots of discography information and really nice graphics. the Uzi Entertainment Team says the site will be updated often. It's not completely finished, but it is a great work in progress. Want to visit this Uzi Suicide/GNR Site? Click the snack below NOW!

Uzi Suicide/GNR

Guns N'Roses: Nightrain is a site dedicated to the great Guns N'Roses band. There is all kinds of information on all the band members - the original band and the later one. Very well organized and easy to move around in. Check out Guns N'Roses: Nightrain by clicking on the snake below now!

Guns N'Roses: Nightrain

Christian lives in Germany, and he's come up with two cool pages - one for SLASH's Snakepit (above) and this one for Guns N'Roses. This page has biographies, photos, lyrics and many more interesting Guns facts. Want to learn more about the Gunners? Click on the snake below NOW!

Guns N'Roses

Nightrain is the unofficial GNR fanzine. It's published by some hardcore UK fans, and they just released another issue. This issue is packed full of information. There are interesting articles about SLASH, GNR merchandise, tribute bands, and the latest information on GNR and the bandmembers, past and present. You'll want to get a copy! There's a site that will tell you all about the fanzine and how to get your personal copy. Want to get up to date on the GNR guys? Click on the snake below NOW!

Nightrain Fanzine

Here's a site that is a tribute to the whole Guns N'Roses band. Lots of facts about the band - past and present. Check out this site by clicking on the snake below NOW!

Paradise City

This cool Guns N'Roses site is called Get In The Ring". There's a lot here to look at, read and listen to, so allow plenty of time. There are pictures of GNR and the guys by themselves. There are song lyrics, band logos, much information! What else would you expect for one of the world's greatest rock bands?! This one deserves a long look. Click on the snake below NOW!

Get In The Ring

This is a terrific site dedicated to Guns N'Roses. Lots of current information on the band! Check out the GNR music site to hear some unpublished songs. Take a sidetrip and come right back - we have more cool sites for you here! Click on the snake below NOW!

Welcome to the Jungle

This site is also dedicated to the entire Guns N'Roses band. Great graphics, good information and pictures. Want to hear some Shotgun Blues? Click on the snake below NOW!

Shotgun Blues

This site is a great place to visit and check out GNR history as well as GNR news. Great graphics are worth seeing in themselves! There is information about each band member along with pictures. Feel like you have a failure to communicate with the people who really know GNR? Then get yourself over to Failure 2 Communicate!

Failure 2 Communicate

Here's a Guns N'Roses site with some great graphics and specializing in publicizing all the news about the band. Want the GNR news at 6 and 11? Check out Uzi Domain - click on the snake below NOW!

Uzi Domain

This is a Guns N'Roses site with some excellent pictures and you can even listen to "Welcome to the Jungle", but the main purpose is to keep an ongoing, uptodate news file on the Gunners. Want to know what news they made recently? Head over to Guns N'Roses UZI - click on the snake below NOW!

Guns N'Roses UZI

Here's a really colorful Guns N'Roses site. There's a section for "Beginners" if you are looking for past information on the band and the members. The section "Gunners" has more of the current information for those of us who know these guys and the band very well. Need some information on band history? Need some current information? Visit Appetite For Destruction - click on the snake below NOW!

Appetite For Destruction

Some sites give you a lot of pictures and not much information. Here's one that has great pictures but also provides the serious Guns N'Roses fan with indepth information on the band. There are bios, lyrics, tour lists, discographies, and on and on. But it isn't all old news about the band! There is a big up to date news section with all the current happenings of the band and the solo projects. Want to find a really complete center for GNR information? Head on over to the Guns N'Roses - N.I.R site. Click on the snake below NOW!

Guns N'Roses - N.I.R.

Looking for some articles about GNR? A profile of Izzy Stradlin? Lyrics to Nightrain? The latest GNR news? Then, you better surf on over to Here Today...Gone to Hell! An Unofficial GNR Homepage. Really nice graphics, accurate information, and even some MP3s of some rare GNR tunes. Feel like you're here today and gone to hell? Click on the snake below NOW!

Here Today...Gone To Hell!

This web site is dedicated to the whole Guns N'Roses band. There is so much information here! Check this site for pictures, some cool sounds, a timeline, lyrics, a discography, news, links, and more! If you need a GNR fix, check out the Uzi Suicide Home Page. Click on the snake below NOW!

Uzi Suicide Home Page

This is a very different site. It's for Guns N' Roses, but it gives the web surfer lots of help in finding those sometimes elusive GNR web resources. For example, it will show you where to find the GNR items at Ebay, the online auction. It also gives metacrawler information and directs you to the alt GNR newsgroup so you can participate in those wild discussions. There are pictures of the owner's trips to see SLASH's Snakepit. If for no other reason than this, head over to Welcome to the Jungle! Click on the snake below now!

Welcome To The Jungle

This big GNR site is called Guns N'Roses!! - November Rain Homepage. There's information on GNR AND SLASH! So this one is definitely worth a visit. You can find news, sound files, the MP3 Warehouse, pictures and more. Plan to spend some time here! Want to check out some more GNR/SLASH information and that terrific MP3 Warehouse? Click on the snake below now!

Guns N'Roses!! - November Rain Homepage

Interested in trading some Gun N'Roses bootlegs? This is the site for you. Many GNR fans have their lists posted at this site, and you can trade with them and post your list, too! This site also has lyrics and news of the Gunners. Catch up on what's happening with GNR while you look for that elusive concert from your town! Get your list together and head over to Guns N'Roses Bootleg Center. Click on the snake below NOW!

Guns N'Roses Bootleg Center

This is a great site for those looking for the lyrics for Guns N'Roses songs. Every album they made is listed their and within the album listing is a list of the songs. Just click the song you want to see and you'll have it. This page is a very useful resource for GNR fans and all visitors. If you've always wondered what Axl was saying in a song, click on the snake below NOW!

Best Lyrics

Do you like tribute bands? Here's a band, Rocket Queens, from northern California that is a GNR tribute band. This means they sing GNR songs (Appetite only) and try to dress and act like the band. Now that's one tribute band we would like to see! We're especially interested in "SLASH". If you go over to their site which is still under construction, you can listen to a lot of music, see some GNR artwork, and a picture of the band. Videos are on the way. Gigs are posted here in case you live in that area. Even if you don't, it's a site that's a lot of fun for GNR fans. Want to pay tribute to GNR? Click on the snake below NOW!

Rocket Queens

November Rain is an Australian Guns N'Roses tribute band. They play GNR songs and dress like the band members. "SLASH" is a pretty cool looking guy!Take some time and visit their beautiful site. They have lots of photos that will absolutely amaze you! You can see "Duff", "Axl", "Gilby", "Matt", "Dizzy" and "SLASH"! There's music to listen to, and a great November Rain video. Check out this site, and if you are in Australia, be sure to check the gig list and see November Rain. Unless there's a reunion we don't know about, this is the closest you'll get to seeing SLASH onstage with GNR again. Click on the snake below to visit November Rain!

November Rain

Feel like crying when you remember you'll never see the GNR we know and love in concert again? Have we got the site for you! The site is called Don't Cry! It's a great place to visit and see some pictures or write about your GNR memories or head for the chat room and scream about how much you dislike the new GNR idea or tell everyone about the night you met SLASH and Duff! If you've been looking for a place to hang out with other GNR fans, click on the snake below now!

Don't Cry

This is a unique site dedicated to Guns N'Roses. The site name is ROCK 'N' ROLL SUICIDE, and it is a Japanese site. If you can read the language, this is a great site. Even if you can't, the GNR pictures speak a universal language. If you've been looking for a Japanese site where you can get the news and opinions of a dedicated GNR fan, click on the snake below now!

Rock 'n' Roll Suicide

Duff McKagan was in a Seattle band called Ten Minute Warning before he ever heard of Guns N'Roses. When Duff left GNR, he pulled Ted Minute Warning back together. See what this band is all about; click on the snake below NOW!

Ten Minute Warning

Duff McKagan is so handsome, talented and cool that it stands to reason he would have a lot of fan web sites. Here's another really nice one called Duff McKagan's Tribute. There's an faq, a discography, pictures, and cool links to other sites. If you want to check out another great Duffy site, click on the snake below NOW!

Duff McKagan's Tribute

This is a Brazilian site for Duff McKagan, but the site is easy to navigate, so even if you don't speak the language fluently, it is worth a visit. Artur has set this up with cool photos of Duff, a biogaphy, tabs, equipment, etc. Just all sorts of information on Duff! The owner calls the site Duff Cover McKagan. Looks like he likes to play along on that terrific Duff baseline. If you like Duff, click on the snake below NOW!

Duff Cover McKagan

Did you know Duff has an Official Fan Club? Well, he does, and it's for everyone interested in learning more about Duff. The fan club is based in Germany, but the newsletters are in English! The newsletters cover not just Duff, but the bands he has been and is associated with. SLASH and Duff are great friends, and SLASH has guested on both of Duff's albums. Did you know that? If not, you really need this club! Click on the snake below to request information from the fan club president!

Duff McKagan Official Fan Club

SLASH's old friend from the GNR years, Duff, has started yet another new band! This one is called Loaded. Lori is the webmaster there, and she takes good care of that page. There are cool pictures and schedules and more. You can even buy Loaded marchandise there. Why not go and visit Duff and Loaded now?


Duff has a Loaded site in Holland, and this is a good one. There are great graphics and information on the band's discography and members and gigs they have played in Europe. The site is in English, but the owner Katja resides in The Netherlands. Want to see more about Duff and Loaded? Click on the snake below NOW!

Loaded - Holland

Brook is the webmaster of the Official Steven Adler Fansite. If you've been wondering and worrying about Steven, why not go over and have a look. Steven is like the other Gunners. He's not sitting around waiting for a reunion. He's doing gigs and taking care of his personal business. In fact, our Steven, our cute surfer-boy-looking drummer, has gotten married! If you read this site, you would know that already! Head over to Brook's Official Steven Adler Fansite and get in on one our favorite drummers is doing! Click on the snake below NOW!

The Official Steven Adler Fansite

This site has photos and information on Izzy Stradlin, first rhythm guitarist with Guns N'Roses. To visit the Izzy site, click on the snake below NOW!

Unleash the Hounds!

If you were a fan of GNR in the Illusions years, you got to know that blonde rocker behind the drumkit, Matt Sorum. SLASH and Matt are still close friends! There's a big fan of Matt's who has put together a cool site called Sorum Sanctuary. This page has a lot of things you've been looking for on Matt: a biography, a quick list of Sorum facts, a discography covering all the bands he has worked with, a list of videos where Matt's appeared and more! This is a super site! Want to see more on this cool drummer? Click on the snake below NOW!

Sorum Sanctuary

Matt Sorum's Fan Page has been a part of his fan Natalie's life for a long time. Natalie has sections with news on Matt, a biography, discography (did you know Matt has performed on well over 20 albums?), information on Matt's drum setup, photos and merchandise. Lots of information and photos! We may have lost Guns, but we won't lose track of Matt with Natalie on the web. Want to see that killer drummer again? Click on the snake below NOW!

Matt Sorum's Fan Page

Teddy "Zigzag" Andreadis is an old friend of SLASH's. They have been together in many bands, including Guns N'Roses, SLASH's Blues Ball, SLASH's Snakepit and SLASH has jammed with Teddy's band, the Screaming Cocktails, at The Baked Potato on many nights. Teddy plays keyboard, harp, does super lead vocals, and is a relaxed and funny guy. Teddy's worked with Carole King, and he has his own album out called Innocent Loser. Want to find out more about Teddy Zigzag and what he is doing? Click on the snake below NOW!

Teddy "Zigzag" Andreadis

Yesterdaze is a Japanese Guns N'Roses newsletter that's been started by a dedicated fan. A new issue just came out and includes a section on the GNR 1988 tour of Japan, SLASH's Snakepit's 1998-99 tour, and much more. Cost is $16 dollars for each issue including overseas postage. Payment will be in cash or IMO. Remember! This fanzine is in Japanese. Any questions? Want to subscribe? Click on the snake below NOW!

Yesterdaze Fanzine

Adding to the international flavor of these links, we have a GNR site from Bruno in Belgium. Belgian Democracy is the site name, and this democracy is fine with us. Bruno traces the history of the GNR name. There is quite a bit here on the original band and the Illusions-era band as well as the current Axl group. There's information on where to buy merchandise, history, discography, videos, audios and downloads. If you want to go back to the golden years of GNR, click the snake below NOW!

Belgian Democracy

Who's SLASH performing with here? The great Michael Jackson! This photo was taken in Germany when SLASH appeared with Michael at a children's benefit concert. The two performed "Black Or White" and "Earth Song" together. That's not the only time these two have teamed up. SLASH has played on Michael's "Dangerous" and "HIStory" albums (see SLASH Discography), and they appeared on MTV doing "Black Or White". There have been other appearances, too! Want to learn more about this fantastic singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer? Then, you'll want to visit The Michael Jackson Internet Fan Club site. Click on the snake below NOW!

Michael Jackson Internet Fan Club

The Tour Bus is a great radio station on the net. You can find them any Saturday night at They have many rock visitors, and the site lists coming guests as well as those who have been there. SLASH and the guys had a cool visit on 8/26/00. Want to rock with your PC on Saturday night? Click on the snake below NOW!

The Tour Bus

The SLASH site is a Rock Out Censorship supporting site. In the past R.O.C. has set up information booths with band management approval at many Guns N'Roses shows, including the entire 1992 Summer Stadium tour. As GNR did in the past, SLASH is a strong supporter of Rock Out Censorship. The SLASH page is proud to be among the hundreds of music sites supporting R.O.C. in fighting for the First Amendment rights of artists, fans, and the nation as a whole. Want to volunteer some time or find out more about R.O.C.? Click on the snake below NOW!

Rock Out Censorship

Thank You

This web site is dedicated to SLASH! Special thanks to these friends who gave me some wonderful things to use and helped me get everything just right: Ray, Tom, Elena, Carissa, Don, Thibault, Ted, Lolly, Wendy, Shaun, Andrew, Dawn, Gideon, Felippe, Maria, Nonz, Peggy, Mike, Rob, Carlos, Chris, Dimitri, Angel, Hector, Ravi, Louisa, April, Julian, Adam, Perla, Vicki, LuAnn and many others.

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